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Steve: Can’t you just go to Tony’s without me?

Bucky: I’m too down in the dumps.

Steve: Then what better place to be than in a dumpster?

Bucky: And Tony said to make sure to bring you. And relax, it’s not a three-way situation. When we made our three-way list, you were at the bottom with Taylor Swift.

Steve: Well, at least I’m with Taylor. On the three-way list, who’s above me?

Bucky: Peter what’s-his-name from the New Avengers.

Steve: Is that the one with all the flying work?

Bucky: You’re gonna have to be more specific.

“You have a beautiful name...” (Tom Holland x Reader) P.2

“It’s a beautiful name…”

Cafe “Big Cake”
40 seconds ago:

“(Y/B/F), what the hell did you do? What are you smiling at?” You feel like you will pass away right now…
“Get ready, he is coming” Said (Y/B/F)!


“OMG, OMG, OMG what should I do now? What can I say… am I ugly? Did I fix up my hair? Ah God help me…” you feel so lost, you never felt this way before, your hands are shaking, the knees are shaking too. You feel like adrenaline is flowing through your blood…
It’s so bad… but it’s so cool! You know that your dream will come true right in 10 seconds… but what if something will go wrong? What if you say something stupid and it would be so awkward… you thought about it only in 8 seconds… the one thing you know for sure is that you will ever forget this… whatever will happen! And what about your…

“Hey”… You would never have confused this voice with someone else’s… it’s him! You feel something right inside your heart something that brings you suffer and happiness at the same time, something that we call love and affection!
“Hey” said (Y/B/F), “I’m (Y/B/F/N), nice to finally meet you” he wasn’t his fan at all… but you can see that he is really enjoying the situation, and you know for sure that it is because he knows that you need to do something now, but what?!
“Hey” said Tom again, he was waiting for you to react. He is right in your back you don’t see him, but you really want to see him even if you shy. (Y/B/F) sits right in front of you, Tom is behind you… and time is ticking, you still didn’t answer…
“Is everything okay (Y/N)” said (Y/B/F) with a smile on his face!
You looked into his eyes and made a look that says: “oh just wait, I will kill you later…”
And you finally turned around and saw him…
His hair is perfect as always, he wears a black tight shirt, his eyes are completely brown and you are just drowning into them, also you noticed that he looks right into your eyes too. Now everything doesn’t matter for you. Your every problem just gone. You feel like you can do whatever you want. You even forgot that (Y/B/F) is still sitting there with you. But he didn’t long to wait for himself…
He said “hey”… (Y/B/F), you and Tom are standing now… it’s a really short but still awkward silence…
”Let’s just sit, ha?” Said (Y/B/F) to both of you!
“Hey again, I’m Tom, Tom Holland” said Tom. He didn’t sit yet, so did you, he just smiles and looks at you, he is really affected by something, you don’t know what is that… or… you are just afraid to think that it’s because of you, ‘cause it’s stupid tho…
“Hi” said you, you was so scared that it even affected your voice, but he didn’t notice it.
“And you are…” said (Y/B/F) with a questionable and waiting face…
“What me?” Said you, you are still looking at Tom, you don’t care about what (Y/B/F) says…
“Your name! Don’t be so… just say your name please” said (Y/B/F) a little losing his temper..
“Oh Yeah, I’m… I’m (Y/N). It’s really so great to meet Tom Holland himself…” said you and it was like slap for you, ‘cause you feel scary and adrenaline again. It felt like you woke up…
“(Y/N)” replied Tom with a little affection, “You have a really beautiful name… and your dress is just amazing by the way…” he looked at your dress and in your eyes again.
“Thank you, you too” said you, then you got your mistake! “Oh I mean name, nor dress… of course not dress, you don’t wear it now… I mean you don’t wear it at all…” you just wanted to die right now because of shame…
You heard a quiet slap. It’s (Y/B/F) just did a facepalm
“I’m sorry” you said but then you noticed that he is smiling and it just relaxed you…
“Let’s finally sit…?” Said (Y/B/F).
“Yeah, of course” said Tom and sat on a chair
You sat too without saying a word. There is a little silence. Tom broke it:
“Thank you for the beer… I came just to thank you.” Said Tom with a smile, and you know he feel awkward so do you. But now you feel a little confused too: what beer?
“What?” You said a little confused…
“You ordered a beer for him, don’t you remember, (Y/N)” said (Y/B/F) and winked at you.
“Me? Oh yeah… Yeah I did, it’s nothing Tom, I know you like beer” you looked at Tom again, he is so amazing you think…
“So what are you doing here, in London? Are you alone?” Asked (Y/B/F)! Tom sits right on your right, (Y/B/F) sits in front of you and he looks at you then at Tom and then at you again…
“No, I’m here with Zendaya and Harrison…” said Tom and then completed: “Oh, I think you don’t know who they are…”
“Oh no, I definitely do, (Y/N) told me everything” said (Y/B/F).
“Really?” Asked Tom, he looks at you and it seems he is really surprised…
“No, no I didn’t” said you, it’s so shame you think… you looked at (Y/B/F) with I really mad look.
“…how you visit some hospitals worldwide, about your beautiful dog Tessa and…” but here you interrupted him:
“No I didn’t!!!” You almost screamed… now you feel completely dishonored.
“Oh, we have to go now, we gotta do that sing we were talking about, (Y/B/F).” You said, looked at (Y/B/F)with a very praying look…
“What thing? I don’t remember…” said (Y/B/F) he a little confused…
“THAT THING” said you in a very strict tone…
“Oh yeah, I remember” said (Y/B/F) with too much creativity.
“So bye then” said Tom more to you than to (Y/B/F), I hope we will meet again (Y/N).
You didn’t want to go but it was too dangerous to stay more… you said bye and left. Then (Y/B/F) came out if the cafe!
“How could you do that to me? OMG it was so awkward I was so stupid in front of him, he laughed at me” you said with a madness and sadness at the same time…
“You are wrong! Yeah he smiled, but it because you affected him, I saw everything and you stayed well!
You know what? I think I forgot my wallet when I paid for our order, I will come back in a minute…” said (Y/B/F) and left. You were standing on the other side of the street when (Y/B/F) came out…
Now you are on the way to home… you don’t talk too much, cause you are thinking a lot about everything that happened. Then you suddenly stoped and you felt really sad…
“What is that, (Y/N)” asked (Y/B/F).
“I just realized, I didn’t take a photo with him” said you almost cried. (Y/B/F) Just smiled, hanged you and said: “You will have the chance, I promise…”

To be continued…



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are proud to present

We’ve been working on it for quite a while now and we’re happy to finally show it to you! This group was so important to us. >w<

And as some of you may know, the Harry Potter serie will turns 20 on june 26 so we wish a really Happy Birthday to maybe the most life-changing serie of our time. Thank you J.K. Rowling for everything!
Thank you for letting us grew up in this fantastic universe and our second home that is Hogwarts. 
This universe is just so important to us because we grew up with Harry, went at shool at the same time as him… And it’s amazing how the fandom is still so active, how our Hogwarts houses can be so important to us for exemple. This fandom and the magic will never dies. <3

And as we’re huge HP fans, it won’t be the last vid from this world, either with the Marauders or Harry & Draco or with Fantastic Beats! :D 

James Potter: Saria
Sirius Black: Ellyana 
Remus Lupin: Youni 
Peter Pettigrew: Koyuki 

Lily Evans: Alaska 
Severus Snape: Kuronohasu 
Walburga Black: Koyuki
Harry Potter: Saria
Sybill Trelawney: Saria

A big thanks to our friends who helped us in the making of this cmv!!


Mischief Managed!


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If I were to write a series, who would you guys like for it to be about?

I’m keeping track of the votes each character gets. I’ll leave it open for a few days. If multiple characters get the same amount of votes I’ll fit them all into a series. Please don’t vote more than once because I want this to be accurate and allow it to be a fair vote. ❤😊❤

  • Peter: Will you drive me to the mall?
  • Tony: What did Steve say?
  • Peter: He said no.
  • Tony: Then why would I allow you?
  • Peter: He's not the boss of you.
  • Tony: [internally] This is a trap this is a trap this is a trap