For all anon message!

I love when people send me a message, because they say me a lot of good things about my blog! and I’m so glad about it because they are my followers and all the things that I do are for them, and I’m interested for all the good or bad things that they have to say me. But..I don’t want people to send me an anon message, because I can’t reply it  privately, well, don’t be shy to send me one of them, because if you send me a normal message I could reply you. I’m not angry, I’m just saying.

And the most important of all, yes I know.. my aurora’s gif of my princesses’s photoset had a grammar mistake, and I replaced this gif for the correct one when I uploaded it, the same day. I saw my mistake, if you enter on my blog (MY BLOG, not the photoset that you find on your Dash) you could see that this grammatical error has already changed, and I changed this gif the same day, then, please stoping to send me an anon message to say me that, or if you want to send me a message please don’t be anonymous, so I can tell you what I have written here.