So there have been some changes to my blog.

I am not longer pepperpotts07 because I wanted to incorporate all of the female characters that I find amazing and empowering (and to be my personal heroes) so that is why I am now rubypepperbelle07 (and because I thought those three’s names together actually sounded like a ruby bell pepper and in my head that is really pretty.) And because of my current obsession being OUAT and Marvel I’ve changed my page title to Disney/Marvel’s Enchanted Forest, which is a spin off show I would actually watch.

I also want to thank the tumblr user peterpansshadow13 for making and sharing the amazing images for use. I am not good enough with computers to make these and I absolutely love it. So again, thank you very much!

So hopefully people who actually notice my blog don’t freak too much at the change, I know it always confuses me when people change!

11 Disney Questions

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My 11 Questions:

1) What do you think about Merida?

I love her! When I first watched Brave, I must admit I was a bit …meh but then I rewatched it, and rewatched it and fell in love!

2) What is your favourite Disneyland’s ride?

I adore Phantom Manor from DLP.

3) Who is your favourite hero (boy and girl)?

 Peter Pan & Belle

4) What do you think about the new Disney Princesses dresses?

I hated them at first but I’m in love. I hate change haha but now I see them I think they’re so pretty and are more in-date now.

5) Who is your favourite Villain?

Hades! That sass.

6) In your opinion, what is the saddest Disney death?

It has to be Mufasa’s :( still not over it

7) Which character would you like to meet at Disneyland?

I really wish you could meet Fix-It Felix! But I’m still obsessed with Up so Dug and Russell.

8) What is your favourite Disney’s quote?

From Walt himself: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

It reminds me to be brave and work hard! I keep telling myself I’ll be a cast member one day, I just need to keep trying!

9) What is your favourite Disney’s song?

Just Around the River Bend from Pocahontas

10) What is your most prized Disney’s possession?

A Grumpy plush that I’ve had for years and years. My sister gave it to me for a present, because apparently I am Grumpy.

11) What do you think about the new Disney Movie Frozen?

I am so so excited! I was put off a first because I think Olaf looks a bit Dreamworks to me, but with every new thing that comes out I just get more and more excited! I can’t wait!