peterpan top

EXO in NY fanaccount

What I can remember:

- suho Chen and Kai all waved at our section
- Suho told us “please don’t throw gifts at us we don’t want to get hurt”
- Later he got hit in the nuts by a gift and everyone laughed at him 
- Chanyeol was throwing confetti the whole time 
- Also: confetti bomb @ do
- Suho was singing his note so passionately he forgot to move backstage so he had to penguin run back when he realized 
- Chen said we were beautiful like the skyscrapers of New York
- ChanBaek being yelling “choochoo” and being trains at the end
- In peterpan chanyeol unbuttoned Suhos top shirt buttons and tried to make chen and xiumin kiss 
- Xiumin was dancing really hard and was really happy the whole time 
- Suho in a pink shirt was A++++ 
- someone was on Instagram in their van
- Suho spoke in English as much as possible