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Imagine Peter Pan crying learning that you left the island.

Pan’s P.O.V

Feeling the sun against my face my eyes flinched at the sudden light, dragging the blankets over my head I mumble curse words knowing Felix would be here any second.


“Felix not now!” I grown tossing over in my bed.

“Pan I need to tell you-”

“If it’s about Henry then just-”

“It’s not about him,” he interrupted me in a concerning tone, Felix stepped a little closer taking off his hood which he rarely does. Peeking through my covers a loud sigh escaped my lips, clicking my fingers I appeared in front of him.

Felix’s P.O.V

Seeing Pan in front of me with that annoyed morning habit of his I knew this news about y/n would not be in his calm books.

“So lay it on me lad, what’s wrong in Neverland?” Pan chuckled lightly leaning against the wall.

“Maybe you want to-”

“Felix hurry up!” He growled his eyebrows narrowing.

“Y/n left early this morning,” I bluntly spoke watching his expression.

“That’s funny, now what really happened?” he asked, worry not anywhere to be found. 

“It was early this morning she found where your shadow hid and left on it,”

“W-what? oh are you pulling a prank with the lost boys?” he stuttered his body tensing with disbelief. 

“I think you should check near the edge of the beach, she-,”

“Don’t fucking lie to me! She couldn’t have left!” he shouted gripping on to my coat, his eyes filled with fiery rage but his lip quivered with what I knew was regret but he knew nothing of his new found feeling. I watched him come undone with his own emotions shouting y/n this and y/n that. “You fucking basted you helped her! didn’t you!” there was a suddenly war cry that awakened from the pit of his stomach. There was a flash of hurt on his face as I saw a tiny tear drop from his eyes before I felt a sharp sting across my cheek Stumbling back I watched his fingers click, panic written all over his face. “Shit,”

Pan’s P.O.V

I quickly appeared on the beach frantically searching for y/n. 

“y/n Is this some sick joke!” I shouted trying to not let my emotions control me, “Okay I get it, you got me,” I laughed throwing my hands in the air walking along the waterline of the ocean. “If you don’t fucking come out y/n I’m, I’m well I’m going to-,” before I could finish i felt something crunch under my foot. Picking it up I saw a message written on it. 

‘Dear Pan,

Please don’t be angry. You might not understand but I left because I learnt that you have a weakness’ 

“Me have a  weakness?” I scoffed continuing to read. 

‘If you are reading this then you probably understand what I’m talking about.. you may even know my weakness.. Pan I love you I will always believe in you, so please be who I know you are and you really will never fail. 

Love y/n” 

With every word that I read I heard her voice, I pictured her beautiful hands holding a pencil, her h/l beautiful hair blowing in the wind and tears falling from her kind and sweet e/c big eyes. Tightening my grip on the letter I scrunched it up throwing it on the ground in frustration.

“Y/n you idiot… my weakness always made me stronger… I fricken love you!,” I whisper under my breath feeling tears roll down my eyes, I look towards the sky thinking of her hypnotising smile… “My beautiful lost girl,”

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here’s an imagine to brighten up your day ;)

Imagine running through the trees of Neverland. You were so close to escaping that you could feel the adrenaline pumping through every inch of you. You ran faster and faster until you came to the edge of the island. Hook was supposed to be waiting there but as you caught your breath and looked around you realized he must have been running late. You turned to look behind you but regretted it immediately when you saw Peter come into view.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He said, with an amused grin on his face.
“Peter I-”
He put up his hand to stop you, “No, no. I think I know,” he shook his head in mock disappointment, “you’re trying to leave me.”
You were confused for a moment about the way he chose to word that sentence.
“Peter this has nothing to do with you, we aren’t-”
“No, I should have told you,” he said, slowly moving closer to you. He looked nervous, which was rare for Peter. As he came closer, you took the time to really look at him. You never really noticed him before, but suddenly you were.
“I don’t really know how to say it, so,” he trailed of as he began to lean in closer to you, his hands slowly lacing themselves with yours. His lips brushed yours lightly and you decided to close the small distance between the two of you. You pulled him into you, moving your lips against his as he held your waist tightly. You pulled away breathless and you left a smirk on his face. You saw a ship coming towards the island. Peter turned and saw it too. He turned back with you, his smirk gone, replaced with sadness and longing. “Please don’t go,” he pleaded. You couldn’t leave now. You smiled up at him, “How could I?”
His smirk returned as he grabbed your hand and you ran with him back into the trees of Neverland.