Family Dilemma.

Original Imagine:: Imagine your dad Sheriff and brother Stiles getting mad when they find out about you and Peter.


Reader Gender:(Either)

Word Count: 3302

Warnings: nothing.

“I’m trying to sleep.” I mumbled tiredly into the pillow. My eyes remained closed and I twisted around to face the opposite direction.
The bed shifted behind me and my jaw clenched. “Leave me alone.” I muttered before they were able to do or even say anything.
“But I’m awake and I’m bored.” His voice was husky and still held that sleepy tone. I could feel him hovered over me, watching intently . But I kept your eyes closed and ignored him, snuggling further into the duvet.
The room fell silent for several moments and I thought that maybe -just maybe- he’s actually going to leave me alone and let me sleep but that was immediately disclaimed when he shuffled in closer to me. His body pressed up against mine with my back firmly to his chest and his arm slithered over my waist, pulling me flush against him closing any space that there could be between us. I could feel every detail of his lean body touching me.

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Can't she knock?

Imagine being Malia’s best friend and she and the pack not knowing that you and Peter are together… until she walks in on you fucking

Author: Femke

Reader gender: Female

Word count: 1.632

Warnings: Smut, lots of it. Oral, fingering. Also Malia gets traumatised
(A/N) This is my second smut, so sorry if it sucks. As always, reviews are welcome, sorry for any errors, and most of all; Enjoy :)

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP, your alarm clock rang.

You slowly opened your eyes, blinking a couple times to shield them from the light coming from your window. You glared at the clock. What a nerve that machine had, to just wake you from your peaceful sleep. When you realised the alarm wasn’t going to stop nagging you, you puzzled your way out of your blankets and stood up. As you stumbled to your alarm clock, still half asleep, your foot caught on one of your blankets and you fell over, hitting the top of your head.

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Original Imagine: Imagine making Peter jealous by telling him you’re going on a date with someone else. So in anger he pins you down and fucks you, while groaning, “You’re mine.” & Imagine being bent over Peter’s knee, and having him spank you, and every so often his fingers slide into you and tease you. 

Author: Sam <3

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  3214

Warnings: Smut, slight sub/dom, spanking, and slight fluff at the end.

        “You are going on this date, do you hear me?” Lydia said sternly.

You sat back, leaning your head against the wall as you sat on Lydia’s bed. “Okay. I will. Just stop nagging.” You said finally giving in to her setting you up on this date. Ever since she found out about the few times you had been slept with Peter, she had been adamant about making sure you never went back.

You knew Peter wasn’t exactly loved around here, but you didn’t care if anyone else liked him, only that you did. But the thought that Peter would ever feel anything for you made you feel like you were lying to yourself, so you had agreed to go on this date.

“Good, because Ryan will be perfect for you… And he won’t try to rip your throat out.” She spun around on her chair, a makeup brush in her hand as she spoke.

“Maybe I like that.” You said jokingly at her obvious jibe at Peter, it was like the more people disapproved the more you wanted him. She looked at you, squinting in disapproval, and you smiled at her as you went back to looking through her magazines.

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The Real Winner

Original Imagine: Imagine having a threesome with Derek and Peter. & Imagine Derek finding out that Peter has been sleeping with you.

Author: Sam <3 & Carla

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 5494

Warnings: Very smutty smut, roughness, threesomes.

A/N: Carla and I had way too much fun writing this, I swear, and it has to be the smuttiest smut I’ve written. Enjoy ;) I’m gonna have to give Sam the majority of the credit for this one, she has a very creative imagination ;P

          You looked down at your feet swinging beneath you, as you sat on the table. Lost in the pattern and doing anything to entertain yourself from this boredom.

“Are you even listening?” Peter said dramatically, making you snap from your day dream and look up at him stood in front of you.

“Yeah, yeah. Werewolf, alphas, going to kill you, blah blah blah. I know.” You replied annoyed at having your time wasted, “You and Derek can handle this. I really don’t need to be here.”

“Well perhaps we wanted you here for the delightful company you bring.” He smiles sarcastically, quickly replaced by a scowl. You smirk at him.

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Original Imagine: Imagine Dark!Stiles finding out you’ve slept with Peter, and getting jealous so he fucks you and claim you.

Author: Sam <3

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3475 

Warnings: Smut, biting, marking, bleeding, etc.

A/N: I have absolutely no idea where this came from. I just wanted to write a badass bitch who takes what she wants, so here you go ;) 

       You walked through the underground station, everything abandoned and run down. There were leaves under your feet that had somehow been blown down, and if you were anyone else you might have said it was almost creepy down here. But you were you, and this feeling of fear and adrenaline was something you ran on, something you searched for, even when it got people hurt in the process. But you had switched your feelings off long ago, and being selfish was something you were proud of nowadays. After being turned all those years ago, with no help or guidance, you had given up on humanity, and now, definitely only lived for you.

You turned the corner and reached the rusted over stairway in the wide open main hall, and took a few steps before turning and sitting down on them. You looked back to where you had come from, and smiled as you waited for the others to arrive.

*A day earlier*

“Get out!” He yelled at you as you stood in the doorway to the loft.

“Peter?! That is no way to talk to a lady.” You said sarcastically as you ignored him and walked into the loft, checking around the place, just in case Derek was hiding in the corner ready to attack.

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Original Imagine: Imagine getting caught under the mistletoe with Peter and he doesn’t settle for just a kiss.

Author: Scottmccallmeishmael

Reader Gender: Either

Word Count:  841

Warnings: Nothing (kissing, but no actual smut)


Christmas was a time for celebration – family, food, love, gifts, snow. Okay, so you were in Beacon Hills, the last one of those things was more or less only going to happen if the fairies got loose again. Things were…calm, or, at least, calmer than they had been. The Hales and the McCall pack were sharing the holiday, something that Scott and Stiles should be thanked for – neither let the topic fall until they got Derek to bend and open the loft up for the holiday.

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Original Imagine: Imagine Peter spanking and grabbing your ass when no one is watching , Imagine Peter pulling you into  a room apart from the rest of the group, and fucking you, because he just couldn’t wait until you were alone

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1247

Warnings: Smut

You were listening to what Scott and Derek were telling, trying to concentrate on what they were planning, until the moment you felt a hand stroking your back. When you looked back, you saw it was Peter, what didn’t surprise you. Since you two hooked up a couple of weeks ago, he took every opportunity he could find to touch you, to make contact with you, as if he wanted a confirmation that you two really were together.
“Y/N?” You suddenly heard your name, and you woke up from your thoughts you had shortly lost yourself in.
“Could you please get that other map out of the cupboard??” Scott looked at you with a look he knew you couldn’t resist, and you couldn’t do anything else than smiling and walking over to the cupboard to get it for him.

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Personal gain

Original Imagine: Imagine Peter being selfless only when it comes to you & Imagine Peter falling in love with you & Imagine Peter pinning you on his bed and making you watch him, as he licks his fingers and slowly pushes them inside of you

Author: Carla

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1,659

Warnings: cute fluffy sex

Comment:  For Sam because I love her <3

“I didn’t ask you to save me Peter!” I snap at him as I rub my hands where I had been tied up tight for several hours, trying and failing to get the blood supply back to my hands.

“Of course you didn’t! But I had to do it anyway didn’t I? How did you manage it this time huh? Did they wave a shiny object at you from a white van and you just thought it would be a spectacular idea to jump in? How is it you are always getting yourself kidnapped and I am always the one that has to save you. I didn’t sign up for this.” He snaps slamming the loft door shut behind him. He winced as he did so, he was still slightly wounded from the attack of rogue werewolves that had snatched me from work.

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Original Imagine: Imagine being bent over Peter’s knee, and having him spank you, and every so often his fingers slide inside you and tease you , Imagine fucking Peter, and him being smug about you smelling like him to the others afterwards

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1444

Warnings: Smut, spanking, sub/dom

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Peter walked through the room, yelling at you, being angry that you hadn’t listened to him. “Why is it that every time you don’t listen to me, you end up needing to be rescued?” You shrugged, still not exactly sure what had happened, still kind of shocked about having been in danger.
“I don’t know, ok? I barely know what happened, I surely don’t know how I could have prevented it, and I don’t need you yelling at me that I’ve acted stupid.” You wanted to walk away from him, but he didn’t let you. He grabbed your wrist, forced you back towards him.
“O no. You’re not getting off that easily. I know how you could have prevented this. Just by listening to me, just by staying here!” He might be right… he had told you it was dangerous, but you didn’t want to be locked up at home every time it could be dangerous. That would mean you could barely leave the house anymore.
“And I’m not planning not to leave the house anymore. Let go of me…” He shook his head, not letting go of you.
“You don’t get it, don’t you? I don’t want you to get hurt.”

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Original Imagine: Imagine Peter finding out you want him and using it to tease and flirt with you, until he finally picks you up and fucks you on the table.

Author: Sam <3

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:  1863

Warnings: Smutty smut, biting, marking, Peter being Peter. 

          You blushed, how could you not. “You wish.” You said turning to walk out of the loft, it was a stupid idea coming here to begin with, like Peter could help anyone but himself.

“Lying won’t get you anywhere.” You heard him say from behind you, “And walking out of here won’t get you what you want.”

You paused at the door as you were about to open it, it was just like Peter to get you angry and flustered at the same time. “You don’t know what I want.” You hadn’t had time to ask him what Scott had sent you to say, before he had started his teasing.

“I know you want my help, as well as… other things.” He said the last part with a noticeable connotation to his voice, hearing his footsteps as he walked closer.

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Dreams come true

Original Imagine: Imagine masturbating in your room while Peter walks in and offers real sex with him instead

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Male

Word Count: 1437 

Warnings: Lots of smut (we’re talking Peter, after all), oral sex, anal sex, m/m oneshot

Notes from author: And suddenly I had this one shot in my head that had to come out. It is the first time ever I’ve written m/m smut (outside of a roleplay, that is) so I at least picked a character I’m familiar with to write, even when the rest is partly new. I apologize if it sucks… Have fun though!

You weresure you had closed the door. Absolutely sure. You always closed the door when you were trying to get yourself off. No need to have anyone intrude on that, after all. You had settled on your bed, already gotten yourself rid of your jeans and put the laptop in front of you. Now all you needed were a few pillows in your back so you could lean back and still watch the screen and you were done.

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