Fact, 사실, Hecho, Katunayan, Thực tế, Fait, ข้อเท็จจริง
  1. My birthday is on valentines day but I’ve only valentines once in 8th grade and this year. I love my birthday though, it’s different and it’s special.
  2. I drink a whole lot of water which makes me go to the bathroom pretty often.
  3. I have pretty bad grammar, that’s why most of my text posts don’t make too much sense. hehe
  4. I haven’t been in too many relationships, only 4 and they all did not last too long, some people say that they don’t count.
  5. I’m going to my school’s senior prom and without paying, again with whose name I shall not mention ;] <3
  6. I really this person at the moment but it would probably not work out too well because of various reasons and it is probably for the best.
  7. I don’t really have a passion for many things, I just sort of go with the flow but I want to be an industrial designer and/or maybe a dessert designer.
  8. I still question my bisexuality at times and do not accept the whole thing entirely, mainly because of family and religion..
  9. As much as I like my alone time, there are times when I feel lonely and I really don’t like it..
  10. I enjoy meeting new, fun, different, unique, and multicultural people because learning new cultures and just learning new things fascinate me.