PETER JUDSON is a Designer and Printmaker based out of London. His work has been featured by People of Print, It’s Nice That, Dezeen, and this past December was included in Sight Unseen’s curated collection made especially for Art Basel Miami. For this collab with PAOM, Judson chose to draw inspiration from the environment of the school classroom. Read his answers to our Q&A below and shop the collection!

Q: What was the inspiration for the prints for this collab? A: It’s been a few years since University, many many more since “real” school and I miss the safety blanket and freedom to fail you are gifted with. So it’s a bit of a nostalgic salute to a simpler past. A life without Landlords, bills and admin.

Q: Can you tell us a little behind the scenes of how you staged the photoshoot?A: The idea was to create a stylized vision of “Ah mum! I don’t wanna go to school!” and my sister is a wedding photographer so I thought she’d be good as she’s got experience capturing women throwing bouquets. But in all fairness the behind the scenes set up was just a fair few flash guns and me lobbing t-shirts at a wall, trying to get into that angry kid mentality.

Q: Writing or typing? Pencils or pens? A: Writing and pens, nothing beats a nice sketchbook and a good pen.

Q: Was there a class that put you to sleep while you were in grade school? Can you tell us a story about that class? A: I’m not sure which one grade school is ha but I never really got into maths, I love solving problems so I can see the attraction but finding the radius of a circle never really got me off. I’d love to tell you a “there was this one time when…” kind of story but all the ones that come to mind are probably best left unsaid.

Q: Which of your t-shirts would you give to your favourite illustrator if given the chance? A: I’d probably give it to Natalie du Pasquier the french fine artist, does that count? The thought of her wearing any of them as her lazy painting clothes would top anything I’ve done so far in my career.