Because Blaine would be the type of boyfriend to go up to Kurt’s apartment during moving day and ask his new neighbor for help with the boxes in exchange for sexual deeds.

I know I mentioned sexual deeds but there’s no actual sex in here i apologize.

for Jenn and Agustina who are fucking bitches that can’t shut up on twitter

“Sam, I’ll be right back!”

“Where are you going, man? We still have all of these boxes to unpack, and we still gotta get all your crap out of the moving truck!”

“I’m gonna go get help, give me a minute.”

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based on this and because Tames and Agustina wanted it uwu
in which Blaine owns a small candy shop named “Petit B” in Manhattan and one day Kurt walks in with his adorable daughter and Blaine is immediately smitten.
a/n: just an fyi but Kurt is a widower. This information might be usefull if I decide to make this into a verse. It’ll all depend on if people even like this or not. *u*

Blaine never imagined that his love for candy would get him here. Being the owner of a candy shop was never what he thought he’d be doing when he was in high school, but he’s actually really glad he decided to open the shop because he’s so happy. 

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In which Blaine seduces Kurt into sex anywhere, anytime, and Kurt, while appreciative of his boyfriend’s amazing libido is starting to feel the effects of continuous sex.
a/n: so I came up with this little idea yesterday and started planning and voila this erupted from my brain. also becasue I felt like writing more Kurtana because they’re flawless.

Kurt shouldn’t complain.

He knows he shouldn’t complain.  He’s finally having sex regularly as opposed to going through droughts where his right hand was his best friend he really shouldn’t complain. But there is a thing as too much sex, and as crazy as that sounds, he never imagined he would be dealing with it.

The thing about the break up is that both boys have had months to let that sexual frustration stew. They let the damn break briefly during the wedding, but that one night wasn’t enough to completely satisfy them, or more particularly, Blaine. 

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5x01 reaction fic
in wich Blaine is helping Kurt pack and finds Kurt’s wedding book.
a/n: just a silly, fluffy thing i decided to write. enjoy

He was already pre-packed, how on earth did Kurt still have packing to do? Oh right, because there actually was no flight the day of the proposal, which meant that he was still home for the rest of the weekend, which meant that obviously the clothes that he so precisely packed were going to be taken out of his suitcase to avoid wrinkles.

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4x15 reaction fic. (it’s late because I suck)
So I loved Santana in this episode and I thought to myself; what would happen if Kurt snuck away from the group and onto the roof after Come What May? What if Santana followed him up there? What if they started talking…

so this came out.

also warnings for adam. he’s only in it for a bit, but i feel like i had to warn. 

and warning for a bit of a mention of self-harm. it’s a blink and you’ll miss it kind of thing, but it was something i felt like i should warn for. 

Kurt didn’t mean to get so emotional. Especially not in front of Adam, but this scene always gets him. It never fails to make him get at least a little bit teary eyed. Blaine used to tease him about it endlessly.

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skank!kurt and pregnant!nerd!blaine
In which Blaine is pregnant with skank!kurt’s baby and someone pushes him and Kurt beats the guy into a pulp.
with a bonus trip to the hospital.

a/n: so I could be super wrong about the pregnancy in this, but its fanfiction you know? also i know this kind of sucks.

It’s odd having everybody staring at him. It’s something Blaine never thought would happen. But then again when you’re six months pregnant with, it’s hard not to stare. Blaine is used to it…almost. He knew what he was getting himself into when he decided to keep this baby. He knew that people were going to stare. He prepared himself for it. But just because he’s prepared doesn’t mean that the stares don’t make him at least a bit uncomfortable.


“Ignore those fuckers,” Kurt whispers in his ear, a protective arm slung around Kurt’s shoulders, and Blaine feels himself smiling as his boyfriend’s free hand slides down to his baby bump.

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