Jack and I went down to The Plough at Fen Ditton to watch the first M1 and W1 races in the May Bumps this evening. For those of you who don’t know about bumps races (as far as I’m aware, the idea is basically just to try to catch up with the boat in front of you, so that you are either overlapping in the water or you actually bump into them. If you do manage to bump up, your starting position in the next day’s race is adjusted accordingly, until Saturday’s final. This type of rowing has been the standard form of competition between Cambridge colleges since 1827, and between the Oxford colleges (with their equivalent Summer VIIIs event) since 1815.

These are some pictures from today’s W1 race- unfortunately Clare (in the first two pictures), who had been defending their position at the Head of the River, were bumped by Downing, but there’s always tomorrow! The third picture shows Peterhouse chasing Catz, and below that are Christ’s W1 wearing wreaths of willow after the race to signify that they had bumped Pembroke.