Asrama ala Hogwarts di Cambridge

Video di atas menggambarkan cuplikan saat si Harry Potter ditetapkan menjadi bagian dari Gryffindor. Kamu tentu familiar dengan Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, dan Slytherin kan? Ya, itu adalah college-college di Hogwarts. Ternyata, tradisi college ini masih dipertahankan oleh beberapa universitas di Inggris loh, salah satunya di University of Cambridge.

Peterhouse, college tertua di Cambridge

Universitas yang berdiri sejak 1209 ini memiliki 31 college dengan Peterhouse sebagai college tertuanya. College yang bangunannya paling terkenal sekaligus menjadi ikon kota Cambridge adalah King’s College. Ada juga Trinity College yang paling banyak menelurkan peraih nobel seperti James Clerk Maxwell, Niels Bohr, dan Ernest Rutherford. Issac Newton, fisikawan ternama penemu gravitasi itu juga pernah belajar di Trinity College. College-college inilah yang kini bersatu menjadi University of Cambridge yang kita kenal sekarang.

Trinity College, tempat Newton belajar

King’s College, salah satu icon Cambridge

Queens’ College, temennya si King’s College (perhatikan bahwa King-nya singular sedangkan Queens-nya plural)

Sederhananya, college ini seperti asrama, tempat para mahasiswa tinggal. Tapi fungsi college tidak hanya sebagai akomodasi, melainkan juga berfungsi memberikan pendidikan kepada mahasiswa. Tugas college yang utama adalah memberikan tutor kepada mahasiswa yang tergabung menjadi anggota di college tersebut. Jadi, para mahasiswa di Cambridge (khususnya mahasiswa sarjana) itu tidak hanya belajar di kampus, tapi juga saat kembali ke college atau rumah mereka. Tentu saja kualitas suatu college dibandingkan college yang lain berbeda-beda sehingga ada proses seleksi untuk masuk ke suatu college. Keterikatan dalam college kadang lebih besar dibanding keterikatan dalam departemen atau fakultas.

Akomodasi yang disediakan oleh college juga berbeda-beda. Ada college yang masih mempertahankan bangunan lamanya, ada juga college yang memiliki bangunan dengan arsitektur yang baru. Di Cambridge, ada 31 college yang dikategorikan menjadi 2: college lama (yang berdiri sebelum tahun 1596) dan college baru (yang berdiri setelah tahun 1800). Jadi tidak ada college yang didirikan di antara tahun 1596 dan 1800. Downing College yang berdiri pada 1800 menjadi cikal bakal lahirnya college-college baru. College yang paling baru adalah Robinson yang berdiri pada tahun 1977.

Arsitektur Downing College yang modern

St John’s College yang masih mempertahankan arsitektur lamanya

Corpus Christi College yang juga masih berarsitektur lama

Salah satu tradisi yang masih dipertahankan di setiap college adalah formal dinner, atau makan malam bersama dengan dosen dan profesor. Salah satu tujuan dipertahankannya tradisi ini adalah agar mahasiswa bisa membangun jejaring, tidak hanya antar mahasiswa, tapi juga dengan profesornya. Sistem formal dinner antar satu college dan college lainnya pun berbeda-beda. Beberapa college lama masih mempertahankan tradisi dimana para professor harus duduk di high tables, semacam meja khusus di depan dan terpisah dengan para mahasiswa, sedangkan di college-college baru semua professor duduk dan melebur dengan mahasiswa-mahasiswanya. Ada college yang mengadakan formal dinner setiap hari, ada juga yang hanya seminggu sekali. Beberapa college mengharuskan peserta formal dinner untuk berpakaian formal, berjas ala-ala di Hogwarts begitu, sementara college lain membebaskan pakaian para pesertanya. Oya, ada juga college yang menyediakan makanan berupa daging halal loh. Waah, seru yaa.

Ada yang mau formal dinner ala-ala Hogwarts?

College-college ini menambah kental suasana belajar di Cambridge. Mahasiswa yang berlalu lalang dengan jas hitamnya, mahasiswa yang pergi ke kampus dengan sepedanya, mahasiswa dengan buku-bukunya di perpus. Senang ya melihat para penuntut ilmu yang bersemangat itu. Semoga Allah berikan pula kenikmatan bagi kita untuk senantiasa rindu dengan belajar, haus akan ilmu.
Bind Us Together, Lord Chapter 16, a frozen fanfic | FanFiction
Anna Saunders and Elsa Tremblay are fellow counselors and bunkmates in cabin 4 at Peterhouse Bible Camp. Their job is to become good friends and take care of the children under their charge. There's just one small problem; they already knew each other before camp started. And their relationship hasn't been the same since their parents divorced. [Elsanna, modern AU: EnEsEffDubya]


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That Monday was one of those days that seemed to drag on forever. Anna and Elsa avoided each other as much as possible, keeping themselves busy with other tasks and with the kids. As if they hadn’t been awkward and fidgety with one another enough the last few days, now the atmosphere was downright unbearable.

It reminded Anna of the day after she confessed to being gay….only it was a lot worse than that. Anna cursed and kicked herself inwardly for her brash actions back at the ice cream parlour. How stupid, how pathetic and just how low she had gotten when she thought up that stupid stunt she called a dare! This was much more than just a simple kiss; Anna had practically violated her sister’s mouth.

And she hated just how amazing it had been in that brief moment. How her lips still tingled at the memory of those sweet tasting lips against them and her nose was still assaulted by her sister’s wintery scent even though it had been almost twenty four hours since it happened. She hated how much she wanted to do it again, and again and again until she passed out from oxygen deprivation.

At least she had the canoeing to distract her from her inner demons. Out there on the lake, sitting in one end of the boat while the campers did most of the paddling, gazing around at the reflection of tall trees in the glassy surface of the water that their wake interrupted… it was quite tranquil. Even with Carver and Lor shouting back and forth at each other, it was still able to bring her some modicum of peace.

And then there was Elsa, a few meters away in another boat, issuing orders, occasionally lavishing praise when a camper did something correctly. She seemed a bit less energetic than usual, but then again, that was probably from lack of sleep. Both of them had spent a lot of time tossing and turning. Anna was guiltily aware of how little Elsa slept and how hard she had tried to keep all the noises she made to a minimum.

Anna sighed and forced herself to look away from her older sister, instead keeping track of how her rowers were doing. Most of them were faring well, though Olaf and Mark occasionally missed their cues to row and sent them off course.

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Jack and I went down to The Plough at Fen Ditton to watch the first M1 and W1 races in the May Bumps this evening. For those of you who don’t know about bumps races (as far as I’m aware, the idea is basically just to try to catch up with the boat in front of you, so that you are either overlapping in the water or you actually bump into them. If you do manage to bump up, your starting position in the next day’s race is adjusted accordingly, until Saturday’s final. This type of rowing has been the standard form of competition between Cambridge colleges since 1827, and between the Oxford colleges (with their equivalent Summer VIIIs event) since 1815.

These are some pictures from today’s W1 race- unfortunately Clare (in the first two pictures), who had been defending their position at the Head of the River, were bumped by Downing, but there’s always tomorrow! The third picture shows Peterhouse chasing Catz, and below that are Christ’s W1 wearing wreaths of willow after the race to signify that they had bumped Pembroke.