The Natural Koncept crew is gearing up for the NYC premiere of their new team video “Creepin’ For Life” which has been four years in the making. All the cinematic action will go down Saturday, November 19th, at 11:30pm at the Anthology Theater.

As more details become available, we will let you know. In the meantime, check out the trailer below that Transworld Skateboarding recently posted.

Natural Koncept has been creepin’ tough for days. Creative, gnarly skating and the illest graffiti writer in the game, Katch1, to back it up.  The first video was Illegitimate Bastard Child, then came Dysfunctional Family and this winter,four years in the making, Creepin’ for Life is dropping. Featuring: Kale Sandridge, Choppy Omega, Dave “The Dave” Davis, Chris Kays, Bob Gnarly, Katch, Josh “JZ” Zickert, Trevor “Soup Kid” Uriona, Brendan “Lai Wing” Leung, Adrian McElhaney, CMART, and Sean “Bedpan” Reilly and newest rippers Boner & JJ.