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tit for tat: those dorks what are on your blog, for the ship meme



makes the bed in the mornings
Neither of them. Not because they’re slobs(though you could make an argument) but because neither of them really have the time or see the point. If Aunt May or The Cages come to visit, Danny or Peter respectively will make the bed and go crazy on the cleaning. (“Peter, they’re not going to look in our room.” “THEY MIGHT!”)

has sole possession of the T.V. remote
Peter does. Danny’s been in New York for awhile, but Peter still sees it as a mission to fill up his head with enough pop culture references to kill a tauntaun. Danny just sort of rolls with it because he thinks it’s cute when Peter gets really excited watching an old film and trying hard not to talk along with the dialog.

stays up until 2am reading
Peter again. Danny likes campy ‘cozy’ mystery books(he and Luke like to make up ridiculous past assignments for the HOH and tell Ava and Victor about them), but Peter gets caught up with science journals and ridiculous scify books. Sometimes he passes out on the couch with a book open on his face.

is the bigger cuddler
Danny. Danny’s a secret cuddler, he likes people and being around people. With his partners(in this case, Peter) he likes cuddling and holding hands, sitting close on the couch, arm around him or Peter and just being close.

does the laundry
Peter. Danny is horrible at laundry. In the past he’s literally ruined entire loads and just gone out and bought new clothes. He’s filthy rich, so he rationalizes sending his clothes out to be cleaned. But for the uniforms he can’t really do that, so Peter’s in charge. (which would be great if the Spidey suit wasn’t red.)

mows the lawn
They live in New York, they don’t have a yard. But when they go to visit Aunt May(back when she was still in Queens) Danny would mow the lawn. He likes the kind of domestic feeling of it because he’s a dork, and Peter’s mowed enough lawns in his life time thanks. (plus Danny still feels the need to impress Aunt May).

is better at budgeting
Peter. If there’s one thing he’s learned in his relationship, it’s that rich people are horrible at budgeting. Peter’s been poor so long that it’s second nature for him to look out for the money and costs. Danny doesn’t really care, but since being Luke’s partner he’s been a lot better than he was when he first moved to New York(not that that argument works with Luke, Jess or Peter that time he bought Dani an alpaca)

instigates the sex (and who’s into the kinkier stuff)
Danny and Danny. For as much as Peter is a card-carrying adult now, a lot of the time he still feels like a scrawny little teenager uncomfortable in his own skin. Danny never really had that period in his life, and he’s decided it’s his mission to make sure that Peter knows how amazing he is.

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*SCREAMS FOR A THOUSAND YEARS* *TAKES A BREATH* Okay, okay, okay REMAIN calm... So, uh yeah they're pretty cool or whatever. *tries to be cool and lean on table but misses and falls on the floor.* Psst, whatever. okay srsly tho I had no idea. thats so cool. Can you talk about headcanons and what made you ship them?

omg omg omg omg

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you ship it? yo! YEAH!!!!

It staretd with me finding these panels and posting them, to which Fish made a comment that made me go ‘…huh.’

Which led to me headcanoning that Luke and Jess were wary of letting Spidey and Danny interract outside of battles because of the Cage-Jones protective streak (which eventually led to my monster of a fic that’s not actually that long but took me forever to write )

And, you nkow, 616 they share teams sometimes but they don’t interract all that much, but they have a similar overlapping supporting cast and they’re both so unlucky in like every aspect and Danny’s sort of a roll-with-the-punches kinda dude while Peter isn’t quite the same and I feel like they’d have such good chemistry (which led to me plotting a peter-returns-from-the-dead arc which had Danny, Luke, and Jess as key players actually)

And then, and THEN fucking ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN CARTOON. Which Should NOT be as good as it is, what the fuck, except now they like never show the team and it makes me sad but ANYAWY

and Peter and Danny, in this damn cartoon, like oh my god they are such dopey teenagers I love it so much. And Danny and Peter genuinely like and trust one another, and Danny was really the first one to have faith in Peter!? and hten the Nightmare episode where Peter’s trying to help Danny snap out of it and meanwhile Danny is sharing his BIGGEST INESCURITY WITH PETER AND WHAT and then fucking the Return of Shao-Lao episode which just like fuck me that was a shipper’s paradise because Peter just decides to fucking jet off to who-knows-where without a second thought because Danny and no way that’s gonna happen and where goes the iron fist so goes the spider not to mention the f act that it’s canon they have weekly sparring sessions!?? on BRIDGES BECAUSE WHY NOT and Danny chooses Peter as his Champion even when he gets his eyesight back because fuck you that’s why

Oh! And Bakc in the nightmare episode with “he sets of energies that would appeal to someone with your sensetivities” or something like that fucking Doctor strange with the perfec t Doctor Strange voice I miss him I hope he comse back at some point.

Oh! And then there’s just so much POTENETIAL in the cartoon universe because of hteidea of Danny LEAVING FOREVER!? and the HUG and fucking fuck I get really excited baout these nerds because there’s the potential for a future!fic/verse where Danny comes back like 5 years later or whatever and then they’re like adults which is always easier for me to ship because I still have that “over-20 which means put-that-bakc-where-it-came-from-or-so-help-me-you’re-like-12” feeling around high sschool ships.”

tl;dr: Potential, Personality, fucking Cartoons

spiderminx answered your question “Someboddy give me a danny/peter prompt and I’ll write a short in the…”

Oh nooo is it too late for me to ask for something along the lines of “that was the worst first date but at least the first kiss was good?”

Never my darling!!!

            “So Ninjas, huh? That’s was… that was weird,” Peter said with a laugh that he hoped sounded authentic. His date Danny, the CEO of Rand Co as Max had reminded him six times, laughs back. Like Peter he looks a bit ruffled and has a bit of grime… all over. He also, Peter is rather embarrassed to notice, has a bit of web stuck to the crook of his neck. Peter wonders how he looks – rapidly changing in and then out of spandex is never easy, but doing it in an alley behind a(as it turns out) triad-associated little hole-in-the-wall restaurant while hoping his date didn’t notice how he had vanished in the meantime… Well, it was a bit more difficult.

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WHAT UP Spideyfist and moving in together PLS AND THANK, TWIRLS


Moving in together

  • So Danny doesn’t really like his place. When he moved to the city, he moved into his family’s old place. He finds it incredibly awkward because there’s so much space and he’s alone and it’s hella weird. He crashes with Colleen and her Dad and crashes in the office a lot.
  • Peter realizes that he wants Danny to live with him because on the days that Danny doesn’t happen to stay over he’s kind of lonely and anyway Danny’s place is depressing as hell come on, I don’t mind if you leave some stuff here really I’m sure. So, Peter starts wondering how to ask him to move in.
  • - And continues to wonder.
  • - Maybe starts to overthink it
  • - Totally overthinks it.
  • - Panics.
  • - Asks Matt for help, and Matt actually manages to calm him down (good job Matt!). Just ask him if he wants to move in, straight forward to the point and easy. Right.
  • - Peter is a loser, so he goes and somehow manages to trick Danny into a handshake and does the whole subtle-tip thing with a spare key. Danny’s like “?? ? ??? ? ? ?? ? I have a key?” and Peter’s like “I know you have a key! haaa I ah that’s like a special… Do you want to move in maybe or maybe we could find a new place together kind of… key.”
  • - Danny is charmed because he is a giant loser too.
  • - “This is weird,” Danny remarks later. Peter rolls over to face him in bed, “I hope you haven’t been saving that,” he says drily. Danny rolls his eyes. “No I mean, it’s us. We’re moving in together and I would really just have expected something ridiculous to happen.” “Ah crap, did you have to say it out loud?” And then Matt ends up living on their couch for a week after he accidentally gets turned into a cat and Foggy turns out to be allergic.

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spideyfist 2, 3, 10, 13, 15, 17, 32, 48, 32 (sorry that's a lot I'm just so thirsty for this ship)

Anon my darling never apologize for the dannypeter enabling.

(ahem. Also the next chapter should be up this week. Sorry guys, I finally got Microsoft word back on my computer but I’ve been cramming for an interview and putting together my portfolio and it’s been hell. Soon though, I love my giant dorks.)

((also theses are horrible I apologize you should aks me more in the morning to punish me))

 2.  who flirts more?

            With the other or with the world at general? Because for some reason it seems like Danny is completely unable to not charm everyone he meets and he ends up flirting with everyone from the TSA agent to the dogwalker who’s dogs get distracted by Peter. As far as the two of them though, Peter is shameless at flirting with his boyfriend. But he’s subtle, so it’s really hard to tell sometimes for everyone else because he’ll say something casually and Danny will get all flustered because of some inside thing and Peter, behind the mask, is so casual.       

3. how did the relationship start?

            We talking cartoon or comic? Cartoon I’m going to go with the tried-and-true high school spin-the-bottle-seven-minutes-in-heaven routine. Either that or Danny just asks Peter out one day because he’s Danny and he can do that.
            Comics we have to go with accidental relationship. I mean come on, it’s those two it would be some random comment or some random magical situation and all of the sudden everyone thinks they’re dating and they roll with it because Danny wants people to leave him alone about mooning after Misty and Peter wants people to leave him alone about how HORRIBLE THINGS HAPPEN TO THE PEOPLE HE DATES And they figure if they have a fallback excuse with eachother it works but then it builds and they spend more time together for the ruse and all of the sudden feelings and no I’m not writing this au what are you talking about leave me alooone.
Though that’s not to say that the spin-the-bottle situation is out of the question in the comics either. We all read New Avengers.

10. big spoon/little spoon?,

            Hmmmm. Peter. Danny’s a bigger cuddler don’t get me wrong, but Peter’s a secret cuddler and so when he sleeps cuddles just sort of happen. Plus, he does more nightwatch than Danny does, so he generally gets in later and Danny doesn’t always wait up so Peter will just fall into bed and latch on
            Plus, Danny is like a freakin space heater it’s amazing.

13. favorite sexual activity?

            NOoooo not sex questions shit.




            I’m sorry, I’m horrible at sex questions. I’m sorry, I’m a disgrace.

15. what habits of the other drives them crazy?

            Heh. Peter’s not used to being open with other people since his loving relationship was wiped out of his brain MJ so he sometimes forgets that he can tell Danny things – he keeps it bottled up and it drives Danny crazy when he knows something’s wrong but Peter ignores it/hides it.
            Plus, Peter sleeps with his socks on, what is up with that?  
            Danny, meanwhile,  is sort of clueless at the basics since he lived in a closed mountain society for a good chunk of his life. He’s bad at laundry, cleaning, cooking(but he thinks he can cook, and that drives Peter crazy too but he never says anything because he’s a self-suffering sap like that) and Peter gets frustrated.
            Danny also gets followed by strays a lot, and Peter hates coming home to find Danny sleeping on his couch with a cat, a dog, and a teenage hero-in-training whose not sure what she’s doing there either.

17. most trivial thing they fight over?

            It comes back down to the fact that they’re super heroes so the end up in some pretty serious battles a lot and it’s rare a time where they can actually fight together because it’s been awhile since they’ve been on the same team. So Carol will tell Danny when Peter’s hurt and Luke will tell Peter when Danny’s hurt and then they fight about ‘why didn’t you tell me you were hurt’ ‘what do you mean they had a hulk’ ‘I don’t care if you can use your chi to expel the bullet from your stomach I’d still appreciate being told when you’ve been shot’
            That’s not that trivial is it?
          Okay, how’s this – Danny likes leaving the window open at night and it really skeeves Peter out – not necessarily because of the noise (Queens is still NY afterall, he’s used to noise you think Danny would have more of an issue with it the dork) but because he doesn’t like the light and they bicker about it sometimes.

32. do they have nicknames or pet names for each other?

Only if they’re fighting or trying to make someone else uncomfortable. 
            “How’s the arm, DanDan?” “Perfectly fine poogybear how about your leg, I heard if got cut up against scorpios Snookums” “Don’t worry honeybun it was nothing, not like breaking my arm and then using it to punch a wall like my darling dannypoo.”

            Luke: … can we move on?

48. how do they make up after a fight?

Cuddles and kisses. Peter’s not a fan of make-up sex for whatever reason, and it takes Danny a little while to get used to that because he’s great at make-up sex if you ask him thank-you very much, but they just sleep instead and it’s kind of nice to reassure one another of their presence and that they’re back.

            Peter likes to apologize in little ways like cooking dinner or borrowing Dani to add to the cuteness factor. On one memorable occasion he sewed Danny a temporary new costume when he may have accidentally included it in the same wash load as his costume and it may have turned pink. It was okay and Danny said he wasn’t mad but some of the people him and Luke end up fighting can be kind of jerks and… well, Peter decided to make him one anyway while

            Danny’s a bit more ostentatious with his apologies because he got most of his cultural knowledge from television at first and he’s a freaking millionaire so he’ll get a skywriter or have a bunch of flowers delivered to Peter’s office or donate a bunch to a high school science program.

Title: That Action

By: Twirls

Universe: 616… ish.

Pairing: Peter Parker/Danny Rand, background canon couples

Summary: After Spider-Man makes a joke about asking out Iron Fist, he incurs the wrath of Luke and Jessica; In an effort to get back on their good side, he resolves to ignore Danny. Somehow in the process he ends up getting relationship advice from Daredevil, propositioned by Black Cat, and winds up accidentally dating Danny Rand anyhow.

(this entire thing was a result of these panels here, just for the record)

            Peter started noticing it pretty soon after what was fondly referred to as the “crazy voodoo debacle #734.” Jessica and Luke were watching him and they’d randomly show up when he was in the middle of a conversation.

There was one time where he was chatting with Iron Fist about a movie he had seen last week, and all of the sudden Luke was handing Danny the baby and asking him to watch her for a sec and he’d pulled Peter away. Then after that one mission, and Peter went to give him a high-five and all of the sudden Jessica was there high-fiving him instead. It took an embarrassingly long time for Peter to realize what was going on, and once he did it was still pretty embarrassing.

“I’m not actually going to make a move on Iron Fist,” Peter said to the dead air. A woman walking past gave him a strange look, but that was the only acknowledgment he got. He glanced around as if Luke or Jessica was going to come around the corner and jump him. Peter gave a nod, mentally setting himself to make a decision.  He would wait for it to pass, was all; they’d get bored eventually and then things wouldn’t be awkward. Fine.

(follow the fake cut to AO3)
One More Year - Chapter 7 - TwirlsWrites - Ultimate Spider-Man (Cartoon), Marvel [Archive of Our Own]

  “Why did you call the Fantastic Four before coming to me?” Coulson asked, sounding exhausted as he massaged his head. Peter could sympathize, Reed was tough to deal with sometimes.
    “Technically I didn’t, I just called Johnny.”
“Who is a member of the Fantastic Four,” Ava pointed out.
    “Well yeah, but if you’ve ever talked to him, you’ll know it’s hard to remember that,” Peter said with a shrug.
    “Is that a compliment or an insult?” Ava asked.

One More Year - Chapter 8 - TwirlsWrites - Ultimate Spider-Man (Cartoon), Marvel [Archive of Our Own]

            “Going into a situation with anger means you have already forfeited a desire for understanding,” Danny said. As ever, he was calm and that just made Peter more irritated.

            “I’m not angry,” he snapped, “I just want to know why he didn’t think it was worth seeing the kid off.”

            “Yeah, clearly you’re not angry,” Luke said drily.

            “I’m not,” Peter said. “I’m just going to go home, whatever.”

            Peter was a liar.

If anyone is interested I wrote a short little stupid fic where usm Peter wakes up in a world where his team(including himself)are opposite sexes and “Piper” Parker and “Diana” Rand are dating and it’s stupid but I posted it on AO3 anyway and here’s an excerpt

   “Parker?” Coulson said as Peter woke up again. “Are you going to stay awake this time?”

   “What happened?” he asked.

    “You stole my tablet, screamed, and passed out,” Coulson said succinctly. Even in a different body, it was obviously Coulson; A no-nonsense, serious look and a well-tailored suit.

    “Oh I was hoping that was a nightmare,” Peter said. His hands went to his hair, then to his body. “I’m a girl. Oh my God, why am I a girl?”