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*SCREAMS FOR A THOUSAND YEARS* *TAKES A BREATH* Okay, okay, okay REMAIN calm... So, uh yeah they're pretty cool or whatever. *tries to be cool and lean on table but misses and falls on the floor.* Psst, whatever. okay srsly tho I had no idea. thats so cool. Can you talk about headcanons and what made you ship them?

omg omg omg omg

aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you ship it? yo! YEAH!!!!

It staretd with me finding these panels and posting them, to which Fish made a comment that made me go ‘…huh.’

Which led to me headcanoning that Luke and Jess were wary of letting Spidey and Danny interract outside of battles because of the Cage-Jones protective streak (which eventually led to my monster of a fic that’s not actually that long but took me forever to write )

And, you nkow, 616 they share teams sometimes but they don’t interract all that much, but they have a similar overlapping supporting cast and they’re both so unlucky in like every aspect and Danny’s sort of a roll-with-the-punches kinda dude while Peter isn’t quite the same and I feel like they’d have such good chemistry (which led to me plotting a peter-returns-from-the-dead arc which had Danny, Luke, and Jess as key players actually)

And then, and THEN fucking ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN CARTOON. Which Should NOT be as good as it is, what the fuck, except now they like never show the team and it makes me sad but ANYAWY

and Peter and Danny, in this damn cartoon, like oh my god they are such dopey teenagers I love it so much. And Danny and Peter genuinely like and trust one another, and Danny was really the first one to have faith in Peter!? and hten the Nightmare episode where Peter’s trying to help Danny snap out of it and meanwhile Danny is sharing his BIGGEST INESCURITY WITH PETER AND WHAT and then fucking the Return of Shao-Lao episode which just like fuck me that was a shipper’s paradise because Peter just decides to fucking jet off to who-knows-where without a second thought because Danny and no way that’s gonna happen and where goes the iron fist so goes the spider not to mention the f act that it’s canon they have weekly sparring sessions!?? on BRIDGES BECAUSE WHY NOT and Danny chooses Peter as his Champion even when he gets his eyesight back because fuck you that’s why

Oh! And Bakc in the nightmare episode with “he sets of energies that would appeal to someone with your sensetivities” or something like that fucking Doctor strange with the perfec t Doctor Strange voice I miss him I hope he comse back at some point.

Oh! And then there’s just so much POTENETIAL in the cartoon universe because of hteidea of Danny LEAVING FOREVER!? and the HUG and fucking fuck I get really excited baout these nerds because there’s the potential for a future!fic/verse where Danny comes back like 5 years later or whatever and then they’re like adults which is always easier for me to ship because I still have that “over-20 which means put-that-bakc-where-it-came-from-or-so-help-me-you’re-like-12” feeling around high sschool ships.”

tl;dr: Potential, Personality, fucking Cartoons