Based solely on the faculty, I’ve discovered the second school that I would apply to if I had unlimited resources. (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)

Check it: The Laguna College of Art and Design boasts an MFA faculty that includes F Scott Hess, Peter Zokosky, and Jon Swihart. What a place. 

A girl can dream. Maybe I can take classes there someday. Or find a way to study with them in another fashion. 


If you guys have some time, you should check out this wonderful documentary by John Seed about the work of Peter Zokosky. He’s an incredible LA based artist that Ken Jones introduced me to earlier this semester. 

John Seed wrote an article for him as well, and I’m going to include it in my next post - mostly just as a way for me to remember it for future reference. The way Peter talks about his art-making process really resonates strongly with me.

My favorite bit of the article for a TL;DR? This quote from Peter:

“I recognize the commercial advantage to style, branding, and series, but I think it’s a mistake to let those concerns lead you as an artist. The creative impulse is a delicate thing, if you ignore it, it goes away. My problem is I have too many things I want to make, and I know I’ll never get to do them all, but I don’t mind having that problem.

Never being bored or out of ideas feels right.”

Gallery Report #3 - Koplin Del Rio's Between Truth and Fiction: Pictorial Narratives

It’s been awhile since I was able to make it out to the galleries. A shameful long while. When I’m finally done being manhandled by this senior projects class, I vow to make a trip to Culver City as soon as physically possible. Maybe mentally possible would be a better word - I’m pretty wiped out. Luckily, earlier this fall I was able to make a trip to Culver City with my dear Alex, and luckily, the trip made a huge impression on me, so I’m able to recall most of the wonderful little details of the trip. 

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