The Verve - On Your Own (Live at MTV 120 Minutes, 1995)

Bands I Adore | verve

  • Favorite Songs: gravity grave, all in the mind, already there, beautiful mind, feel
  • First Song You Heard: bittersweet symphony on the school bus in 7th grade
  • Favorite Album: the 1993 debut, a storm in heaven.  before they descended into brit pop mediocrity.
  • Favorite Member: nick mccabe, half the reason i took up guitar in the first place
  • Seen Live: yeh, coachella 2008.  it was alright.
  • Merch: all their records.  a few ep’s i got secondhand
  • How You Became a Fan: the same way most folks did:  i heard bittersweet symphony on the radio.  as a teenager i backtracked a bit and discovered their early 90s shit, and then proceeded to become completely enamored with all those dreamy guitar waves.