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Yeah, but Jean didn't die during an event that most likely ends with the recreation of a completely new multiverse. I doubt any death in Secret Wars is permanent. I mean, all the 616 heroes not on the life raft are also most likely "dead"

i get wut ur saying and i agree but then u brought up reed’s life raft and now im lmao bc can we talk about the people reed brought with him

he chose them bc they’re either close friends and family or they’re super powerful and could probs kick ur ass just by lookin at u

but then there’s peter quill and he’s none of those things and he barely knows any of these ppl and

he’s so uncomfortable with every1 and the entire situation that all he does is make jokes


“You gotta know it. It’s electric boogie woogie, woogie.” Peter sang as he was dancing to an unfamiliar song in his room. He was completely immersed into it that he barely saw you leaning on the door and watching him.

“What….are you doing?” you asked, so fixated on his repetitive movement . Peter has danced in front of you many times. You’ve seen it all the modern, the groovy, and the down right embarrassing, but this was…intriguing.

“Never heard of the Electric Slide before?” He asked.

“The what?”

“Electric Slide? Marcia Griffiths?1976? It’s a huge hit at parties.” All you did was shake your head, not having a single clue at what he was hinting at. ”All right. Come here.” He turned the music back on and dragged you to the center of the room.

“Look just go along with the rhythm okay? Now, side-step right tap, side-step left tap, three steps back tap, forward tap, backward tap, and turn.” he said.”See? Nothing to it.” You started to grin, as you got the hang of the dance. Peter was right, this dance was a hit, it was honestly quite addictive. You didn’t think you could stop. 

“Thank you music guru for enlightening my mind once again.” you said as you headed back to the control center to make sure Rocket wasn’t up to some funny business. Who know maybe he’s learn to lighten up if he tried the dance. “Hey Rocket!” you yelled

“NO. I’m not doing the stupid dance Quill taught you. NO!”

Cold Shoulder (Star Lord Reader Insert)

Anon Request: yeah yeah i know hot guys with domestic pets are hot and cute at tHE SAME TIME ITS PATHetic but what about a really fluff fic about you giving peter the cold shoulder and he decided to get your attention so that you’ll talk to him by mimicking your actions idk thats pretty cute

Words: 577

Warnings: none

this is a short lil fluff fic and I’m sorry that this is so bad because I’m no good at the sweet stuff ya know what I mean??? 


“(Y/N), c’mon, I already said I was sorry!” Peter whined. You ignored him, continuing to sit on your bed and clean your gun. “I’m not going to leave until you talk to me.”

Beforehand, you and Peter had gotten into an argument about something that, quite frankly, you didn’t even remember. So, because Peter Quill was the biggest baby in the galaxy, tore up your favorite book. Pages splayed across the ship’s floor and, in response, you slapped him in the face. He stormed off into the cabin, you stormed back to your bunk.

Even though he was your boyfriend and you loved him a lot, he could manage to piss you the hell off.

An hour or so later, he came out, acting as if nothing had ever happened. He was being all sweet and cool, blasting his music to which only fueled your anger. However, when you weren’t giving in to his angelic attitude, the sad excuses for apologies started coming.

So now, back in present time, you ignored his words, his annoying poking, and focused on cleaning and organizing you weapons. To be honest, it was the only thing keeping you from punching him in the face.

“(Y/N).” No reply. “(Y/N).” Nothing. Blocking him out was gradually becoming more easy… until he plopped down on your bed next to you, took your gun out of your hand, and started cleaning it himself. You knew what he was trying to do, so you went for it without a word. He pulled it back, out of your reach.

You gave in. “Peter, give it back.”

“Peter, give it back,” he mimicked, his voice going so high you almost laughed.

“I don’t sound like that. Now give it back!”

I don’t sound like that. Now give it back!

You sighed, rolling your eyes and running your fingers through your hair. He copied your movements, flipping his imaginary long hair and smacking his lips together, letting out a much more bigger, dramatic sigh than your own. God, he sometimes he was such a bother.

“Enough already, Quill, c’mon,” you whined, reaching for it once more. He pushed the gun away and, again, he copied your words but didn’t follow.

“Fine, whatever,” you groaned, getting up to leave. However, he snaked his arms around your waist and you were pulled down into a seated position in his lap. “Let go of me!”

Let go of me!” he girlishly shrieked. Peter then started tickling your side with one hand, while holding you steady with the other.

“Stop it!” you giggled uncontrollably.

Stop it!” he went. “Say you’ll talk to me and I will.”

“Never,” you barely got out through your gasps for air. He went to tickle your other side and you couldn’t take it anymore. “Okay! Okay! I’ll talk to you!”

“You will?”

“Yes!” you squeaked.


“Yes! Peter, please!” you begged, tears forming in the of the corners of your eyes. He stopped, but held you in his lap still. You exhaled, still laughing a little.

“I’m sorry about your book, okay? I swear, I’ll get you another one,” Peter reassured, leaving a little kiss on the nape of your neck.

“You better, or else I won’t be talking to you for a while,” you warned while kissing him back on the cheek. Truthfully, you couldn’t stay mad at him for long.

“Then I’ll just do this,” he replied nonchalantly, just before tickling you again.