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As soon as the words left your mouth, his mind flooded with memories of his mom when she was sick. His heart shattered as the memories replayed in his mind. He broke out of his memories and stared at you with tears in his eyes. Peter’s arms pulled you to him, hugging you tightly, it always happened to the best people.

“yo but can we just like…talk about this picture for a minute? like wow. hot damn. how is this the first time i’m seeing this photo? why didn’t i see it earlier? jesus almighty. he can take me and do whatever he wants with me. fuuuuuuck.”

Dude no kidding oh my god.

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Peter Quill may or may not have been a stripper at some point - yay or nay?

I was literally just having this conversation with casualstarprince last night. 

I’m gonna say yay, but get this: it was completely on accident.

He goes to some planet. Has a few drinks. Maybe drunkenly hits the dance floor, but because he didn’t research the planet very well before going there (he only heard rumors that the aliens there knew how to party, and god were they right) he doesn’t know that that race is notorious for their sexuality. His drink gets roofied. He blacks out. He wakes up on a stage, surrounded by alien chicks demanding he do more of those “pelvic thrust movements” and that they’ve always wanted to see a human body. 

Should’ve done your research, Quill. Shouldn’t have worked your pelvic sorcery, Quill. Sorry not sorry, Quill. 


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mark fischbach x peter quill

Surprise (Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy x reader)

Request: Can you do one where the reader was an Avenger but got lost in space and saved by the Guardians of the Galaxy and they end up back on earth and she introduces the Guardians to the Avengers?

I’m sorry it took so long!  I hope it’s at least worth the wait!

“Quill, seriously. Any change in music would be great. Don’t you ever get sick of the same songs over and over?”

He looked like he had been slapped in the face, his mouth agape and eyes wide.  “How dare you challenge the musical tastes of the mighty Star Lord!”

“I’m not calling you that.”

“Come on!”

“No.  We’ve been over this a million times.”

“Gamora does.  She thinks it’s sexy.”  He stood with his chin in the air, doing his best to look dignified in his supposed win.

“Gamora says it to shut you up.”  You head was thrust forward as a large fruit hit you in the back of the head.  “Ow, what the hell?  Who did that?”  Rubbing the impacted spot, you spun around to find the guilty party.

“I am Groot.”

You rolled your eyes, “helpful, Groot, thanks.  Hey, rodent! Was it you?”

“It’s Rocket, for the last time, princess.  And no, I’m not a coward.  You would know if it was me.”  He turned on his heel to point behind him, where you saw your friend kneeling behind a storage crate.

As she slowly stood, Gamora put her hands on her hips, looking at you with judging eyes.  “So much for females sticking together, (Y/N).”

“Wait, wait, wait!  So you don’t think it’s sexy?”  Peter rubbed his hand across his chin and lowered his head. “Well that’s just embarrassing.” His head perked up, pointing at you with excitement.  “You might just change your mind yet, (Y/N)!  I’ve got a surprise for you…but only if you say it.”  Smiling with victory, he was clearly pleased with himself at this.

Skeptical, you took a step towards him with your arms crossed.  “What surprise is that?”

“Say it.”

“Tell me.”

“Nope.”  He turned away, sitting in the cockpit of the ship and looking out the window as if no longer interested in the win.  “The stars sure are beautiful, aren’t they?”

“Please…tell me…Star Lord”  The name was mumbled and barely audible; you hoped he would accept that as enough to move on.

The chair turned slowly, revealing Peter looking curiously at you, his hand cupped around his ear. “I’m sorry.  I don’t think I heard you.  Could you please repeat that for the group to hear?  They seem very interested in what you have to say.”

You gave a deep sigh, resigning yourself to defeat.  Closing your eyes and clenching your jaw, you stepped forward, nearly touching him. “Please tell me what surprise you have, Star Lord, sir.”

“Atta girl.”  He gave you a firm punch in the arm, tipping you off your balance just a bit.  “I’m taking you home.”


It had been almost a year since you had been lost, with every search for you turning up nothing, not even a trace.  The Avengers tower felt emptier without you there, darker and quieter without the sounds of your laughter that kept the team balanced amongst the missions that drained them.  Steve was taking it the hardest, losing you during a mission that he was in command of. Even though other members of the team felt it was time, he wouldn’t take down your room until he had proof that you were gone for good.  

Steve sat in the lounge, as he did after every mission since you were lost, holding an empty beer bottle and slowly peeling the label away.  As he reached over the bar to grab another, Clint dropped into the chair next to him.  

“So, Cap.  What’s going on with you?  You gotta work thru this, man.”

Steve handed Clint a beer before grabbing his own, popping the caps from each with his bare hand. “I’m just really tired of losing people, Barton.  It never gets easier, ya know?”  He looked forward as he drank, not wanting to make eye contact for fear of what Clint might see in them.

“Yeah, I get that,” Clint began slowly, “but Steve, hanging on to it for this long doesn’t make it any easier either.”  He put his hand up when Steve motioned to speak again.  “I know, Cap.  I know how you feel about her.  We all do, okay.  Let’s just get that out in the open.”

Nodding his head slowly, Steve put his head in his hands and took a deep breath.  “Okay, you guys could have let me in on that.  I’ve never been good at-“

He stopped when your arms wrapped around his torso from behind, whispering to him so he wouldn’t startle.  “Steve, it’s me.”  You released your grip so he could turn to face you.  The team was behind you, pleased with themselves in that they helped you surprise him.  Clint gave him a firm slap to the shoulder and stood to walk away with the others, giving you time alone.

“How…When…How did you…?” Steve was at a complete loss at the sight of you, actually here in front of him, real and alive.  He pulled you to him, his hands in your hair, and kissed you as if you had been gone for a lifetime.  

“Ahem.”  Peter was rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet, waiting for the big ‘thank you’ for returning you home.  “If I had known this was the welcome you were gonna get, I would have dropped you off a hell of a lot sooner.”

Steve startled and you pulled back, straightening your hair.  “Um, Steve Rogers, this is Peter Quill.”  Steve stood and extended his hand.  “Hello, Peter.  So you’re the one who brought her back to me…I mean, us?”

“Star Lord.”

“Excuse me?”  Steve looked to you and back to him, confused.

“Name’s Star Lord.”

You scoffed, not believing he would push that stupid name at a time like this.  “No, Quill, not now.  No one here is gonna call you that, trust me.”

“Hey, Star Lord.”  Tony appeared next to him, a hand on his shoulder. “Your friends look like it’s been a long trip.  Would you like to stay and have dinner with us?  Have a little ‘get to know ya’ party?”  Shooting Tony a stern glare, you threw your hands up in defeat as Peter turned to you, exhilarated.

“Yes!  Finally!”  His eyes opened wide, reaching into his pack excitedly.

“I’ve got the perfect party music!”


Fun-loving criminal meets uptight lawman. My kind of romance! ;)