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Prattpack GIF reaction to y/n getting in a fight with an old lady. And the old lady wins. IDFK 😂😂😂

Surprisingly enough, this is not the weirdest request I’ve ever gotten. But it’s up there, friend. It’s up there. 


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Prattpack: Are they ass or breast men?

Shit, I had to actually think long and hard about this one? 

Owen: Ass man, for sure. He likes giving bae playful little swats as they walk by, and in bed, it gives him something nice to grab onto. 

Andy: Breasts, definitely breasts. They’re fun to play with. They’re fun to look at. It’s just a win win situation all around. 

Peter: He likes big butts and he cannot lie which is absolutely false because he lies all the damn time but i saw the opportunity and went for it yolo