On this day in 1984: The Caves of Androzani (Part Three)

As Morgus continues to plot his political future on Androzani Major, Sharez Jek insanely believes Peri will fall in love with him. The Doctor is caught by the gunrunners.

Peter Davison: This was one of the few times we went on location filming, in my time at least. The only other occasion was when we went to Amsterdam for…a show I can’t remember. Not a great start!

Peter Davison: I think the reason we went to Lazarotte was because John Nathen Turner wanted to go there on holiday, don’t know if you remember Fiona?
Mark Strickson: I think it was because he wanted to get all the men in shorts!

Fiona Cummings: nowadays we wouldn’t be allowed to film on that terrain.
Peter Davison: Fiona, I don’t think we were allowed to film there then!
Nicola Bryant: Sort of, quick! Now!

Mark Strickson: Now Fiona, I’m going to ask a question that perhaps I should have asked in rehersals, or perhaps before then.
Peter Davison: Maybe before you took the part!
Mark Strickson: Indeed. What was that sign [triangle]? Did it have any meaning? The triangles?
Fiona Cummings: Of course it did!
Peter Davison: You explain it in this story!
Mark Strickson: Do I?
Nicola Bryant: Yes! You do!

Peter Davison: That’s Dallas Adams…was actually American wasn’t he? Not going mad, he was American.
Fiona Cummings: No. No he wasn’t.
Peter Davson: He wasn’t? Alright, I am going mad.
Nicola Bryant: No, we’re all faking it!

Nicola Bryant: One of the first bits of advice Fiona gave me I remember was ‘just keep watching Peter’!
Peter Davison: And you’ll learn so much! *laughs*
Nicola Bryant: That’s why I was hounding you! I know you thought I was stalking you but…

Peter Davision: Well obviously her mother married a toy boy! Perfectly understandable.
Mark Strickson: He [Howard] never puts a top on, one for the girls, these episodes I think.

Peter Davsion: I love this scene just coming up, you see here? The TARDIS appearing? This was about six thirty in the morning and it was a nudist beach!
Fiona Cummings: Alright! I had chosen it at eight thirty in the evening! I didn’t know it was a nudist beach!
Peter Davison: Come on!
Nicola Bryant: Excuses!
Peter Davison: It was full of naked Germans!

Nicola Bryant: He was the one who came to rescue me, in this scene we’re about to see.
Peter Davison: Nicola, if I remember there were about twenty five naked Germans who came to rescue you when you jumped off that boat!

Nicola Bryant: The joke is that I couldn’t swim.
Peter Davison: Couldn’t you?
Nicola Bryant: No. Not when I got the job.
Fiona Cummings: I didn’t know that!
Nicola Bryant: And I remember JNT saying to me ‘can you swim’. And I though, oh no, I’ve read about these sorts of things.
Peter Davison: Like ‘can you ride a horse’.
Nicola Bryant: Exactly! And I said ‘why’ and he said ‘well because you have to drown in this scene’.
Peter Davison: Well that’s easy!
Nicola Bryant: That’s what I said! That’s exactly what I said!

Peter Davison: Remarkable balancing act; Kamelion is standing up in this scene.

Peter Davison: Woah, who’s that babe!
Mark Strickson: You didn’t say that when I came in with my shorts.
Peter Davison: I’ve been looking forward to your shorts.

Peter Davison: Nice shorts Mark.
Mark Strickson: Thank you.
Fiona Cummings: Good legs Mark!
Mark Strickson: Thank you darling.
Nicola Bryant: Mmm, lovely legs!
Mark Strickson: I was waiting for somebody to say something nice about me!

—  Commentary from Planet of Fire/Shorts