I saw this one confession and another Disney Confessions blog that said they really wanted a Disney Character that lived through one on the world wars but they also think that Disney would never do that. Has everyone forgotten that Jane, daughter of Wendy Darling and female protagonist of Return to Neverland became less kind and creative when WW2 started?

reasons i ship Jane/Peter Pan:

  • she punched him the first time they met (it was an accident)
  • she wasn’t afraid to call him out on his shit, and did so often
  • they literally flew over and through a rainbow that’s the cutest thing ever
  • Peter was humbled because of her and actually grew to be a better and kinder person
  • she learned to let loose and be a kid again thanks to him
  • he was talking about how all girls he’s met have had crushes and him and she’s like ‘or maybe you’re just full of hot air’ and he literally fell out of the air and then he looked at her with this really cute admiring look on his face with his
  • they both made efforts to meet each other halfway
  • they have the cutest fucking interactions okay they’re fucking adorable
  • he saved her from the pirates at the beginning, and she saved him (and the Lost Boys) from Hook at the end
  • she has a Peter Pan plushie ok that’s adorable
  • he genuinely liked her as a friend and not just someone to be his mom (like that plot point was dropped immediately after it was mentioned and it was never brought up again)
  • they became better people thanks to each other
  • it’s just really cute ok

please watch Return to Neverland it’s the cutest you won’t regret it

Favorite Disney mom: Wendy Darling

I loved seeing grown-up Wendy. She loved her children unconditionally and you can really see it in this movie. She gave them a wonderful childhood by basically giving them hers. A childhood filled with imagination and adventure. She kept the spirit of Peter Pan alive in her heart and in her childrens hearts. She never forgot

Oh Darling

Request: “Hi! If you’re still doing imagines for Harry Hook, could you do one where the reader is the daughter Wendy Darling and she’s just like her mother. So when they meet both of them are really intrigued by the other because they’re so different from each other? Thank you so much, I absolutely adore your writing!”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: The name of Wendy’s husband is Edward because that’s what it said when I saw the movie Peter Pan Return to Neverland. So don’t think I’m talking about the Edward from Twilight because that is so incorrect lol.

Warnings: None

You walked into Ursula’s Fish and Chips with Mal trying to find a girl named Uma the daughter of Ursula. You had joined her, Lonnie, and the rest of the crew to rescue Ben. Mal saw Uma and you were about to walk with Mal and sit down with Ursula but a hand spun you arohnd. They pulled you so close that your chests were touching each other’s.

“And who might you be?” The boy asked.

“I’m Y/N L/N daughter of Wendy Darling.” You smirked.

“Well, well, well.” Harry said in shock as he walked around you looking you up and down.

“Like what you see?” You asked.

“Indeed. How rude of me let me introduce myself, I am Harry Hook son of Captain Hook.” Harry said bowing down. Although you already knew who he was.

“Our parents have quite the history.” You remembered.

“Yup and I don’t blame your mother for defending the boy who cut off my father’s hand and later fed it to Tick Tock.“ Harry said.

“And I don’t blame your father for kidnapping my mother and making her walk the plank.” You sneered. Two could play at that game.

Harry chuckled, “Oh gorgeous we are going to get along very well, I can already tell.” Harry said as he ran his hook through your hair.