I saw this one confession and another Disney Confessions blog that said they really wanted a Disney Character that lived through one on the world wars but they also think that Disney would never do that. Has everyone forgotten that Jane, daughter of Wendy Darling and female protagonist of Return to Neverland became less kind and creative when WW2 started?

is it wrong of me to vastly prefer the Peter Pan: Return to Neverland sequel over the original disney movie

i mean… i don’t remember much of the original but the stuff i do remember bores me. mostly Wendy admiring Peter and Peter being a dick

while in the sequel Jane doesn’t take any of Peter’s shit, she makes friends with Tinkerbell, Jane and Peter’s relationship is way more interesting and dynamic (heck, Peter had to work to become Jane’s friend), and Jane ends up saving Peter, and defeating Hook, with the help of Tinkerbell

that’s just so much more interesting to me


Peter Pan (Return to Neverland) Disney Lockscreens (iPhone 6/6s)

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Legitimately my all time favorite Disney a.m.v.

It reinterprets the whole story, brilliantly.