Drawing Tiger Lily (holding a baby raccoon) from Peter Pan

Hi! I got a commission to draw Tiger Lily on a short notice (it’s a birthday gift from a mother to daughter). With little time on my hands I have not been able to do much research, but as far as I know Tiger Lily comes from a made up tribe (with a very questionable name) and I do not want to repeat Disney’s stereotypical character design - so I am wondering, you whom are Native American or have knowledge about the culture, could you give me some suggestions on accessories to draw Tiger Lily with? You can add your suggestions in a reblog or write me an Ask! Links and descriptions are very welcome.

I’m in magic kingdom in Orlando right now, & everyone is dressed up for the 24 hour thing. So far I’ve seen four Dippers, Sally, three Tinkerbells, Jack Sparrow, Wendy, Peter Pan, Rapunzel, Pascal, Anna, Aurora, Princess Tigerlily, Belle, and the Mime from Tangled. I knew I should have shown up as Bill Cipher. I had a cool pocket watch and everything. Still looking for that cool Gravity Falls shirt I saw a girl wearing last night.