I hate scenes that take place in front of fountains like this one in the princess diaries because I’m like do you think you’re the fucking lees of old virginia sequence in 1776 (1972 dir. peter h. hunt) or something? don’t bother trying to compete with this

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Peter didn't lure him for political comments, is asking him did he know the situation and they raise awareness of this but no help , how to do about it. Yes the 2nd Q is bit politics related, but is a question they should had an answer for, Harry's is good, not only stated his cause, acknowledge his position, and sort of saying, to solve this is by everyone got involved. They raised the awareness, after that is the public's move, if there's should have a change, public can go to politicians IMO

You’re right anon, I’ve since seen the interview and it wasn’t a super risky question or anything, the question about Meghan bothered me a hell of a lot more. Harry did a very good job at answering everything to the best of his ability and dodging where necessary imo ^^ thanks anon

Yondu’s Daughter

// Peter’s Lover

Peter Quill x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: The reader is Yondu’s daughter, who also happens to be in love with Peter Quill. One day, in a surge of love for the man, the reader ended up in a bit of a situation. Instead of coming clean about it, she decides to hide it as long as she can. Also !! I’ve included gifs as the story goes on, just to make it more story-book-esque. Tell me if you like it !!

To be a ravager was to be everything your father honored, everything the love of your life cherished, and everything you believed was right in the universe. To be free. Free of obligation, free of ties binding you to people and places, free of tyranny and government. You believed in these ideals since you were a child, watching as your father picked up another small child to bring to the planet-man.

But that kid- Peter, he said he was called- was different. You had always been friends growing up, which Yondu appreciated to some extent, and had, somewhere along the way, mixed up the border between friendship and love in your teenage years. You thought back on the time fondly, remembering his little stubble, his cocky, naive outlook on life that screamed wonderful to you. and he was beautiful. Always, he was the most beautiful creature you had ever seen.

Your father would not have approved of the relationship. Not like he would be able to do anything about it, but the man was important to you. So after your first night with Quill, you got up early, cleaned yourself up, and prompt pretended the entire thing was just a phase the both of you were going through. You put on a grumpy smile and dressed in your usual dirty mop, and Yondu did not suspect a thing.

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Ghostbusters (Peter Parker)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reckless!Reader

Warning: Cursing, ghosts and stuff

Summary: Y/n prides herself in being a ghost hunter and Peter is pretty sure ghosts aren’t real. One day while the city is quiet and Peter doesn’t have to fight crime, Y/n decides that she and Peter need to hunt some ghosts.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This is just a funny little fic I thought up while watching Buzzfeed Unsolved. Those guys crack me up and I thought what Peter would be like while ghost hunting. 

Masterlist Request Any Of These

“Peter… Peter… Peter!” Y/n spoke softly, shaking Peter’s sleeping body wildly as she pushed him off his desk.

Peter’s eyes opened slowly as he jerked away from his best friend. He leaned back in his seat, rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and examined his friend. 

“What is that?” he asked, pointing to Y/n’s head.

Y/n stood before him, her arms crossed over her chest as she shivered in the cool room. She had on the hoodie Peter had been looking for for months, ripped jeans, a beanie and boots, not too different from her normal attire, but the thing that Peter questioned was the small camera Y/n had strapped to her beanie.

“It’s my ghost hunting camera.” Y/n stated in a matter-of-fact tone. 

“And why do you have that?” Peter asked, hoping she wouldn’t say it. 

“Cause you and me, Petey, we’re going ghost hunting.” Y/n grinned. 

“And she said it.” Peter muttered to himself before rising from his seat. “Bug, how many times do I have to tell you? Ghosts are not real. They aren’t scientifically possible.”

“Um, yes they are. And they are scientifically possible. Paranormal science exists for a reason, you know.” 

“Just because you saw paranormal science in a Ghostbusters movie does not mean it is a real thing.”

“How do you know?”

“I just do.”

Y/n squinted at the boy. “I don’t believe you.”

“The Mandela Effect you keep talking about isn’t real, either.”

Y/n gasped dramatically and put a hand to her chest. “Don’t you dare use the Mandela Effect’s name in vain! And if you can be bitten by a radioactive spider, as stupid as it sounds, then all I believe in can be real. Now, get dressed. We’re going out.”

Peter steadied the flashlight in his hand. He would never tell Y/n, but he was quite scared of being in the dark open spaces of the abandoned hospital she had taken him to. 

“Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?” Y/n asked, wiggling her brows as Peter shined his flashlight on her. 

“What do you mean?” Peter gave her a look. 

“Don’t you feel the ghosts? The crazy energy of this place?”

“The only thing I’m feeling is stupidity for following you here.”

“Oh, come on, Petey. Lighten up! This is fun!” Y/n skipped down the dark hall, her beam of light being the only thing that Peter could see until he couldn’t see it much longer.

He felt panic swell up in his chest as he sprinted down the hall to where he had last seen Y/n. It was when he was panting and sick to his stomach that he felt a hand creep up his shoulder. He screamed loudly and jumped as a laugh emerged from behind him.

“Oh…my…god! I got you so good!” Y/n said in between laughs. “I think I might pee myself! Ah!”

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up, bug. You’re hilarious.” Peter replied sarcastically, clutching his chest as he tried to get his heartbeat to slow.

“I am very hilarious, thank you.” Y/n smiled as she wiped joyful tears from her eyes. “Now let’s get serious.”

“Like you’re ever seri-”

“Shut it, bug boy! It’s time to be serious.” Y/n cut Peter off, positioning the flashlight so that the light was illuminating her face in a dramatic way. “Now, a little run down of the history of this place. It was build in the 1900s, started out as a normal hospital, then became a sanitarium in the 1920s. They were so cruel as a sanitarium people believe there are angry spirits still haunting the east wing that had the shock therapy. Then, in the 1960s, it was shut down after a homicidal patient killed two nurses and a doctor in room 209.”


“We’re gonna go there. I wanna get spooked, duh.”

“I don’t know if we should go up there, bug.”

“Why? Are you scared, Peter?” Y/n mocked like a child, throwing her arm around Peter’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you, Spider-boy.”

‘I’m not scared. I just don’t trust the structure of this building.”

“Nope, you’re totally scared.”

“I am not scared.”

“Then prove it.” Y/n said, removing her arm from around Peter. “Race ya to room 209!”

Y/n began to take off, sprinting up the stairs as Peter gasped dramatically. 

“Wait for me!” Peter yelled, running after the laughing girl.

Y/n stood as still as a statue in the hall, the beam of light illuminating from her flashlight shook as Peter slowed down and walked towards her. 

Y/n’s flashlight was following the wheelchair that sat in the middle of the hallway, a wheelchair that had not stayed stagnant, but rolled back and forth the width of the hallway slowly, as if someone in it didn’t know how to use it. 

“Haha, very funny, bug. Where’s the fishing line or the person controlling the chair?” Peter stated sarcastically as he walked past Y/n.

“No…no! Peter, don’t!” Y/n stammered, her face as white as a ghost. 

“Don’t what? Touch the wheelchair?” Peter asked, walking toward the chair before it wheeled backwards and bumped into him before skittering down the hallway as Y/n let out a shriek. 

“I wasn’t doing that, Peter! Holy shit! I wasn’t doing that and we’re the only people in here!” Y/n cried, tears rimming her e/c eyes as Peter walked towards her with a nervous chuckle. 

“What are you talking about, bug? That was obviously remote controlled or something. You were just trying to scare me, right?”

“I-I was at first, but that wasn’t a prank I was pulling on you. It was a ghost! A motherfucking ghost!” Y/n cried as Peter turned as white as a sheet.

“What? That wasn’t you?” Y/n shook her head. 

“Fuck this! Ghostbusting is the worst! I’m pretty sure I pissed myself. The ghostbusters make this seem so easy.” Y/n rambled as Peter approached her, laughing loudly. “What? Why are you laughing?”

“Because- because I got you so good! Oh my god, bug, that was just a remote control!” Peter cried between laughs. “Come here, look.” 

Peter pulled out a remote controller from his pocket and flipped a switch on it and moved the joystick as the wheelchair came zooming down the hallway. He made it do a few turns before Y/n finally got herself to calm down.

“You are the absolute worst, Peter Parker.” Y/n said as she began to calm down. “But, I really think we should go.”

“What? Why?”

“Cause I really did piss myself…” Y/n stated softly, a blush rising to her cheeks. 

Peter chuckled. “Oh god, bug, seriously?” Y/n nodded. “Okay, let’s go back home, but you are going to sit on your jacket in the car cause you and I know both know May would be made if the car smelled like pee.”

“Well, I hope you know that this is your jacket.” Y/n giggled as she began to walk away, cursing herself with every step while Peter followed with a groan. 

They reached the entrance to the building faster than Y/n had expected when they hear a groan from up the stairs. 

“Did you hear that?” Y/n asked, looking over at Peter. 

“It was probably nothing, we should go.”

“No, I wanna know what that was.” Y/n argued before turning towards the staircase. “Hello?!” 

Her voice echoed for a moment before the two hear an ear piercing scream and they scrambled out the doors. 

Two of Peter’s jackets still smell.

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i roll my eyes every time i see the "if peter knew the whole story he'd be so HORRIFIED!! he'd leave tony and be team cap!!" and like... are you telling me that the orphaned peter who's probably only recently lost uncle ben too would just REFUSE to understand Tony's reaction to the video AND BLAME him for reacting that way and also hate him for it like SERIOUSLY HOW???


Literally Peter HUNTS DOWN his uncle’s murderer, wanting to avenge his uncle’s death, and only lets the man walk away alive out of pure shock when he realizes that this man was the same man he let walk away from a burglary a few hours prior. Like, son, Peter parker had THE SAME FUCKING REACTION TONY DID. 

Hell, the burglar later dies of a heart attack when he tries to rob Aunt May and Peter stops him, making the dude realize Peter and Spiderman were one and the same (in the comics they make it sounds as if the mad died due to being terrified so like…) 

Peter would never ever ever in a fucking MILLION years blame Tony for his reaction, nor would he be okay with Steve lying? l i k e 

Date Night with Wilson - Peter Parker (Spider Man) Imagine (ft. Deadpool)

REQUESTED: Nah, I just really wanted to write this because I watched TASM and TASM 2 today and Andrew Garfield is just fine af tbh. Also, Deadpool.

WARNINGS: Swearing (but other than that just cute af)

SUMMARY: Wade wants to go on a double date with Vanessa, but he needs the double date. Enter Peter Parker and you. 

NOTES: Hope you enjoy guys, this is coming off the back of a whole tonne of French homework. Meh.

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know any good astronomy books

LOADS! Depends what you want to learn about, but here are my favorites:

  • Death by Black Hole and Other Cosmic Quandaries (Neil DeGrasse Tyson - or any book by him, really)
  • Cosmos by Carl Sagan
  • Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan
  • The History of Astronomy by Peter Aughton
  • The Hunt for Vulcan by Thomas Levenston
  • What if Earth had Two Moons? by Neil F. Comins 
  • A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking
  • The Fabric of The Cosmos by Brian Green
  • Anything that Michio Kaku has ever written (Parallel Worlds; Hyperspace; Physics of the Impossible are my faves so far)
  • Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait


Trespassing/// Sirius Black x Reader

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Request: Hi! I was wondering if you’d do a post-Azkaban Sirius x reader? Thanks! ( @obscurilicious )

A/N: Hey! I’m not at school today so I’m getting some requests done. Enjoy! 


    You felt a presence in the room. Most people would’ve gotten up or clutched their wand but you just sat there. You knew exactly who it was. It was Sirius Black. Or at least you hoped it was. That idea seemed slightly comforting. 

   You knew he escaped and you knew he’d show up here. You thought you had seen him a few times in the forest or dogs that looked like him but by the time you got there you had lost him. With the break-ins happening lately you knew he’d turn up here eventually. 

   You sat up on your forearms and stared across the dark room towards his silhouette. “Well, you aren’t supposed to be here,” you said calmly. The silhouette shifted and came closer towards you. 

    “(Y/N), I-” You were out of bed before he could even finish his sentence. 

    “Are you stupid? The ministry is on high alert and there are demeanors all around but you decide that now would be a perfect time to pop up in the castle? What’s wrong with you?” You could see him better now and saw how ragged and torn down he looked. You almost felt bad for him. Almost.

    “I…I just wanted to see you.” 

    “Well, you should’ve thought of that before you…” You looked into his eyes and found a deep sadness. “Come on.” You grabbed his hand and began to pull him away. 

    “Where are you taking me,” he asked with wide eyes. 

   “Not to turn you in, although I have  half a mind to do just that.” You continued to pull him. 

   “You need a bath. A good bath so I’m taking you to the prefect bathroom. I reckon we won’t run into anyone based on the time but just in case we’ll take secret passages. And if you’ll be quiet we can get there with no disturbances.”

    “You shouldn’t be doing this…you’re risky your job, your bloody life! For me.” You didn’t look back at him because that option was too hard on you.

    “I know.” 

    After weaving your way in and out of secret passages and jumping every time you heard a noise you finally arrived at the prefects bathroom. You checked that Moaning Myrtle wasn’t in there while Sirius waited in the hallway before letting him in. He settled into the bathtub while you turned the other way. 

   “I don’t see the point in you facing around, it’s not like it’s anything you haven’t seen.” You rolled your eyes. 

    Your history with Sirius Black was a long one…very very long. You met as teens and absolutely hated each other. However, the older you got the hotter he seemed and soon enough you found yourself dating him. You stayed together for years, even with the pressure of the war. That was until Lily and James. 

   You knew he hadn’t done it but you still couldn’t bear talking to him. Hunting don Peter had been stupid and selfish. When you heard he escaped there was a small sense of joy inside you but you forced yourself to forget about it. That was until he showed up tonight.

    You looked over your shoulder and found his back to you as well. His back was riddled with scars that looked painful. You got closer to the tub until you sat down on the side, with your back to him. 

    There was silence except for his movements in the water which after a while stopped as well which told you that he was probably done. “I missed you,” Sirius said to break the silence. More silence followed until it was your turn to say something. 

   “I….missed you too.” More silence. 

   “You know I didn’t do it right?” Your head turned towards him and he was staring back. 

   “Of course I do but you did try hunting down Sirius. We could’ve figured it out…we could’ve done something but you didn’t choose me…you choose revenge.” 

   “It wasn’t like that! My choice wasn’t meant to be against you. I wasn’t even thinking honestly. I’m so sorry…if I could go back-”

   “But you can’t so what does it matter.” He turned away at that. “Sorry…I should get you something to wear. We always have something around here for the boys and you’re looking thin so I’m sure I can find you something meant for seventh years.” 

   You got up and began to search, with your back to him. You thought if you stayed there any longer you might cry. You were determined not to make this an emotional reunion. You found clothes that you thought might fit him and walked back over to him. 

   He had the towel wrapped around his waist and he was so thin that you could see his ribs. Your eyes lingered there. “Sorry I couldn’t get you something to eat but the elves wouldn’t really like an illegal fugitive in their kitchen so I’m sure you can understand.” He smiled a bit and nodded.

   He took the clothes and quickly began to put them on. 

   “How’d you get in anyways?” You raised one of your eyebrows. 

   “I spent years memorizing the secret passages in this place. Demeanors don’t have a chance at finding me.” He smiled nostalgically.

   “Well…it’s best if you don’t come back. Into the castle, that is. It’s far to dangerous no matter how good you are at sneaking about. It’s better this way.” He looked disappointed and you had to restrain yourself from comforting him. 

    “I should be on my way then.” Now you felt sadness overwhelming you. Your body was now beyond your control as you went running into his arms. They wrapped around you automatically and seemed just right in their position. It was perfect. 

   You put your head into his chest as a few tears slipped down your face. You wanted him to stay with you for the entire night. Forever. Just be there and hold you as if nothing had happened. You wanted nothing to have happened. 

   “I miss you,” you whispered. He held you tighter to him than he ever had and it was clear he was trying to savor this moment. 

   “I know. But I’ve gotta go okay?” You nodded because if you opened your mouth you knew you would say the wrong thing. You would say no. You would tell him to stay. 

   After a few seconds his hands disappeared. You didn’t open your eyes, you felt like if you didn’t you could still imagine he was there. Maybe. You slowly opened your eyes to reveal the empty room. Your knees gave out and you sunk to the ground. You covered your face with your hands as you began to cry.
Thinking in the Deep: Inside the Mind of an Octopus
In “Other Minds,” Peter Godfrey-Smith shows how the abilities of the octopus offer insight into the evolution of animal intelligence.
By Carl Safina

If we met an alien whose intelligence derived through an entirely separate provenance from ours, would we recognize the sparkle in each other’s eyes?

In “Other Minds,” Peter Godfrey-Smith hunts the commonalities and origins of sentience. He is an academic philosopher but also a diver. Watching octopuses watching him, our author considers minds and meanings.

Octopuses and cuttlefish — cephalopods — make surprisingly good foils here. Our last common ancestor, 600 million years ago, was a wormlike creature. Cephalopods are therefore an independent voyage into complexity.

“If we can make contact with cephalopods as sentient beings, it is . . . because evolution built minds twice over,” Godfrey-Smith writes. “This is probably the closest we will come to meeting an intelligent alien.” When seeking other minds, we find that “the minds of cephalopods are the most other of all…”