George Harrison and John Lennon did LSD with Peter Fonda. However, a journalist from the straight world named Don Short was present. He peppered The Beatles with square questions. 

“I was swimming across the pool when I heard a noise because it makes your senses so acute,” said Harrison. “I felt this bad vibe and I turned around and it was Don Short from The Daily Mirror. He’d been hounding us all through the tour, pretending in his phoney baloney way to be friendly but, really, trying to nail us.”

The bad vibes sent George Harrison into the pits of hell, convinced that he was dying. “I told him there was nothing to be afraid of and that all he needed to do was relax,” said Peter Fonda. “I said that I knew what it was like to be dead because when I was 10 years old I’d accidentally shot myself … and my heart stopped beating three times while I was on the operating table. John [Lennon] was [walking by] at the time and heard me saying ‘I know what it’s like to be dead.’ He looked at me and said, 'You’re making me feel like I’ve never been born. Who put all that shit in your head?”

Lennon confirmed the story. And he said that The Beatles did not yet understand the crucial importance of set and setting in ensuring a positive acid trip. “We still didn’t know anything about doing it in a nice place and cool it and all that. We just took it. And all of a sudden we saw the reporter and we’re thinking, 'How do we act normal?’ We thought, 'Surely somebody can see.’ We were terrified, waiting for him to go. And Peter Fonda came, that was another thing, and he kept on saying, 'I know what it’s like to be dead.’ We said, 'What?’ And he kept saying it, and we were saying, 'For chrissake, shut up.’ But he kept going on about it. That’s how I wrote She Said She Said.”

David Crosby and Roger McGuinn from The Byrds showed up and placed purple microdot on their tongues. “There were girls at the gates, police guards,” said McGuinn. “We went in and David, John Lennon, George Harrison and I took LSD to help get to know each other better. There was a large bathroom in the house and we were all sitting on the edge of a shower passing around a guitar, taking turns to play our favorite songs. John and I agreed Be-Bop-A-Lula was our favorite 1950s rock record.”

Meanwhile, Art Linkletter ranted. “[The] Beatles are one of the worst offenders. They have included in a great many of their songs, as we all know, complete and total descriptions of drug trips and mentions of it. And in their own lifestyle, being idols of the kids, have openly admitted – some of them – to taking drugs of all kinds. And so as an example for the young people, The Beatles have been a terrible, terrible illustration.”

Sitting poolside at Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Benedict Canyon home, a number of young actors showed up that evening. A drive-in print of a new movie starring Lee Marvin and Jane Fonda called Cat Ballou (1965) had been attained. The film was projected and those tripping gathered round. It was an experimental film print which contained a laugh track. Columbia Pictures was considering adding laughtracks to motion pictures in the same way they dominated television sitcoms. 

“Columbia Pictures is experimenting with an unprecedented use of laughtracks as a possible aid in selling comedy releases in drive-ins,” reported Variety. “Studio spokesman on Friday confirmed testing on the laughtrack machine invented by Charlie Douglass and used extensively in television. Machine would be used to add laughtracks on comedy films, specifically to be experiemented on the upcoming Cat Ballou.”

“It was a drive-in print of Cat Ballou - the audience response dubbed onto it,” said George Harrison. “It was bizarre, watching this on acid.”


Concept: a movie theater that only shows Harry Potter films. The movies will be in 4D. The temperature will drop when dementors are present. Fans will blow on you during quidditch scenes. Enticing smells will be pumped in during feast scenes but don’t worry about feeling hungry because the theater will serve Bertie Botts, treacle tart, drumsticks, butterbeer, chocolate frogs and those tiny little pies that Mrs. Weasley makes. Instead of loyalty cups, you get discounts if you wear a Weasley sweater.

When you read an amazing imagine but theres only one part

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get to know me meme: 1\10 musicals → sunday in the park with george (1984)

Artists are bizarre, fixed, cold / That’s you, George / You’re bizarre, fixed cold / I like that in a man / Fixed, cold / God, it’s hot up here / Well, there are worse things / Than staring at the water on a Sunday / There are worse things / Than staring at the water / As you’re posing for a picture / Being painted by your lover / In the middle of the summer / On an island in the river on a Sunday

hear that? that’s the sound of my whole soul burning into pieces along with my heart breaking and my eyes becoming an eternal waterfall.

  • Me: Oh coochie coochie coo, waneenee. Who's a good boy? Who's a good boy, c'mere my smol baby. Awe look at those eyes and those cheeks, such strong teeth. You're a really beautiful color, did you know.
  • Crocodile: *stares intently at me*
RIP 2016

Would y'all quit saying “2016 can’t possibly get any worse!” cause it’s taking it as a fucking challenge