My favorite thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the actors.

They’re so REAL, and they love their fans and aren’t afraid to interact with us.

Tom Hiddleston being a darling, sweet cinnamon roll who just wants to make sure his fans get good selfies with him (“Was the flash on?”)

Clark Gregg wearing lipstick and a hat singing “We are the Champions” with everyone else on Vine.

Joking about Chris Evan’s ab panel in the Cap 3 shooting pics.

Chris Pratt and Chris Evans dressing up as their characters and visiting sick kids.

RDJ basically acting like Tony Stark irl and enjoying it.

Hayley Atwell being a complete dork with Chris Evans and his brothers on Twitter.

Basically EVERY cast member joking around on Twitter.

Mark Ruffalo being a very present member of tumblr.

There are too many instances to recite.

The MCU fandom is truly blessed and I am happy to be a part of it.