I was convinced that Caleb was my perfect, other half! Because he was in my dreams, you know! I did everything I could to stay with him! I was even prepared to leave earth… my home… including you, to stay with him! I was ready! But Caleb… He decided that he didn’t want that to happen! And so, he left me. It was sad and unfair. It hurt so much! I thought that after Caleb, there’d be nothing left. But then, I discovered that my heart could still love! And that’s partially thanks to you! That’s how it is. Hearts can heal, Will!


John appearing in the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore satire, ‘Not Only…But Also’ Christmas Special, filmed on the 27th November, 1966, outside a public toilet on Broadwick Street, London. (Near to Carnaby Street and Berwick Street)

Pic 1 - Cummings Archives/Redferns, Pic 2 - Ron Case, Pic 3 - Monti Spry.


“Sir Peter Cook’s 80 years 80 ideas Exhibition “

The exhibition, 80 at 80, features work from the full span of the career of Sir Peter Cook, a major figure in 20th century architecture and a key figure at The Bartlett. Sir Peter, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday, was Chair of The Bartlett from 1990 to 2015, and is still an active lecturer and critic at the school.

The exhibition will be the largest and most comprehensive of Sir Peter’s current exhibitions, which have taken place in Berlin, Cologne and Munich. It covers five themes:

• Architecture and Vegetation
• Radical City Structures
• Colour and Invention
• Line before Colour
• Satellite Ideas


Photography:@jhanavi Velazquez