I was convinced that Caleb was my perfect, other half! Because he was in my dreams, you know! I did everything I could to stay with him! I was even prepared to leave earth… my home… including you, to stay with him! I was ready! But Caleb… He decided that he didn’t want that to happen! And so, he left me. It was sad and unfair. It hurt so much! I thought that after Caleb, there’d be nothing left. But then, I discovered that my heart could still love! And that’s partially thanks to you! That’s how it is. Hearts can heal, Will!

David backstage with Peter Cook & Dudley Moore after a 1973 performance of Behind the Fridge, a Satirical review (followed P.Cook’s Beyond the Fringe run). DB apparently asked Dud (consummate tickler of the ivories) to accompany him on a Hunky Dory album track, but there’s no record of a reply. Would have been pretty good, I wager. (Guardian pictures from Kevin Cann book, Any Day Now)
Pete & Dud also had a great TV series ‘Not Only … But Also’ . Ps! Peter was also the Eminence Gris behind Private Eye, UK satire fortnightly since 1960, still going strong. PPS! Do not adjust your horizontal or diagonal (?) hold.

sometimes, there’s no star-crossed epic love needed. have some of my favorite canon ship, peter/cornelia! they had a very nice dynamic, especially after the kitschy melodramatic disaster thing cornelia had with caleb. I’m a sucker for healthy and nice relationships that are fun and sweet, with no secret identity troubles and the whole deciding thing. also, peter’s a great character and terribly underused. I have no idea if he ever finds out about the whole guardian thing because I stopped reading after the beginning of the new power arc, so I had to do something with both of them. it may look extremely dramatic, but it’s just that way because I couldn’t decide on facial expressions.


Peter Cook & Co [1980]  

60 min. one-off sketch show written and performed by Peter Cook with Rowan Atkinson , John Cleese , Terry Jones , Beryl Reid , Paula Wilcox and Robert Longden on London Weekend Television.

Dating Peter Parker Would Include ...

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• Excessive hand-holding
• Sci-fi movie marathons
• Peter refusing to wake you up after you’ve fallen asleep on him. He’ll just sit there super still to not disturb you.
• Forehead kisses. Lots and lots of forehead kisses.
• Peter taking photos of you when he thinks you aren’t looking.
• Peter taking photos of you doing literally anything. Eating cereal. Sleeping. Doing homework.
• Sleepovers. With the two of you crammed into Peter’s twin, and Aunt May’s pancakes in the morning.
• Peter realizing he’s in love with you one night when you patch him up post- superhero duty
• The confession spilling out of his mouth as you clean out a gash on his chest.
• An intense make-out session following
“Ow, Y/N, just got the shit beaten out of me remember?”
• Cuddle sessions at least once a day
• Peter being the best teacher/tutor
• Peter questioning how he landed someone like you
• You asking yourself the exact same thing
• Peter trying to cook for you. He really did try.
• Peter is a total blanket-hog
• You surprising him on his birthday with the biggest cake you could find complete with all of his favorite food and a night trip to Central Park
• Peter is a literal furnace 99% of the time
• Bear hugs every time he sees you
• Waking up to his mussed up hair and bright smile
• Loving him more than anything in the whole damn world