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“The gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”

Life of a Fangirl

It has it’s perks

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Renaming band members
  • Rush:
  • Slappa Da Bass
  • Ayn Drum
  • This Mother Fucker
  • Yes:
  • Innocence
  • Bass of the Ocean Variety
  • Steeb 1
  • Bacon Curry Boi
  • No
  • No's Replacement
  • Okaye
  • Spleen Queen
  • King Crimson:
  • Cappuccino w Anger
  • Bass 2 Loud
  • No but Happy
  • ???????the fuck u doin??
  • Violin(ce)
  • Sassy Cat Food
  • Hippy Man who only worked on the first album
  • ELP:
  • In and around the Lake
  • Master Ninja Theme Song
  • Pink Floyd:
  • Octopiegui
  • Satan's evil cousin
  • Guitar Jesus
  • Cat son
  • Cars and pies and memes
  • Genesis:
  • Angry Princess
  • Weed man
  • Fursona activated
  • Angry pop
  • No the Revenge
  • Who knows???
This year, on the eve of my birthday, my wife took me to dinner. After we’d eaten, she gave me an envelope. It contained two air tickets to Venice. And the next day, there we both were. Venice feels mythological - somehow appearing from the mist, then vanishing again. So if I had a Tardis, I’d go back there. Any time. But with my wife on my birthday would be pretty special.
—  Peter talking about Venice (Radio Times Christmas Special)
Superwholock support

It’s weird how when Supernatural went on hiatus Sherlock came out of it and now next week when Sherlock will show it’s last episode Supernatural will be there again and when the season ends finally we will have Doctor Who in April again…. coincidence? I THINK NOT