Last night at the Great Company in downtown LA for #WeOwnthe8th amazing fucking Beau Sia orchestrated a near cinematic birthday surprise for Dante Basco (who’s turning thirteen in case anyone was wondering). My boy Rudy Ao created the fantastic image above of Jake Long, Rufio and Prince Zuko in honor of this fantastic man. I think Darion said it best - “Your light casts no shadow.” Dante is an illuminator. Glad to know him. Happy birthday, rufiozuko.

Gotham City Sirens (DC) - 2009-2011
Written by Peter Calloway, Tony Bedard, Paul Dini, Guillem March, Marc Andreyko, Scott Lobdell; Art by Andres Guinaldo, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Ramon Bachs, Jeremy Haun, Peter Nguyen, Guillem March, David Lopez, Mark Bagley

Gotham City’s HBICs are tired of playing by other people’s rules, regardless of which side of the law they’re on. The ladies have a new agenda that’s all their own, and they’ll use any means necessary to pursue it. But can they get along and work as a team? DUN DUN DUN.

Issue 1: Union
Issue 2: Girls Talk
Issue 3: Riddle Me This!
Issue 4: Issue 4
Issue 5: Out Of The Pest
Issue 6: Issue 6
Issue 7: Holiday Story
Issue 8: Issue 8
Issue 9: Pieces of the Puzzle
Issue 10: Taking Sides
Issue 11: On the Job
Issue 12: Sister Zero, Part 1
Issue 13: Sister Zero, Part 2
Issue 14: Strange Fruit, Part 1
Issue 15: Strange Fruit, Part 2
Issue 16: Beginning Again
Issue 17: Ending Again
Issue 18: Yrotsih
Issue 19: Behind the Bat, Behind the Clown
Issue 20: Hell Hath No Fury, Part 1
Issue 21: Hell Hath No Fury, Part 2
Issue 22: Judgement on Gotham, Part 3: Family Matters
Issue 23: Friends, Part 1
Issue 24: Friends, Part 2

If you’re into this sort of thing, check out Comic Exchange.


JUSTIN: I had a weird dream last night.


JUSTIN: Yeah, that your mother and my sister were singing show tunes in tomato-red dresses.

REBECCA: That’s so bizarre, ‘cause I actually had the exact same one, only in my dream, we found out we were orphans.

JUSTIN: That’s a good dream. All right, tell me more. 

REBECCA: Well, then we decided to sail off to Thailand, and there were pirates.

JUSTIN: I like pirates.

REBECCA: I know. Tell me yours.

JUSTIN: Okay, mine. I’m a doctor and, you… you are an amazing photographer. And on Sundays, we go for walks on the beach or we go hiking with our dog, Buster.

REBECCA: Does it have to be Buster?

A pause, as Justin looks at Rebecca.

JUSTIN: Marry me. I’m serious.

REBECCA: Justin…

JUSTIN: That’s the dream I want. I want to be a doctor, and I want to be a husband, and I want to be a father, and it’s all because of you, Rebecca.


JUSTIN: God, you make everything feel possible. You make me possible.

REBECCA: Justin… You make me feel the same way.

JUSTIN: Then marry me.






— Daniel Silk and Peter Calloway, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off,” Brothers and Sisters