Gotham City Sirens #26 (October 2011)
Written by Peter Calloway, art by Andres Guinaldo, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Raul Fernandez

Catwoman starred along with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in Gotham City Sirens for a couple of years, and the book’s latter issues revealed that the arrangement was all due to Batman. He let Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy run free on the condition that, unbeknownst to them, Catwoman watched over them, but in the final issue he decided to end the arrangement and take the duo in. Rather than turning them over, Catwoman sided with her friends and let them escape, then stayed behind to face Batman’s wrath.

**The Many Lives of Catwoman: The Felonious History of a Feline Fatale is out July 1**


JUSTIN: I had a weird dream last night.


JUSTIN: Yeah, that your mother and my sister were singing show tunes in tomato-red dresses.

REBECCA: That’s so bizarre, ‘cause I actually had the exact same one, only in my dream, we found out we were orphans.

JUSTIN: That’s a good dream. All right, tell me more. 

REBECCA: Well, then we decided to sail off to Thailand, and there were pirates.

JUSTIN: I like pirates.

REBECCA: I know. Tell me yours.

JUSTIN: Okay, mine. I’m a doctor and, you… you are an amazing photographer. And on Sundays, we go for walks on the beach or we go hiking with our dog, Buster.

REBECCA: Does it have to be Buster?

A pause, as Justin looks at Rebecca.

JUSTIN: Marry me. I’m serious.

REBECCA: Justin…

JUSTIN: That’s the dream I want. I want to be a doctor, and I want to be a husband, and I want to be a father, and it’s all because of you, Rebecca.


JUSTIN: God, you make everything feel possible. You make me possible.

REBECCA: Justin… You make me feel the same way.

JUSTIN: Then marry me.






— Daniel Silk and Peter Calloway, “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off,” Brothers and Sisters