La Mission
Director: Peter Bratt
Cast: Jeremy Ray Valdez (Jes Rivera), Benjamin Bratt (Che Rivera)
USA | 2009 | 116 min

Coming-out in San Francisco should be easy – but it’s not for young Jes, who lives with his latino-macho, ex-con father, Che, in the Mission. Che has always had to be tough to survive. He loves cars, possibly the new neighbor, Lena, and he most definitely loves Jes, but can’t deal with him being gay. Between violence, silence and denial, the two of them embark on a difficult journey together - during which Che is forced to accept that he, too, has a soft side.


La mission (2009)

Movie: La mission

  • Director: Peter Bratt
  • Stars: Benjamin Bratt, Big Spence, Edwin Brown, Erika Alexander, Jeremy Ray Valdez, Jesse Borrego, Kevin Michael Richardson, Patrick Shining Elk, Talisa Soto, Yeena Fisher
  • Release Date: January 19, 2009
  • Run Time: 117 mins
  • Genre: Drama


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