blush — p.p.

summary: peter tries his best to be smooth, but you love your peter when he is a blushing mess so you do whatever it takes to make him melt

author’s note: OKAY SO i am sorry if this is short and it’s not well written but my head is exploding because of stress woops i still hope you will like this because i like this concept!!! ALSO i want to say thank you for 150 followers! i love you all. so much. get ready for the 200 followers celebration 👀   p.s. look at my soft baby up there i am speechless i love him too much

warnings: none i think??? A LOT OF FLUFF

you were writing an essay for school on a foggy saturday night. your boyfriend, who happened to be peter parker, also known as the super-hero of queens, knocked on your window.

you still remember when he told you he was spider-man. you were the second person to know about it, ned was first. you didn’t get mad though, and you weren’t surprised. sometimes you feel like he loves him more than he loves you, but this is a different story. you didn’t know if you wanted to laugh or to cry. your boyfriend. spider-man? absolutely insane. you worry so much about him but you would never let him go because of that. you will always see him as a hero, with or without the costume.

you got up of the chair rapidly because you noticed that he was probably freezing.

“pete, what are you doing here?” your hair was tied up in a messy bun and you were wearing a pair of sweatpants and peter’s midtown sweatshirt. peter couldn’t help but smile widely at how adorable you looked.

“i just needed to hear your voice” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“you know, they invented these things called phones” you sarcastically replied, squeezing him tightly before pulling away and laying on your messy bed.

“that’s it? i came here to see you and you don’t even kiss me”.

you raised your eyebrows at him, amused. “woah baby, where did this come out from?” you said, smirking. he was about to reply when you continued.

“get changed first and then we’ll talk about it”. you were trying to be sarcastic, but you were feeling giddy. the effect he had on you was indescribable.

he put on some of his clothes that he had left in your apartment a few days before and the moment he walked in your room, he said “[y/n], come here and kiss me”.

without realizing it, you were frowning. where had all of this confidence been hiding? you couldn’t recognize him that day. most of the time he asked to kiss you and you had to reassure him that it was okay.

being with him always felt like you were at the start of your relationship, even if you started dating months ago.

this attitude was new to you. you didn’t mind it but you fell in love with the dorky and nerdy side of peter, and you wanted it to come out. you started elaborating a plan in your head to make him turn into the real him, the one that makes your stomach clench and makes you dizzy because of how cute and shy he is.

you knew that it was a matter of time before he broke. you took that as a challenge. you thought of how lucky you were to have him when you saw how sleepy and cuddly he looked. he was wearing baggy clothes and his hair was disheveled. you were holding yourself back from kissing him.

you walked towards him and cupped both of his cheeks with your hands. that made him instantly bite his lip, so your plan was working.

“you look adorable” [y/n] said, caressing his cheek.

“you do” he replied without hesitating. he was proud of himself because he was used to stutter around you. you were surprised, but you knew what to say to make him melt.

“peter?” she asked with a soft voice.

“yes?” he murmured.

“i love you” those three words. they made his whole face turn red. he covered his face with his sweater paws and he shook his head.

he groaned. “are you kidding me? why don’t you let me be the smooth talker for one day?” he put a arm on your waist and gave you a peck. his head fell on your shoulder and he wrapped himself around you.

“because that’s my job. and you are adorable when you blush” you said, stroking his hair. you felt that his cheeks were burning up.

you stayed there cuddling for so long that you thought that peter was falling asleep. after a few minutes you heard him mumble something in your hair.

“i love you too” he whispered, leaving small kisses on your neck.

in that moment, they felt like they were holding their world.

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prompt: with nosy friends and aunts sticking their nose into your business, it’s about time your best friend peter parker saved you––but in a different type of suit.

notes: i know thanksgiving just passed, but i’ve been thinking about this, and also it could apply for christmas as well. p.s this is super long. hope u all enjoy xo.

Of all things, Peter Parker was loyal. That was for certain. Every detail that defined him, every characteristic that covered him from head to the worn out soles of his sneakers, screamed it. There was no way a boy such as him, with a heart that could’ve quite believably been literally made of gold and selflessness, who had gentle, hazel eyes and a warm smile, could betray you. The light freckles that danced on his nose and cheeks swore their friendship to you in a way his mouth never could when he felt too nervous to say it.

He’d tell you anything and you’d do the same. Though it had taken him some time to tell you the biggest secret of them all, he eventually told you and that was all that mattered. With the same sigh of relief and the promise of no more lies. This was your Peter. He would do anything for you.

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bazephyrs  asked:

Karen notices Peter's been searching for things related to binders/packers & obviously just asks 'Would you like me to readjust your suit to your liking?' basically i just want Karen to be Peter's robotic mentor about gender & sexuality

karen’s an AI and is totally unbiased, so he finds himself sometimes laying in bed at night with his mask on just asking her questions. it isn’t that he feels like he can’t ask may about these things, it’s just awkward sometimes. she’s basically his mom, sometimes he doesn’t wanna ask her about all these things about his body.

“hey, karen, can i ask you one more question about how the testosterone is effecting my junk?” peter whispers into the darkness of his bedroom.

“you have asked me 27 questions in the past two hours about your ‘junk’ and otherwise, peter, you are welcome to ask me as many more as you would like.”

“cool it with the sarcasm, karen.

“i am incapable of being sarcastic, peter.

“she said, sarcastically.”


Title: Flustered

Word Count: A lot

Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader

Warnings: Sexual themes but no actual smut

Summary: You want to prank Peter Parker and the best way to do it is to make him very flustered.

Part 2  Part 3

You were walking around the tower trying to find someone to mess with.  You saw Nat, Bucky, Wanda, and Clint sitting around the breakfast table.

Nat and Bucky were immediately out because messing with assassins usually ended with bodily harm.  You shuddered remembering that time you tried to throw a water balloon at Bucky.  Never again.

Wanda and Clint were out for the same reason.  They both knew you were about to do something before you even did it. Wanda you could understand, mind reading and all, but with Clint it was weird.  It was as if he woke up knowing when, where, and what you were going to do to him.

You moved on to the kitchen to find Thor, Steve and Vision.  You hated pranking Thor and Vision.  Thor just assumed it was some Earthen custom and laughed along with you.  Vision just didn’t get it, ever.

Steve was just too much of a gentleman to ever react or retaliate.  Where’s the fun in messing with someone if they don’t react?  You sighed disappointing there was no target for you here.

You walked around trying to find your dad and Banner.  You finally found them in their lab.  This made you groan.  Pranking in a lab was at best dangerous and at worst explosive.  Also pranking your dad usually meant you got grounded or lost mission privileges.  Not worth it.  That left you with one person.


You walked into the lab with a mischievous glint in your eye. “Dad do you know where Spider-boy is? I need someone to mess with or my whole day just feels off.”

Tony looked up with a smile.” I believe he’s in the training room.”

This made you extra happy.  Not only did you have a target but your target was probably working out sweaty and shirtless.  So you turned right back around and went off to the training room.  

You had to sneak up to the training room due to the giant wall of windows.  You peaked around the corner to look in and your heart almost stopped.  There was Peter Parker working out in just low hanging athletic shorts. Sweat was dripping down his abs and his messy hair was in his eyes. You looked skyward for strength to not melt into a puddle right then and there.

You looked around the room trying to formulate a plan.  You saw his suit in a gym bag near the door and an idea popped into your head.  You smiled, you really were just too evil.  You tip toed towards the door as not to be seen.  You quietly creaked open the door wincing at the sound it made.  You froze looking up at Parker but he was so concentrated he didn’t even notice.  You sighed and went over to the bag zipping it open and grabbing the web launchers.

You smirked and continued to sneak up on your unsuspecting victim.  Once you got close enough where you couldn’t miss you stopped.  “Ohh Peter.” You drawled finally gaining his attention.

He turned around with a confused look right before you webbed his hands to the floor.  He yelped as he fell and tried to wriggle out of it.  You slowly sauntered over to your prey with a smile.  Once you reached him you sat down straddling him.  This made him immediately stop wiggling.

“Now that I’ve caught my Spider what to do with him?”  You whispered leaning in.  Peter gulped as you got closer.

“Y/N I was training let me go thi-” You rolled your hips as you leaned closer.  He squeaked as his face turned to a fiery red.

“What was that Spidey?” You giggled.

He gulped before continuing “I-I s-said let me go and stop this.”  He stuttered out.

You feigned an innocent look. “Stop what?”  And rolled your hips again.  He closed his eyes and took in a ragged breath.  His arms were bulging trying to be free of the webbing.  You rolled again for good measure.

“S-s-stop that.”  He whispered his eyes tightly closed and even his ears were burning red.  You giggled at the state you were putting him in.  Looking down at your master piece you knew one more thing would seal the deal.

You started at the base of his neck and started to kiss and suck.  Slowly moving up to his jaw.  You heard him groan and it took all of you to not stop and laugh. Moving along his jaw you finally got to his lips.  You pulled him in cupping both of his cheeks.  The kiss was passionate as Peter tried to lean in but only getting so far.  You continued to roll your hips as you were kissing him making him moan. You broke apart both breathing heavy. 

When you broke apart his eyes fluttered open and they were dark and full of lust. You wanted to stay there forever continuing this sweet torture but that wasn’t the plan. 

You briskly got up and started to leave.  Peter made a sound of protest, wiggling harder to be free.  He tried to call you back. “Y/N wait you can’t just leave me!”

You just smiled, blew a kiss and said, “If you get free come and find me.” 

Let’s flip things around, shall we?

All right, y’all seem to love hate me for my post about everyone’s reactions to Peter’s death, but a lot of you are telling me that Tony’s gonna die instead - and you know what, I agree. I am terrified of that, because Peter has the protection of sequels - beyond Avengers 4, Tony doesn’t. Also, I appear to be “surviving” the wait by imagining character deaths and y’all will share my pain. So in that case, what do I wanna see?

I want it to be protecting Peter. If my baby’s gonna go out, it’s going to be while being a dad because if there’s one death Tony absolutely cannot survive, it’s Peter’s.

I want to see Peter realize what Tony is about to do. I want to hear him beg Tony not to in his raw young voice, struggle to get Tony of the way.

I want Tony to hold his position, his mask closed so Peter can’t see how terrified he is, until the blow lands.

I want Rhodey and Strange to watch it all in horror, but they can’t do anything about it, not in time, not if they want to live to see Peter through the battle, ,so they just jump in to provide cover as Peter starts to react.

I want Peter tear the entire helmet off and start on Tony’s armor so he can get to the wound, stop the bleeding, anything to save his third father figure.

I want Tony to grab Peter’s hands and hold them tight, whispering for Peter to stop, just stop.

I want Peter to obey, but he’s crying and stammering “I can’t lose another dad.”

I want Tony to smile, weak but genuinely smiling, and say that he couldn’t have had a better son.

I want Tony to die smiling because he died protecting who he loved.

I want Tony to die smiling because he’s finally free of the PTSD and the criticism and the constant fear for his loved ones’ lives.

I want Tony to die saying that he loves Peter, the best son any man could have.

I want Peter to smile through his tears because he’s wanted to hear that for two years.

I want Peter to whisper “Tony?” when Tony’s eyes slide shut.

I want Peter to cry “Dad!” and start shaking him when he doesn’t respond.

I want Strange to pull Peter away, his voice strong and steady, but his hands are shaking like earthquakes, and the cloak is trying to hug them both.

I want Rhodey to say nothing at all because he needs to be strong for Peter, but underneath his mask he’s just drowning in tears because that is his lifelong best friend lying dead on the ground.

I want Steve to stop and stare because the man he’s always accused of being selfish just sacrificed himself without a moment’s thought and died with only Peter on his mind.

I want Bucky to falter because that’s three Starks he couldn’t save, because maybe Tony didn’t die by his hand, but he wasn’t in the right place to protect him, to protect his friend’s son.

I want Gamora and Quill to run over, stabbing and shooting anything that tries to stop them, and drop to their knees and give Peter a pep talk because yes, they’ve been there, but Peter can’t give in to the grief now.

I want Peter to snap out of it and look up, his eyes full of icy rage, and pull his mask back on. And then, in the coldest possible voice, in a voice that should never come from a teenager, I want him to say “Activate Instant Kill” as those glowing red pinpricks zero in on Thanos.

I want Wanda to sense his intentions and scream out a warning, trying to fling out a scarlet shield to pin Peter down, but he slides beneath it.

I want Sam to fly in to try to catch him, but Peter only uses him as a sticking point for his webs.

I want Wong to try to divert him with portals, but Peter dodges every single one.

I want the adults to share a look and a nod and charge towards Thanos behind Peter, because maybe they shouldn’t stop him. Because maybe, in his rage, with his powers and tech, with a hoard of others to back him up-

Maybe Peter can win.

And if he can’t, they’ll still fight to keep him alive.

And if they can’t do that, they won’t let him die alone and unavenged.