Being Peter Parker’s Best Friend Would Involve...

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Thank you @yesmaddyyyposts for requesting this! I’m still pretty new to this version of Spiderman so forgive me for any minor inaccuracies xx

Being Peter Parker’s best friend would involve:

  • You’ve been his best friend since Peter was little. There are loads of photos of the two of you when you were young and Aunt May just loves to show both of you. 
  • You’re always round Peter’s (Aunt May’s) place. 
  • But, Aunt May doesn’t mind: she loves you, because she thinks you’re a good influence on Peter, but most of the time youre just his partner in crime. 
  • Everyone at yours and Peter’s school think that you’re a couple. (You both swear that you’re not, though recently you’ve stopped denying it because they are always people who will believe the rumours of you two being together.
  • You’d protect each other from bullies and always stick up for one another.
  • He would not be able to keep his Spiderman identity secret for long around you. He’d try!! He would, but you can tell almost instantly that something is up when he tries to lie about his whereabouts one night.
  • So, Peter tells you and you’ve never been more excited! Though, you’d of course tease him about it. Isn’t that what best friends are for?? (“So, you’re the Spider dude that’s been in the news.” “*whines* Y/N, it’s Spiderman!” “Whatever you say, Petey. *pauses* Can I try on your costume?” “Y/N, no.” “But, I’m your best friend!”)
  • He would eventually let you try on his suit, but very reluctantly.
  • When Tony Stark visits him, you’d be so jealous. I mean, it is Tony Stark! Afterwards, you’d want all the details!  
  • You’d be supportive of him being an Avenger, but would sometimes miss your best friend. He’d make sure that he’d text and call and skype whenever he got the chance.
  • You’d have to cover for him a lot at school if he missed classes because of his… other obligations.
  • But, whatever happens, you’d always be Peter Parker’s best friend.
Not Even A Text

Request: Can I get a fic with Peter and the reader where he disappears off to Germany in a rush without telling the reader and they’ve been friends forever and reader is super pissed when he gets back and is ignoring him?

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: like 1k?

Warnings: none

A/N: but can we all have a moment for confused and flustered peter? tho this is in the general ‘reader’ pov, i wrote it as ‘me’. If that makes any sense?

“Not Even A Text”

Another day of hell–school. It was even worse because you had been forced to survive without your best friend, sorry, ex-best friend. Peter hadn’t been in school for days, and you had yet to receive a call or text about his whereabouts and why the fuck he wasn’t coming to school. Seeping bitterness and pettiness, you sat in the corner desk while your teacher droned on about something. As you scribbled words into your notebook, the one and only Peter Parker strolled in. He looked tired and beat up, judging by the faint traces of bruises and cuts and the purple bags under his eyes. As a friend, you couldn’t help but feel worried. Had been getting into fights? However, you were still pissed at him for the disappearing act.

When he sat down, you didn’t hand him the notes like you normally did. You threw a cold glance at him, which Peter didn’t seem to pick up. He grinned at you like a carefree dog, pulling out his notebook. Your stony demeanor was chipped away at his smile. A tiny bit.

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Hello I love your blog and I was wondering if you could find a fic for me. Peter and Remus are engaged and Sirius is Peter's best man but he basically falls in love at first sight with Remus. Everybody thinks Sirius would be better for Remus and that's all I can remember! Thank you 💖

Thank you :D And from the summary it seems like this might be the one you’re looking for: 

The Best Man, by NeonDomino
Whilst attending Peter’s engagement party, Sirius meets Remus Lupin and it’s love at first sight. The only problem is that Remus is Peter’s fiancé, and Sirius is supposed to be best man at the wedding in a couple of weeks. Can Sirius control his feelings for the shy Werewolf?

Reasons to Check out Spider-Man Turn off the Dark if you’re an MJ fanb

The musical is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination and it has it’s flaws, but there are some saving graces to it and I’m just going to list them here in case anyone wants to join my in my hell.

  • A lot of the marketing includes MJ (for example: backpack, valentine’s day cards, MJ isn’t even in this song in the show but they brought her in to promote it, to showcase at the tonys they used a mj song which they had to wedge peter into it)
  • The original MJ, Jennifer Damiano, legit has such a beautiful voice that the first time Bono heard her sing MJ’s solo song he literally cried
  • The replacement MJ, Rebecca Faulkenberry is really good as well
  • They basically do a parallel lives between peter and mj in one song no more early on, meaning mj’s journey is equal of that to peter’s
  • they push the fact that mj and peter are friends/best friends above all else
  • No really, they have an section of a duet that talks about how the other one is going to be super successful in life
  • A couple of fantastic WoC got to go on as MJ (Kristen Faith Oei, Elizabeth Judd and before she got bumped up to Arachne, TV Carpio was the MJ u/s)
  • It’s never explicitly stated but her non surprise at his spider-man reveal and the way she teases him (the dialogue from the tony performance, mj talking about her “celebrity” crush on peter, her not allowing him to excuse his way out of poor boyfriend behavior, etc) implies that she most likely knew the entire time that he was spidey (though, again, unfortunately not explicitly stated)
  • peter’s doodles in his prop science notes
  • adorably awkward flirting tbh