DAVROS: Compassion then.
DOCTOR: Always.
DAVROS: It grows strong and fierce in you, like a cancer.
DOCTOR: I hope so.
DAVROS: It will kill you in the end.
DOCTOR: I wouldn’t die of anything else.
DAVROS: You may rely on it.

I’ve had this scene going through my head ever since I’ve watched the trailers for World Enough and Time. Davros thinks the Doctor is going to get killed by his compassion, and here he says he wouldn’t die of anything else. I have a bad feeling by putting his trust in people, like Missy for example, it will badly hurt others, and then his own death will be the cause of it.


Peter Capaldi & Pearl Mackie Introduce World Enough And Time - Doctor Who Series 10

“Time is literally against them.”

To hear Peter say that is going to make this episode all the more intense and heartbreaking. 💔😭