omg thomas has the same type of shades as peter pan has in this vid! just further proof that thomas is in fact peter pan!


Earlier, Reese Witherspoon signed on to play everyones favorite sidekick fairy Tinkerbell, in a new live-action film from Disney. The screenplay will be written by Finding Dory script writer Victoria Strouse. 



Request: Smut peter imagine: peter catches you pleasuring yourself and then he takes over


It was a VERY boring day for Peter, Baelfire had already left Neverland and Peter was stuck doing nothing. He began to annoy the lost boys as well, Felix then comments “What are you going to do with Y/N, Pan?” Y/N! he completely ignored her for the past few days now.

Without saying a word, he flew to her tree house, before he could enter, he heard her moan his name “Peter” He raised a brow and grinned as he turned himself invisible and entered through her open window. He stood there, watching her on the bed as she fondled her breast and played with her heat.

Peter bent down to look at her face, which was completely flushed, her brows knitted, he guessed that she doesn’t feel the way she feels when he does it to her. He whispered in her ear “Naughty girl, starting without me”

Her eyes widened in shock, she removed her fingers but Peter immediately replaced it with his our tongue, he was still invisible. Y/N didn’t know how to react, but she knew that it was him. “Peter!” she moaned again when he started rubbing her clit. He could feel his pants tightening as her moans turned him on.

He decided to put switch the position of his tongue and his fingers, He had started to lick her clit and use two to three fingers to play within her heat. He could feel her tightening about his fingers as he touched her most sensitive area. “Peter!” She came, he became visible again and the sight of Peter licking his cum coated fingers made her horny again.

“Now, time for the real thing… Shall we?”

so apparently this is happening.

and all i can say is, pleeeeeeease make tink hella bitchy like she’s supposed to be instead of the incorrect, always happy-go-lucky ooc version disney has been waving around for decades. 

seriously this shit has been eating at me for years. tink’s not a sweet, nice person. disney’s marketing has been portraying her wrong for years. please let this movie get her right again. i love bitchy tinkerbell. so let me have her back.


Peter Pan 2003 Alternate ending