You know it’s written to be (mostly) timeless but technically The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up takes place in the early 2000s which means that really the scenes where Peter’s upset because he doesn’t know whether he should stay in Neverland or not should honestly just be depicted as him passionately running around the island singing ‘Bet On It’ while Pan confusedly looks on.

Just imagine:

all i gave you is gone

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part 2/? (part one here)

warnings: none

summary: the reader and Robbie find themselves in an alternate land, in which they have taken over the bodies of their alter egos.

After Robbie had helped calm you down a little bit, the two of you went and followed the path that Felix had clearly made for the two of you. You were still following it, and neither of you had any clue where it would lead you.

“Are you sure we can trust that Felix guy?” you asked Robbie wearily. “We don’t even know where we are and that guy could be a murderer or something. I don’t want to hang out with murderers.”

“We’re on some island that we don’t know our way around, so we need all the help and guidance we can get. He clearly knows who we are, so we obviously we aren’t who we think we are,” Robbie paused, but continued to trudge down the pathway of dirt. “Apparently I know who he is too, or this Peter guy does, anyway. Besides, I don’t think this situation could get any worse.”

“Isn’t that sketchy to you?”

Robbie turned around with an eyebrow raised at you. “Isn’t it sketchy that we fell through the cafeteria doors and ended up here?”

“Touché. But don’t you think we should tell them that we aren’t from here? We aren’t gonna understand anything that they’re talking about.”

“I think that it’s best we play along,” he proposed. “I doubt that my burst of knowledge back there was my last. Same for you. Whoever we are… we might know more than we care to think.”

The two of you turned and continue to follow the path once again. You were nervous about the situation and the thought of being away from home scared you. Were you ever going to see your parents again? Did you leave without saying goodbye to any of your friends? What about your fish, Rainbow? Would anybody remember to feed him, or was he going to die because of your absence? These were all the things running through your mind in the midst of all of this.

Robbie, on the other hand, seemed a little… too comfortable. If you didn’t know any better, you would have said that he looked as if he knew where he was going. Every once in awhile he would stop looking at the line Felix had tracked through the dirt and simply lead us himself. That would last for around 15 seconds, and then he would go back to desperately looking at the ground for the tracks.

Suddenly, you bumped into him. He had stopped and was looking around like he felt something.

“You look like a squirrel sniffing for food.”

Robbie almost cracked a smile. “I can sense people. They’re close.”

“The sixth sense much?” you joked.

“Not dead people,” he retorted. “Living, breathing people. I can smell fire. They’re probably having a campfire. I think that’s where our path is leading to.”

“Felix mentioned something about a camp, didn’t he?”

“Exactly. I think we’re safe here.”

Felix had not lied to you. Within a minute of more walking, you saw a clearing and a fire through some trees. Around ten boys were surrounding the fire. They were cracking jokes, laughing, and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. Felix was nowhere to be seen.

You and Robbie decided to step through and act as casual as you could. The boys heard your footsteps and the second they laid eyes on both of you, they all fell silent and looked at their feet.

“Are we interrupting something?” Robbie asked them.

One of the boys, who didn’t look up to speak, replied, “No, sorry.”

“Hold on, I’m confused,” Robbie started. “None of you did anything wrong. Go back to enjoying yourselves, I have.. other business to attend to.”

The boys looked confused, but still complied and continued to do whatever it was they were doing before you guys came along.

“What was that all about?” you whispered.

He frowned, “they looked scared of me.”

When you looked up at him, he had a sad look on his face. You knew that he was sensitive to that stuff. Being as though he was not the best as making friends, you didn’t want to imagine what he was feeling when those young boys looked at him with fear in their eyes. 

Who was this Peter Pan guy? More importantly, what had he done to make those boys afraid of him?

“Y/N, come and sit with us!” one of the older boys yelled out to you, patting the empty spot next to him on the log that he sat on.

You eyed at Robbie and shrugged, waiting to see if he was going to let you go over with him. You quickly reminded him that he was the one who told you that you both needed to play along, and this was a way for you to do that. Eventually, he agreed and you walked over to the other boys with a smile on your face.

All the boys looked up at you with urgent looks on their faces. You had no idea what they were doing, but it looked like they were waiting for you to say something.

“So?” the boy with the curly dark brown prompted. “Did he hurt you?”

You shot him a confused look. “Did who hurt me?”

The young one who spoke to Robbie earlier said, “Pan.”

“You mean the boy standing alone over there?” you questioned, still feeling bad for abandoning him in a situation like this. “Of course not, why would he?”

“Did you hit your head or something? He’s a villain.

You had to bite your tongue to hold back your laughter. A guy with a face like that, a villain? Not a chance. But it would make sense if he was one, considering how this group of boys looked at him earlier. And they were worried that he hurt you. That pointed all signs to: yes, he is a villain.

But that wasn’t Peter Pan standing over there by that tree. That was Robbie Kay; he was the shy and quirky boy you had grown up with. That boy standing over there wasn’t a villain; he was your best friend. He might have been in the body of a villain, and maybe you were in the body of a lost, young girl. But neither of you would ever let that change anything.

“He’s no villain. He’s my best friend,” you blurted out.

All the boys fell silent in front of you. You never meant to say that. You never meant to break character. You also never expected for the boys to start laughing hysterically only moments later.

“That’s the best joke I’ve heard in years,” the older one piped out in the midst of his laughter. 

“Yeah, he hates your guts, Y/N!”

“Shut it, Baelfire! He doesn’t hate me that much,” you spat back at him - but it felt like it rolled off your tongue too easily. You began to worry and thought back on what Robbie had said about this earlier.

He was right. And this wasn’t good.

When you looked over at him again, you saw him chatting away with Felix. Thankfully, he still had that same look of confusion on his face - the same one from when you both first stood up on that beach earlier. 

How long had it been since then? Time seemed to just fade away as soon as you came here.

“Y/N, get over here,” Robbie called out to you in a commanding tone.

You stood up and walked over to him and Felix. In Robbie’s hands, he held a wooden crossbow. Then, he held it out to you and you gladly took it from his hands. 

“What’s this for?” you asked the two of them.

“Target practice.”

Your eyes widened at his words. “Target what?”

He cracked a smile and pointed over at the tree on the opposite side of the camp. On it was a painted on bullseye target. 

“No way you’re expecting me to hit that, Rob-” you stopped yourself. “I mean… Pan. There’s no way I can hit that target, Pan.”

“Sure you can!” he encouraged. “Trust yourself. Go on, shoot!”

You looked down at the crossbow and back up at Robbie for reassurance. When your eyes met, he nodded. The look of sympathy he held in his eyes when he looked at you was enough to tell you that it would be okay. Robbie wasn’t Pan, and he was no villain. He was just playing the part.

Instead of arguing, you faced the target. You brought the crossbow up to eye level to help you aim the arrow properly. All throughout gym and any camp that you went to as a child, you always avoided archery. Although this wasn’t technically the same type of item that you were holding, it was similar. It still scared you the same amount as archery did, because you knew if you messed up, someone would get hurt.

“Listen, I don’t know if I can do-”

You completely forgot that you held your finger over the notch to launch the arrow as you turned around to face Robbie. So right when you faced him, the arrow began to fly directly towards his chest. You watched as his face suddenly filled with panic, just as yours did. You squeezed your eyes shut to avoid seeing what you didn’t want to see. You both knew that there was no avoiding what was about to happen.

That was the case. Right up until you opened your eyes again and saw him holding the arrow right above his chest.

As all the boys bursted into cheers, you threw the empty crossbow on the ground and ran over to Robbie. He dropped the arrow and instantly embraced you in a hug.

“Holy shit,” you said to no one in particular.

“How the hell did I do that?” Robbie whispered into your ear.

You shrugged. “Must be a Pan thing? I got a burst of knowledge earlier too. My mind is telling me that I apparently know the names of all of your - or Pan’s - lost boys.”

The two of you pulled back from each other and looked around to see everyone giving you weird looks - again.

“Well you two certainly have gotten closer,” Felix stated.

“Yeah,” Robbie pondered, his eyes still locked on you. “Something like that.”

Remember that one scene from Hook....

Peter is in Neverland again. He must save his children, he must become Peter Pan again. He must fly, he must crow.

He also has to get help from the Lost boys. They don’t see Peter Pan, they only see a man, a pirate. Then a little one comes up. Moves his hair around and plays with his face , then a large smile dances on the child’s face, “oh there you are Peter.”


Rhett after over ten years of growing out his beard shaves it. His best friend of 32 years is sitting just outside of the bathroom door. Rhett can hear him fiddling with something. It was now or never. He wipes the extra foam off his face, he looks in the mirror. He does not recognize himself. Who is that? What a mistake. He frowns at himself. What a mistake. He opens the door and sees Link jumping up to his feet. Rhett waits to hear a laugh, snort, a sound of disgust, but there is nothing. He looks up into Link’s face and eyes. There he was smiling at him. His enormous smile. Link’s beautiful smile. Link reaches out and ever so gently touches Rhett’s cheeks.

“Oh there you are Rhett.”

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 Writer - @dammnpan

Requested - no

Warnings - horrible writing lol

A/N - this is my second imagine i came up with in my head…I hope you enjoy, REQUESTS ARE OPEN (I DO accept smuts)

Disclaimer- I do not own any of these characters as they are from OUAT on ABC and I do not own the gif/picture

Key - 

Y/N: Your Name

Y/H/C: Your hair color

Summary - Y/N is the one who brings Henry to pan first but tricks him like Pan did then fluff back in their shared tree house

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⚫ Y/N’s POV ⚫

“You remember the plan, love?” Pan asked me for the millionth time as he pulled the hood of my cloak over my Y/H/C hair.

“Peter. Stop worrying, I’m going to be okay.” I said looking up at him and he kissed my forehead lightly,

“Go get him my little trickster.” he stated and with that he disappeared.

I got down into position as i heard the lost boys chasing after Henry and just as planned he fell and i grabbed him by his jacket, yanked him to his feet, and pulled him into the little hiding place I was in. 

“Who are you? What are you doing? You’re a lost girl aren’t you? Please don-” I cut off the babbling Henry by covering his mouth with my hand whiling bringing my finger up to my lips as the signal to stay quiet as the lost boys ran past and then to their hiding places with Pan.

“I’m Y/N. I used to be a lost girl but I escaped from Pan along with another lost boy and I’m helping you not get caught by his lost boys.” I lied right through my teeth.

“What do I need to do to get back to my family?” Henry asked quickly

“I’m not sure, Josh, the lost boy I’m working with, knows how to get off the island without Pan knowing.” I kept lying

“Where is he? Why isn’t he with you?” he questioned me

“I had to steal the pixie dust for him because i can get away faster,” I pulled the fairy dust out from under the neck piece of my cloak, “I need to get it back to him, come with me. We can get out of here.” I said as I stood up and took off the necklace

“I’ll do it.” he said and stood taller and prouder 

“You’ll have to run and believe in yourself and follow me.” i said as i pulled my hood off my head

“What do you mean?” he asked curiously and tilted his head

“You’re going to fly.” I stated calmly and he didn’t question the flying part, which surprised me

“What about you?” he asked as he stood and took the necklace 

“I’ll be fine. just follow me and believe” I smirked then began to run from the hiding place

After what seemed like a forever we reached the cliff,

“Just believe and keep going!” I yelled over my shoulder and jumped off the cliff and allowing my pure black wings to push through my back and flew towards where Pan was located

I look over my shoulder to see Henry behind me, flying and surrounded by a green smoking, gawking at the scenery below him, I smirk to myself realizing he’s already loving the island.

I saw the opening to where Pan and the lost boys where and signaled Henry to follow and I dropped, my wings spiraling around me to allow me to speed up, I opened my wings back up as I approached the ground which gave me the opportunity to land on both feet gracefully while Henry rolled on the ground then stood up

“You made it!” I heard Pan as he came from behind a tree and gave me a hug, “Did you get it?” 

“Yes, he has it.” I said as we pulled away from the hug.

“Here you go” Henry handed it to Pan, smiling as he did.

Pan looked up at me and said “You did a good job once more, Y/N” returning to his normal deep voice 

“What?” Henry asked his smile dropping almost instantly.

“You really did help a lot Henry.” I smirked over at him as Pan turned and stood in front of me slightly

“I-I never told you my name,” Henry stuttered as he took a step back, fear evident in his eyes, “You both lied to me. You work for Pan.” 

Pan got intentionally close to Henry and said “I am Peter Pan.”

“You know Henry, you have a very special heart.” I said to him as Pan walked around knocking on a few trunks 

“And now you and it are mine.” Pan said and pulled out his knife from his belt

“I’ll see you later Henry.” I smirked as my wings reemerged from their hiding spot within me and I flew up and away as i heard Pan yell out,

“C’mon boys! Let’s play.”  

⚫ Slight Time Skip  ⚫

I peeled my top off and placed it into the foot chest at the foot of my bed that stood in the middle of mine and Pan’s shared tree-house 

I felt a pair of rough, strong hands grasp my love handles and flustered me against their chest and begin kissing up my neck

“Peter, stop.” I said through giggles as I covered my bra cladded chest and slightly pushed him away from me with my elbow

“You did a good job today love, you didn’t get hurt right?” Pan asked as he also changed into his nightly attire

“I’m fine as always Pan” I said to him as I slipped off my pants, slid on an oversized t-shirt and underneath the covers Pan held up for me on our shared bed.

“You’re slowly but surely becoming just like me, my little trickster.” Pan said to me as he pulled me close to him and kissed my forehead

“Whatever Peter, let me sleep.” I teased him and tilted my head back slightly to get a better look at his face

“I love you.” He said and kissed my lips gently 

“I love you too Peter.” I mumbled back and tucked my head back into the crook of his neck and feel asleep.

Another A/N - I’m sorry but i really enjoy thinking Pan is sweet and gentle only to the one he loves. 






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Imagine: Peter Pan falls for his new lost girl.  But, she is cursed.

Ever since she came to Neverland Y/N has been avoiding me.  Even when I talk directly to her she won’t answer me or even look at me.  It shouldn’t bother me, she’s most likely just scared.  Her entire life has changed after all.  But it really does bother me I am the Neverland’s ruler.  She should respect me.  

Right in the middle of my internal rant Felix approaches me.  “I have good news and bad news.  What do you want to hear first?”

I continue staring at Y/N as I answer, “Bad news first.”

“Well bad news is, I just found out Y/N is cursed.”  That got my attention.

“What do you mean cursed?”

“Sit back down and I’ll tell you.”  I realized I had just jumped out of my set.  So I slowly sat down glancing at Y/N.  As usual she did not react to my outburst.  “Y/N, was cursed as a child she can’t see or hear the people who lover her.”

“That doesn’t make sense.  She has never been able to see me and it’s not like I love her.  If anything she shouldn’t be able to see you two are much closer.”

“Peter, the curse is what it is.  There is no denying it, besides what we have is a friendship.”

“I have never even talked to the girl before.”  My head was spinning.  I walked over to Y/N and looked at her really looked at her.  She was beautiful there was no denying it.  I thought back to when I first saw her what could have made me love her so much that she wouldn’t even of had time to see me.


Felix was bringing a girl from a passing ship, it appeared as if she had been thrown overboard.  I can clearly see them talking and laughing from the top of a hill where I decided to wait.  I make a mental note to tell Felix he can no longer talk to the girl.  The way they are so close together is sickening.  The girl keeps laughing at something Felix did.  I look closer and realize that he fell and slid a few feet down the hill she laughs so hard she nearly loses her balance as well.  However she soon catches herself and helps Felix up.  They reach the top soon after and I quickly realize she is ignoring me.


I still can’t figure out what happened to make me feel this way but I do realize I love her.  I walk back to Felix, “Come on, grab Y/N and let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”  Felix stands up.
“We are going to break this stupid curse.”

Labour Robbie Kay Imagine

Anonymous said:

Okay so I have a request about Robbie where the reader is pregnant and she’s going into labour and they’re freaking out like crazy and like “OH MY GOD I’M GOING INTO LABOUR. WHAT DO WE DO NOW?!” thanks 

Warnings: Uh…Labour? lol

Hope you like this one, I’ve never been pregnant but this is how I imagine it going..?


“Get out of me already.” I told my stomach, walking to the couch . My Husband of 2 years chuckled putting down the book he was reading.

 "I don’t think telling him/her that will work.“ 

"Shaddap ya brit, it should. It’s time is up and it needs to leave." 

I said sitting beside him. 

"Alright, but he/she’s our child, don’t call them an it." 

"Yeah yeah.” I groaned realizing i left my drink in the Kitchen. “What’s wrong (Name)?” Robbie asked me worriedly. I giggled. ‘Robbie’s been so jumpy lately, I am due any day so it make’s since but geez.’ I thought to myself.

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Dream Along With Mickey by disneylori