Ultimate Masterlist!

This is the monster of a masterlist, containing all the imagines I have written for Teen Wolf so far, alphabetically to make it easy to navigate. Enjoy!

#Updated as I go along. 


{ She’s the man ·

{ Letting her go · Loving him so ·  Notice me · Saying Goodbye · Wanted ( for life ) ·

{ Close call · 

{ Bite · Change · Come what may · Day by day · Fated · His darkest secret · Hurt · I belong to you · In spite of all the danger · Kiss me slowly · Meeting · Mr Perfect · Pack doesn’t end with wolf · Right · Saviour · Something in the way she moves · Sway with me · Time after time · Visitor · Yours · 

{ Can’t buy me love · Flirting with danger ·

{ All your perfect imperfections · Blue eyes · Encounter · Inbetween · Insecure · Intruder · It’s all about chemistry · Just so you know · Knight · Mine · Miscommunication · Not alone · Promises · Recovery ·Scotty doesn’t know (yet) · Shifter · Surrender my heart · Together · 

{ Influence · With you ·

{ Guardian · Secret · You’ve got a hold on me · You know what I mean · Well she was just seventeen · 

{ Being good · Heart on my sleeve · Head over heels · I wanna see you be brave · Nights like these · To write love on her arms · When I get you alone · You anchor me back down ·

A smile that puts the stars to shame · Lean on me · Weakness · 

{ Instinct ·

{ Work ( it ) out ·

{ Anchor me to you · Bet my heart · Bitten love · Fixer-upper · Love you ( do I ) · Saying I love you · Stay · You ·

{ All is fair in love and war · Anchor · Bait · Champion · Confession · Date · Girl next door · Heart of mine, please take it · Home · Letting go · Little dove · Midnight stroll · Partners · Patterns · Rush · Safe and sound · Sing · Slipping away · Teenage dream · The rescue · Unconditionally · 

He Loves Her

Can you do a Liam imagine where you’re in love with him but he’s in love with Hayden Please ! Thank you ! btw I love your imagines


Of course he loves her. Figures, right?

And it’s even worse because you’re his best friend, so you have to listen to him talk about Hayden all the time.

Mason found out last year that you liked Liam, luckily Mason agreed never to say anything about it to him.

You thought you could deal with it, you loving him, him loving…her. But now you can tell that Hayden likes him back, and it’s just too much.

You couldn’t even hate Hayden. She’s really nice, and you can tell she’ll be good for him.

That doesn’t make it any easier though.

Liam has finally noticed that you’re acting strange around him. You swear, when Liam asked you what was wrong Mason almost hit him over the side of the head. You’re sure you would’ve laughed if you hadn’t been falling apart inside.

Except now Liam won’t stop bothering you, constantly asking you why you look sad, like you’ve been crying. Until it finally becomes too much.

“Liam just stop!” you explode, your voice raising to a shriek. It’s the end of the day, everyone leaving, but some stop and stare. You’re too mad to care.

“You want to know what’s wrong.” you hiss, “What’s wrong is that I’m in love with you, and I have been for more than a year. And you never noticed.”

He’s staring, expression completely shocked. “(Y/n)…”

“No, I don’t want your apologies or pity. I know you don’t love me.” You smile bitterly. “It’s no one’s fault but mine.”

Then you turn away and walk off quickly while he’s still in shock, wanting to put distance between him and yourself before the tears start to leak out of you.

(A/n: Really short, sorry!)


Gif source:  Peter

Imagine being super shy and Peter trying everything to bring you out of yourself more.

——— Request for anon ———

Everyone knew you were shy. That it took a bit for you to open up; for you to be comfortable enough to let someone in.

Which is why you couldn’t help the shock you had when you met Peter. He was bold, and as soon as he realized just how shy you were, he had made it his personal mission to get you to open up to him.

Really, he just liked making you blush.

Don’t get me wrong I love Teen Wolf I’m kind of annoyed with the fact that it keeps introducing new types of supernatural creatures yet it still hasn’t explored the Hale family to its fullest extent. I want to know more about Derek’s parents, his siblings, his life. I want to know more about the origin of werewolves and that stuff. The mystery of the Hale family is one of the things that pulled me into this show and I’m so disappointed that after such a big fuss was made about them, they haven’t been explored fully because to me they seemed like the Original family on TVD, with lots of family secrets and dysfunctionality.

Okay! Gather round kids. Cause I’m about to drop some meta. (However short it may be.)

Theo and Stiles’ conversation about blue eyes: it’s about interpretation. The werewolf has to feel guilt over taking an innocent life for them to turn blue.

This could explain about Derek’s eyes: if he evolved to the point where he forgave himself for Paige, then that would explain why his eyes drifted back to gold.

But I’d also like to submit that, whoever Peter killed for his eyes to turn blue, he felt guilty over it, and still does, because his eyes have remained blue. Maybe it’s Laura he feels guilty for, or maybe Paige too, since he was the one to set it up?


Gif sources:  Peter  |  Stiles (Unknown)

Imaging you’re a werewolf and Stiles’ girlfriend but Peter’s your anchor so when you start wolfing out Stiles has to call Peter even though he doesn’t want to.

——— Request for anon ———

“Call Peter,” you growl, feeling your fangs elongate as you grip the sides of your chair. Your knuckles turn white when your grip tightens, making the wooden armrest crack under the pressure.

“You want him here?” you don’t miss the wounded look in Stiles’ eyes, but you’d rather hurt him emotionally than physically at this point.

“I need him here, Stiles. He’s my anchor!” you can’t help the way you snap at him, the full moon making you more volatile than you’d expected, “Now. Call. Peter.”

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