Wow I wish the wild hunt took Isaac, Derek, Jackson, etc so they could come back this season. I miss the og squad man

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Teen wolf logic is giving me a headache

So Claudia is still alive cause Stiles doesn’t exist? HE DIDNT KILL HER! What is happening?

And okay if that’s their theory then how does Malia even exist if Peter doesn’t??? And if Peter doesn’t exist that means Scott is not a werewolf and neither is Liam like wtf is happening?!


“Malia, are you sure this is the best idea? I mean from what I heard….” She sighs, slipping her gentle hand into yoursm rubbing her fingers over your knuckles trying to reassure you. She knew how her dad could be, cold and abrasive, but she also knew that you were strong and that you could stand your ground against anyone threatening you. She was sure her father would see that in you, see the confidence you carried in yourself. 

“Well if it all goes to shit, we’ll go get burgers and shakes alright?” You nodded back to her stepping out of the car and walking alongside her to Peter’s front porch. He answered the door mid-knock, you were sure he’d been waiting for the two of you to arrive.

“Malia, so nice to see you.” He turned to you, a smile playing on his lips, “And you must be y/n, I’ve heard so much about you.” You smiled, relaxing under his sharp gaze. You lifted your arm, taking it in his giving him a hard shake, he looked almost surprised at your lack of hesitation; it was rare that people weren’t tentative or nervous are him. His eyes flitted to Malia giving her a quick nod, she wouldn’t have noticed it has she not been watching. Malia smiled inwardly knowing that everything would be just fine.

“Well come on in, dinner is almost ready.”