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Everything on this list is +18

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Play with me, alpha - Derek x Reader

Stiles Vs The new table - Stiles x Reader

Breaking in the beta - Scott x Reader

The beautiful best friend - Cody x Reader

The roommate - Tyler P x Reader

The special place - Dylan O’B x Reader

Not my alpha or my daddy - Peter x Reader

Fingers - Theo x Reader

The Wolf and His Kitten - Theo x Reader

Alpha’s Help - Scott x Liam x Reader

Self-employed - Stiles x Reader

Lydia Says Stiles’ **** Is Big - Lydia x Reader x Stiles

Perfect - Peter x Reader

Obedience - Jackson x Reader

Heated - Reader x Peter

What Alpha Wants - Scott x Reader

Boss {Part One} - Stiles x Reader

Boss {Part Two} - Stiles x Reader

Brother’s best friend - Liam x Reader

Stress Relief - Brett x Reader

Home - Derek x Reader

Lake house - Stiles x Reader

Mine Once - Liam x Reader

Make You Feel Good - Brett x Reader

Let Me Show You - Brett x Reader

Feed the alpha - Derek x Reader

Self-Control - Liam x Reader

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The lonely beta - Peter x Reader

Mine - Isaac x Reader

The Captain’s Girl - Scott x Reader

Alphas and Blindfolds - Scott x Reader

Secret - Scott x Reader

The one that can’t get away - Derek x Reader

Home for tonight - Theo x Reader

Tease - Peter x Reader


the car had hit a tree. he could smell the gas, knew it would blow up soon. thats when he heard shallow breathing. 

something drove him to run to the car, finding you passed out from impact. he pulled you from the car and got  you to a safe distance, resting you on the ground.

Peter looked over your face and thats when your eyes opened and you looked up at him. his heart beat faster as he stared at you. a moment where it was just you and him.

“what happened?” you asked.

“your car hit a tree but your safe now.” he answered, helping you into sitting position.

you were a bit groggy but managed a smile, “i guess you’re my guardian angel huh?”

from that moment on he would be.