Flesh/Brett Talbot Smut

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Request:  Could you do a Brett Talbot smut with the song Flesh by Simon Curtis? Please ❤

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Periods // Peter Hale x Reader


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(Y/n) groaned as she opened her eyes. She clutched her stomach in pain and looked at the digital clock next to her bed. ‘4:00 A.M’ it read. She looked at he lover Peter but decided against waking him up. She stayed away in pain from her period the rest of the night.

“Peter,” (Y/n) shook the man awake at eight in the morning,“ Its time for you to go to work…” Peter yawned,“ Okay, okay I’ll get up,” as he got up and left for work, (Y/n) clutched her stomach in pain.

Too tired and in a rush, Peter didn’t notice that she was in pain.

“That asshole,” (Y/n) frowned, laying back down.

The (h/c) haired girl took a few pills, hoping that it would solve her period problems.

Throughout the day she had different waves of emotion while binge watching shows and movies on Netflix.

When she went back to her room she heard the front door opening.

“(Y/n)? I smell blood,” Peter called out in a panic.

The woman sat still, crying to herself and clutching her stomach in pain.

“Peter,” she whimpered.

The man burst into their room, his eyes softening as he looked at the girl,“ (Y/n)…”

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He taught me to embrace my differences and the things that make me special.

She taught me to never hide who you really are. 

He taught me you don’t have to be powerful to be strong and brave and that guilt doesn’t make you weak. 

She taught me it’s okay to fall in love even if people say otherwise but that you don’t need a relationship to be badass. 

He taught me you should always get to know people before judging them. 

He taught me popularity isn’t everything and you don’t get anything good from greed.

She taught me everyone has a dark side but you can defeat it if your heart is good.

She taught me its not bad to be honest and straight forward as long as you’re loving, caring and loyal.

He taught me anger doesn’t have to control you.

They taught me you should give people a second chance. 

They taught me you shouldn’t succumb to stereotypes. 

He taught me power doesn’t get you everything. 

He taught me your past doesn’t control your future. 

She taught me you can be independent at any age.

She taught me be confident.

He taught me more people may care about you than you think. 

He taught me good never comes from evil. 

She taught me revenge is never the best option.

He taught me people can change.

He taught me what you are doesn’t decide who you are.

He taught me you don’t have to have a child to be a dad. 

She taught me your family isn’t necessarily your blood. 

He taught me that even the most law abiding people have to break the rules sometimes. 

They taught me friendship is the best, most powerful weapon.

And people still tell me I should watch something more educational. 


Reader x McCall Pack, Reader x Hale Pack

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“Hey (Y/N) you wanna help Isaac out?” Derek asked and you stopped your search for your brother as you spotted Derek rearranging what looked like a box of chains.

“No offence I don’t think Mr Grey was a werewolf.” You told him and he chuckled.

“Yeah but werewolves are better, let me tie Isaac up and show you.” Derek smiled when your eyes widened and you blushed.

“Oh wow Derek that was just bad.” Isaac mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head. “Besides, (Y/N0 should be tied up so I can roam freely.”

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