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Peter Parker:

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Thanos pt 2:

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It Will Never Change (Me And You)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Summary: Where a mattress goes missing and nothing changes 

Request: hello can you do a peter p x reader where they’re pretty good friends and they do a sleepover and watch horror movies and they cant find a sleeping bag so reader cant sleep on the floor, so they both gotta b in peters bed, and they go to sleep kinda stiff and not touching but they wake up cuddling? it can be romantic or platonic, completely up to u?? thank youuu!!

Warnings: it’s not even a little bit dirty

Word count: 2.4k

A/N: I haven’t posted anything in like a month and i feel like this is pure bullshit but i thought it was funny

i promise i’m working on a big thing that actually has content


The sound of screams and idle whispers fills the dark living room, the only light being dim and drab and flashing from the tv, you try not to shiver from nerves.

‘Are you watching?’ Peter whispers from across the couch. His voice is teasing, just a little nervous. You glance at him, the distance between you stretching in the darkness and you squeeze the pillow in your arms tighter. He’s staring at you with an accusatory gaze, one eyebrow cocked in a silly way. You roll your eyes.  

‘I’m trying to,’ You state, pushing the once bright pillow down in your lap, giving you a better view of both the boy across from you and the horror flick in front.

He huffs, the banishing of air sounding more like a laugh in your ears and shakes his head. His curls bounce with the movement and when you’re finally able to pull your eyes away from the mesmerizing sight, you realize the expression on his face reads nothing short of incredulity.

You suck on your teeth, heat rushing to your cheeks and turn back to the tv, still blaring with screams and ominous music. But despite your best efforts, your eyes begin to wander to the darkest corners of the apartment a mere moment later, if not to keep your sanity than just for reassurance.

It doesn’t go unnoticed by Peter, who lets out another amused snort. You shoot him a vulgar gesture as reply.

It’s silent then, but only for another moment until you feel Peter’s sock clad foot softly nudge your knee. Still, you almost jump out of your skin. He peers at you with a lopsided grin. You nudge him right back.

‘What?’ You hiss.

‘Do you like it?’ His head tilts to the side, voice lowered in a whisper.

‘I don’t know yet.’

His brows furrow, a curious expression falling over his features. ‘Y/N, the movie’s almost over.’

‘Then maybe you should stop talking so I can decide,’ You shoot him a sarcastic smile before crossing your arms tightly and turning back to the screen for what felt like the hundredth time.

A new, shrill scream pierces the air and you wince, shoulders tensing. Peter rolls his lips between his teeth to hide his smirk.

‘I don’t think you like it,’ He sing-songs.

‘Shut up,’ You rip the pillow from your lap and hurl it in the direction of his face. He dodges it deftly and the thing wedges between him and the back cushion of the couch with barely a sound.

He grins. You glare.

‘Okay, give it back,’ You hold out your hand, watching idly as he pulls the thing into his lap. He doesn’t deign you with a response, instead shaking his head and hugging it to his chest. You pout and throw your head back in a fit of drama. ‘Why are you like this?’

‘Like what?’ He says, unyielding. You try to ignore the cramped sense of panic steadily growing in your gut as the music accompanying the whispers on screen grows louder gradually, a telltale sign of tragedy.

‘Like this,’ Your hands wave vaguely, sliding further down on the couch until your feet poke the arm rest at Peter’s back and your head is balanced between your own. The phantom prick of pain lances through your body at the unnatural position. ‘You stole my pillow,’ You whine.

‘You threw it at me,’ You can feel his hand land on you knee and your heart jumps in your chest. He pats it twice before wrinkling his nose and shoving your legs from the couch. You stumble upright.

‘You were provoking me,’ You wobble on your heels before falling back again, arms spread wide. You land on the couch with a soft thud. Peter laughs, loud and careless. You shove your feet back into his space.

‘Now you’re the one provoking me,’ He says vehemently.

‘It’s called reciprocation.’

It’s called reciprocation,’ He mocks you, tongue poking through his teeth and pulls an ugly face before finally tossing the pillow back into your waiting lap. You cling to it tightly, just as the credits begin to roll.

‘Look what you did,’ You gape. ‘We missed the whole movie.’

Peter watches you incredulously, holding his hands out in confusion. ‘Why is it my fault?’ He voices.

‘You wouldn’t shut up,’ You shoot him a look, nothing short of accusatory.

He squints at you then, face screwed up of equal parts thoughtful and farcical, until it twists into a smile instead. ‘Touche,’ he says.

The background music begins to fade softly, signaling the end of the film in its entirety and Peter takes it upon himself to switch off the screen. His hands grip the little black remote just as the room delves into darkness, only a sliver of light emitting from the open window a few feet away. You can’t help the way your heart stutters.

Your eyes flit to the clock on the far wall.

‘So, sleep?’ Peter’s voice breaks the tense silence and you roll your head to glance at him. He’s perched on the couch, elbow leaning on his knee. He smiles tiredly and you return the sentiment.

‘Sounds like a plan,’ You push yourself from the couch and Peter’s arms immediately reach for yours. A pout rests on his lips and a pleading look dances in his eyes, accompanied by one of amusement.

‘What are you, twelve?’ You scoff.

‘On a scale of one to ten,’ He quips back.

You stare at him flatly, the faint noise of honking cars and garbled speech audible from the window. He stares back, slightly uneasy.

‘You’re so annoying,’ You finally sigh, hands wrapping around his own. You pull him up with a grunt.

‘Love you too,’ He grins at you, letting go of your hands with a squeeze and ambles away. You try to resist the urge to hurl the remote at his head.

He disappears through his bedroom door and you follow, only a few steps behind when you hear a string of curses followed by a muffled grunt. Your brows furrow, a sling of possibilities flitting through your brain.

‘What was that?’

‘Uh- nothing!’ Peter’s reply is muffled still and your curiosity only peaks. You push the dark bedroom door open, the wood squeaking quietly on its hinges to reveal a messy room. Papers scattered on desks and clothes thrown across chairs and in the middle of it all, Peter, doing absolutely nothing.

You stand in the doorway and shake your head. ‘What?’ You say curtly.

Peter looks nothing short of sheepish as he scratches the back of his neck. ‘I- I just don’t know what happened, I swear it was there this morning and now it’s not and I don’t-’

Your eyes flash to his bunk bed, the bottom still a mess from the morning and the top- the top missing a mattress. The top completely bare.

You let out a choked laugh and Peter’s lips snap shut, the words dying on his tongue.

You press a hand to your lips, trying to quench the oncoming fit of giggles to no avail and soon the room is filled with your mirth. Peter doesn’t move, hand glued to the back of his neck, a frozen expression still lingering on his face.

‘You’re laughing,’ He says. ‘Why are you laughing?’

You shake your head, waving a free hand in a dismissive gesture, the laughter still spilling from your lips in muffled gasps. ‘I’m not,’ You clear your throat. ‘I’m not.’

He shakes his head. ‘Y/N,’

‘I’m sorry,’ You try wiping the smile from your face and your cheeks sting from the gesture. ‘I’m sorry, I thought someone broke in,’ You laugh again, pointing at the bed. ‘Turns out they just stole a mattress.’

Peter cocks his head to the side, hands falling away from his face and smiles. His brows stay furrowed.

‘It just seems like a funny thing to steal.’

‘Good thing it wasn’t stolen then,’ He turns to glance at the empty bunk. ‘May threw it out, I just don’t know why.’

‘Because it was a disgusting mattress, that’s why.’ You step into the room and Peter’s attention snags on you again. ‘It was about time Ned and I stopped bunking on that thing.’

‘It wasn’t that disgusting,’ He mumbles, shuffling on his feet.

‘What was that?’ You cup your ear. ‘I couldn’t hear you over the sound of this room lacking disgust.’

Peter shakes his head. ‘That doesn’t even make sense.’

‘You don’t make sense,’ You give him a pointed look but the illusion is broken by a yawn. You press your hands to your face, rubbing your eyes.

‘Okay we can-’

‘I’m sorry, but I’m not sleeping in the living room.’ You shake your head, sucking on your teeth. Peter opens his mouth to reply but you cut him off before he can speak. ‘And neither are you.’

‘Wha-?’ He breathes, glancing at you warily.

‘We just watched a horror movie, Peter, you are not leaving me alone.’

‘You didn’t even pay attention,’ He deadpans.

You cast your eyes to the ceiling. ‘I payed attention to the scary parts.’

He snorts and crosses his arms. You revisit the hurling a remote control at his head thought. ‘Okay, I’ll sleep on the floor.’

‘Don’t be all heroic,’ You say, ignoring the smug look that flashes across his face. ‘We can share the bed.’

You’ve no doubt, had his mouth been full of water he’d have done a spit take. ‘What?’

‘It’s not that big of a deal,’ You pat his arms, jumping around him to fall back on the bed. It squeaks under your weight. ‘It’s big enough for the two of us.’

‘Is it?’ Peter questions. His eyes practically bulge from his skull.

Yes, it is,’ You state. ‘Now kindly turn off the light and get in the bed.’

He opens his mouth again, then closes it. You shove your feet under the comforter and let your head lull back on the pillow.

Peter shuffles for a moment longer before his feet patter to the door and the light flickers off with a click. You press closer to the wall, making enough room for the boy and let your eyes fall shut. A moment later the bed dips with his weight and his feet nudge yours under the covers.

‘Y/N?’ He whispers.


‘Are you sure?’ Your eyes flutter open reluctantly. They meet Peter’s and it’s then that you realize how close you are. So close, that you can feel the puff of his breath against your nose.

You swallow. ‘Yeah,’ Then shake your head, the hint of a smile on your lips. ‘This mattress smells way better anyways.’

Peter scrunches his nose and closes his eyes and you laugh. He smiles.Your eyes fall shut again.

‘Goodnight, Y/N,’

‘Goodnight, Peter.’ The words come out muffled and sluggish, your brain already shutting off but in the single moment between consciousness and sleep, in that brisk in between you feel a hand brush your cheek. You feel lips press to your forehead, and then the moment is over and you fade into darkness.


Light filters through a grimy window pane, too bright behind your waking eyelids. You try to supress the groan on your lips as your eyes open slowly, squinting through the light. You’re met with the sight of a beige wall, your nose almost brushing it.

Your hand reaches up to touch it and the cold it emits seeps through your fingers. You breathe deeply, shying away from the cool material and  snuggling farther into the warmth at your back.

Your heart skips a beat when something tightens around your waist. When something else squeezes your opposite hand.

Peter, the name dances through your mind, the memories of the night before resurfacing, bolder than before. Butterflies swarm your stomach.

Your back is pressed to his chest, one of his arms tight around your waist and the other serving as a pillow of sorts, supporting your head. One of your hands clutches his loosely and forget the butterflies, they’re beginning to resemble penguins. Swift and hard and unyielding.

Peter mumbles something into your neck, lips soft against your skin. ‘Spider-mmm,’

You breathe out a laugh, chest jumping with the movement and he begins to press closer still. Closer and closer until-

Until something presses into your leg. Something stiff.

‘Oh my god,’ You breathe, more chuckles spilling from your lips. Peter stirs at the noise.

He groans. ‘Y/N?’

‘Good morning,’ You turn around in his arms, laughter still dancing in your eyes. ‘I think you’ve got something to take care of.’

He furrows his brows, eyes still closed, you wait patiently until the color of his face slowly seeps to red and his eyes spring open in alarm. ‘Oh my god,’

He scrambles back, stumbling from the bed and then practically sprinting from the room. ‘I’m so sorry,’ He yells.

‘Don’t be ashamed,’ You call back, trying in vain to stifle your guffaws. You double over under the comforter, pressing your face into the still warm pillow until your stomach is in cramps and your eyes are leaking with tears. Until Peter shuffles back in, the red never fading from his cheeks.

‘You good?’ You tease, a smirk settles on your lips.

‘I am very sorry,’ He stutters. ‘I don’t think- I mean, I wasn’t thinking about that I just-’

You sit up, shaking your head. ‘Peter, relax, I know how the human body works. These things happen.’

‘You- you’re not mad?’

‘I’m extremely amused, but nothing beyond that.’ You pat the empty side of the bed, a grin still playing on your lips. He winces, shuffling forwards and sitting on the edge of the bed. You hold out your pinky. ‘I promise.’

He glances up at you, his mortified expression fading slightly.

He lifts his own pinky, wrapping it around yours snugly and you both hesitate a moment before leaning forwards and blowing on your thumbs. Peter laughs and you smile proudly.

Once upon a time you’d told him blowing on his thumb would make the promise real, unbreakable. You’d never promised without since.

‘Glad to know you think so highly of me,’ You smirk, the joke bursting from your lips and Peter groans loudly, eyes falling shut.

‘You’re never going to let me live it down, huh?’

‘Not a chance.’



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Blind guy:[Hands Peter Parker a card saying something buuutt]

Peter:[Looks at the blind guy]

Man that guy has some coool shades.

[Completely tunes him out]

8 years later

Spider-Man:[Collects lost backpacks finds one with a Card for a lawyer Company]

Oh yea a blind guy with some raaad shades gave me this number in case Spider-Man needed a lawyer. Hey wait a minute….

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That’s Stark’s Boy *Peter Parker x Reader*

Chapter Eleven 

Summary: After getting kicked out of school and following the wrong crowd your mother sends you to live with your father - at least you’re away from her layabout boyfriend. But your dad happens to be Tony Stark, he enrolled you into a new school and enlisted the help of his faithful protege to help you feel welcome. Not only are you the new kid but you gotta balance the Stark Expectations AND you’re living with a bunch of heroes… also, lest you forget that a certain red-suited hero makes it difficult to keep your sexuality a secret.

Pairings: Peter Parker x Male!Reader / Tony Stark (dad) x Reader (son)

Warnings: Swearing, ONE homophobic slur & Reader being very cute about and to Peter

Word Count: 3815

A/N: Reader and Peter HAVE another argument trying to get out. Peter ignores Reader, Mj reveals a secret. Reader goes and visits his little brother and then is confronted by Oliver, the horrible boyfriend to his mum. Ends with Reader and Peter making up and it’s very fluffy - Rosalie

<Previously< O >Next>

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(When Grey Mitchell, from Jurassic World, is the kid from Iron Man 3!!!!!!! So, I’m officially shook! Peter Quill and that kid in JW, and their mum is Scott Lang’s ex-wife!!! Nick just needs to be in a Marvel movie tbh)

An unsettling feeling pitted in your stomach as Peter stalked over to you. Instead of saying anything, he grabbed the chair you’re sat on and starts to pick it up with you still sat on it. You remain still, frozen in place, scared that if you move that you’ll fall off the chair.

“Peter put the chair down!” You whisper yell.

He doesn’t even acknowledge you, showing no signs of discomfort or strain as he walks to the door. There’s no way he’ll be able to sneak out of here with you on the chair, he won’t be able to use his web shooters properly because of you. Peter’s hand grabs the doors handle, twisting it slowly and silently.

“Okay, fine,” You sigh and Peter pauses, “put the chair down and I’ll let you… get me out of here safely,” your voice is grumbled but he still hears you.

Peter heaves the chair to the ground, he doesn’t even need to lift the mask for you to know he has a smug smile plastered on underneath. You roll your eyes, sighing as you stand up and gesture for him to lead the way out of here. He lets slip a muffled chuckle but opens the door for you both and peaks out.

You’re about to walk out but Peter quickly shuts the door, making no noise, he turns to you and gestures for you to get back in the chair. Understanding what’s happening you move the chair back to its previous position and sit down, you’re untied but Peter doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. You watch as Peter crawls up the wall and to the ceiling, you cringe at how creepy that it; looks like something from one of those Exorcism movies.

The door opens and Erik walks through, a cigarette being lit as he steps inside. A casual stride, his eyes lazily glance around the crumbling room. His eyes roam over you, yet you’re still looking at Peter because he has raised the mask and is mouthing something to you; only he’s upside down, a man with a gun is in front of you and, honestly, Peter is rubbish at mouthing words.

“How did you get yourself untied?” His deep voice makes your eyes snap to his, arms crossed and the same blank expression as before, “You gonna answer me?”

You shrugged, “Stark’s have this uncanny ability to just get themselves out of tight situations. Tony calls it a curse, we just find a way to survive, even if others don’t,” you ramble away, hoping and waiting for Peter to do something, he doesn’t. “Natural born survivors, that’s what people say, so I am told anyway.”

“Do you always talk this much? In my family, those who talk with no reason are killed,” you nod slowly at that, eyebrows raising the more that statement settles in.

“Oh, what a lovely tradition,” you grimace, “I usually have better stuff to say, but I am rambling in the hopes you’ll be distracted enough for my friend to knock you out.”

There’s a moment of silence. Erik frowns at what you said and Peter realises what you mean, a hushed “Oh” leaving his lips. You roll your eyes at Peter, what did he think you were doing? Having a nice conversation with one of your kidnappers. You watch as Erik turns around, looking at Peter who is on the ceiling, before he can reach for his gun Peter jumps down and hits him, knocking him to the floor then punching him and effectively knocking him unconscious.

“Friend?” Peter questions, you glance at him with a frown, “just a friend?” He scoffs and doesn’t even wait for you to respond, going to the door and opening it.

You sigh and shake your head, deciding to not say anything and just follow him, Tony would be showing up soon anyway. You walk silently behind Peter, through the dimly lit corridor, he peaks around the corner to where you were tied up before. What were you meant to say? You are friends, to your knowledge anyway.

“Stay here, friend,” Peter sarcastically says ‘friend’ about to crawl up the wall.

You grab his forearm and pull him to face you, frowning because he’s just being ridiculous with this. “What was I meant to say? You’re my friend, Peter, I’m being kidnapped and you’re being petty over me saying, friend?” You can’t see his face, which is now a disadvantage.

There’s a brief moment of silence before Peter turns back to the wall and begins climbing, a groan escapes you as you fall back against the wall. Waiting for Peter to come back and get you out of here, you cross your arms over your chest and pout. The first official argument with Peter, not going great. You got kidnapped during your fight and now you’re having a mini argument all because you said friend.

How can he be mad at that? It’s not like you guys are boyfriends if you were you would’ve said boyfriend, but you’re friends and that’s what you said because it’s what you are. He can’t be mad at you for that, if anyone deserves to be mad it’s you. You were lied to, made to look like an idiot, and then was kidnapped all in the space of an hour.

“Okay,” you jumped at Peter’s voice right next to your ear, “I’m going to create a distraction, so you can run out that door. Tony is two minutes away, so we should be okay.”

You shake your head slightly, “What do you mean distraction?”

“I’m going to draw their attention off of you and that door, that’s what I mean.”

“No way! What if you get hurt? They have guns,” you exclaim.

Peter just shrugs, “Didn’t think you’d mind or care.” His voice nonchalant, as if what he said doesn’t hurt you.

Did he really think that you wouldn’t care that he’s risking his life? That you would just let him, that you’d seriously just be fine with him getting hurt or killed because of you. You look away from him, scoffing out of shock and confusion. Before you can say anything, police sirens are blaring outside and cars are screeching to a halt outside, surrounding the building and keeping anyone from leaving or entering.

You don’t even glance at Peter as you step around him, not caring for the men who are struggling to find a safe way out. You look to see them all running up the metal stairs, guns out and ready, all heading to the roof. You bolt to the door, pushing it open and squinting at all the flashing lights of the cars, the bright light from a helicopter being aimed at you. You move your arm to shield you from the light, stepping forward and towards the group of people.

“Y/N!” You hear above the commotion, “Thank god, you’re okay,” the mechanical voice makes you feel safe, you watch as he lands and then Tony steps out of the suit, his face tired and full of concern. “They didn’t hurt you, did they?” You shake your head silently, Tony still grabs your shoulders and inspects you before pulling you in for a tight hug, his body is shaking- you suspect adrenaline.

You hear teams of police run inside, all swarming passed you and going to pursue the men in question. You wrap your arms around Tony, patting his back and sighing out of relief. Your heart, that has been hammering inside your chest since being kidnapped, finally starts to settle into a normal pace. Your breathing starts to even out, not coming out as sharp intakes anymore.

“I’m sorry,” you mutter, Tony pulls away and frowns at you, “Can we go home now? Kinda tired,” he smiles and nods, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and pulling you towards a car that Happy is driving, thankfully. You stop and look back, expecting Peter to be behind you both.

“He’s gone home,” Tony informs you, you sigh and nod. “You’ll work it out, you always do.”

“Wait,” Mj holds a hand up to stop you from talking, “you were kidnapped last night?” You nod at her disbelief, “Why the hell are you in today?”

You grab the books from your locker and stuff them inside your backpack, “Cause I need to speak to Peter, he and I had a bad fight yesterday.” You shut the locker and look at Mj, who’s leaning against other students lockers next to yours, your denim jacket on and falling off her shoulders. “I’ve ruined everything, Jones.”

She tilts her head to the side, a gloomy look taking over her features, “I’m sure that’s not true, Stark. He likes you, said so himself yesterday,” you raise an eyebrow, “That’s why we were late to meet you for lunch, Peter called us to the library, asked if he should ask you out.”

Mj links her arm through yours and leads you both towards AP Chemistry, your eyes glance over every student hoping to see Peter before the school day starts. The lessons you didn’t have Peter in seemed to drag on, which was most of the day. Even during lunch, you didn’t see Peter or Ned, Mj didn’t comment and actually listened to you rant about it.

By the end of the day, you hadn’t spoken to Peter. He picked seats with just enough distance away from you that you couldn’t speak, close enough to seem like everything was fine, but you knew it wasn’t. He didn’t look at you, speak to you or even acknowledge your existence.

You watch as Peter heads towards the SUV parked outside the school, the usual driver sat in front waiting for you. Glancing at the time on your phone, you decide against the car and head towards the subway. Making it just in time to get on the train you needed, staying standing up and ignoring the constant ringing of your phone. You send a text to Tony that you’re fine, not being kidnapped but going to see someone.

Getting off at your stop you rush through the busy Manhattan crowds, hoping to get to your destination before they end up leaving. You make it to the school gates, panting hard as you walk through with a big grin. Seeing all the parents and guardians standing around, waiting for their children to come rushing out. The doors open and the teacher stands, calling each kids name and waiting for their respective adult to collect them.

“Jayme Fisher,” You wave, stepping forward and smiling as your little brother starts jumping in excitement, “Y/N? Haven’t seen you in a while,” Mrs Hayes smiled.

You chuckle as Jayme rushes forward and hugs your legs, you gently pat his head, “Yeah, I’ve been with my dad and attending a school over in Queens,” she nods and you take Jayme’s hand and begin to lead him off school grounds, “So, how ya’ been little bud?” you kneel down and start to zip up his jacket and take his book -bag from him. “Spider-Man, really bud? What happened to the Hulk one?”

“Good, missed you,” you smile and nod, “I still ‘ave it. I just like Spidey right now. You comin’ back home?”

You sighed, “I’m sorry, bud. I can’t come home, not till mum wants me back,” standing up and taking his hand. “You’ve got Brooklyn and Shawn looking after you though, right?”

Jayme shakes his head, “Shawn is staying at his dad and stepmom’s place whilst mum is away, Brooklyn is always out, he’s playing up because mum is away.”

“Hey,” you look over your shoulder to Peter jogging up to you, “where the heck have you been?” He comes to stop a little before you.

You look down at your little brother, Jayme waves happily to Peter, “Decided to come see my little brother, Jayme. Already told Tony that.” You turn on your heel and begin to walk down the street, towards your old home. Peter falls into step with you both, remaining silent and the awkwardness starts to become apparent.

“Are you Y/N boyfriend?” Jayme asks loudly, you look wide-eyed at your little brother, who doesn’t look phased, Peter open and closes his mouth, “our other brothers were talking about how Y/N likes boys, I don’t mind it, he’s always had a thing for Captain America-”

“Okay, that’s enough of that. This is Peter, he works with my dad,” Peter is chuckling lightly beside you, you shake your head, “I don’t have a thing for Captain America anymore.”

Jayme is smiling and is quietly just walking beside you, “Have you met Spider-Man, yet?”

You glance at Peter who is admiring the Spider-Man merchandise your brother seems to have, you sigh and nod once. This sparks your brother to tug on your hand, jumping up and down as you walk, asking many questions about him.

“Pweaseeeeee,” he drags the word out, his lisp fully coming out. “I won’t ask about him ever again, I just wanna know.”

Ignoring Peter’s little smug and prideful smile, you exhale and groan, “fine.” This sparks a gleeful skip in your brother’s step as you walk, “What do you wanna know?” You give Peter a glare before looking at your little brother as you walk.

“What’s he like?” The question is simple, yet the answer is complicated, “I know you were disappointed when meeting Iron Man,” the last sentence is said quietly, Jayme is too young to realise that Tony Stark IS Iron Man, therefore Iron Man IS your father.

You take a moment to think of your answer, “He’s a little annoying,” Peter scoffs, “But… he saves people, doesn’t ask for anything in return. He’s nice and kinda, nerdy. Well, actually, a massive nerd. He’s a good friend, too. Type of guy to come to your rescue even if you’re in the middle of an argument with him, and said some stuff you kind regret.” Jayme nods, taking all of that in, “you wouldn’t be disappointed if you met him.”

You glance at Peter as you cross the street, he’s smiling to himself as he walks, you want to believe he’s blushing but you put it down to being cold out in Manhattan today. You knock the door to your old home, passing Jayme his book-bag.

The door flings open, Oliver is standing in overalls, must’ve found work or that’s just his style nowadays, looking from Jayme to you. He grunts when he realises who you are. Jayme hugs and kisses your cheek goodbye before running inside, he waves at Peter, who also gives a little wave back.

“What are you doing around here?” Oliver grumbles, moving so you can’t see inside your house.

You shrugged, “Decided to pick up my little brother, a good thing too, looks like no one else was going to pick him up,” giving a sarcastic smile and that doesn’t settle well with Oliver. “Listen, we were just going. Let my mum know I dropped by, ‘kay?”

You stepped away, Peter following behind you, “Is that your boyfriend?” Oliver yells, sluggish smile on his horrid face, you don’t turn around as he chuckles. “Ever think your mother hasn’t gotten in contact because you’re a fag now?” He called.

You only turn because Peter stopped. The look of absolute thunder on Peter’s face, you place a hand on his shoulder just as he turns around. Oliver only chuckles at Peter, giving a little wave as he closes the door, knowing he’s gotten the reaction he intended. You tug on Peter’s arm, pulling Peter away, back towards the subway to go home.

“He is definitely not worth it, trust me,” you exclaim and look to Peter.

Peter seems to be in deep thought, not actually listening to a word you’re saying. You stop walking, grabbing his hand quickly before he can sulk off, Peter stops and looks at you, finally, actually giving you attention. His eyebrows are furrowed, his bottom lip caught between his teeth and he looks enraged.

“What’s up?” is all you manage to get out.

He runs his other hand through his hair, seemingly okay with his left being held by your own. “Why didn’t you say anything to that asshole? You just walked off.”

“It’s Oliver, it’s how he’s always been,” you shrug, “I’m used to it and, honestly, I’m kinda scared of him. Why do you think I pretended to be straight? It wasn’t a hobby to be someone I wasn’t, I was straight because living in that house as a gay guy would’ve been more torture than it was, and that’s saying something because it was Hell before.”

Peter nods slowly, frowning at the ground for a few seconds, “Why is your mum still with him?”

You move around Peter, beginning to slowly stroll through the streets, “Cause she doesn’t want to be alone,” you stare ahead, one shoulder shrugging. “Tony really hurt her, she doesn’t talk about it. She loved him, he didn’t love her but kept her along, then he broke things off. She found out she was pregnant with me, didn’t tell him for ages…” you trailed off, nodding to yourself slightly, “I think, she loves easily but always ends up with the wrong guys. Tony was a flight risk, didn’t want to be held down. Brooklyn’s dad is a liar, he was married when they were together and Jayme’s dad is a criminal now.”

Peter looks at you, his eyes watching as you try to explain your messy home life. Taking in all of your features, the permanent frown that seems to be placed whenever this topic is brought up. The way you sigh shakily as if you’re nervous to say all of this, the fear of being judged and mocked for not having the perfect life everyone assumes you have.

“Didn’t know that about Tony,” Peter remarks, “that Tony hurt your mum, I don’t know what I thought. One night stand is what I assumed,” he mutters, “Honestly, didn’t expect a guy like Oliver to be in your life. I don’t know much about your mum though, so I don’t know what I expected.”

You nod in agreement, “So, yeah, betcha didn’t think my life was that bad, huh?” you awkwardly chuckled, Peter raises an eyebrow at you, “The kid Tony didn’t want but ended up having anyway.”

Peter licks his lips and nods, “Honestly, don’t take this wrong, but I thought you were just a spoiled dick. You were rude, dismissive and mean when we first met. I thought all the fights you got into was because you were acting out for attention,” he declares with a shrug, “I was expecting some rich kid, you’re Mr Stark’s son, I was expecting the worse.”

“Well, don’t fucking hold back, Peter.” You nudge and he shyly chuckles, muttering an apology, “I was on purposefully mean to you, by the way. I didn’t want to be your friend because I didn’t want to stay here. It’s hard being Tony’s son, no one seems to get that. I sound whiny but… it’s difficult,” you glare at the ground. “I’ve been kidnapped three times, Peter. I’m so used to that situation that I hardly felt scared last night, in fact, I felt angry at the low price they put on my life.” Peter chuckled lightly at that but frowned as you shake your head. 

“I’m so used to people following me and writing about me, everyone wants something from me. No friendship is real when you’re Stark, I’ve never had a best friend, no one’s ever been real with me. I wake up every day and I’m just Iron Man’s son, that’s all I’m ever going to be to most people,” you shrug and peek at Peter, he’s nodding along to everything you’re saying, still holding your hand. “I’m not as smart as Tony, I don’t know why he put me in the same school as you. I’m not like him, people look at me and are disappointed,” you shakily sigh, “My life is constantly being judged against my father and it’ll always fall short in comparison,” you stammer, eyes stinging and you quickly blink back the tears.

Peter lets that all sink in, both of you entering the subway and quickly getting on your train. He sits next to you, reluctantly letting go of your hand. His eyes glance at the other passengers, all in their own little world and waiting to go home or to work.

A big part of him wanted to tell you how amazing you are, but he knows you wouldn’t believe that. Another part of him is too awkward to say how really feels, how he finds you perfect just because you aren’t like the expectations set for you. A large part is telling Peter to just be quiet, that his opinion doesn’t matter. But only yesterday you admitted that you liked him, so maybe, saying how he feels would be met with genuine appreciation.

“I think, that’s why you’re great,” he starts and you look away from the window to him, “you’re not like Tony, you shouldn’t be because you’re you. Your own person.” Peter shrugs with a little smile, “Plus you’re smart. You just think you aren’t because you compare it to Tony, but you are. You’re doing great in all your AP classes,” you chuckle and nod, “you have real friends now, Ned and Mj, they love you.”

You lean back against the chair, smiling softly at Peter for a moment, “Rude. You aren’t my friend now?”

“No,” Peter scoffs playfully, “I’m your best friend, duh.” You chuckle, rolling your eyes and settling against Peter because of how tired you are, “So… Captain America, huh?”

You choke on your breath, rolling your eyes, “It was a crush. I met him a few years ago, after the battle of New York, my mum wanted me and Tony to rekindle. I got to meet all of the Avengers,” Peter chuckled, “he was… very nice, physically attractive and I don’t have to explain myself. Have you met any of them?”

Peter lets slip a hearty chuckle, you grin and wait for whatever story he’s going to tell you, “Kinda fought them all up in Germany,” you raised your eyebrows, you knew what went down but didn’t know Peter was involved, “Yeah, stole Cap’s shield, beat up his two friends. Felt good, so many years having to do those awful Cap tests in gym class, he deserved it.”

The far-off look in Peter’s eyes, like he’s remembering a fond memory makes you laugh loudly. You try to control it because of the other passengers but when Peter joins in, it’s uncontrollable. Your laughter subsides and you chuckle lightly.

“Your little brother is cute though,” Peter comments and you nod once, “he really adores you, it’s nice. I don’t have any siblings,” the light sigh at the end of his comment makes you want to ask about his parents, but his face makes you refrain.

You nudge him lightly, “Thanks, for just about everything.” Peter smiles with a light shrug, “you make living here a little easier.”

(LOL Why is this SO long? I am sorry. I didn’t think it would end up being this long, in all honesty, I’ve been trying to cut down on lengths but… yeah, that’s not working out! :) Let me know if you’re enjoying this so far, I really appreciate feedback, especially for this series. - Rosalie)

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Hey I was wondering if you could do a yandere Peter Parker x reader. With some stalking, kidnapping, and birthday related for little-weird-13 and if you can wish her a happy birthday I know she'll be happy to hear from one of her favorite blogs.

Hell yes
Happy birthday @little-weirdo-13 !! 🎊🎉🎁
-I might be a little late
-and this might be a little bad but it’s long sooo
-enjoy your birthday!
-Your birthday coming up in 7 days excitement fills you
-already making plans with friends while jokes being passed back and forth
-lunch being the most crowded time at the lockers
-waiting for an opening to your locker your friends slowly go their own ways
-a smell is noticeable when you quickly shift through the numbers of your lock
-opening the door to your locker quickly filled you with confusion
-a warm boxed lunch waiting for you, organize neatly inside a clear container
-fork and spoon laying on top of the case wrapped up in a napkin
-it’s for you, everything implies it.
-there’s no way another student could’ve opened your locker and not notice it wasn’t theirs
-a hand suddenly touches your shoulders, scaring you as you quickly look at the person
-“Hey! Your not done getting your folders yet?” Peter asks, a kid who’s in the majority of your classes
-getting back to the task at hand you quickly replace the stuff in your backpack with what’s in the locker, leaving the nicely prepared meal
-“are you going to leave your lunch in the locker” questioning you with a smile,
-“well, yea, don’t worry about it”
-“are you not hungry?”
-“something like that.”
-the day goes by quickly, throwing out the food before leaving school
-not trusting the mysterious and random container
-peter texted you a few times within the after hours of school, sometimes they were memes and others were questions
-asking more things about you, in the most casual way possible of course
-acting as sweet as always towards you while in reality peter was feeling all sorts of emotions
-why didn’t you eat it? You didn’t even try it, well.. maybe it wasn’t the best idea but i put so much effort into it for you, making it perfect for the most perfect person
-he was more than frazzled
-but thats fine, it’s all good
-peter has several more days until your birthday comes along
-wanting to treat you to a birthday week, little gifts presented before your birthday
-your actual birthday will be such a surprise, peter really can’t wait
-you’ll love it!
-the next day peter was by your side as you opened your locker, wanting to see your reactions and comments, wanting to learn for you
-two roses on the second day
-you stared at them, while feeling slightly flattered you were also… well, disturbed
-“what’s up with the flowers y/n?”
-sighing you didn’t say anything, mix feelings keeping you from throwing them away so you keep them inside your locker
-it would be considered sweet if this person wasn’t breaking into your locker
-peter really didn’t know why you were so displeased, you liked flowers… right?
-the third day you were hesitant
-peter leaving you before opening the locker, saying he has to make up a test
-3 plushes of your favorite characters lined up on top of all the folders for your next classes
-it was cute
-giving you more clues to who this person was, knowing now that they know you well enough to get you this
-everything slowly connecting making you feel just a bit better about the gifts randomly left in your locker
-your friends must be doing this to you! Maybe they made a plan, getting you gifts together, seeing you open your locker plenty of times in the past explaining how they got in.
-believing it was still them even when they denied it, though the concern covering they’re faces set you off a bit
-the weekend beginning, yet you still seem to get gifts
-little packages on your door step
-the fourth day having something that all the others lacked, a note
-four new, soft and comfortable hoodies and sweaters
-the note reading “stay warm during sweater weather”
-such a dorky thing
-noticing sweater weather was written over a poorly erased word, trying to figure it out never worked
-the hoodies keep you warm and comfortable, using them as pjs proved for blissful sleep
-peter couldn’t be happier, he’s finally doing something right
-watching you stroll across room to room, taking your lazy, away from school day with the sweaters he gave you
-watching as you curl up in bed covered in the covers while you fidget with your phone
-the next day you woke up later than usual, sleeping through rain with a comfortable sweater keeping you asleep
-walking outdoors to see the box wet
-panicking you quickly pull it inside
-what were once five fluffy and soft blankets are now wet smocks
-you throw them into the dryer
-only making your love for them grow
-while they were suit to fit a entire king sized bed, they were also incredibly comfortable
-smothering you into sleep the moment you wrapped it around yourself
-falling asleep earlier than midnight, getting enough sleep for the next day, a school day
-you were excited
-the want to know who this person was came to your mind, not even caring if it wasn’t your friends anymore
-you wanted to thank them
-they’ve made this week so much better
-peter following to your locker, seeing the extra pep in your set giving him pride
-opening your locker only to find all sorts of your favorite treats, some being from the store while others had to be delivered
-“wow that’s a lot of candy” peter comments
-“i know! It’s amazing they got these for me! I can’t even get them.” Opening one of the six individual small candy bags that were filled to the brim with treats
-“I’m actually not sure yet-“ talking through a mouthful of candy “-I think its my friends, they probably made it like a group thing”
-nodding, understanding your muffled words
-peter listened to your ramblings on what you got so far, talking about the quality of the clothing along with the fabric of the blankets
-peters head against his hand, listening to your words while adoring you
-it’s the seventh day, your birthday!
-expecting your friends to confess to the gifts but they didn’t, asking them about it only confused them
-your actual birthday plans were canceled with them, the majority of them giving different excuses as to why
-the day starting to get more and more negative
-your locker was empty along with peter not being around
-the past days being amazing, guessing today just happened to be the relapse
-peter texting you, cheering you up with conversations as you sneaked your phone during classes
-sending you memes and cute pictures of cats
-ranting to peter, he immediately said he’s going to come over once schools over
-even though you told him it’s fine he persisted
-walking up to your doorstep to find peter sitting on the ground waiting for you
-two cups in hand
-“Hey! Happy birthday! I got us milkshakes! Though they might be more watery than before, I came a bit too early” a dorky laugh following while you lead him inside
-suggesting a movie marathon, taking sips of your drink while setting up the DVD player
-slowly feeling more and more tired, thinking it was just the hard day at school getting to you
-“Hey.. what movie do you..” your words drifting off as you fall down unconscious
-peter quick to catch you, slowly and gently laying you down on the couch
-“you’re ok, it’s ok, we’re ok. Now it’s time to get the rest of the present…” peter quickly emptying your back pack and filling it with the gifts he gave you, the blankets along with the sweaters and candy
-peters pleased with how well the plans went, especially over the course of a week
-while there might have been some rough patches with you being paranoid, that was quickly solved.
-the backpack hanging off his shoulders while he carries you through a short cut to a apartment
-waking up to the feeling of peters soft breathing moving your body
-thinking you must’ve fell asleep during the movie until you looked around
-quickly panicking against him
-peters hands holding onto yours as he quickly holds you down sitting on top of you
-“baby, baby.. hey there we go, calm down it’s fine your with me” a smile pulling on peters lips while the rest of his expression showed concern
-“why am I here? Where am I? What-“
-peter cutting you off with a kiss, pulling away seeing you in shock
-“happy birthday dear, maybe not the most subtle way of giving the last present but the most efficient”
-observing his movements and words trying to connect all you can
-“I’m glad you liked the blankets, you were adorable in the sweaters too..” a small blush covering his face as he looks away from you, flustered.
-“you gave me those presents?” Not knowing what to think, mixed emotions from this new information
-those gifts were what made you so happy, but this is so overwhelming
-“of course, only I know you that well.. I think the blankets were the best of all of them, I took so much time going store to store trying to get the best for you.”
-silence takes over you
-“I couldn’t keep the thought of us sharing them out of my mind, keeping you warm in my arms” peter wraps around you, the pillows supporting your head as you fall back with him. The drugs not exactly out of your system yet still proving to affect you physically.
-kissing your forehead
-“to stay warm during your time with me”
-pulling you closer against him, hands combing through your hair kissing your forehead
-rubbing your back
-“happy birthday baby”

Steve: [decorating the living room for Halloween]

Tony: Wow. I am so scared.

Peter: [in the background]…

Tony: [turn around to face Peter] Hi kid.

Peter: I am a nightmare be scared.

Steve: [Hysterically screaming and falling from the ladder]

Tom Holland and Noah Centineo interview…

Tom: *sits down*

Noah: h-

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Peter Parker x Reader: “I PUNCHED SPIDERMAN OH MY GOD!”

Originally posted by randomstuffs2

Summary: Peter forgets him and reader’s plans to hang out.

Word Count: 2,224 words (she thicc)

Warnings: Cussing & Human on Spider Violence (no Peter Parkers or Spiders were actually harmed in the making of this fic)

Peter Parker’s Apartment, Friday Night

4:27 pm (Y/N): henlo you stinky lizard- just got here, i’ll set the shit up, just get here quick

5:42 pm (Y/N): heyyy, everything good? haven’t heard from you since like fifth period when you said this was gonna happen.

5:43 pm (Y/N): text me pls 🅱️itch

6:03 pm (Y/N): where art thy whore

7:59 pm (Y/N): your diary is great. love the entry where you talk about wanting to clap ned’s cheeks

8:00 pm (Y/N): GASP when were you gonna tell me you had a crush on Ms. Wheeler?!!!?!?!?!? ngl same

8:17 pm (Y/N): i kinda expected something from that

8:24 pm (Y/N): *sent meme about spiderman* bro 🅱️pidey slim thicc like wOooOw

8:33 pm (Y/N): literally any indication that youre fucking breathing would be lovely

“Fucking Parker.” The (h/c) haired girl mumbled, frowning as she stared at the digital clock on her cable box that read 8:56 pm. Still no answer

He was late. Again. For the fourth time in a row. This week.

“Ugh,” The girl moaned as she flopped onto her side and stared at the tv that now displayed “Chopped”. Peter usually would come by right before she would plan to leave, and he’d deliver a string of endless excuses and apologizes.

“Hi (N/N)!” Aunt May chirped happily as she came through the door holding paper bags of groceries, making (Y/N) jump with fear.

“HoLY Shhhhiitake mushrooms.” (Y/N) catches herself, trying to say as smooth as possible. Aunt May grinned.

“Good save.”

(Y/N) breathed out and shrugged. “A girl can try.” (Y/N) stood up and closed the door behind May, grabbing two of the three bags she held when she came in.

“Thank you, dear.” (Y/N) nodded as she set bags on the kitchen counter. “Where’s Peter?” Aunt May asked, following (Y/N) in suit.

“He ran over to Ned’s to grab something, told me to stay here.” (Y/N) lied. It was always like this, sadly. Peter showing up late, and (Y/N) covering for him. Of course, Aunt May didn’t mind hanging out with (Y/N), she got to poke fun of the young teen for having a crush on her nephew and watch her get all red. Aunt May loved it because she knew Peter felt the exact same.

“And leave his girlfriend here all lonesome. Shame. I thought I raised him better.” Aunt May smirked.

(Y/N)’s face quickly turned red. ‘AN A T T A C K!’ Her mind would scream. She quickly cleared her throat. “You’re- you’re funny if you think I like that.. pft, nah, nahh, Peter?” (Y/N) realized her pitch had gone up. She swallowed before continuing. “I don’t like nerds.” She said in a lower tone.

“Uh huh, you must really hate Ned and Peter then, especially with the amount of time you spend around those nerds.” Aunt May laughed as (Y/N) groaned. Aunt May began putting the items she had brought home away. (Y/N) rubbed her face trying to think of  something quick, coming back up with a smile, her face resting on her arm that rested on the counter.

 “So, Tony Stark~”

“Grounded.” Aunt May sternly said into the fridge.

“I don’t even live here!” (Y/N) retorted.

Aunt May laughed as the two continued to talk about their day. She explained to (Y/N) some evil plans to get her and Peter together to which (Y/N) replied with a roll of her eyes but deep down squealed and had millions of wholesome and screaming reaction pictures going through her mind.

Aunt May had poured herself a glass wine, while (Y/N) sipped on an a cola. “And I don’t understand what the big fuss is over me having the same phone case as her, like it’s all black what’s-”

Before (Y/N) could finish, Aunt May’s phone went off. Pulling her glasses from her shirt neckline, May read the message out loud.

9:13 pm Ned: Hey Aunt May, it’s Peter, I’m gonna crash at Ned’s for the night. My phone died and Ned won’t let me use the charger. Love you, goodnight.

(Y/N) frowned. He forgot.

“Uhhh, did he forget that you were here? What the hell, I’m going to give that boy a piece of my mind-”

“Aunt May, it’s okay. Don’t worry and don’t text him about it please. It’s not a big deal.”

“Baby, this is a big deal, Peter literally forgot that his best friend, literally his favorite person in the world, next to Tony Stark, was at his place for what- five hours waiting for movie night,” Aunt May turned her phone to (Y/N). “He even texted me about it!”

1:27 pm Peter: is it cool if (Y/N) comes over around 4ish for some movies?

1:33 pm Aunt May: I have no problem with it, as long as you guys don’t make a mess on my vacuumed floor.

(Y/N) frown deepened. Maybe she was that forgettable.

She shook her head and offered Aunt May the best smile she could considering the circumstances. “Not a big deal. I got to hang out with you, which is 100% better than some boy.” She wrapped Aunt May in an one-arm hug. Aunt May gently grasped her arm and finished his wine.

“I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Here let me drop your off.”

“No, no don’t worry my dad’s on the way.” She lied knowing that Aunt May would just drive the both of them to Ned’s house to drag Peter out by the ear to apologize to (Y/N).

May smiled and nodded. “Okay. Then I’ll see you later. Text me if you need anything, okay?” (Y/N) nodded as May pressed a small motherly kiss to her temple and moved from the counter top chair. “I’m going to get ready for bed.”

(Y/N) offered a small smile and nodded as she watched May walk off into her room. (Y/N) grabbed the wine glass and her soda and place the empty can in the trash that was next to the sink, where she placed Aunt May’s glass. (Y/N) rinses the glass and washed her hands. She picked up the unopened snacks she had laid out for the movie and placed them neatly on the counter, next to the stack of Peter’s all time favorite movies.

“My dad’s here! Goodnight, Aunt May!” (Y/N) called out after she finished cleaning the organized mess she had made when she arrived.

“Night!” May yelled back. (Y/N) grabbed her backpack and one of Peter’s jackets, seeing as she probably was going to give it back tomorrow morning. (Y/N) left the key Peter had given her this morning on the small table next to the door before rushing out, closing the door behind her.

In reality, (Y/N) wanted to bask in the night and walk alone. She didn’t want to face her dad who would question why she was so quiet, and she didn’t want to get home just yet. She wanted to be alone to her thoughts under the night sky, down the empty street.

As she was walking, she felt as if someone was watching her. She quickened her pace but kept herself composed and as calm as she could be.

There was a quiet dropping noise and a presence next to her. “It’s not a good idea to be walking alone this late.”

“WHAT THE FUCK!” (Y/N) yelped as she punched into the direction she heard the voice.

Her fist made contact and a loud groan came from the person she had just punched. “Oh holy cow,” The voice wheezed. “You’ve got quite the arm.”

“What the hell was that? Sneaking up on a chick this late at night. A warning would of been fucking nice, assho-“ Before the (h/c) haired girl could continue, she looked down at the hunched over figure.

She first noticed the bright colors; Red & Blue. Webbing design. Spider.

Then it hit her.

“I FUCKING PUNCHED SPIDERMAN OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME BRO I DIDN’T MEAN TOO!” (Y/N) panicked, her hands gently place on his back as she continued to ramble on.

Spiderman straightened his posture and cleared his throat making (Y/N) drop her hands. “Nothing to worry about ma’am. No harm done.” He said in a weird deep voice.

(Y/N) awkwardly stood there, looking at the friendly neighborhood crime fighter. “What’s with the deep voice thing?”

“This is just my normal voice!” He sounded as if he was trying to be a news commentator during the 1940’s. (Y/N) giggled. “I’m self conscious, stop laughing!” Spiderman’s straight posture dropped along with the oh-so strong voice.

“Yeah, join the club, Spidey.” (Y/N) smiled.

The two laughed for a moment before Spiderman looked up at the (e/c) eyed girl. “Where ya headed to?” He asked, his hands on his hips.

“I was just uh walking home.”

“Can I walk you back?”

(Y/N) crosses her arms over her chest, the jean jacket a size larger than herself. “Don’t cha got like crime to fight?”

“Umm,” Spiderman moved a hand from his hips to his forehead, looking around the street, causing (Y/N) to grin. “Nothings really going on. The only real crime are those sneakers, what are those?” Spiderman pointed at her shoes

“A dead meme.” (Y/N) laughed.

“Touché .” Spiderman pointed finger guns at the girl. Spiderman began walking toward’s the direction the girl was headed. “Come on, (Y/- lady. Let’s get ya home!”

(Y/N) ignored the slip up and began walking with Spiderman home. They walked through the neighborhood, so there really wasn’t anyone that’d see them walking.

As they walked, (Y/N) talked about Peter and how he was the reason she was walking home this late.

“I was gonna ask if I could sleepover ya know, he’s my best friend and I haven’t really talked to him in a while, ya know.” Spiderman nodded in understanding. “He never came back home and then texted his Aunt saying hes gonna stay at other friend’s house. Which is cool, whatever. It’s just this isn’t the first time he’s blown me off.” (Y/N)’s frown deepened. “Like I’m just kind of sad because like I really like him, which is firstly gross.” She chuckled sadly. “But it feels like he doesn’t care about me.”

Spiderman couldn’t help but feel sad himself. “Have you told him how you felt about him and how you feel like he doesn’t care?” He said adjusting the backpack he had started to carry for the girl.

“No, no, no,” She laughed. “I can’t. I’m too much of a pussy. And plus like he’s such a bright and happy person, I wouldn’t want to drag him down and make him feel bad because I’m an attention hog.” Peter did feel terrible for making her felt that way, but it made him like her even more her humbleness and her kindness of not wanting to make him feel anything other than happiness. (Y/N) stopped and looked down the alley. “Welp,” She turned to the tall spandex clad man. “Thanks for listening to me whine while walking with me. It was really sweet.”

“Just doing my duty.” He said shrugging the backpack off, setting it on the floor before looking up to be met with a small kiss placed on his cheek.

“You’re the best.” (Y/N) smiled as she grabbed the backpack off the floor and ran down the alley up the fire escape that lead to her room, leaving a blushing starstruck Spiderman, holding his cheek staring up at her window.

Johnny’s 24 Hour Diner, Saturday Morning

“Hi Peter,” (Y/N) yawned into a cup of coffee as the he came and sat down in the booth she sat in. “Where’s Ned?” She wore a gray hoodie under Peter’s jean jacket, which he noticed right away. A smile crept onto his features.

“He had to go to Saturday School.” Peter said taking off his jacket, setting it next to him in the booth.

“Press F for respects.” Peter chuckled at the tired girl’s comment.

“RIP comrade.” Peter whispered before asking the waitress for a cup of coffee and pancakes.

Once a month, the trio would meet at Johnny’s Diner for breakfast and superhero debates. The waitresses knew the trio on a first name basis and memorized their usual order.

It was always something they looked forward to.

“We’ll have to meet next week to make up for Ned’s absence.”


Their food was set on the table and the ate in a comfortable silence before Peter looked up at the girl whom had barely touched her food.


She quickly looked up. “Yes?”

“Go on a date with me.”

She choked on air. “Wh-what?”

Peter cringed realizing what he had done. He chuckled nervously before rubbing the back of his neck. “I mean like- you don’t have to- I just wanted to… ya know- like I felt bad about all the times I’ve skipped out on ya-“ 

(Y/N) could kiss him right then and there, he was so cute when he was rambling.

“No.” She said with an evil smile on her face, making Peter’s features drop. 

“I want multiple dates, not a date. So no to one day, yes to multiple.” She said hoping she didn’t overstep with her boldness.

Peter was shocked. “Really? Oh man! (Y/N) you don’t even know!” He laughed out. “WOOHOO!” He yelled, making everyone turn to look at him. He whispered a few sorry’s before looking back at (Y/N) with the brightest smile ever. “You’ve made me the happiest spider in the world.”



Let Me Go- Reader x Peter Parker

A/n: This is kinda sad with a sad ending.

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The snow falls into view from the window. It’s dark out and Y/n still hasn’t returned. She’s been gone for a while, but I don’t know why. Maybe we had a fight that I forgot.

“Miss me?” He sweet voice asks from behind me.
“You have no idea!” I turn to see her, smiling at her complection. I grab her waist and hoist her into the air, twirling her around in the air.
“You really are lonely, Spidey!” She kisses me gently.
“Being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man gets lonely a lot of times!” I chuckles. “You’re the light of my day!” I say honestly.
“I thought seeing Tony Stark was the light of your day.” She raises an eyebrow.
“I don’t see him everyday.” I tease.
“Ah, I see.” She grins widely while leaning closer to me. “Well, should I start making dinner?” She pulls away before walking into the kitchen.
“Please, I’m starving for your food filled with love!” I follow her, taking her hand into mine.

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“Y/N, NO!” I scream, then a burning red light flashes before my eyes. Forcing them to shut for protection. For a second, I forget what I just lost. Until, it  rushes back into my brain like a wave. “NONONONO!” I sit up, ripping off my mask within seconds. I bolt to my feet, searching for what might be her. There’s nothing but rubble and ash. An explosion I couldn’t get to in time. She was inside, trying to find me. I didn’t tell her I was already in my suit, I didn’t know. I rush off to where she was standing, she was almost out of the building. “Y/N!” My voice cracks, I’m in histarcis. There’s the sound of rocks falling to the ground, someone’s moving around.

“Spidey…” Her weak and shattered voice calls for me.
“Y/n!” I spin around, glancing around to find her. She’s being crushed under rubble. I shoot a web at the pile and pull it towards me. A few of them fly past me, but one stays on top of her. Then, I see it. A pole is stuck inside her chest. “No… no!” Tears roll down my cheeks.
“Peter.” She whimpers. I speed towards her, crouching down next to her. “Why doesn’t it hurt? I know it should.” She begins to sob.
“Hey… Hey, it’s ok. I’m here, just breath.” I whisper. “Don’t worry, a doctor will be here soon.” I assure.
“Peter, if I die… Please, move on. I don’t want you stuck on me when I’m dead. I can’t have you miserable because of me.” She fubbles over her words.
“Don’t say another word, you are not dying!” I grab her hand.
“You’ll let me go, right?” I see the light fading from her eyes. “Promise me, you will!” She pleads.
“No, I won’t.” I shake my head.
“Promise me!” She barks.
“NO!” I fight against her pain.
“Pet…” Her head tilts downwards and her eyes shut slowly.

Me whenever Tom Holland posts a new picture

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If you ever feel insecure about your acne, just remember that Tom has acne as well and he’s the cutest person on the planet and so are u

  • interviewer, to tom: h-
  • benedict: i'll answer it


┃┃╱╲ In this

┃╱╱╲╲ house

╱╱╭╮╲╲ we love

▔▏┗┛▕▔ & appreciate


peter parker

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i love you with all of my heart ! i would hug you if you were real and not dust

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Thanos: give me the tesseract and I’ll let you live

Loki pulling out his dagger: bold of you to assume that I want to live