Wake Up Call | p.p | ONESHOT

Summary: Y/N is sleeping peacefully until Peter wakes her up in need of something. She agrees, on one condition. He has to follow her rules. It ends up being a futile attempt since you can’t help but give in to Peter’s cuteness.

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Genre: smut

Warnings: neediness, adorable adult acting like a whiny child. 

A/N: I got inspired while i was supposed to be doing homework, which i was actually doing until i came up with this :|. Procrastination is the best thing for writers but not for my high-school career. Anyway enjoy ;)

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Wisps of dreams circled my head as i slept soundly, but not that childlike sugarplum fairy stuff. More like getting through high school, getting married to my baby, having babies with my baby. Yeah yeah i know, cliche and cutesy. Well that’s what i was dreaming until light invaded my mind. My eyes peaked open and i began squinting when i saw the bedside lamp next to Peter’s bed was on.

“Peteeeeerrr.” I groaned, shielding my eyes.

“I know i’m sorry i couldn’t sleep.” I sighed, trying to look at the clock.

“What time is it?” I asked. I was still trying to see through the blinding light at what i’m sure was in the early hours of Monday morning.

“It’s three o’clock.” I could hear the disappoint in his voice. I used my arm to lift me up, struggling due to the weak state from my currently awaking body.

“Petey whyyy.” I whined.

“I’m sorry i’m just so needy, i need you baby.” I put my fingers to my temples, finally managing to open my eyes and look at Peter.

“What do you need from me Pete? Tell me.” I said.

“I need you on my cock baby girl, please. I can’t sleep like this. You were pressing up against me and rubbing me while you were sleeping. I couldn’t handle it anymore. It hurts.” He whimpered, pouting his lips. His eyes glistened with fake tears, using his cuteness yet being assertive to get me to give in.

I thought it over, remembering how it always worked on me. My love for him proved to my weakness and i nodded slowly. I quickly put up a finger when he opened his mouth.

I had remembered how i was reading about something, I could sleep and get my much needed rest while he calmed down enough to get some as well.

“Baby, i have an idea.” He looked at me quizzically.

“It’s called uh um-cockwarming, it’s uh-something i read about.” I looked away in embarrassment of what i had admitted.

“Okay basically what it is, is i will lay down. You can slide in, but you can’t move.” I mumbled, hoping he would pick up the meaning.

“But babyyy.” He whined. I shook my head.

“No Pete, if you wake me up at three in the morning for sex, this is my condition. You can do it.” I said, rubbing his arm. He groaned, then attempted to use his adorable puppy-dog eyes on me once more. Once he realized it wouldn’t work this time he slumped his shoulders and gave in.

“Okayyyy.” He groaned. I stood quickly, stripping my (well Peter’s) pajama bottoms from my legs, following with my underwear. I looked up to find Peter pouting but looking me over. It’s nothing he hasn’t seen before but it still makes me feel like it’s the first time we had sex and still gives me nervous butterflies.

Peter rushed to strip off his pants and boxers, clearly needing it badly. I finished stripping, leaving the t-shirt that Pete had given me to wear. The bed groaned and creaked when i slid on the mattress again, giving slightly under the weight of both our bodies.

I pulled the covers over my legs, laying down on my side, my previous position before Peter has so rudely woken me. Peter watched me and let me settle into a comfortable position, then slid on his side closer to me. I looked over my shoulder when Peter pulled my legs apart, opening them to give him more space.

I pushed my hips up, allowing him to peek and see where the perfect spot was. His hand that was holding my leg left, moving to clutch his hard on that was dripping. I thanked the lord that i had decided to go on birth control, Peter did not need to be a father at 16 and it saved the time that was wasted when he slid on a condom.

Peter pushed forward, pursing his lips while he centered himself and began sliding his cock into my entrance. He let out a small whimper while he pushed inch by inch into me, letting out a long sigh when he finally bottomed out. I held in a whine of pleasure when i felt him against my most pleasurable spot. I turned my head back and laid it on the pillow, closing my eyes and feeling ready to drift off. 

I was prepared to sleep until a slight shift in Peter’s hips made me open my eyes again. I shifted my own hips in response, trying to remain in a comfortable area.

A small whimper hit my ears.

“Petey are you okay?” I asked, stopping my shifting. I felt his hips push forward again, until stopping in one spot. That spot just so happened to be where he had first reached. The spot that made me moan loudly each time we gave each other pleasure.

“So tight, so warm. I don’t know how long i can last without pounding you. Pounding you until you scream my name. Until i make you cum the hardest you’ve ever cum. Fuck Y/N. You’re so hot.” His words made me drip. He knew how his dirty talking got to me. He knew how it affected me when he texted me in the middle of class and told me all the things he wanted to do to me. He knew when he approached me in the hall when everyone else was there and whispered in my ear that i’d better be waiting on his bed naked and dripping by the time he got home that i would always fall into his arms and beg him to take me.

“Pete.” I whimpered. I began rolling my hips, trying not to give in. I wanted to sleep, but now i was so awake, and so horny that i couldn’t if i tried.

“Yes baby girl?” Peter asked, i could tell that he had his stupid smirk that he would get when he knew he was going to get his way.

“Please.” I mumbled.

“Please what? Use your words and tell Daddy what you want.” He said as he leaned into my ear. I felt his fingers brush my naked hips and trail upwards, picking my shirt up. He moved his fingers to my stomach, and pulled me flush against his chest. I moaned when i felt him move deeper inside me and brush against my spot. Peter moved his hand once more, leading itself underneath my shirt and grabbing my breast harshly, his fingertips clutched my hardened nub and twisted.

“Pleaseee.” I whined. He moved closer, releasing my breast and going upwards until he reached my throat. He put his hand around it, putting enough pressure that i felt it barely inhibiting my supply of air.

“Tell. Daddy. What. You. Want” He spoke through a clenched jaw.

“Daddy please fuck me. Pound me daddy please.” I cried. Peter began moving his hips, slowly at first. He heard my whimpers and pleas, but i knew he would hold back. I started pushing my hips back to meet his.

“Daddy can’t resist his baby girl. I can’t hold back any longer.” He groaned, and sped his thrusts up harshly. His hips smacked into my weak but needy thrusts. I was on the brink of tears, holding my moans in. 

“Don’t hold your cries in baby. I want everyone to know how Daddy’s making you feel. Let me hear you baby, you always sound so perfect when i’m making you cum.” Peter spoke into my ear. I released a loud sound of pleasure when he thrusted into my spot repeatedly.

“That’s it baby. Let all of New York hear you.” A knot was rapidly building in the pit of my stomach. Twisting and making moans of pleasure come from deep inside me. 

“You feel so fucking good baby. You’re so perfect. You fit me like a glove.” He groaned. I whimpered when he tightened his grip on my throat. I was nearing tears, the pleasure i was feeling overwhelming my senses.

“I can’t last much longer Daddy.” I cried while tears started leaking from my eyes.

“I know baby girl. I can’t either.” Peter released my throat and brought his hand to my clit, rubbing it in furious circles. 

“Fuck baby girl.” Peter cried. His thrusts were getting sloppier while my walls clenched around him, gripping him like a vice.

“Daddy i need to cum, please Daddy it hurts.”I moaned, tears still falling onto the pillow that my hand was currently ripping in to. Peter heard me, and pressed his fingers hard onto my clit. It was what sent me over the edge. My walls pulsed, releasing and gripping Peter’s cock. I screamed as my body started shaking and my cum sprayed everywhere, dripping down my legs and onto Peter’s cock. 

Peter let out a myriad of curses and sounds of pleasure when his hips stuttered to a stop, his cum filling me completely up. I was still shaking roughly as he pulled out, whimpering quietly each time i shook in his arms. 

Peter pulled out slowly, i moaned as sensitivity and the feeling of emptiness hit my shaking body. 

“Fuck baby you squirted all over me.” He laughed as i turned to him and watched as he licked our juices from his digits. A bright idea sprouted in my mind as i slipped under the covers and brought my face to his still hard and leaking length. 

My mouth enveloped his cock and he groaned with sensitivity while i sucked our mixed cum off. After cleaning his cock, i went back to my rightful place beside him, shaking every minute and still recovering from my strongest orgasm.

“Thank you baby girl.” He said, releasing a grateful yawn. I smiled as his arms slid around my waist and he hugged me tightly. I grinned tiredly while i finally drifted back of to sleep and dreamed of our future together once more…



i love you with all of my heart ! i would hug you if you were real and not dust

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If you ever feel insecure about your acne, just remember that Tom has acne as well and he’s the cutest person on the planet and so are u


Tom: CAlM dOWn. R e l a x a t i o n

i have this under control.

Also Tom: *sneezes the whole Infinity War script*

Tom: ohmygod whoops

Marvel: ÖH mYG0D WHö0PŠ

Tom: I failed my safety course today.

Harrison: Why? What happened?

Tom: Well one of the questions was “In the case of a fire what steps would you take?”

Harrison: And?

Tom: Well apparently, “FUCKING LARGE ONES” isn’t an acceptable answer.

Peter Parker headcanons: Little intimate things

Because non-sexual intimacy isn’t portrayed enough in fics

I don’t own Peter Parker or anything else from the Marvel universe!

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  • The first time you and Peter shared a bath was awkward
  • You were both self-conscious, looking anywhere but at each other, and apologising profusely if you accidentally nudged the other with your foot
  • However, baths slowly became a tradition for the two of you as you became more confident and relaxed around each other
  • There isn’t a bath in Peter’s apartment, so when he’s had a bad day he genuinely turns up at your house like “can we have a bath?”
  • He likes to lie back against your chest in the water and just play with your hands resting on his stomach
  • He fell asleep like that once, and you didn’t have the heart to wake him up, even when the water was freezing

Cooking together

  • Whenever you stay at Peter’s, it’s tradition for you to make breakfast together in the morning
  • Or afternoon, depending on when you wake up
  • It’s usually afternoon
  • You’ll both be sleepwalking around the kitchen in your pyjamas, you mixing pancake batter whilst Peter makes toast and smoothies
  • Occasionally he’ll bump his hip against yours, or you’ll rest your head briefly on his shoulder to get a kiss on the forehead
  • Once your food’s ready, you take it all back through into his bedroom and cuddle up in bed to eat
  • Mornings with Peter taste like pancakes and strawberries

Spa days

  • Ever since you two did your first set of exams, it’s been your tradition to have a spa day at one of your apartments the night before your first exam
  • You get face masks, nail varnishes, and light some scented candles, and both sit in your comfiest clothes watching trashy TV shows
  • Peter once fell asleep when you were putting a face mask on him because it was so relaxing
  • He loves painting your nails, and he bites his lip adorably in concentration when he does
  • Also, Peter gives incredible back massages that will literally send you to sleep

Sharing clothes

  • Peter loves giving you his jumpers to wear
  • They’re always so cosy and soft and they smell like him, so they relax you immediately
  • When you’re leaving his house, he always insists on giving you a hoodie or even one of his jackets to wear so you’re not cold on the way home
  • He’s been hesitant to give you jackets though ever since you referred to his raincoat as his “Peter Parka”
  • Peter takes your clothes just as much as you take his
  • He especially loves when you buy baggy jumpers, because he’s so slim that they just smother him and they’re so comfy


  • You can’t count all the times you’ve cried in front of Peter
  • He’s seen you cry over school, family, his safety, everything, and he’s held you through it all
  • He holds you against his chest and lets you cry into his shirt whilst he whispers soothing words to you and rocks you gently to calm you
  • He’s done his fair share of crying in front of you too
  • The night Uncle Ben died, he turned up at your window, his tears practically blinding him
  • You held him in your arms the whole night, his frantic sobs barely fading as the night went on, and kissed his tearstained cheeks to remind him that you were there


  • Towards the end of high school, the future is a scary thing, but you and Peter talk about it so often that you find yourself looking forward to it
  • You’ve discussed everything from what colour curtains you’ll have in your apartment (blue, if you’re wondering) to how many cats you’ll have (fifty seven, according to Peter)
  • Sometimes, when the two of you are just cuddling together, Peter starts thinking out loud about your future together
  • “It’ll be so cool when you’re my wife, it’ll be like being married to my best friend”
  • “Do you think we’ll have kids or dogs?”
  • He doesn’t seem to realise how his words make your heart race with how certain he is that no matter what happens in his future, you’ll be a key feature

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Hell yeah.

title: practically naked
word count: 1k
summary: “y-you’re… naked.”
“i’m in a bra.”
“but, that’s practically naked.”

peter smiled brightly as he walked down the street, his stroll full of bounce as he approached the steps to avengers tower. the brunette boy jogged up the stairs excitedly.

“hey happy!” peter called as he marched towards the elevators, stark’s head of security leaned over his desk, furrowing a brow at the boy’s jittery stance.

“what’re you smiling about?” happy asked, curiosity layering his words.

peter spun on his heel, ecstatic to tell happy of the reason for his grin. “i’m going on a date,” he rolled on the balls of his feet, a blush forming across his cheeks, “with y/n.” he added, a bit of embarrassment coating his voice.

Happy raised an eyebrow, a small smirk pulling at his lips. “good luck kid.” he said, sending Peter off as the elevator descended.

all of peter’s nerves creeped up on him all at once. a small bead of sweat beginning to trail down his temple. he quickly wiped it away, taking a deep breath before the doors opened up to engulf him into the lounge.

a few avengers sat clustered in groups throughout the room, all their eyes falling upon peter and watching his nervousness build as he headed for the stark girls bedroom.

he stood outside her door, trying to regain the small amount of confidence he had. “c'mom peter, it’s just a study date, just a-”

the door flung open, causing peter to jolt backwards, resulting in the boy falling onto hit bottom with a thump. y/n stood by the door, her hand flying over her mouth to hold back the laughter that was about to erupt from her lips.

“you alright?” she quickly asked, trying her best to hide the giggle out of her tone.

peter nodded, his cheeks burning as she took his hand, helping him up. y/n didn’t release him after helping him up, but instead tugged on his arm, pulling peter into his room.

peter glanced around the spacious bedroom, he estimated its size in his head, coming to the conclusion; it was larger than his whole apartment.

what interested the boy the most was the large wall completely made out of glass. he knew the whole tower was glass, but her room was the center, which made it odd how the window looked out on the city of new york.

“pretty cool huh?” y/n asked, netting his side. peter was at a loss for words, his eyes just trailed over the skyline, his mouth falling dry. “it’s this super tech thing my dad made, kind of like two way glass.” she tapped on the window, the skyline disappeared, a light grab wall replacing it.

“that’s… amazing.” peter sputtered, in shock by the amount of tech one room alone could hold.

y/n laughed, taking a seat on the ground where she had laid out her books. peter sat across from her, flipping through the pages of his geometry book.

the two tried to focus as best they could, but it just turned into a fit of laughter and the occasional toss of a french fry.

she stuck her tongue out at a comment peter shot her way, resulting in his flick of the chick fil a waffle fry smacking her square in the chest. y/n looked down to see a small ketchup stain splattered across her white top, a small frown crossing peter’s face.

“oh god, i’m incredibly sorry, here i’ll-” peter halted, he held his hand centimeters away from her chest, the napkin in his hand crumbling under the clench of his fist. instead he dropped it in her lap, leaning backwards.

y/n dabbed at the stain, knowing bloody well it wouldn’t come out but it was worth the effort. she as an alternative to, stood and made her way towards her dresser.

peter stared down at his lap, the feeling of self-consciousness swept across his face. his gaze trailed upward, his eyes falling upon y/n… topless.

he tried to pull his stare away but couldn’t, he sat paralyzed, eyes wide. y/n held a shirt in her hand, noticing his gape out of the corner of her eye.

“you okay peter?” she asked softly, stepping towards him. he flinched at her effort to touch his shoulder, the boy dropped his vision.

“y-you’re… naked.” he stuttered, peter’s face falling flush.

y/n couldn’t hold back a giggle, she easily compared his face to that of an apple. “i’m in a bra.” the girl elaborated, her mind thinking of ways to tease the flustered boy.

“but,” he began, lifting his gaze momentarily back to her, “that’s practically naked.”

y/n watched as he turned his back on her completely, listening to his small mutters he whispered telling himself to calm down.

she pressed her lips together, sending a glance down at herself. she wasn’t wearing anything to risqué, only a bralet that was easily the size of your average sports bra. but of course she knew peter well, and wasn’t expecting any less from him.


“yeah?” he didn’t turn around.

y/n pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, sighing. “you know, if you’re really interested in dating me, you should get use to this.”

his face went from red to crimson. “w-what?”

y/n smirked, sitting down to face him, she tapped her pointer finger on his knee, a bit of mischief playing in her eyes. “close your eyes.” he did as she said. “now imagine yourself sitting where you are, and me where i am.”

his mouth fell dry. “dressed as you are?”

she shook her head, “yes, except make a small adjustment.”

“and that is?” his posture grew tense, his eyes were squeezed shut tightly. y/n could tell he was nervous, embarrassed even, but she was just like her father. she loved to mess with people.

“you’re wearing nothing but your boxers.”

his eyes popped open, the boy getting to his feet as quickly as possible. “okay that’s enough out of that game.” he stumbled, his nerves calming as y/n gripped his wrist.

“peter,” their eyes met, “you’re allowed to think of me like that.”

“but isn’t that… wrong?” he cocked his head.

y/n shrugged, “maybe to some, but i don’t mind it. besides, I’ve thought about it intensely, and you look great in boxers.” she winked, that familiar blush falling upon peter’s face as he dropped his gaze.

“and you look very pretty with clothes on.”

Harrison: Excuse me I lost my friend he’s got brown curls and is short and he kinda looks like a baby can I make an announcement?

Store employee: Sure

Harrison: *leans into the mic* Goodbye you little shit.



Peter, climbing on top of the fridge: this house iS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE

Zendaya: Anybody under 5’9 can’t talk about fighting someone. Like, what are you gonna do? Headbutt someone in the nipples?

Tom: Say goodbye to your kneecaps, asshole.

Peter making his father proud

Infinity War characters as The Office quotes

Peter Parker:

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Thanos pt 2:

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peter parker kisses

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  • when you first start dating he gets all flustered, and blushes. he always asks before if he can kiss you
  • tbh he still gets flustered after months of dating
  • when he gets more confident and comfortable he like to gently grab your face with both hands and give you soft kisses
  • you would be chilling at home, watching netflix with him and you notice him staring at you
  • “what’s wrong, pete?”
  • “nothing,” he says smiling lovingly, “you’re just so beautiful” he says before taking your face in his hands and kissing you deeply
  • there’s those nights when he comes back from spider-man duties, you help him get cleaned up, those “i’m so glad you’re okay” kisses, they last longer, when you’re done you just hug for a really long time
  • “i’m so glad you came back to me,” you say, your face smushed into his chest, your arms tightly wound around him. “i’ll always come back to you, angel” he replies
  • quick kisses during the day, when you’re making breakfast, walking to school, studying
  • when he sleeps over and he wakes up before you, he wakes you up with soft kisses all over your face
  • when you finally wake up, with a smile on your face, he says, “good morning beautiful” before trying to give you real kiss
  • but you stop him, “no pete, morning breath, i taste gross.”
  • “that’s impossible, you always taste great” he replies before blushing at the realization of what he said.
  • he’d sneak in kisses in the library sometimes when you’re studying, he just can’t help himself
  • if flash tried to approach peter to say something stupid when you’re around, you’d just grab him and kiss him so flash would go away
  • when peter had to go be spider-man, your kisses would be slow and passionate
  • your hands in his hair, on his neck, his on your waist, pressing you against him
  • “i’ll be back soon.” “you better.”
  • if he’s patrolling near your house, he’d swing by for a quick kiss
  • sPiDErmAn KiSs
  • makeout sessions:
  • they happened unexpectedly sometimes, you’d just be watching tv then one of you just grabs the other and you start kissing for a long time
  • or you’d be watching tv, laying on peter on the couch, your head on his lap, you’d start mindlessly tracing, caressing his thigh, after a while he starts fidgeting, “y-y/n can you stop that, please?” he’d beg
  • you barely realized you were doing anything, “stop what, babe?” you’d ask still touching his thigh
  • “th-that,” he’d stutter, pointing to your hand.
  • only then you’d realize what he was talking about and why
  • “what if i don’t wanna stop, pete?” you’d ask innocently, licking your lips.
  • he’d actually just whimper in response
  • you’d slowly get up, looking into his eyes as your hand would get higher and higher
  • his puppy eyes would be staring at you, filled with lust
  • you’d slowly lean in, his eyes would close, as soon as you’re about to kiss, you lean back a little to tease him
  • he’d whimper a lot
  • you’d kiss him, slowly, deeply, he’d get needy and grab you by the waist, so you’d straddle him
  • slow grinding
  • your hands tugging his hair, making him groan
  • his hands caressing your sides, slowly moving to your butt (grabbing it)
  • but y’all don’t go any further (you’re kids)
  • you just makeout for a long time but it’s g r e a t
  • he was a v good kisser
  • if peter ever got jealous of guys staring at you when you went out to eat or when you were walking down the street, you’d tell him he was the only one for you and you’d kiss him hungrily in front of all them
  • he’d get all flustered (and so horny) but he’d really have no problem with that, it’d spark his confidence, he’d put his hand on your ass or in your back pocket and stare the guys down as you walk by
  • you’d kiss all the time

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