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Satin Slippers - Part 2: Allegretto

hey guys! sorry if this sucks, i’ve been writing it between classes today. if there is anything you don’t like about it, please let me know and I’ll work to fix it/update it! Please stay tuned for part 3!! also, if you have any suggestions for part 3, please send them to me! I hope you enjoy!

Some angst, mostly fluff!

High School!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Word count: 2860

The air was brisk on this spring morning as you walked to the subway. It was the kind of crispness that bit your cheeks but promised warm breezes in the afternoon. The snow was starting to melt uncovering the budding flowers beneath the winter sheath. The suns brightness rained onto you, giving you warmth as you walked down the steps to the subway.

You were on your way to meet Peter for a coffee and a bagel at the stand outside the subway stop. This had become your usual routine and you loved having his company on your journey to school.

Since that night in your room a few weeks ago, the two of you had gotten closer than ever. He would come over every night, regardless if he had avengers work to do. Sometimes he would even wait outside your ballet studio and walk with you back to the tower, he would simply justify it by saying the sky was getting dark or that it was “on his way” to whatever he was supposed to do that evening.

Your dad said very little about the budding relationship, well, if you could call it a relationship. Neither of you had confessed anything and the most severe thing you had done was the odd hug here or there. You couldn’t tell if Peter liked you as a friend or if there was something more there. You often found yourself at the end of the night regretting that you hadn’t made a move on Peter, but in the same breath, why hadn’t he made a move? ‘Maybe it was just friendship after all? ‘you’d often think to yourself.

The rustling of people merging off the subway pulled you from your day dream. Rubbing your eyes with a sigh, you follow the herd of people on their way out of the subway and into their daily routine. Waiting at the top of the stairs was that familiar boy with the big brown doe eyes who had constellations of freckles over the bridge of his nose that spread across his cheeks. The sight of him made your heart flutter, part of you just wanted to grab his face and kiss him good morning.

“Good morning, Y/N!” The bright eyed and bushy tailed boy exclaims, “how did you sleep last night?” He smiles as the two of you commence your walk to the bagel stand.

“Eh, it was okay. I think I pulled my hamstring last night at dance, it was giving me some trouble when I was trying to sleep.” You sigh, the sweet smell of java filling your nose and awakening your senses.

“Oh no! uh, I know some stretches that I could maybe show you?” Peter says in a worried tone. Suddenly, a blush grew on his face as he realized that his words could have come across incredibly inappropriate. “Uh, I didn’t mean it like that, like, uh,” He panics, “I know a few that could help…some of those spidey poses can be brutal.” Peter whispers while trying to hide his face from his growing embarrassment.

“That would be great, Peter. Maybe tonight you could help me out. We can foam roll together!” You laugh, rubbing his shoulder in a silent effort to show him that everything was alright.

“Good morning, Joey!” Peter beams at the bagel man, “Could I get an everything bagel with cream cheese and a BLT. Could I also get a chai latte, for this lovely lady, and an earl grey tea?” he says politely while reaching into his back pocket to take out his wallet.

“Here, Peter-“you start as you whip your backpack to the side and unzip the front pocket, fishing around for your wallet.

“No, no, it’s on me this morning.” Peter smiles, “It’s the least I could do. The last thing we’d want is for you to be starving and tired at your dress rehearsal tonight.” Peter smiles as he hands Joey, the bagel man, a 20$ bill. “May always says that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day!’” He jokes in a high-pitched voice.

“Wow, I can’t believe you remembered that my dress rehearsal is tonight. I don’t even think that dad remembers…” Your voice trails off, as you look down at your ratty converse on the cold pavement.

Recently, your dad had been back and forth to Dubai with Pepper for business or locked away in the lab working on some new weapon. While you knew this is who he was, you still missed having him around to talk about life with. It’s not that he didn’t make the time for you, he tried to cook dinner with you or help you with your homework, but with your dance schedule picking up to prepare for the spring recital and Peter always being around to help you do school work, your schedules rarely lined up.

“Of course! You got that incredible solo, the mashuka? Marchinka?-“

“The Mazurka!” You laugh at Peter’s attempt to pronounce the Polish word. That boy always knew how to cheer you up.  Deep down you knew that he was purposefully butchering the name just to get a giggle out of you.

Peter passes you your bagel and chai latte as you commence your walk to school. Your first class of the morning was Functions while Peter was going to be stuck in Advanced Calculus.

“So, Saturday night…, would you want to go grab a bite after your show?” Peter mumbles quickly, taking a swig of his tea. The hot water burned his lips which caused him to react with the most hilarious face.

“Well, Dad is supposed to take me for dinner…if he’s around, but I’m sure you could tag along, if you want!” You smile, oblivious to Peter’s failed attempt at asking you out.

“Oh! Uh…Yeah sure-I mean, as long as I’m not interrupting family time.” Peter says nervously, looking at you for reassurance.

“Peter, I would love for you to be there. Please come.” You beg him softly, looking him right in the eye as you grab his free hand in yours. His hands were always so warm compared to your frozen finger tips. His cheeks grew to a slight shade of pink at your bold gesture. There was this look in his eye that made your stomach do somersaults. This sweet, silent moment was interrupted by the noisy, ear splitting, red bell that signaled a warning that classes commenced in five minutes.

The two of you walk into the school, still awkwardly half-holding hands. The crowded, busy halls forcing you two to be incredibly close, just mere inches away from each other.

“Thank you again for breakfast, Pete! I’ll see you at lunch?” You smile, yearning to lean over and kiss him on the cheek. You knew that such a bold move might frighten him, so you tried to push the thought out of your head by reminding yourself about your math quiz in first period.

“You bet, good luck on your quiz! Remember, double check your answers!” Peter smiles as you two branch down separate hall ways.


After a long day, you finally were free and excited for rehearsal. Someone had left a new pair of pointe shoes in your room this morning, courteousy of your dad, before school, and you were excited to break them in so they could be just perfect for the show on Saturday.

As you walked out of the subway station and to the dance studio, you reach into your dance bag to find a hair elastic. Instead, you pull out a note.

’Ballet is not technique but a way of expression that comes more closely to the inner language of man than any other’ – George Borodin, I hope you have a good rehearsal! I’ll see you later xx Peter

The thoughtfulness of the note brought a smile to your face. You had no idea how he managed to slip that note into your bag, but it didn’t matter. The gesture itself made you feel like you were on cloud nine.

Once you reached the studio, you changed into your costume for the recital. A long, tulle skirt that flowed just past your knees, with a white beaded bodice and white arm poofs. Your jewelry and tiara were safely tucked away in a velvet bag in your cubby, but you didn’t have the energy to fuss with it.

You slowly place your foot into your new pointe shoe, testing the strength of the elastics and the grip in the block of the toe. It felt perfect.

“Hey Y/N!” Annabelle’s voice rings from behind you. You turn around flexing your ankles to break in the arch of the shoe. “Did you get new shoes?” She asks politely, pointing at the crisp baby pink slippers.

“Yeah, they were a gift from my dad. I think it’s his way of apologizing for being so absent lately.” You sigh, looking up at Annabelle, her red hair tucked neatly into a bun.

“Where is he?” She asks, a concerned look forming on her face.

“He’s been either busy with work or in Dubai with my step-mom…for work.” You explain, walking closer to the studio door.

“Well, if you ever need anything, you are always welcome to stay at my place. My parents love you!” Annabelle peeps, touching your shoulder in reassurance.

“Thanks Annie. I may take you up on the offer.” You half smile.

“How’s that Peter boy you like?” Annabelle asks as she ties up her pointe shoes, looking over at you innocently.

“Oh…” You blush, your reaction brings a smile to Annabelle’s face. “He left me an adorable note in my bag today, and I’m pretty sure he’s coming on Saturday.” You mention. You couldn’t help but let a smile creep across your mouth at the thought of Peter in the front row watching you.

“I hope I get the chance to meet him after the show then.” Annabelle winks, slowly opening the door to the studio and walking in. You followed closely behind her, ready to start your stretches and run through the ballet.


“Okay ladies! Great work! Please hang up your costumes in their proper spots so no one loses any pieces between today and the show!” The ballet mistress says as the tired dancers walk out of the studio.

“Y/N!” She calls, scurrying to catch you before you walk out the door.

“You did a great job in the Mazurka. I just wanted to give you a couple of notes, make sure that when you come down from a jump, you really lean into that front leg for balance. Also, just really think about doing a full round of motion with your arms when you lean in for your jumps. Otherwise, great work!” She smiles as she prances into the director’s office.

You were exhausted but relieved. You hadn’t forgotten anything since your solo rehearsal on Tuesday and your hamstring hadn’t bothered you yet. You had given it an extra good stretch and warm up before class today to ensure you don’t injure it any further.

You gently untie your new slippers and place them into your quilted dance bag. You decided to bundle up for the brisk walk home to try and keep your muscles warm, throwing on some sweat pants and tucking them into uggs. You placed your ratty converse into your back pack and zip up your coat.

Finally, time to go home.


­­­­­­The moment you reached the tower, you felt as if your legs were going to fall off. Slumping into the elevator, you rested your head on the wall and enjoyed the music in your ears. You were listening to Beethoven’s Pathetique, op. 13. There was something about this music that evoked so much emotion in you, an observation that you had learnt from your grandmother.

You wished that she could have been here to see you dance and perform your first big solo. Some days it felt as if she had left too soon, and in this tough time with your dad, you really wished that she was here to talk to. Your grandma always gave the best advice. She knew how to handle your dad when he was being difficult, and she always knew how to cheer you up.

As the elevator doors opened, you called into the tower to see if anyone was home. You assumed that since the lights were off, and you had received no reply, that you were alone.

Reaching your bedroom, you tossed your bags on your bed and grabbed the picture of your Grandmother off your dresser. You pressed it tightly into your chest, praying that somehow it will feel the same as if she were giving you a tight embrace in real life. You could feel tears start to sting at your eyes, the mix of stress, fatigue and tension has you on the brink of a full-on cry.

With a sigh, you place your grandmother’s photo back in its place and walk into your bathroom. You decide that the best thing is to run a bath and try to relax.  


After your nice bath, you decided to bundle up in something comfortable and make yourself a hot chocolate. It was times like this, when you were all alone, that being in the tower was both comforting and depressing. Your grandmother had always expressed that you need to know how to take care of yourself, and to you, the best way was to watch a movie with some hot chocolate.

Once you had your mug full of the chocolate goodness, you walked to the living room and plopped down into your favourite spot on the couch, curling up with your dearest fluffy blanket.

“FRIDAY can you please turn on Singing in the Rain?” You ask the AI politely.

“Yes, Y/N.” The AI replies and before you knew it, the sound of Gene Kelly’s feet was tip tapping across your screen.

About twenty minutes into the movie, you heard the ‘ping’ of the elevator doors open. Pulling your attention away from the film, you said a brave “Hello?” to the stranger entering your home.

The next thing you knew, you saw a brown curly haired boy pop his head around the corner. His backpack overflowing with stuff, as per usual. Peter dropped his bag by the arm of the couch and walked in front of you, blocking your view of the movie.

“Hey.” He said calmly, running a hand through his hair. His expression changed when he noticed your red puffy eyes. “Are you okay, Y/N? What’s wrong? Is it your hamstring? Do you need me to help you to a doctor? You know, it’s only a couple of blocks-“The boy’s panic was interrupted by your laughter. His concerned expression grew into a confused look.

“I’m okay, Peter. I’m just upset with my dad. But thank you for worrying.” You smiled, grabbing his hand. “Thank you for the note, too. It really put a bounce in my step after reading it.”

Peter’s cheeks grew red as he tried to hide the smile that was forcing itself on his lips.

“Anytime. I knew you were having a tough morning…Do you want to talk about it?” Peter asked softly, sitting beside you. He made sure to keep his hand in yours, the feeling of touching you sent his heart into a frenzy.

“No…” You sighed as you felt a lump grow in your throat. “yes…” You sobbed, placing your hands over your face. The last thing you wanted to do was scare Peter away by having a full-blown meltdown in his lap.

“It’s okay, Y/N. It’s okay.” He hummed, rubbing your back in a circular motion. “Why don’t you tell me what happened? You mentioned earlier that your dad has been away a lot?” Peter encouraged, forcing a small smile across his lips.

“Yeah,” You snorted as you wiped your nose with the sleeve of your sweater, “He’s been gone for almost a month with Pepper, and I never get to see him. I’m stressed with life and I miss him. I miss my grandma but that isn’t going to change, and I just feel alone! And being alone when you’re tired and stressed is hard.” You sobbed, pouring your heart out to poor Peter.

“But you aren’t alone, Y/N. I’m here…and I’m not planning on going anywhere.” Peter smiled, grabbing your face between his soft hands. “I know life can be tough, but I will be here rain or shine.” He smiles.

In that moment, it felt as if the world had stopped. Peter’s big, brown doe eyes were looking at you with the most loving look and that is when it clicked. This was more than a friendship, this was love. He loved you and you loved him, but you were both too scared to do anything. This was your chance.

Peter’s face slowly moved closer to yours, eyes closing as he leaned in.

Just as he was about to kiss you, the elevator door flew open and all the lights in the tower sprung awake.

“Honey, I’m home!” a familiar, parental voice called out.

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  • Me: *sees something about Peter Parker aka The Spiderman™*
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Tom Holland looks like he’s 25 but sometimes he looks like he’s 15??



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REBLOG TO SAVE A MARVEL FAN’S LIFE LMK WHAT Y’ALL THINK I’M GOING CRAZY ( this is fan art, but they still wouldn’t have just posted any fan art like this has to be some type of clue)

iS tHaT a HiCkEy?

requests: can i get an imagine where peter leaves a shit-ton if hickeys on the readers neck and then they go hang out with the avengers team and everyone on the team freaks out and thor is like “wtf lady y/n” and tony gets all protective dad and bucky is like “fuck yeah that’s my girl!” and stuff like that !! thanksssss i love your writing so much btw it’s actually the best! so glad you’re making the magic bus a series !!!!!
hello there! i just finished reading everything on your account and your writing is amazing !!! I was wondering if I could request a female!reader x peter and tony x daughter!reader where Peter gives the reader a bunch of hickeys and she goes to see all the Avengers and Tony freaks out?

warnings:hickeys and freakouts (my kind of friday night (-; ) oh and unedited!

word count: 2.7k

a/n:at the end (-:


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A raccoon, a tree and a disney princess

Masterlist for My Darlings

Submission/Request Rules:


Birthday Month Imagines:

January 2018

Deadly Sins:



Sloth & Lust*


Envy & Wrath

Lust & Wrath *

Lust & Desperation*

Envy & Flirtation

Wrath & Anxiety

Mr. Holland:

Mr. Holland will see you now

Cream & Sugar

Office Drama



Can’t Help Falling in Love with You

Can’t Help Falling in love with You- Please Don’t Leave Me

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Lending a Helping Paw

Heading Home Back to You

The White Place

The Phone Call

Dog Mom Life:

Dog Mom Life/More Than Yesterday

Dog Mom Life- Moments with You

Dog Mom Life- Prank War

Dog Mom Life - Mobbed & Shaken

Fucking Idiot

Peter Parker Imagines:

Feeling Heartbreak

The Loss of a Legend


Caught Web Handed

Wedding Drama

Tom Holland Imagines:


The Way You Look Tonight

Fuck you Holland*

Power Couple

Twisted Truth or Dare*

FaceTime Call


You’re My Girl Pt.1

Naughty Girl

Hi, I’m Tom


Lilianna Holland:

Late Night Consequences

Slow Motion


Tom Holland as a Dad Imagines:

Shhhh… She’s Sleeping

Double Trouble

Missing You..

Congrats Man

I’m OVER it mom…

Safety First

Late Night Consequences

Christmas Gift

Tom’s Favorite Fan

Tea Party

Maybe More Than Friends (Peter Parker x Stark!Reader)

Word Count: 4,729

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: After Peter joined the Avengers, you were basically forced into spending a lot of time with him, being that your father is being that your father is the Tony Stark. Your relationship starts off fairly innocent being as Peter was fairly shy around you, and not to mention that Tony had strictly forbid you two from dating. But despite your best efforts, the sexual tension between you two is undeniable. And one night while the rest of the Avengers are out on a mission, leaving you and Peter alone, the sexual tension comes to a peak. Peter is 18 in this fic.

Warnings: Extreme fluff. Language. Smut smut smut

You remember the first time you met Peter Parker. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

It was a pretty unexpected meetup. You didn’t even know that he was in the tower. You were working in the lab with another one of your dad’s employees, helping design a suit for the new Avengers recruit, Spiderman. It was your first major job, and you were so focused that you hadn’t even noticed when your dad and Peter walked in.

“Hey, Y/N, meet the new recruit, Peter. Peter, meet Y/N, my daughter.” Tony said loudly as he entered the lab, startling you and making you hit your head on the wall.

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I don’t play by the rules

Pairing: Peter parker x Stark! reader

Summary: Peter Parker falls hard for the new girl, and while he can’t do anything about it a certain masked hero might.

 word count: 2135

y/bf/n= Your best friend’s name

warnings: slight makeout? 


sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, hope you enjoy it! Please tell me what you thought about it! :) 


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It happened on a Tuesday. A regular day you might say, however it was the day everything changed for Peter Parker. There he was on his chemistry class thinking it was just another boring class, another wasted hour, at least he thought that until the door opened, revealing the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

Standing in front of the class was Y/n Stark. Everybody knew who you were, your dad was Iron man, for God sake! You came in the classroom with a designer outfit and bag that was probably more expensive than Peter’s whole wardrobe.

Peter continued to watch you as the teacher told you to seat right at the front of the class. Not only were you a really pretty girl, with the brightest smile and the kindest eyes, but you also had to be very intelligent, since this was the Chemistry AP class. Well of course she is intelligent dumbass! Her father is Tony Stark! She has obviously been in his labs before!

After that first time he saw you everything went downhill. He could never gather the courage to talk to you, let alone ask you out, so he settled for watching you from afar. She probably thinks I’m a creeper, Peter thought, however he couldn’t bring himself to care. He could watch as your smile got bigger when someone told you a joke, and how your eyes will get particularly bright whenever you got a good grade at math. He didn’t care about anything else.

Not long after your arrival to the school he got his so-called “stark internship”,  or his role as Spiderman. This didn’t change much for him. He was still a nerd loser and you were still  a popular girl that was way out of his league.

“Seriously dude! how come you’ve never even said a word to her?” Ned asked Peter as they made their way into the gym.

“Is not that easy Ned! She doesn’t even know I exist!”

“But you are like, totally in love with Y/!” Peter quickly muffled Ned’s mouth, stopping the boy from saying anything else.

“Geez Ned! Don’t you want to shout it to the world?!” Peter started lowering his hand and headed towards the group of people exercising. “You can’t just go around saying that! Someone might hear you!”

“I’m sorry but, like, I still can’t believe it! Don’t you see her everyday? in the, you know, Stark Internship?”

Since Ned found out about Peter being Spider Man he had made questions non-stop, pretty ridiculous questions, if you asked Peter.

“Ned I don’t just hang out at the Avenger’s tower you know? I have to be on the streets! Besides, she is totally off limits I mean! She is Mr. Stark’s daughter! He would kill me if-”

“Shhh- SHhhhhh! Peter listen!”

This time he was the one to shut up as both boys listened to a conversation happening at the bleachers across them. It was Y/n, looking as beautiful as she always did, surrounded by her usual crowd.

“Sooo Y/n, you must be surrounded by all those superheroes at your house right? You know, because of your dad?

“Well not all the time, but yeah, they hang out pretty often” She responded, trying to sound chill about the topic. Not everybody noticed, but Peter knew just how tired she felt about having to talk about his dad and the avengers all the time. None of the people that followed her around really knew her. Yes they knew about her life and her family, but besides that no one seemed to take interest in getting to know her for real.

That was kind of the reason why he prefered to hide his identity. Well, that and the possibility of being kidnapped and killed.

“Are you friends with them?”  “Are they nice?” “Are they hot?” “Is Captain America a real blonde?”

A load of questions were asked at you, however one catched Peter’s attention again.

“Are you friends with spiderman? Do you know who he is?”

“I’ve actually never talked to him, he’s never at the tower when I’m there” she replied shrugging her shoulders. She really was clueless to the hero’s identity.

“Seriously Y/n? Weren’t you supposed to be Spiderman #1 fan?” Y/bf/n asked, as she wiggled her eyebrows at Y/n.

A blush spread to the girl’s cheeks as she smiled shyly. Of course she had a tiny crush with Spider Man (even though she didn’t have a clue of who he was), however he never seemed to hang around the tower as the other Avengers. Maybe he liked being alone.

The conversation was quickly dropped after the coach told them all to get back to work, however Ned was not done.

“Dude! She likes you!” You have to talk to her tonight!”

“She doesn’t like me! She likes Spider Man, not Peter, besides-”

“I swear to God that if you don’t make a move on her tonight I will stop being friends with you! You have to promise me you will try! Deal?


Could it be possible that the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on had a thing for him? Even if it was the suit she was in love with Peter couldn’t stop the smile that crept through his face all day and the knot he felt on his stomach every time he looked at Y/n.

And that is exactly why he found himself later that night ready to go talk to the girl of his dreams. He already knew the crew will be out with Mr Stark in some mission he was not allowed, so that cleared the way for him. And anyways he was always welcomed in the tower, at least that what they always told him.

“You can do this Peter, you got this”

Peter tried to give himself a little of motivation before knocking on your door,however he couldn’t find the strength to raise his hand and knock on it, he felt like a bundle of nerves! None of his previous fights or encounters had him feeling this way, he seriously needed to control himself! Peter tried once again to knock on the door only to be stopped when the door opened completely, revealing Y/n in her pj’s and her glasses, apparently ready to go to bed.

Both teenagers looked at each other with complete shook in the faces, one behind his mask of course. The girl was completely speechless, she couldn’t believe the Spider Man was in front of her! And had seen her in just some sweats! She blushed deeply as she realised her appearance.

Peter tried to think of something, anything to say to her, however he couldn’t seem to find the words. After a long silence Y/n finally broke the silence as she leaned against the door.

“I can’t believe Spider Man is at my door! To what do I owe the pleasure?”

The girl was trying to keep it together, however she was still freaking out, but she couldn’t let her stupid crush affect her! This was her chance to get to know him! She could feel her flirtier side creeping up, trying to smile wider and lean closer to the boy.

“Well- I umhh- I just wanted to- you know- visit my favorite Stark” Peter said as he tried to recover from his initial shook.

“Then I guess you are looking for my dad, however he is not around”

“I actually meant you, I’ve been waiting to meet you for a long time now”

The girl was surprised by what the boy had just said. Did he know her? How come they had never met before?

Y/n started moving inside her bedroom once again, looking over her shoulder to continue “Since I’ve got no plans for tonight you might want to hang for a while, you know, to get to know each other and stuff”

Peter did not need to be told twice before he followed her around and into her room. Well, bedroom was an understatement to what her place really looked liked. It seemed more like a apartment of her own, with a big tv are, followed by what appeared to be her studio with a shit ton of books and finally her actual bed. She went into the couch in front the TV as Peter followed her close behind. She finally seated down facing the boy.

“Why are you here with me right now and not saving the world as usual?”

“Can’t a man take a break every once in awhile? Besides, I’m pretty sure your dad is taking care of that at the moment”

“You are probably right, sooo anyways..You said you had wanted to meet me for a long time, so here I am, what is it that you wanna know?”

“Well nothing in particular- it’s just that- you are- you are a really beautiful girl”

The girl felt herself blush at the words of the boy behind the mask. He probably did have a thing for her then? There was only one way to find out the truth.

Y/n leaned closer to Peter, looking into what she supposed were his eyes and took him by the shoulder as she played with the curls in the back of his head.

“So you think I’m a beautiful girl?” She said with a teasing voice, trying to make the boy a little nervous, obviously succeeding.

“The most gorgeous I’ve meet”

Peter could say this without any hesitation. Right in front of him was the most beautiful girl on earth. Her big eyes were looking at him and she was even closer than before, he was getting kind of nervous, but her fingers in his hair kept him just in place, right where she wanted him.

“So if I’m so beautiful, how come you’ve never paid me a visit before?”

She had started talking in mere whispers, now moving her other hand into his chest, playing with the material of his suit.

“I wanted to!- I totally wanted to but- you know your dad’s rules right? I’m not really allowed to”

She started to lift his mask, revealing only his mouth before saying.

“Well Spider-boy, you should already know I don’t play by my father’s rules”

Right after she finished she crashed her lips into Peter’s making the boy let out a surprised gasp. He was kissing her! They were kissing! He couldn’t believe it!

Meanwhile the girl was feeling exactly the same. She didn’t knew where she got the guts to do it, but she was glad she did.

His fingers sanked  into her hair as they continued kissing, Peter finally out of his trance brought his other hand to the girl’s face and cupped it, deepening the kiss further.

He felt himself biting into the girl’s lips, as a quiet moan escaped her lips. Y/n pulled apart only to straddle his hips with her thighs and roll her hips along the way, giving them both a little of the friction they needed, but not enough.

Peter grabbed her waist trying to pull her closer to him, his hand making their way to her legs, touching and stroking her thighs. They were heavy breathing, kissing longer, harder, rougher. Both teenagers tried to take and taste as much as possible, urgent and desperately, fighting for dominance.

He pulled apart and went straight for her neck, sucking and biting, leaving what would sure become hickeys by the morning. His morning somewhat bored with her long legs moved to her hips once again, before sliding under her t-shirt and holding her closer, moving his hand right under her bra.

The soft whimpers that would leave her mouth every time he bite a specific part kept him going. Another movement yet another time they would feel that friction and that need to pull harder at the other.

Y/n as getting pretty tired of that stupid mask getting in the way, so she pulled apart ready to get it off him, however a noise down the kitchen distracted her. She heard her dad’s voice calling for her! The whole team was there already? How had they missed it?

Peter realised the situation as well  as he quickly pull stood up and headed towards the window.

“I really have to get going, I’m sorry!”

“Will I see you again?”

Peter pulled the girl close to him for one last kiss, a long lingering one. A kiss he had dreamed over and over again.

“Sooner than you think”

With this last words the boy pulled his mask down and disappeared through the window, swinging his way from building to building.

Man! He could not wait to tell Ned the good news!

title: practically naked
word count: 1k
summary: “y-you’re… naked.”
“i’m in a bra.”
“but, that’s practically naked.”

peter smiled brightly as he walked down the street, his stroll full of bounce as he approached the steps to avengers tower. the brunette boy jogged up the stairs excitedly.

“hey happy!” peter called as he marched towards the elevators, stark’s head of security leaned over his desk, furrowing a brow at the boy’s jittery stance.

“what’re you smiling about?” happy asked, curiosity layering his words.

peter spun on his heel, ecstatic to tell happy of the reason for his grin. “i’m going on a date,” he rolled on the balls of his feet, a blush forming across his cheeks, “with y/n.” he added, a bit of embarrassment coating his voice.

Happy raised an eyebrow, a small smirk pulling at his lips. “good luck kid.” he said, sending Peter off as the elevator descended.

all of peter’s nerves creeped up on him all at once. a small bead of sweat beginning to trail down his temple. he quickly wiped it away, taking a deep breath before the doors opened up to engulf him into the lounge.

a few avengers sat clustered in groups throughout the room, all their eyes falling upon peter and watching his nervousness build as he headed for the stark girls bedroom.

he stood outside her door, trying to regain the small amount of confidence he had. “c'mom peter, it’s just a study date, just a-”

the door flung open, causing peter to jolt backwards, resulting in the boy falling onto hit bottom with a thump. y/n stood by the door, her hand flying over her mouth to hold back the laughter that was about to erupt from her lips.

“you alright?” she quickly asked, trying her best to hide the giggle out of her tone.

peter nodded, his cheeks burning as she took his hand, helping him up. y/n didn’t release him after helping him up, but instead tugged on his arm, pulling peter into his room.

peter glanced around the spacious bedroom, he estimated its size in his head, coming to the conclusion; it was larger than his whole apartment.

what interested the boy the most was the large wall completely made out of glass. he knew the whole tower was glass, but her room was the center, which made it odd how the window looked out on the city of new york.

“pretty cool huh?” y/n asked, netting his side. peter was at a loss for words, his eyes just trailed over the skyline, his mouth falling dry. “it’s this super tech thing my dad made, kind of like two way glass.” she tapped on the window, the skyline disappeared, a light grab wall replacing it.

“that’s… amazing.” peter sputtered, in shock by the amount of tech one room alone could hold.

y/n laughed, taking a seat on the ground where she had laid out her books. peter sat across from her, flipping through the pages of his geometry book.

the two tried to focus as best they could, but it just turned into a fit of laughter and the occasional toss of a french fry.

she stuck her tongue out at a comment peter shot her way, resulting in his flick of the chick fil a waffle fry smacking her square in the chest. y/n looked down to see a small ketchup stain splattered across her white top, a small frown crossing peter’s face.

“oh god, i’m incredibly sorry, here i’ll-” peter halted, he held his hand centimeters away from her chest, the napkin in his hand crumbling under the clench of his fist. instead he dropped it in her lap, leaning backwards.

y/n dabbed at the stain, knowing bloody well it wouldn’t come out but it was worth the effort. she as an alternative to, stood and made her way towards her dresser.

peter stared down at his lap, the feeling of self-consciousness swept across his face. his gaze trailed upward, his eyes falling upon y/n… topless.

he tried to pull his stare away but couldn’t, he sat paralyzed, eyes wide. y/n held a shirt in her hand, noticing his gape out of the corner of her eye.

“you okay peter?” she asked softly, stepping towards him. he flinched at her effort to touch his shoulder, the boy dropped his vision.

“y-you’re… naked.” he stuttered, peter’s face falling flush.

y/n couldn’t hold back a giggle, she easily compared his face to that of an apple. “i’m in a bra.” the girl elaborated, her mind thinking of ways to tease the flustered boy.

“but,” he began, lifting his gaze momentarily back to her, “that’s practically naked.”

y/n watched as he turned his back on her completely, listening to his small mutters he whispered telling himself to calm down.

she pressed her lips together, sending a glance down at herself. she wasn’t wearing anything to risqué, only a bralet that was easily the size of your average sports bra. but of course she knew peter well, and wasn’t expecting any less from him.


“yeah?” he didn’t turn around.

y/n pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, sighing. “you know, if you’re really interested in dating me, you should get use to this.”

his face went from red to crimson. “w-what?”

y/n smirked, sitting down to face him, she tapped her pointer finger on his knee, a bit of mischief playing in her eyes. “close your eyes.” he did as she said. “now imagine yourself sitting where you are, and me where i am.”

his mouth fell dry. “dressed as you are?”

she shook her head, “yes, except make a small adjustment.”

“and that is?” his posture grew tense, his eyes were squeezed shut tightly. y/n could tell he was nervous, embarrassed even, but she was just like her father. she loved to mess with people.

“you’re wearing nothing but your boxers.”

his eyes popped open, the boy getting to his feet as quickly as possible. “okay that’s enough out of that game.” he stumbled, his nerves calming as y/n gripped his wrist.

“peter,” their eyes met, “you’re allowed to think of me like that.”

“but isn’t that… wrong?” he cocked his head.

y/n shrugged, “maybe to some, but i don’t mind it. besides, I’ve thought about it intensely, and you look great in boxers.” she winked, that familiar blush falling upon peter’s face as he dropped his gaze.

“and you look very pretty with clothes on.”

home movies and i love yous.

request: I loved the “is that a hickey?” imagine you just published so here I am requesting a platonic avengers imagine. I was thinking something like a daughter!reader x father!tony relationship? one where the whole avengers family is in the tower and they’re watching home videos and then all the sudden one of peter and the reader shows up and it’s one that Bucky took of them without them knowing. its just like super fluffy where peter is like “I swear I’m going to marry you one day y/n” thank you.
warnings: FLUFF!!! and mentions of drowning and unedited (bc hi i never edit)
word count: 2.5k
a/n: at the end (-:


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first impressions - peter parker x reader

w/c: 838

warnings: none!!

Could you do a peter x stark!reader where he comes over to get a look around and the ( homeschooled ) reader walks in in a croptop and tony complains like “ you know I don’t like you wearing that shirt bc it’s too ” and she interrupts notrlly caring “ revealing Ik ” and grabs an apple and turns to a nervous peter and says “ sup hot stuff ” and bites it then winks and leaves ? You can finish the rest. Sorry it’s so specific ❤️ 😂

a/n: i got this request ages ago and i really loved it but i just got the motivation to do it so here it is! i hope you all enjoy!

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To say Peter was nervous to visit the Avengers compound was an understatement. Especially because this time he would actually be getting the tour, not just brought in for five minutes to be offered a job as an Avenger. As he rode in the car with Happy on the way there, a million thoughts rushed through his head. What if I break something? What if I go into an area that I shouldn’t go into? What if I accidentally say something rude to one of the Avengers? And then, as if his anxiety couldn’t get any worse, he remembered that Mr. Stark had a daughter that lived at the compound: you.

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summary → it’s too early to be awake, so she goes back to bed with him.

words → 564

warnings → stark!reader, fem!reader, avenger!reader

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“Really, Peter, my daughter ?” - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Summary : Peter starts to date Tony Stark’s daughter and the Iron Man isn’t sure he’s liking it…Well, actually, he’s pretty sure he hates it. 

I wanted to write something else than Batfam or DC related for once sooooooo…Here’s a Peter Parker story yo. It has probably been written a thousand times, but after I watched “Spider-Man : Homecoming”, all I wanted to do was writing a story with Peter starting to date Tony’s daughter so…yeah. Here it is. Hope you’ll like it : 

My masterlist blog :


Peter didn’t really mean for this to happen. Far from it. Oh it would have avoided him a world of troubles if none of this ever happened. 

Nope, totally didn’t mean for this to happen. Besides, when he first met you, he had a massive crush on Liz and had eyes only for her. Oh he was head over heels for her. And, your first encounter wasn’t exactly…a smooth one. 


Months earlier, when Peter helped your father against Captain America: 

It was very soon after the big fight between “Team Iron Man” and “Team Captain America” that you met him. Peter was waiting for  “Mr. Stark” in the Avengers’ watchtower, in one of the waiting lounge. 

An annoying elevator music was playing and Peter was awkwardly sitting in one of the ridiculously fancy chair of the lounge, waiting for…Someone. Anyone really. 

He had been waiting for hours. Did…did they forgot about him ? Nooooo, Mr. Stark would never do that to him. 

And when the door opened, Peter’s heart leapt at the thought of talking to his hero again and…A girl he only saw on TV appeared, hurriedly closing the door behind her. 

You. It was you. The famous (Y/N) Stark, only daughter of the even more famous Tony Stark, and therefor, sole heir to the Stark’s fortune.  

You didn’t even notice Peter at first, as he was sitting in the chair furthest to the door, and when you did, the face you made made him flinch. You seemed so unhappy to see him…

-Who the Hell are you ?

You ask without any other preamble. Peter stands up and clears his throat…and oh he wanted to slap himself when instead of telling you his name he said : 

-You’re…You’re (Y/N) Stark ! 

You roll your eyes at him and approach him slowly, giving him a suspicious look before saying : 

-Thank you, without you, I think I would have never known my own name. I’m so grateful right now…

The sarcasm in your voice was so strong Peter thought he could feel it squeezing his heart and self-confidence. It took him way too long before he finally answered : 

-Peee…Pee…Peter Parker. 

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faking sick.

request: I love your peter x stark! Reader so can I please ask for one where they think they are alone in the compound because the team are on a mission or something so things get steamy but then the team returns and one of them goes to check up on the teenagers and find them and everything is super awkward and Tony is somewhat laughing yet he is still furious
warnings: steamy situations (everyone is over 18) and fluff (AND UNEDITED BC I AM FUCKING STUPID)
word count: 2.3k (oof it is short)
a/n: at the end, but also this is a lowkey continuation of ‘iS tHaT a HiCkEy’! (-:

iS tHaT a HiCkEy?


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