this makes me so fucking mad that this poor girl had to be treated like that by assholes. props to tom for being compassionate towards his fans👏

Spider-Man: Far From Home interviews but its only yelling and chaotic energy

Evans: we need to talk about your professionalism

Rdj [standing on a chair]: Those are some mighty brave words for someone standing in lava.

Me: afraid to open tumblr bc might die from some spoilers

Me: still opens tumblr

Me: sees no spoiler (yet)

Tom Holland:

Me: dies anyway

hemsworth: what are your goals?

evans: to pet all the dogs

hemsworth: i mean fitness goals

evans: to be fast enough to pet all the dogs

Me: finally stops crying about endgame.

Marvel: “the world needs a new iron man.” “I just miss him so much”

Me: well fuck