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Come Back to Me (Part One)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: No, but taken from this prompt list: “Just… come back alive, okay?”
Genre: Low-key angst??
Warnings: Spiderman Homecoming spoilers
Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

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Your best friend had raved on and on about asking his crush to the dance, and when he finally did it, you were the first he told. You pretended to be excited for him, and in a small way, you genuinely were. But when you thought of Liz slow-dancing with Peter instead of you, and him kissing her at the end of the night and not you, the excitement for him was largely overshadowed by sadness, because it would never be you. He would never have feelings for you.

So when you saw Liz walk into the Homecoming dance without Peter on her arm, your eyebrows furrowed. She walked around, greeting people everywhere around her, when she made her way to your group with Ned and Michelle. 

“Hey guys!” She said excitedly and smiled, and you forced a smile back. She was a nice girl; you couldn’t deny that. She was good for Peter.

“Hey,” you said back. “Where’s Peter? I thought he’d be with you,” you tried to keep your voice casual, but Michelle caught your eye and smirked. She knew your secret. 

“Oh, he’s in the car with my dad. He should be here soon,” she smiled again, dazzling one, before excusing herself to greet more partygoers. You turned around to face your two friends, fake smile still on your face.

“You okay?” Ned asked, a sympathetic expression on his face that you didn’t see often. He knew your secret too.

(It wasn’t much of a secret to anyone but Peter.)

“I’m okay,” you gave a real smile this time, and his eyes shifted to somewhere behind you. You stiffened, knowing your best friend was here. You turned around, seeing a panicked look on his face, but you knew that you were the only one who could tell his expression. You’d known each other for years; you knew all of his in-and-outs.

He went up to Liz and tapped her on the shoulder, and as he spoke to her, you saw his expression become guilty. You couldn’t see Liz’s because her back was turned to you, but you were sure it wasn’t pleasant. You saw him mouth ‘I’m sorry’ before sprinting through the gym doors and into the hallways of the school. 

Before you knew what you were doing, you were running after him. You abandoned your shoes after crashing through the gym doors and followed him barefoot. “Peter!” You yelled and turned another corner, but he continued to sprint farther ahead of you. After yelling his name again and turning a few more corners he stopped in front of a set of lockers and turned around to look at you.

“(Y/N), go back to the dance,” he said, the panic now even more evident on his face.

“No,” you said stubbornly. “What do you think you’re doing? You’ve been looking forward to this for so long!” 

He simply shook his head before grabbing you by the shoulders and turning you around. “You need to go. Now.”

“No!” You pushed his hands away from you. He looked at you desperately. “What is going on with you?”

He turned away again and mumbled under his breath, pacing back and forth. 

“Peter,” you said his name again, softer this time, and grabbed his hand to stop his pacing. “I’m your best friend. You can tell me anything,” you say, ignoring the feeling erupting in your chest from him squeezing your hand. 

“I know, I know,” he whispered and stayed silent for a few moments, staring down at your connected hands, before sighing, pulling away from you, and turning towards the lockers again. He bent down and pulled the bottom of the lockers, and you gasped in shock when the wall of lockers lifted up to reveal a small crevice filled with multiple things. 

Peter pulled out a ball of red and blue fabric and unrolled it, then turned around to show you it. You stared at try fabric in his hands, seeing the spider on the front and the mask with goggles falling to the side. You stared at it, and stared at it, and stared at it, before it finally clicked. You had seen this suit on the news multiple times before, clad on a mystery man you had always found so brave. 

You looked up at Peter and noticed his nervous expression matching yours. “Why do you have Spiderman’s suit, Pete?” You whispered, and you knew why he had it, you knew, but you couldn’t bring yourself to comprehend it. 

“You know why, (Y/N),” he sighed and looked down at the wrinkled fabric in his hands. 

“I need to hear you say it,” your voice was still quiet, and you looked down at the suit again. 

“I’m Spiderman,” Peter finally said, and your resolve crumbled. Tears flooded your eyes and your vision became blurry, and a few tears fell down your cheeks.  You weren’t sure why you were crying. You didn’t know if it was the betrayal of him not telling you, or the fear of him getting hurt, or something else entirely. But the tears continued to fall. 

“(Y/N),” he sighed again, and pulled you into a hug. “It’s okay. Why are you crying?”

“I don’t know,” you sobbed and laughed and cried, and Peter hugged you and rubbed your back until you could compose yourself. You pulled back from him after a few minutes and wiped your face with your hands, sure you looked like a mess. “But why are you leaving now?”

He sighed for what seemed like the millionth time in the last few minutes. “You know the guy that I’ve been fighting? All the news channels have been talking about it. Or, who Spiderman has been fighting.”

You nodded. “That bird dude?” Peter laughed, a real smile on his face that made you smile too.

“Yeah, yeah, the bird dude.” He chuckled and looked down at his feet before beginning to back away. “I gotta go. He’s gonna steal from Mr. Stark’s plane, and I need to stop him.”

“But why now,” you stressed, taking steps closer to him. “It’s our Homecoming.”

“He’s Liz’s dad,” he said, not actually answering the question, and you gasped.

“Liz’s dad?” Peter nodded. “Does she know?” He shook his head, backing away again.

“I really have to go, (Y/N),” he said, and went to turn around. 

“Wait!” You grabbed his hand again, and he looked at you expectantly. “I, um,” you wanted to tell him, you needed to tell him before it was too late. But you didn’t want to burden him before he went to risk his life. So instead of telling him what you desperately wanted to, you pulled him into a hug. 

He breathed deeply, resting his chin on top of your head as you listened to his heartbeat under your ear. You pulled back the slightest bit to look him in the eyes. “Just… come back alive, okay?” 

He smiled lightly and moved his hands from your back to your hands. “I always do.” He squeezed them once and let go, grabbing the suit from where he dropped it on the floor and running away from you. You sniffed loudly as he turned a corner, disappearing from your vision, and the sound echoed through the empty hallways. 

You began to walk back to the dance, wiping at your face again and collecting your discarded shoes to make yourself presentable. And as you made your way through the school by yourself, you thought, Good luck, Spiderman.

This is my first Peter piece that I’ve written in a while, so I hope everyone liked it! Feedback is always welcome! Requests for Tom Holland and Peter Parker imagines are open, so feel free to send one in! 


Lost My Way. (Tom Holland.)

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Requested – No. This is like my comeback, I’m also sorry if it sucks ass.

Prompt – Famous actor Tom Holland has been in the film industry for years now after making it big as Spiderman and he loses himself along the way.

Warning – Douchebag!Tom. Angst. Fluff at the end.  

Words – 2,097.


The flashing lights headed towards Tom’s direction as he stood along the red carpet with his hand around his costar’s waist. He looked in her direction and noticed the smile on her face was fake. Almost everyone has a fake smile around the paparazzi and it was rare to find someone actually enjoying it. There once was a time when Tom could genuinely smile in front of cameras but that time is long gone.

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When you’re skipping class with your friend and you hear a teacher approaching but your friend freezes. (I paused a video at the right time)

dating tom holland

pairing: tom holland x reader [fem, y/n]

genre: fluff, some angst

warnings; swearing

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  • firstly
  • whoever dates tom holland
  • you are the luckiest person on earth
  • he’d treat you so damn well
  • he is the definition of boyfriend material
  • lowkey you both met at the gym and became gym buddies
  • (he thought you looked well nice in sport leggings)
  • and you know,, it lead him to asking you out by taking you on a date
  • he was an absolute sweetheart, but inside he was panicking like: “omgshestalkingtomewhatdoisayFUFKCUDKCUFKCCUwheresharrisonwhenineedhim”
  • his heart melts when he sees you and tessa cuddling after he comes home
  • (couldn’t help but join in himself)
  • coming to movie premiers w/ him
  • and he’s always just in awe about how beautiful you are
  • “heyyy, you read-WOAh!!!” tom’s eyes widen, “y-you’re so… beautiful…”
  • “wipe your mouth, you’re drooling.” you respond and chuckle
  • super touchy and protective
  • hands on your waist 24/7, like even just on the couch
  • holds your hand
  • like at the cinema when yall are watching new releases (coughcough jurassic world bc i stg tom has a crush on chris pratt!!!) he does THAT THING™ where he sneakily puts his arms around your shoulders and that means… put yo head in his chest or lie on his shoulder!!!!!!
  • marvel movie marathons, D U h i mean..
  • “putting on black panther?” you sit on the couch next to him with a bowl of popcorn
  • “i.. i thought you wanted to watch spiderman homecoming?”
  • ur legit best friends with the spiderman homecoming + avengers infinity war cast and they all just tell u how tom is such a dork
  • also you fangirl when you see your faves and you basically almost fainted and tom had to accompany you meeting everyone because you’re unpredictable 
  • tbh he gets jealous of harrison sometimes where you two hang out for lunch or something and he’s like mHM HAHAHAHAH IM NOT JEALOUS!
  • but inside he is and he’s worried like what if you end up leav-
  • you end up coming home and greet tom and he’s all quiet
  • “hey, tom,, don’t ignore me.” you pout as you pinch his cheek, “what’s wrong?”
  • “nothing.” he replies.
  • “w-wait..” you look up at the ceiling and try to think why he’s upset, “y-you’re.. jealous.. that i went with harrison right?”
  • “and what if i am?” he looks at you before suddenly kissing you, “you’re mine, got it?”
  • uploads pics of you on his instagram, and finds his candids of you the CUTEST
  • caLLS you the cutest names like darling, princess, baby girl, baby, babe 
  • PL E A S E its not healthy to have a heart attack 24/7!!
  • his family adore you, especially his brothers
  • they always somehow get you alone with them and that means games without tom 
  • and also they find it entertaining when you legit roast tom and they’re like OOHHHHHH UR GIRLFRIEND JUST ROASTED YOU!!
  • you and tom don’t often have fights
  • because he always wants you and him to be happy
  • but one time you fought and he ended up leaving and you didn’t see each other for a week
  • until he somehow found you at the cafe for your first date and his heart just breaks
  • he doesn’t have the courage to talk to you first because he’s just scared you don’t love him anymore
  • and somehow harrison made you two make up at the cafe 
  • you saw tom walk in and you immediately stood up, but he held your wrist and told you to sit down
  • Tom gets all ????????? when you’re drunk
  • he accompanied you 98.5% of the night and he doesn’t know how you ended up getting like a cocktail and a couple of shots
  • you end up talking to him, but more to yourself bc tom was just responding “oh.. okay..” quietly
  • you kept on kissing him and distracting him while he tried to get you in his car
  • “tTTTOOOOOOMMMM did you know i LOVEEEE you so so much!!!” tom is just taken aback (whipped) when you kiss him again
  • he can’t help but smile and kiss you back and he finds it adorable when you’re drunk
  • but he knows to not let any bartender near you again
  • wakes you up at 8:30am bc he wanna go to the gym
  • “HEY BABY!! LET’S GO TO THE GYM!” he yells and you open one eye bc of the sun that was just glaring at your face
  • “no.” you respond 
  • “babbbyyyyyy, please! i need to work out.”
  • “your bicep can probably choke me, and when i say that, that means you go to the gym a lot.” you say.
  • “hm… fair point, i guess.”
  • a sUcker for u sitting on his lap … he gets nervous but b O i he loves the fact that he can have his arms around you and jJSJJDC
  • protect
  • he gets nervous when he kisses you in public but he gets confident eventually
  • cue harrison gagging at ur pda lMAOO
  • and
  • “i heated up some quacksons, you want some?” tom asks
  • “it’s a croissant.”
  • tom just lOVES it when you play with his hair, it calms him down
  • “please tom, just let me use your shampoo and condi-”
  • “i told you, they’re men products!! who knows maybe you’ll turn into a guy when you use my products.”
  • “what?” you look at him, confused
  • tom just really loves you so much so pls love him and take care of him!!!
  • tom is that guy who really wants a happy relationship and i guarantee you that you will be treated right !!
Spontaneous Combustion | Peter Parker x Reader

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PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 Complete!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You see something startling when you slip out of the Homecoming Dance, and start to put together the pieces…

Word Count: 2K

You’ve got a sharp eye, you enjoy watching, and listening. You would maybe consider yourself a bit of a wallflower, but you pride yourself on speaking up when it counts.  

 Especially when your lab partner fails to show up for a week, leaving you to finish your group project alone. His lack of presence forces you to stay after school to finish the experiments, take the notes, observe the findings, draft your report, finish your report, and design a god damn science fair board.

 You already went to a science and tech high school; why do you still need to make those godforsaken cardboard monstrosities.

 What’s worse, is that after you had the board all set up, and facing the presentations the next day, you received a cryptic text from your lab partner,

 Hey, sorry Y/N, I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. I’ll make it up to you.


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You’re like caffeine

This is really self-indulgent to be honest (like the rest of the imagines pertaining to Peter has been) and hopefully, you will enjoy reading this just as much as I had a fun time planning this out in my head. There might be mistakes here and there because it’s way after midnight and I had a really long flight earlier. That aside, I am probably going to continue to indulge myself with floofy Peter Parker.


Originally posted by darlingriezmann

You blink a few times, trying to keep the sleep away as you wipe the counter lazily. There are not a lot of customers at the moment – granted, it is expected seeing as it is currently after midnight so the regular customers are all probably sleeping in, you envy them! – except for the very few college students who are slaving over their assignments at the moment. You let out a yawn, covering your mouth. “This is boring…” You murmur to yourself as you stop wiping the counter. You didn’t really need to clean it – you have cleaned all of the counters and tables for the past hour – that was how bored you were. Working the midnight shift is really not something you normally do but tonight, your workmate had an emergency and seeing as you would be getting paid double to cover for her, you decided to do it anyways (you really needed the money!).

You begin to fold tissues decoratively when the bell rung, signifying the arrival of a customer and you brighten up slightly before the smile on your face widen. “Hi, Peter!” You call out to your favourite customer – you’re really not supposed to be having any favourite customers but what your manager doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt her – when he stumbles inside.

Peter glances at you, a look of surprise painted on his face before he gives you a smile that could rival the sun; the one where he closes his eyes and the smile just slowly appears on his face, showing his beautiful teeth. He’s just too cute sometimes. He pads over to you. “Hi, Y/N.” He greets you – he comes over to this particular café so much he even knows your name! – and then the smile on his face is quickly replaced with a frown. “What are you, what are you doing here?” He tilts his head to the side before he crosses his arms. “I thought you don’t do the midnight shift?”

You chuckle at how adorable Peter is. This is also one of the reasons why he is your favourite customer – the fact that he actually pays attention to your mindless chatters and remembers most of what you have said makes you feel a tad bit happy. “Well. I technically don’t – so after tonight, you won’t be seeing me here.” You tell him, tucking your hair behind your ear.

“Are you quitting?” Peter exclaims and you immediately shake your head, chuckling at the confused look on his face. “Oh, um, did I get that wrong?” He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly and you giggle as you nod your head.

“I am covering for a workmate tonight.” You inform him and Peter nods his head. You blink a couple of times when Peter turns to look at the menu. You lean forward slightly and let out a gasp, causing Peter to look back at you – startled by how close you are to him. He flushes as he steps back, still staring at you.

“Peter,” You frown. You made a move to reach for his cheek but then remembered that you are still technically on the clock and if your manager decides to review the security camera, you are probably going to get in trouble. “What happened to your cheek?” You question before the frown on your face deepens. “And what are you doing out here so late?” You glance at the clock – it’s almost 1:30AM now.

Peter blanches – momentarily forgetting the fact that he had been thrown through a wall a few minutes earlier. The fact that you actually notice his bruising cheek is also making him feel slightly panicked. “Ah, yeah, couldn’t sleep so I – I decided to get something to drink. Which I am here for. And I finally chose something to drink.” He stumbles over his words, looking away from you to stare at the menu once more.

You bite the inside of your cheek from pressing the subject too much and lean back. “So what do you want to order?” You look at the menu – most of the drinks, you are able to make so there is really no worry about telling him ‘no’. “Do you want me to recommend something?” You turn back to look at him at the same time Peter turns to look at you. He flushes slightly before nodding his head.

“Yeah, yeah, that – that would be good.” Peter gives you a shy smile and you grin.

“You said you couldn’t sleep right?” You turn back to look at the menu before looking at Peter. “How about you take a seat and I’ll bring your drink over?” You tell him but Peter frowns.

“I still need to pay.” He fumbles to take his wallet out but before he can even take his money out, you press your hand against him, effectively stopping him from doing anything. He stares at you in shock.

“No worries – it’s on me.” If your manager sees this and questions you, you are just going to tell her the truth. “Just, you know, go take a seat and I’ll be right back with you.” You push him lightly in the direction of an empty table and Peter blinks a couple of times and nods his head. He slowly moves away from the counter, mumbling quietly to himself and you really could not help the smile that grew on your face.

Whenever you have troubles sleeping, you normally drank some hot tea with milk and that was what you made for Peter. You grab the to-go cup and brought it over to his table along with a pack of ice. Even though you wanted to change the subject, you really didn’t want the bruise to worsen. “Here you go.” You place the to-go cup right in front of him before taking a seat across of Peter.

Peter looks from the to-go cup (he smiled when he saw your nice little drawing of a stickman holding a cup) and look at you. “Thank you.” He holds the cup in his hands – the warmth feels really nice against his hands. He eyes the bag of ice you are currently holding and when you notice that he is looking at the ice, you handed it over to him.

“I know it’s none of my business but I really don’t want your bruise to worsen.” You tell him as you push the bag of ice to him. Peter opens his mouth to say something but closes it as he reaches for the bag of ice. He murmurs a quiet ‘thank you’. “I’m just going to pretend I didn’t give you that bag of ice and that you didn’t look like you just got punched,” Peter winces at the truth, “So enjoy your drink yeah?”

Peter nods his head as he presses the bruise with the ice. Just a few months ago he had the same bruise on the same side of his face – courtesy to one Captain America – but this time around, it had probably been from one of Vulture’s guys. “Thanks, Y/N.”

You smile at him. “Anything for my favourite customer.” You wink at him causing Peter to sputter nonsense. You laugh before reaching over to pat his shoulders. “I have to go back to my counter or otherwise my manager is going to have my hide but I’ll see you around, yeah?” You stare at Peter, waiting for his answer.

With a flush over his cheeks, Peter nods his head shyly. He can’t really say he doesn’t like the attention he gets from you – he does. In fact, Peter knows he is probably harboring a small crush on you – after the whole thing with Liz, Peter wasn’t sure if he was ready to go through another heartbreak again but somehow, your cheery disposition attracted him.

“Yeah, yeah – of course, I’ll be back tomorrow!” Peter answers quickly and you giggle. Peter stands up and he looks at you before pulling the ice away. “Uh, thank you for the ice, Y/N.” He makes a move to give the ice bag over to you but thought against it before picking up his drink. “I’m going – to go home – um, good night, Y/N.” Peter tells you and you smile at him as you watch Peter hurriedly rush out of the café.

You laugh quietly to yourself – why is Peter such an adorable stuttering mess? Thanks to him, you are probably going to start looking forward to the next time you will be able to see him and your cheeks are honestly starting to hurt from all of the smiling.


Peter getting ready to go on his first date with you.

“Okay, you got this, Peter. You can do this. You’re Spider-Man, you’ve saved the world before, you’re an Avenger in training, people find you cool.”

Peter hyped himself up in front of the mirror while he put on cologne, and some gel in his hair.

“Aw, man, I’m so going to make a total fool out of myself. Y/N is going to think I’m a loser.”

Peter finally said, nerves winning over, and nothing was going to stop the anxiety that welled up inside of him.

Me @ people when they ask how my life is going

Ground Rules Part 6 | Tom Holland x Reader

Teaser PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6 PART 7 PART 8 PART 9 COMPLETE! (check my mobile master list for working links)

Summary: it took a lot more than kisses to open your heart, and only one word to break it all over again

Warnings: smut & then what

Word Count: 7K+ high hopes (FUCK)

Please don’t stop.

Your plea rang out in Tom’s ear, feeling your hot breath tickle his neck. He licked his lips in excitement, as he felt your face snuggle into his back; he loved it when you pressed close.

The light from the TV flashed on your faces, as some babe was getting slashed in half in the movie, her screams echoing out in the room. Haz and Em were glued to the screen, their toes curled in anticipation.

Tom’s finger glided over your wet panties, tracing the line of your folds. It was a ghostly touch, almost ticklish, but enough to make your face burn hot. You could barely breathe. Your labored breaths matched that of the dying actress, your own toes were curled in pleasure, and your eyes were nearly shut in ecstasy.

In smoothing strokes, he pressed down harder, rubbing you down slow and matching the pace to his own breathing.

Tom wanted you to know what he was doing to you.

You hugged his arm closer, urging him to go deeper, to touch you hotter, to make you feel.

Tom laughed smugly, his whole palm coming down to rub over your soaked underwear. He pushed down, pressing with his middle and ring finger, then pulled up, holding your abdomen for a moment, and then pushed his hands back under your panties in a swift movement.

You shudder hard, and let out a small gasp.

Thomas Fucking Holland…

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First kiss

This is the moment; Peter tells himself as he chalks up all of his confidence. Peter tries his hardest to stare at everywhere but you because he knows the moment he really looks at you, he is going to lose all of the confidence that he has.

“Can… Can I kiss you?”

Peter draws himself closer to you and you wait with bated breath, resisting the urge to wring your hands together. Being this close to Peter and smelling his cologne is making your head spin and your heart race.

Although now that Peter is really close to you, you can also see just how nervous he is. The tips of his ears are red and you can also see the slight flush over his cheeks too.

“…Yeah.” You nod your head and wait for him to make the first move but all Peter did is glance at your lips, eyes lingering there for a few more seconds before he looks at you once more. This time, Peter leans closer still, his lips almost touching yours but not quite.

“Are you sure?”

“Peter Parker, I have waited long enough for you to –“

He did not even let you finish the sentence, smiling in to the kiss the moment he captures your lips. Your arms wound around his neck to pull his head down, deepening the kiss. Peter places his hands on your hips, holding you to him as he kisses you.

Come Back to Me (Part Six)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Angstish
Warnings: None

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

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Peter and you had pretended that what you had been calling in your head “The Incident” never happened. He never repeated the words of “I always worry about you”, you never held his arm in your grip for more than a mere few seconds, he never cradled your face with his hands, and you never realized you loved him. To the two of you, it was like the day never existed.

You both moved on, acting as you normally would, but you were much more conscious of your actions. You thought Peter was, too. You didn’t act on impulse and grab his arm, or hand, or lean into him without thinking. And he didn’t leave you with small touches as he walked past you in the hallway, or ask constantly with a blatant worried expression how you were doing.

And you didn’t mind. You were best friends, not lovers. You didn’t mind.

“What’s up with you and Peter?” Ned suddenly appeared next to you as you stood in line to get on the bus, ready for the school field trip to take up the day of classes.

“I- what?” You asked, looking at him confusedly. You weren’t sure why he was asking this.

“You and Peter. You guys have been acting weird around each other lately. What happened?”

You still looked at him, confused. “Nothing happened. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Did you tell him you liked him or something, because-”

“Shhh!” You hushed him immediately, placing your hands over his mouth. “Someone could hear you!”

He grabbed your wrists, removing them from his mouth, but still holding onto them. “Just tell him already,” he said, quieter this time.

“You know I can’t do that, Ned,” you replied back, furrowing your eyebrows.

You loved him, you loved him, you loved him.

You tried to push the thought out of your mind, and you had been trying to do so ever since “The Incident”. But with the words continuously repeating in your head, day in and day out, you didn’t think they would ever leave.

“I think-”

“Hey guys,” you heard Peter’s voice from behind you and whipped your head towards him, worried about how much of the conversation he had heard. As you and Ned both looked at him, he met neither of your eyes. His were trained one where Ned’s hands were clasped around your wrists.

You turned your eyes back to look at Ned, and both of your eyes widened when you realized what Peter was staring at. He let you rip your wrists from his grasp, and he shoved his hands into his pockets after letting yours go. You looked down at the ground nervously. 

“What’s up?” Ned spoke, looking at Peter. You took a few seconds to compose yourself before looking at him too. His eyebrows were furrowed as he looked between the two of you.

“Uh, nothing, I just,” he didn’t look either of you in the eye. “Ned, want to sit with me on the bus?”

You bit your lip. You remembered that you and Peter had agreed to sit on the bus together just last week. You didn’t say anything when Ned said, “Sure.”

You looked down at the ground as Ned moved in front of you to stand next to Peter, and you were stood behind them as they spoke in lightning speed between them. That was never how it was with you and Peter. The two of you would speak slowly, listening intently to each other’s words to not miss even a detail of what was said. 

You liked it that way. You liked how Peter would furrow his eyebrows lightly, biting his lip as he stared at you, looking as if he was concentrating to all of his ability, solely on you. You liked how he would murmur little “mhm”s as you would go on, and he would only start speaking when he was sure you were done. You liked how he listened to you.

It was a vast difference from seeing him now, and you wondered which way he preferred: fast-paced with Ned, or slow-paced with you. You always thought he preferred how he spoke with you, but now, seeing him grin with Ned as they easily threw words back at each other within seconds, you weren’t so sure.

You looked down at the ground sadly. You never remembered feeling so lonely before, especially with Peter always making sure to include you in everything. You turned around and walked out of the line without saying anything to the two boys who seemed to not even notice you leave. You glanced behind your shoulder as you were walking away, but you were only greeted by the sight of Peter still grinning at Ned.

“Hey, (Y/N),” you heard a voice say ahead of you and you looked up to see Michelle waiting in line, a few people back from where you previously stood, with a book in her hands.

“Oh, hey,” you forced a smile on your face, but the only thought that was bombarding your mind was, 

You love him. He doesn’t love you. You love him. He doesn’t love you.

“Want to sit with me?” She asked, a knowing smile on her face. You gave her a real smile in response, moving into the space next to her.

“Thanks, MJ,” you said softly, head leaning back down to aim at the floor.

“He looked back at you,” she said, opening her book and beginning to read it. She stared down at it as you lifted your head to stare at her.

“What?” You asked, confused.

“Peter,” she elaborated, and your heart sped up at the mention of his name.

You needed to get this under control.

“What about Peter?” You asked, looking ahead of the line at him and Ned, where you saw them still talking.

“He looked back at you when you turned around and came my way.”

Your eyes widened the smallest bit. You didn’t want to believe her words so easily, because for all you could know, she was only telling you this to cheer you up. But still, you found your sadness deflate slightly.

“No, he didn’t,” you said, trying to convince yourself. “I turned around and looked. He was still talking to Ned.”

“Right when you turned around and started walking away,” she said. She was still looking at her book, but you weren’t so sure she was actually reading it. “He looked at you for a second. And when you turned around to look at him, he turned back around to Ned.” 

“I, uh,” you stumbled over your words, not quite knowing what to think.

Why hadn’t he said anything? You and Peter would always be immediate to speak up if noticing something was wrong with the other. Neither of you ever hesitated on that. So why had he today?

“He looked at me,” you said monotonously, but Michelle knew it was a question. She knew you needed to hear it again.

“He looked at you,” she replied. She looked up from her book for a few moments to meet your eyes. “He looked a little worried to me, if I’m being honest.” She quirked her eyebrow at you for a quick second, smirking lightly, before looking back down at her book.

You looked back down to the ground, thinking.

But why didn’t he say anything?

I know it may seem like it’s taking a while for them to get together (or will they end up together?), but I want to make sure it’s realistic enough. After being friends for years, neither of them would want to chance ruining their friendship so easily by confessing after not being completely sure about themselves—and each other—yet. I hope you guys understand that! Let me know what you guys think of this one and voice your opinions! Whether they’re good or bad, I want to hear them! Requests are open, and if you guys want to send something from a prompt list I reblog, please let me know which list you’re asking from!


Imagine all the pets who watched their owners vanish into ashes and just stayed near them, waiting for them to return because they can’t comprehend what happened.

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Spontaneous Combustion Part 5 | Peter Parker x Reader

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PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 Complete!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: what you thought you knew, he might have known all along

Warnings: swearing and sugar 💞

Word Count: a cute 4k

It truly felt like life has resumed back to normal.

Birds were chirping through the city as the winter died down, and spring brought back its flowers.

You were happy and no longer afraid.

The sunshine gleamed a little brighter and warmer than it has in months.

Scratch that, you were still kind of afraid, but healing.

You march up your school steps, looking for Michelle. At the top she was chatting with Ned and Peter.

When you you walked over to them, you shared a small glance with Peter Parker and he smiled back at you shyly. You skipped to join them, and entered the school together, Peter by your side.

His fingertips brushed yours as you matched step.

You felt a violent blush creep onto your cheeks and thought,

I’m going to explode.

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Closer to you

This was inspired by nothing in particular. I think I just felt like writing this out and it’s sort of kinda like the first smutty-thing I have ever written for Peter Parker though honestly speaking, this is very mild smut. (Or maybe, it’s not even nowhere near smut). Trying to explore more of his character so here you go! Hope you enjoy this.

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You giggle quietly to yourself when Peter pulls away from you, flush and looking extremely sexy. His shirt is somewhere on the floor and yours is thrown haphazardly near the door. He presses his lips on to yours a couple of times before he smirks at you.

The two of you had been watching a movie earlier and throughout the entire time, you had been teasing him – giving him knowing looks, whispering in his ears, pressing kisses on his jaw and his collarbone and even accidentally brushing against him – and although Peter had initially been a little bit shy to reciprocate, after a while, his hormones got the best of him and the movie is now long forgotten.

Peter is on top of you and he puts one of his hands on your waist while he uses the other to keep himself up. Not that you minded his weight. You can see the lust in his eyes right before he presses his lips against yours, licking your lower lip causing you to moan as your fingers thread his hair.

You pull him closer and Peter deepens the kiss, slowly moving his body lower, closer to you. One of your hands went to his back, loving the feel of his ripped back muscles and the feel of his skin against yours. You let out a moan when Peter inserts his tongue in your mouth and you could feel him smiling in to the kiss but you choose to ignore that, in favor of tugging on his hair.  

“Peter!” You moan when he pushes himself down on you and you can feel him, hard and hot against you. You wrap your legs around his waist, shuddering when Peter begins to rub himself against you. “Peter.” You moan once again.

A loud knock on Peter’s door causes the two of you to freeze.

“Peter? I brought some food over. Is Y/N still here too? I have some extra food!” May shouts from behind the door and Peter pulls away to look at the door in horror. He turns to stare at you and you could not help but giggle at the turn of events.

“Y-yeah, yeah, May, we will be out soon!” Peter stutters and you giggle before leaning forward to press one last kiss on your boyfriend’s lips. May moves away from the door. Peter drops his forehead on your collarbone, groaning.

You comb your fingers through his hair again and Peter relaxes against your body. You giggle before placing a kiss on his temple. Peter tilts his head to the side to look at you and you are taken aback by how much you love this boy and judging from the look of adoration and love evident on Peter’s face, you know he feels the same about you too.

“Come on, Peter. Let’s go out before May starts asking more questions.” You tell him before patting your boyfriend’s back. Peter lets out a dissatisfied groan and rolls off of your body. He flops beside you for a few seconds before turning on his side to stare at you.

“You’re beautiful you know that? How did I get so lucky?” Peter asks you and you roll your eyes at your boyfriend’s words before you lean over to press a kiss on his forehead.

“How did I get so lucky?” You wink at him before getting off of the bed. “Come on, Peter Parker.” You pick up your shirt before putting it on and you throw Peter’s sweater at him. Peter catches it easily, putting it on and you let out a sigh of disappointment. Peter raises one of his eyebrows at you. “It’s sad to see that state of art being covered.” You wink at him causing Peter to let out a laugh.

“Alright, let’s just go.”

Come Back to Me (Part Two)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes: “Can I request like a continuation of your homecoming fic, like where Peter begins to gain feelings for reader? Please?”
Genre: Fluff??
Warnings: Blood Mention
Part One Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten

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When you heard the familiar knock on your bedroom window in the late hours of the night, you smiled. You moved from your bed and to the window across the room, opening it to see Spiderman sticking to the side of your house. You laughed lightly, still not used to the sight after this happening nearly every night for the past three months.

“Hey, Pete,” you greeted him as he crawled into your room. You closed the window behind him and plopped back onto your bed as he took his mask off and threw it onto your desk. He groaned as he laid down next to you, finally being able to relax after what you presumed was a long night of fighting.

After a few minutes of silence, he turned his head towards you. “Hey, (YN),” he laughed softly, and the smile that lit up his face caused a smile to form on your own. 

“Long night?” You asked, staring down at him fondly. He nodded, turning his head to face the ceiling again and letting his eyes fall closed. You continued to look at him fondly until you realized he could catch you, and you quickly looked down at your hands. 

It’d been three months since the Homecoming dance, since Peter had told you he was Spiderman, since Liz left the school—and the state—due to her father’s trial. You and Peter had been closer than ever. You helped him hide his secret from Aunt May, and although you were jealous when you found out Ned had known before you, it was easier for Peter to have two friends to rely on instead of one.

He had been coming over your house almost every night, and if he needed an icepack or to get his cuts cleaned up and bandaged properly, you were always ready. You hadn’t been getting as much sleep as you used to in fear Peter would come to your window severely hurt and you wouldn’t answer because you were sleeping, so you resorted to drinking multiple cups of coffee a day to stay awake and energized at whatever hour he would stop by.

“Any injuries you need cleaned up today?” You asked, breaking the silence. Peter opened his eyes and looked back at you. 

“No, I’m okay,” he smiled again. You resisted the urge to grin back at him. “Thanks, though.”

“Mhm,” you gave him a tight-lipped smile, noticing the warm feeling in your chest you got whenever he smiled at you. You looked away again. “That’s good, because you know how squeamish I get around blood,” you joked and he laughed. You knew he was still looking at you, but you wouldn’t dare glance his way when you were sure a large smile was on his face. 

You hopped off of your bed and wordlessly left your room, grabbing two water bottles from your fridge quietly to not wake up your parents. You walked back to your bedroom to see Peter now sitting up on your bed. He smiled at you again. He needed to stop that. You sat down next to him, and you handed him one of the bottles of water. 

“Thanks,” he said, and you nodded as you opened your own. You heard the crackling of the bottle in seconds, before you had even taken a sip from yours, and you looked over to see Peter’s bottle empty. You laughed under your breath and extended your arm to offer him your bottle.

“Want mine?” You asked.

“No, no, I’m fine,” he shook his head, although his eyes stayed on the water in your hands. 

You moved it closer to him. “Take it,” you said, smile on your face when he took it from you and gulped the whole bottle down in seconds again. You laughed another time as a few drops of water fell down his chin.

“Come on, don’t get water on my bed,” you chastised him and raised your hand without thinking, wiping the water off his chin with your thumb. He looked at you with wide eyes, and you froze with your thumb in midair when you had realized what you had done. 

“I- uh- I,” he stuttered over his words, continuing to stare you in the eyes. 

“Sorry,” you forced out, and you found the strength in you to put your thumb down and wipe it on your pajama pants. You quickly looked away from him and he cleared his throat. 

“I’m- uh- gonna get going. Spanish quiz tomorrow, so, I should probably get some sleep in,” he laughed nervously and stood up from your bed, and you stood up after him to close the window behind him.

“Yeah, uh, I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said. You watched him put his mask on and crawl out the window, and as he stuck to the side of your house again, ready to web himself to another building, he looked towards you like he did every night, and said,

“Thanks, best friend,” before disappearing into the night. 

You sighed as you closed your window. You shut your lamp off and crawled into bed, trying to fall asleep. You thought, these feelings need to leave before it ruins your friendship with Peter.

You didn’t fall asleep for hours.

I’m not sure I’m liking this as much as the first part, but I am planning on writing another part and making this into a mini series. Please let me know if you guys would actually like a third part!! Thank you so much for all the notes left on the first part, it means a lot!!! Feedback is always welcome, and requests are open :)


Dating Tom and being a fan of Captain America (Tom Holland headcannon)

-wearing your Cap shield necklace ALL THE TIME
-“You’re dating Spider-man and you’re wearing THAT!” Tom would say shocked, pointing to it
-“Sorry dude. He’s always gonna be my favourite.”
-Tom faking a heart attack after
-his face turning down in mock distaste sometimes when he notices you’re still wearing it
-trying to take it off you but you swat his hand away
-trying to kiss Tom but he says, “Why don’t you go kiss Captain America?”
-smiling and kissing him regardless
-taking him back to your hometown
-“You have this massive shield painted to your wall?!”
-you shrug
-“I was sad. And painting it made me happy.”
-Tom feeling a little bad for being so butt hurt
-kissing the side of your head when you tell him the story of why Cap’s your favourite
-Tom surprising you by taking you to the Avengers: Infinity War premiere
-meeting Chris Evans
-saying “OHMYGOD ITSCHRISEVANS!!!” in the same tone Tom once said “OHMYGOD ITSROBERTDOWNEYJR” in an interview
-touching Chris to make sure he’s real
-“Can I touch your left boob?”
-Chris laughing loudly and shrugging
-you wanting to SO BADLY but refraining from touching his left boob
-Tom getting a little jealous that all your attention was on Chris
-Chris noticing and mentioning that you and Tom make a good couple
-“He talks about you all time! It’s actually getting annoying.”
-smiling at Tom because he really was the best
-Tom smiling back because of how happy you looked
-taking a picture of the two of you
-setting it as your lock screen immediately
-“I just met Captain America! I JUST MET STEVEN GRANT ROGERS!”
-“You’re happy?”
-nodding vigorously and then more or less attacking him with a kiss
-making out to a chorus of cameras clicking

Him, Not Me | Peter Parker x Reader

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Summary: poor peter parker is distraught cos you’ve got a thing for spider0man while he’s had a thing for you (Peter’s POV)

Word Count: an easy peasy 1.3K

maybe more parts to come….??

He has a crush on you. He’s always had a crush on you since, like, the third grade.

Yeah, yeah, he’s had his sights on some other girls along the way but he was always drawn to you. There was something about your kindness and quiet confidence that really melted his heart. The way you helped him remember what the homework was, or how you kissed in the school play that one time, or how you helped make excuses of why he wasn’t in class that day.

It was like you knew.

But of course you didn’t, his secret was under tight lock and key.

Though, it really did bother him that you looooved Spider-Man, and gushed about him any chance you got.

Like, come on, Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

How can he lose to himself?

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