In Love with Betrayal || Peter Parker x Reader [TEASER]

I know that I haven’t updated lately (a new chapter of Personal is in the works though I promise) but I have had this idea for a while and I have a teaser ready for you all!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Hired Assassin!Reader
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Spider-Man Homecoming deleted scene. Miles Morales is officially confirmed in the MCU!

Putting Wii Music Over Clips Of Tom Being An Idiot Part 2 (ft. Harrison)

being tony stark’s daughter and dating peter parker would include....

yeah i know there’s 500 of these but i dont care! also this is a universe where civil war didn’t happen and where everyone is a big happy family also this is long as fuck i am SO sorry (not really tho)

for @hollands1d 

  • you met peter on the way to a mission with the avengers 
    • #Homeschooled
  • you’re sitting next to bucky cracking jokes and he’s just staring at you
  • like no shame, full on drooling
    • “who is that?”
    • “that’s bucky. i thought you guys met.”
    • “no no no, the girl.”
    • “oh, that’s just y/n”
  • you notice him staring and introduce yourself with some ridiculous superhero name you made up on the spot
  • he totally falls for it and you just burst into laughter and he’s super confused
    • “no, honey, i don’t have powers, i just kinda kick ass. i’m tony’s daughter.”

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not to be dramatíque or anything but this is the best & cutest thing i’ve ever seen i live for the DRAG!!!!!!

Dating Tom Holland Would Include...


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  • Tom’s probably very comfterable with PDA
  • So he’ll happily smother you with kisses in public
  • I feel like he’s the playful earbiting type
  • Adorable nicknames
  • baby
  • darling
  • You came for tom but stayed for Tessa
  • Tessa is your and Tom’s child
  • “Come on Tess, me and daddy are gonna take you for a walk”
  • Tom loves to exploit your relationship on social media
  • During his livestreams all he talks about is you
  • You and Harrison love to ‘fight’ over Tom
  • “He’s my boyfriend!”
  • “He’s my best friend!”
  • You got to meet the Avengers
  • And your RDJ approved
  • “Keep her close, Tom”
  • “Oh I plan on it”
  • You love to call him Thomas
  • Cause he hates it
  • You just love to tease him in general
  • You also love to steal all of his clothes
  • Sweaters
  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • He doesn’t care though
  • He thinks they look better on you
  • Tom would try to teach you how to dance
  • didn’t work well
  • You two just ended up making out
  • Whenever he’s away you two always make time for facetimes and calls
  • “I miss you so much darling”
  • When he gets home he’d pick you up and twirl you around
  • now
  • homeboy is handsy
  • so cuddles for days
  • and he’s so warm and soft
  • just imagine him falling asleep 
  • his arms wrapped around you and his head resting on your chest
  • imagine his soft snores
  • his curls falling on his face
  • the small smile on his face
  • and his eye lashes fluttering ever so lightly
  • His general response to anything would be “but I’m Spider-man”
  • “Babe, put the toilet seat down!”
  • “But I’m Spider-man”
  • You and stackie would be best friends
  • The three of you love to roast Tom
  • “You’re my boy/girlfriend, why aren’t you on my side??”
  • Jealous!Tom
  • Oh jesus
  • The veins will pop out of his neck and arms
  • and its hot
  • If he’s jealous he’ll usually never leave your side
  • and he’ll wrap his arms around your waist protectively
  • But back to fluff
  • I feel like he loves tickle fights
  • I mean, it’s an excuse to pin you down
  • So many ‘I love you’s’
  • “I’m going to the bathroom, I love you”
  • Your first I love you’s would be accidental
  • “Bye, I love you”
  • “Love you too”
  • “What?”
  • “What?”
  • So much fluff
  • So much love
  • Let’s be honest
  • Tom Holland would treat you right
  • Tom Holland would be a damn good boyfriend

did his brain travel to another dimension for a second

peter parker is a Clingy boyfriend

hi i know there are 4000 of these and i already wrote one but i need to scream about clingy!peter so here it is folks enjoy this long ass post lmfao!

  • cuddling is intense because that boy will cling to you like a goddamn koala
  • omg his favorite is when you’re laying down and he’s resting his head on your chest and you’re playing with his hair all softly
  • he doesn’t even care that you’re totally messing it up because it feels so good
  • this boy is deadass like a little kitten
  • he will lean into your touch subconsciously like if u put your hand on the side of his face while you’re cleaning him up after his spiderly duties

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Tom: CAlM dOWn. R e l a x a t i o n

i have this under control.

Also Tom: *sneezes the whole Infinity War script*

Tom: ohmygod whoops

Marvel: ÖH mYG0D WHö0PŠ

In one of the Spider-Man comics, before May knew Peter was Spider-Man, she thought that he was hiding the fact that he was gay. So WHAT IF when Peter was only wearing his boxers in front of Ned (after changing out of his spidey suit in sm: hoco) and May walked in, the reason she wasn’t fazed by her almost naked nephew in front of his guy friend was because she thought that he was gay THE WHOLE TIME?!

Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun | Part 10

PLAYLIST! | Teaser Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 if these links don’t work then go to my bio!

Summary: You’re arranged to married Tom Holland, Londons most feared mobster, but it’s never easy. He doesn’t seem to want you and you don’t want anything to do with him.

Words: 3.6k

Warnings: Graphic mentions of blood and gore.

“Do you know who this is?” Tom slammed the folder down, flicking the first page open to reveal three similar photos. His father picked up the folder, eyeing the photos. “Jason Mrezt, died Fifteenth of August. He was shot”

Dom looks up at Tom, a knowing look. “Shot by an opposing Mob which was disappointing, he was one of my best men. Why’d you ask?”

“It’s very rare that we lose one of our members to opposing mobs. He died five days after the murder of Y/M/N Y/L/N” Tom leaned forward.

“I don’t have anything to do with this Thomas, nor do I have anything to do with the murder of your ladies mother. Why would you even think that I was behind any of this?”

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Here are some of my favorite fics!!! mostly tom holland bc im a hoe for him

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Peter Parker on the usual vs. whenever he’s shirtless 

Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun | Pt.15

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7 Pt.8 Pt.9 Pt.10 Pt.11 Pt.12 Pt.13 Pt.14 (If the links don’t work then check out my series masterlist!)

Summary: You’re arranged to marry Tom Holland, Londons most feared mobster, but it’s never easy. He doesn’t seem to want you and you don’t want anything to do with him.


Words: 3.8K

Moodboard credit too @vivaciousflamingo

It was the night of the gala and Tom was frantically trying to get ready. Preparing everything from his outfit to security measures for you and Haz but now you sat in the dimly lit bedroom, him throwing his outfit on in a bit of a hurry and you’d giggle every time he tripped or stumbled whilst throwing his pants on, or his fingers stumbled over a t-shirt button.

“Why can’t you just not go? Stay with me” You fell onto the large bed, the comforter making you bounce up and down lightly a couple times.

“You know I’d much rather stay here with you, Pretty girl” He tugged his socks up, the jet black blazer tightening around his biceps for a moment. It was true. He’d rather stay with you, wrapped up underneath the blankets or attempting to do make some homemade cookies like you’d done for the last day and a half. But work remained.

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