Pretty Woman give your smile to me - Over the last few days, I have seen several posts using scenes from “The Magician’s Apprentice” where the Twelfth Doctor is entertaining a crowd in the middle of a castle. When Twelve hears Clara’s voice in the crowd he immediately pulls down his shades and starts playing the song “Pretty Woman” on his guitar. Evidently, there are some people out there who feel that Twelve’s song was directed either at both Missy and Clara, or, perhaps, just Missy.

In order to set the record straight, I decided to dig out the actual script from M.A. to see what was what. Lo and behold, here is the quote from the pages

 “…and the Doctor is looking directly at her (Clara), over his shades.”

“Half pleased…half humiliated, Clara starts making her way down through the crowd.”

So there you have it. Twelve seems to have run the gamut from “I don’t think Twelve even notices that Clara is a girl” (as Jenna has said in early series 8 interviews) to becoming VERY aware of that fact in the premiere of series 9. A pretty woman, indeed. Thank you Steven Moffat for putting Whouffaldi down on paper for all the world to see.