We’ll watch Doctor Who. My daughter and I always watched it prior to me taking the role. My wife would go and do something else while we sat and ate all the chocolate watching it. But now my wife watches the show too - because I’m in it of course.
—  Peter Capaldi on plans for Christmas (TV and Satellite Magazine)

Seriously, you guys, the BEST news I’ve heard in like a month is that Mr Curry WILL be in Paddington 2: Electric Paddingtonloo* filming NOW!

*(Not actual title)(Probably)

YAY! Mr Curry and his AMAZING fashion sense is back!

I suspect I should feel at least a tiny bit bad about juxtaposing him with the actually-in-this-instance-being-quite-family-friendly Mr Tucker, but how can I when the scenes fit together so well?

I mean, Millicent calls Mr Curry

and everyone knows This Charming Man is…

That’s right!

Not to mention Malcolm – like Mr Curry – employing a simple four word proverb to sum up the special flower circumstances.

Of course Mr Curry ends up taking his death gift flowers away too,

but in his case he’s the one who needs cheering up.  Poor Mr Curry!

Where I live in London there have been no cinemas for years; suddenly there are three. So I used to go to the pictures. You can go to a screening of Dad’s Army in the morning with nobody else in the cinema.
—  Peter on how he filled his down time post knee surgery. (TV and Satellite Magazine)

The Twelfth Doctor hanging out with a cute little boy and holding an adorable baby means it looks as though it’s going to be a really heartfelt Christmas special. I’m also in a sappy mood today. I’ll be attending my aunt’s funeral later on, so I’ll be needing lots of hugs…and pics like these. ♥ They’re from Who-Natic and were edited by me.