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i honestly think the sexiest line i have ever read in a smut imagine is,

“Open your eyes, sweetheart. i wanna watch you fall apart.“


me, wondering how i managed to stay up to 2am reading imagines:

What even is America right now?

1. Cards Against Humanity bought land on the border to prevent Trump building a wall. (Should they even have to do that?! Can we not have a normal president who enacts policies with Mexico so that we can have an open border with Mexico?)

2. Deadpool 2 trailer released. Yey!

3. Blake Shelton is sexiest man alive?! That dude’s a homophobe. Gross. Of course it’s People Magazine, NOT the arbiter of good taste.

Sexiest men alive:

Tom Hiddleston

Idris Elba

Tom Hardy

Jesse Williams

Blair Underwood (he ain’t dead bitches)

Matthias Schoenaerts

Chris Hemsworth (I’ll give you any Hemsworth for that matter)

Evan Peters (but only if he would dump his violent girlfriend Emma Roberts)

Chris Evans

Chris Pine

Oh my god! Almost forgot silver fox Jeff Goldblum

Edit: Add Chadwick Boseman

Sebastian Stan

Jake Gyllenhaal

Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart

Dwayne Johnson

RWBY Tumblr Q&A Summary

Some of the questions I thought were interesting: 

LGBTQ characters/relationships are coming

Oscar is 14 years old

General rule of thumb is: If you’re out of Aura, you can’t use your Semblance 

Roman has never found his semblance

Barbara on Yang’s and Raven’s relationship: "I think Yang struggles with it more than she lets on – to have anyone abandon you can make you feel like it was your fault, and that something is wrong with you, when that is not the case.”

Of course Raven will be in volume 5

Ruby’s birthday is October 31st

Song recommentdations from team RWBY (and a totally not so subtle hint when Arryn says Tegan and Sara, like come on)

RWBY Always Open episode coming out next week (I am so hyyyyyped!)

Yang trailer will be show tomorrow at NYCC

Arryn’s hardest line to voice act was in volume 5

Favourite character 1

Favourite character 2

Favourite moment of RWBY

Port’s and Oobleck’s teaching methods

What weapon would you like to have?

Volume 5 Winter hint? 

Main characters usually take around 4 to 5 recording sessions per volume

“Now, you can think what you like about the art of jazz – quite frankly, I don’t really care what you think, because jazz is a thing so wonderful that if anybody doesn’t rave about it, all you can feel for them is pity: not that I’m making out I really understand it all – I mean, certain LPs leave me speechless.” - Colin MacInnes, Absolute Beginners. Book cover by Peter Blake

Just an appreciation of hotties with bodies

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here’s a bonus

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It took designer Peter Blake and 3 assistants 8 days to assemble the set for the Sgt. Pepper’s album photo in Michael Cooper’s studio.

The Beatles arrived in the afternoon on 30 March 1967 and stayed until evening, getting the album cover shot, as well as interior and back album photos, before returning to the studio for an 11 pm recording session, where they worked on a ”With a Little Help from My Friends.”

Jeff tryna tell me Derek- I - had - my - back - stabbed - several - times - was - taken - advantage - of - as - a - kid - and - is - a - rape victim - who - had - to - take - his - first - loves - life - out - of - mercy - at - 16 - tons - of - people - wanting - me - dead - amongst myself -Hale’s deepest darkest fear is…Jennifer