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surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away 

I know life can be hard...

I know that there are low moments,

Moments that make you want to cry. 

It might feel like everything is over, 

And that you have lost. 

I know there are times you want to give up, 

And just let go,  

But remember that it gets better.

There will be happy moments, 

Moments that make you want to dance, 

Moments that make you want to laugh, 

Or hug, 

Or just smile. 

But either way, it does get better!

So feel sad, it’s ok. 

But don’t forget to be happy. 

There are people that love you (like me)! 

Embrace your wonderfully brilliant flaws, 

Do something that’s terrifying, 

Maybe just do a dance, 

Or even just climb out of bed. 

Either way, remember that it does get better. Wait to see it. 

Finished up a Civil War Spidey today, Inktober-style :) I’m gonna put this one up on my Storenvy in the not so distant future.

Tom Holland did such a great job! Favorite part of Civil War second only to BP <3

anonymous asked:

As much ad i love love LOVE the villain trope loving Tony I wonder whst Tesm Cap AND the villain squad would do if other heroes actually showed support, respect and interest in Tony. Like, not just wanting to join him in superheroing and respect him as a leader but showed romantic interest in him. Like boo-yah Team Cap see people do respect Tony not only as Iron Man. But uh oh what would that mean for the villains?!

They’d be pissed. Let’s face it, you don’t become a villain for your even temper and your ability to deal with your emotions properly. The villains can’t really compete with heroes, they know that. The whole bad boy allure doesn’t work that well long term, and moral struggles of heroes getting involved with villains are legendary for a reason.

So. These other heroes–the space guys especially, seriously, out of all the available planets they just had to land in Stark’s damn backyard–are a problem. They make Stark smile brightly but that doesn’t excuse their sudden disturbance in the status quo.

Meanwhile at Stark Tower:

“Tony, have you seen Peter?”

“He’s locked himself in his room.”


“He swears the humans are out to get him.” Tony shrugs. “I tried to change his mind but then someone knocked a bookshelf over and it fell in him.”

“Well.” Awkward pause. “It could have been a coincidence.”

“I’ve designed that coffee shop, Pepper. There are no bookshelves in it.”


no one ever told me chloe bourgeois is actually gwen stacy

Dating Peter Parker and being Peter Quills daughter:

Before you read: please note that I haven’t yet seen either of the guardians of the galaxy movies so I apologise if any of the information in this headcanon is inaccurate.

Requested, enjoy :)

  • Your dad being protective as heck, like next level protective

  • Giving Peter the ‘if you hurt my daughter I’ll kill you speech”

  • Peter was lowkey scared but wouldn’t say anything

  • Your dad was super embarrassing the first time he met Peter but hey, you still love him

  • “Peter! Nice to met you, call me Starlord”

  • Although Peter Quill was your dad, all of the guardians were like your family and Peter (Parker) thought that was super cool

  • You loved getting to meet the Avengers and Peter loved getting to meet the Guardians

  • Your dad was so excited to meet Captain America he almost cried

  • He may or may not have flirted (or attempted too) with Natasha

  • With your skills gained from your father + the skills you were slowly grasping each time you hung out with the avengers, you were more than a double threat

  • Teaching Peter about all the cool space tech and him being super intrigued

  • One of the things you loved about him was that fact that he could listen to you talk about the new tech you’d been creating for hours on end

  • “Wait… so this can actually… you built this? Holy shit that’s amazing”

  • Your dad noticing how happy Peter made you and just being in awe

  • Your dad and Tony having ‘Dad chats about dad things”

  • Oh and this picture was when she was only 5-”

  • “Dad no!”

  • Peter (Parker) helping you adjust to a normal life

  • Your friends saying how perfect you and Peter are for each other

  • None of them New about Peters secret life (except Ned) and the fact that your dad was Peter Quill.

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New Life | Peter Parker

Summary: The new exchange student struggles adapting to her new found environment in school and Peter offers to help her out…

Warning: Mentions of (clears throat*) bad things ;)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Requested: @yourstrulyspidey

Part One Here / Part Three Here


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New Life (Peter Parker X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Clint Barton X Daughter!Reader, Peter Parker X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Teasing


Request: How about one where the reader is Clints teenage daughter from a previous relationship before Laura. She’s kind of loner and a punk chick but keeps to herself. Laura sends her with her father to try to open her up and make some friends in the city. She ends up falling for peter cause she loves geeky guys.

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You listened to your dad talking to your dad and step mom talk downstairs in the kitchen while you were on the steps. You lived with them since your dad got custody of you when your mom and he split. You didn’t mind Laura, she treated you alright, and sure your half siblings got on your nerves, but you liked them all the same. But you spent most of your childhood a single child so having siblings was alien to you. You liked your alone time. You would happily lock yourself away in your room and listen to rock music over a day out with your family.

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