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Who is Tony Stark? The Animated Version

In a bid to add my contribution to the Tony-positivity today, I made a thing. Since I loved the Lion King/Spidey Homecoming cross-over thing that’s been floating around but it had some implications I didn’t want to think about, I decided to make something to exploit my overall good mood. So an idea started to bubble in my head and this is the result.

To begin with… The question this post will address is Who is Tony Stark?

For Tony-haters, Tony is this guy:

Dick Dastardly. For those who don’t know who he is, he is a character in a series of Hanna Barbera cartoons, one of which is called Wacky Races. Each episode is about this group of wacky racers trying to get to the finish line and Dastardly using all sorts of evil methods to prevent the others from winning.

Bonus: There’s even a fair maiden and a knight in shining armor. Penelope Pitstop and Peter Perfect. I won’t go into detail on what they actually do half the time. Suffice to say that, whenever the she-racer gets into trouble, Peter Perfect stops to help her.

Sound familiar? I think it might.

But the point of this post is not to descend into CW bitterness. We’ll set that aside. No hate here. God only knows I’ve written enough about it to almost, but not quite exhaust the topic.

Moving on… Most of us of the TSDS see him as this guy.

Admit it! You know it’s true. How many times have you wanted to cuddle him or hold him or wrap him in fluffy blankets? And yes, I did pick that photo specifically for the paws up position.

Poor baby. Look at him. Aw. Come on. Let’s all stop reading and give the kitten a hug.

There you go. Don’t we all feel better?

But I did promise to make this about an animated version of Tony, I figured to find a character that fit Tony best. I thought about it. Who could best illustrate our bae? And then it hit me. He’s this guy.

What? You’re going to say. You’re kidding. You can’t be serious.

Tony is a super-rich genius who lives in a mansion decked up with all the comforts. Shrek is an ogre who lives in a swamp. If nothing else, Tony definitely has better grooming habits.

True. However, I’d like to point out that both the mansion and the property in Malibu are isolated. In their own way, they prefer solitude.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Exhibit 1. The spit-fire red-headed girlfriend

Obvious fact is obvious. In Tony’s case, we have Pepper, and in Shrek’s, the sometimes-lovely Fiona. But Fiona and Pepper are not just attachments to their man. They kick ass in their own right. And in Pepper’s case… She does occasionally spit fire, quite literally.

Their relationship isn’t always smooth and it has a lots of ups and downs, but they do love each other.

Granted, Tony’s ending isn’t as happy as Shrek’s… But we can still hold out hope, and that’s what fanfic is for, if Pepperony is your cup of tea. And this is a happy post. I won’t clutter it with everything that went wrong. No negativity.

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The Dark one’s Daughter  Other Jojen Reed • Short story, Part 2, Part 3

Five Times When... || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: while spending the night at ned’s place along with peter, you begin to think back on all of the memories you shared with the young dork while trying to figure out his feelings for you.}

admittedly, this is not peter’s soulmate au, but i really wanted to write this imagine so…enjoy~

permanent tags: @psychicwitchphilosopher

warnings: none

**don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine!**


You had a hunch that Peter Parker may have a crush on you, but you couldn’t say with absolute certainty that he viewed you in a romantic light.

Being best friends with Ned Leeds since you were in fifth grade, it was obvious that your paths would cross with Peter on numerous occassion, seeing as though the boy was also a good friend of Ned’s. You got along just fine with Peter, only feeling a tad bit envious when he and Ned would do cool Guy Stuff™ together while sometimes excluding you from their activities completely.

Take right now, for example. Ned’s parents absolutely adored you and Peter and seldom minded whenever Ned invited you both over for a sleepover. Your days would be filled with time spent on videogames and binge watching all of your favorite movies. However, when it was time to turn in for the night, you would be forced to sleep in the guest room as Peter was allowed to stay with Ned in his room.

Admittedly, this made you incredibly jealous. It’s not like either boys particularly liked you-

At least, that’s what you thought.

Which was what brought you to your current situation. As you lay in complete darkness, staring blankly at the ceiling, you thought back to five specific incidences where Peter acted way more than just a friend to you, making you question if his feelings toward you truly were just purely platonic in nature.

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Hello there the best authors ever :) I would like to reguest number 23 with Peter Hale. Thank you so múch anf have a wonderful rest of the day 💙   

Peter Hale - Blackmail

“No.” Peter crossed his arms while he looked down at you. “Not a chance in the world. I’m doing perfectly fine on my own right now, I’m not going to be involved in whatever stupid plan you and your little friends have thought out this time. They’re not working, Y/N. Haven’t you ever realized that?”

You had, absolutely. Which was actually exactly why you had asked Peter to help you. He might have been the most obnoxious wolf you ever met, but he was also brutally honest. If you were planning something that wasn’t going to work, he’d say it. Or he’d run, but at least you’d know something was wrong.
“I know, Peter. Do you really think I would come to you otherwise? I’m not exactly enjoying asking you for your help, you know. You’re not exactly anyone’s favorite conversation partner.”

That did make him laugh, so you could relax at least slightly. “Well, it seems I’m not the only blunt one here anymore.” He shrugged. “But the answer is still no. You are maybe amusing enough to at least consider it, but your friends? Nope. Not happening.”

Disappointing. But hey… you knew better than to walk away after just one attempt. You had an opening, he seemed to like you. Now you just had to use that.
“So you rather watch this entire town go down, just because your ego is too big to ignore the remarks of a few teenagers?”, You shrugged, playing it nonchalant. He didn’t need to know you guys really needed him, because that would only make it less likely to cooperate. You even went that far to start to turn around and walk away, leaving your hand on the doorknob longer than necessary, hoping he’d call you back.

“Wait!”, he finally said after what seemed like an eternity. “What do you mean, the entire town?”

You couldn’t help but smile slightly before you turned around, making sure he couldn’t see the smile.
“Well, if we don’t manage this, Beacon Hills will stop to exist, but you didn’t care about that, didn’t you? You’ll just run and continue your life somewhere else? Or wasn’t that what you were implying.”

You could almost see the fight going on inside of him. The repulsive idea that he would have to work with the pack against the idea of seeing the town where he grew up, where he spent most of his life go down. No matter how little Peter said to care about anything, you didn’t really believe it.

“Ok.”, he sighed. And he proved you right. “You win. But just this once.” He rolled his eyes when he walked past you and stepped out of the door. He turned around to you. “What are you still standing there? Don’t we have a town to save?”

After you joined him and walked in the direction of the school where you were plotting, he suddenly grabbed your arms, stopping you. “Don’t think I don’t know what you were doing in there. It might have worked, but I can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to regret that. I’m a disaster to work with.”, he ended with a grin before walking on.

You were afraid you had just gotten more on your plate than you could handle.


Boy George & Marilyn photographed by Derek Ridgers, 1980.

There was a time Boy George didn’t wear frocks and jewellery. Just a pretty kimono. This was how he looked nearly four years ago. Alongside him is his pal Marilyn.  Behind them is the house in Couburton Street, central London which they shared with fellow squatters. Marilyn remembers the squat fondly. “ I discovered the amazing clubs in London and realised there were other freaky people like me. It was George O'Dowd and me against everybody else, going to parties and seeing who could look the prettiest.” Both have come a long way and gone their separate ways, since those days, Yet their steps aren’t that for apart.

(Record Mirror,  April 1984)

P l e a s e  W e l c o m e – PETER MAXIMOFF, our new pupil !

  • Name: Peter Maximoff
  • Alias: Quicksilver
  • Age: 21
  • Gender: CIS-male
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Powers: Superspeed
  • Origin Story: Born in a small Eastern European country, Peter Maximoff crossed the sea with his mother and twin sister when he was six months old, chasing the American Dream. He grew up in middle class suburbia, taking up the man-of-the-house mantle from a young age while his single mother worked hard to keep food on the table and her kids safe. When he and his sister were eight, two things of importance happened: his mother got pregnant and Peter, having tried his hand at shoplifting unsuccessfully for the first time, tried to run away from an irate shop owner and ended up at the other side of the state. As you can imagine, this was slightly terrifying and though he expected his mother to be furious, she seemed anxious more than anything else, almost as if something she’d feared had come to fruition. Peter’s strange ability grew as the boy did and by the time he was sixteen and well-grounded in teenage delinquency, he had a loose grasp on how to control his ‘gift’. By some small miracle he managed to get his GED (… okay okay, he may have stolen the answers from the teacher’s desk and replaced them before anyone could blink) and figured he was done with school - until he met Charles Xavier and discovered that education is never really over.
  • Key Traits: Impatient, Presumptuous, Sarcastic, Good-Humoured, Loyal, Enthusiastic
  • Affiliation: Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngers
  • Room Number: 32A
  • What do you want to get out of this school: Learn how to better control this speed business because man, it is exhausting. Also: meet chicks.
  • Known Family: Wanda Maximoff, twin sister; Maggie Maximoff, mother; Ella Maximoff, baby sister.
  • Relations: To be determined ;)
  • Personality Type: ESFP
  • Anything Else: He’s pretty sure he doesn’t actually belong here amidst these brainiacs and linewalkers but whatever, it’s better than being at home and having his mother give him That Look everytime the police come knocking (which is to say: he freaking loves being at Xavier’s but admitting to that is laaaaame)