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Dancing as one: (Request)

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Prompt: Omg like could you do an imagine based on the imagine the anon about her crush said? Where he grabbed her by the waist with Peter Parker please? I think that would be so cute and omg I’m so happy for you anon :)–Anonymous Base on this post  

Crush Anon’s Permission here (I didn’t want to do it without her permission, so I’m glad she wanted it :D) 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

Note: Pure fluff :D

Words: 1060

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s Note: Hope you enjoyed loves! \(^////^)/

Peter and (Y/N) were very close friends, but unaware to Peter, (Y/N) had a gigantic crush on the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. It has been this way since their seventh grade year, because Peter was her first and only friend when she had moved to New York. However due to Peter being with Liz she decided it was best to lock away her feelings and be happy for him.

They were both currently in music class together and their teacher was informing them of a new dance that had four children standing together, two boys and two girls, in one group. She had paired people up randomly and somehow (Y/N) and Peter had been paired together. (Y/N) wasn’t complaining, because she liked to dance and she was dancing with her crush.

“Alright, gentlemen take your place.” The teacher called, clapping her hands together as Peter stood in front of (Y/N) when (Y/N) looked up to him offering him an easy smile. (Y/N) didn’t really understand completely on how to do the dance, but the moment the music started Peter grabbed her hip with a hand and jerked her towards his body.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened at the fact he held her so close when he spun her around as her face heated up before he pulled her back. She slammed into his chest, but not to hard as he grins at her causing the heat of her face to travel down her neck. “You okay?” He asked when the teacher grins excitedly before pausing the music as she travels to Peter and (Y/N).

“These two did the dance perfectly!” She gestured before motioning for everyone to sit down so they could watch the duo. “Uh-Oh.” Peter comments, face flushing as he looks around the room before looking to her. “Guess it’s just me and you.” He smiles that dorky smile she can’t help but love. “I guess so..” She murmurs softly when the teacher restarted the music.

(Y/N) felt this warmth swelling inside her chest at the feeling of being in Peter’s arms, because even if it was just for this little moment she would take it. Suddenly just standing here with him, swaying in his arms made her world slow down and it was just them together. No one was there, nothing was there to stop them from just being surrounded in everything that was them.

The moment the music stopped Peter stepped back, smiling to her when the weight of reality came crashing back down onto her shoulders. She smiles back with a nod before they both went back to their seats as people whispered, looking at them. (Y/N)’s skin felt this weird tingling sensation causing her to clear her throat before looking back to the teacher who was rambling.

At lunch someone nudged (Y/N)’s back causing her to look back and see her best friend Caitlyn who was grinning like an idiot. “Oh. My. God. You and Peter danced today!” She exclaims, waving her arms around as (Y/N)’s eyes widened. “I–What? How-How do you know?” She questioned in shock. Caitlyn pulled out her phone and show her a video of them in music class.

“It’s all over YouTube! People who don’t even go to our school love you two together!” Caitlyn grins when (Y/N)’s face drops in worry. “Oh no…. Liz is gonna see that and break up with Peter! He’ll hate me for it!!” She covered her mouth before she glances around the lunchroom to see where Peter, or Liz was. “Oh god… Oh god.” She starts hyperventilating. “Whoa, whoa (Y/N) calm down. I highly doubt will happen!” Caitlyn waved her off when Peter walked over to her.

“Hey (Y/N).” He smiles when (Y/N) shot up so fast she banged her knee off the table. “H-Hey Peter. What’s up?” She questioned, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in her kneecap. “So I was uh… Wondering if you’d wanna go to homecoming with me?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck as both (Y/N) and Caitlyn looked to him in utter surprise.

“But… I thought you were going with Liz? You know, your girlfriend?” (Y/N) gestured as if that was supposed to ring a bell. “Liz and I uh.. We aren’t together anymore.” He shrugged as (Y/N)’s heart snapped in two. “Oh god… Was it because of the video?” She asked, biting her lip. “No, wait what video?” He tilted his head to the side as she swallowed, pointing to Caitlyn.

“The… The video of us dancing in Music class today…” She trailed off when Peter chuckles. “No (Y/N), that video wasn’t the reason it was more… I think I’ve been chasing the wrong dream for a while.” He murmurs, looking to the ground. “What do you mean?” She frowned. “Well I think both Liz and I had a mutual break up, because she was moving and my feelings have changed.” He smiles.

“I-I’m sorry.” She stuttered out, not knowing what to say to him. “I’m not, because dancing with you made me realize a lot today. I mean you’ve always been at my side through everything. After my parents died you had been my shoulder to cry on. I never realized that you cared for me and when Liz told me I wanted to kick myself in the face.” He laughs softly.

“Liz told you that (Y/N) had a crush on you?” Caitlyn questioned as Peter’s face lit up. “I never said I was a smart kid when it came to relationships.” Peter comments. “Dude, everyone knew that she had feelings for you!” Caitlyn barked, getting smacked in the shoulder by (Y/N) who clears her throat. “Um if the offer is still available I’d like to say yes.” She smiles gently.

“Really?” He asked before waving his hands in the air immediately. “Right, right. Okay.” He grins like a dork and she can’t help, but smile at him. “Um… I’ll uh… I’ll see you in chemistry.” He comments before stepping back and bumping into a table as he jerks back when he finally walks off. “You two were made for each other.” Caitlyn resorts as (Y/N) laughs. “Yes, yes we are.” She whispers before looking to her.

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can you do the monkees as children hcs


~Ok, Imagine the little Monkees at the park.

~Davy is that annoying little twerp that is trying to show off all he can do. He claims he can swing all the way around on the swings, and go across the monkey bars.

~In actuality, Davy can’t even jump up and grab the bars cause he is too tiny.

~Peter is playing in the sandbox by himself. He is making little castles with his buckets and shovels and is very possessive of his toys. He is the happy king of the sand, Tork tower.

~Peter is wearing those adorable little kid overalls and has a dandelion collection in the pocket.

~Micky is running around all over the place. He is climbing every bar and trying to hang upside down from the top of the little bridge.

~Micky can not stand it when kids are off to the side because everyone deserves to play. Usually, Peter is the only one off to himself and Micky joins him for a while.

~Mike is sitting under the play set at one of those little tables, reading a book.

~Mike is completely zoned out, just reading his book and keeping silent as kids around him are running around making noise.

~Micky is quick to notice this new silent kid and is fully prepared to go and bother him. And that is just what he does.

~Micky plops himself right on the space next to Mike with a large grin on his face, legs swinging back and forth. Mike can’t possibly ignore him, though he tries.

~So Mike ends up swinging slowly on the swings as Micky furiously pumps his legs and soars next to him.

~Sometimes Micky slows down and grabs Mike’s hand so he’ll go the speed as him. Mike doesn’t protest… long as Micky doesn’t try to go too fast.

~Because Micky is naturally very friendly, Davy is a friend of his too and immediately wants to be introduced to Mike too. Mike, has secretly been thinking Davy was the most annoying kid there all day.

~But Mike does think Davy is amusing and is finding a hard time not laughing as the happy child spins himself frighteningly fast on the swing.

~Micky wants to include Peter as well so he urges the others to come with him to sit in the sandbox. When they do, Peter is a little hesitant but decides to show them how to build the castles.

~Peter lets Mike stick the tiny flag on the top of the castle they all made together.

~When Davy goes to put another flag on top of a castle, Peter says: ‘Need a lift?’

~And it’s the first time Micky has ever heard Peter tease anybody, so he bursts into laughter.

~Peter smiles sweetly at Davy as the smaller boy gasps with minor offense. He is immediately forgiven.

~The four of them meet at the park every time they go.

I don’t think Tom’s realized what he’s started 😂😂
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