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For some reason, Peter thinks Deadpool knows his secret identity so he thinks its not a big deal to chat with the merc in his civilian identity whenever he bumps into him in various locations. Wade, meanwhile, is confused on why a cute but grouchy nerd keeps talking to him like they know each other but hey, its New York! Eccentrics are everywhere and this guy is really cute and doesn’t seem to mind hanging out with him! Also somehow they ended up maybe-or-maybe-not on a date???

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dude your tags on the peter parker / flash thompson gifset... i said the exact same thing. peter looks so amazed. it's pretty gay.

yeah peter and flash are an enemies to friends to lovers ship waiting to happen, especially this version of peter and flash seeing as flash won’t really be a bully so much as a ‘frenemy’

flash and peter have always been an obvious ship that isn’t considered much lmao, flash is a huge fan of spidey (he has a big fat crush on spider-man like it’s obvious), and over time peter and flash actually become good friends and appreciate each other for the things they once hated about one another. plus over time flash becomes agent venom and works along side spidey, so it’s just a great dynamic and a really great development between the two

lmao can you tell that i’m excited for people to fall in love with peter and flash??

Gymnastic Lessons (Peter Parker X Reader)

Characters: Peter Parker X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mention of heights

Could you do one where Peter is dating the reader and he thinks the fact he can swing around on his webs is pretty cool and then he finds out they’re an aerialist who’s like, really good? Sorry if that’s a little weird

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You’d been dating Peter for a few months now, and it was going well. You had actually met him as Spiderman, but he had gotten himself hurt and you were the one to take care of his injuries, so you knew about him being Peter Parker.

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Happy 100 Days

Member: Ong Seongwoo // Wanna One

Genre: Fluff

Plot: Simple date on the rooftop for 100 day anniversary

Word Count: 697

The soft laughter was like music to Seongwoo’s ears as his face relaxed into an easy grin. Her tiny hands covered her lips, although her prominent cheek bones gave away to blossoming smile on her own face. Her free hand gently slapped his upperarm, while here crescent shaped eyes met his.

“I can’t believe you just exposed Daniel like that to me! Does he even know that you’re telling me about how he tried cat food with Rooney and Peter?” Seongwoo adored the way her giggles would punctuate each word in her sentence, and he grabbed her free hand in his own. I’m so lucky to have her. 

Well… We can keep that between the two of us.” She shook her head at her boyfriend’s silly words, before squeezing his hand. She sighed contently, leaning her head to rest on his shoulder. A warm summer breeze drifted past, and Seongwoo tucked a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. She fiddled with the thin leather band around his wrist, matching the one on her own.

“How much more time do we have before you have to go study?” Seongwoo asked, and she hummed a bit as she pondered. He always wanted to hear her sing, but she never would let him. 

“I mean, I could just flunk it and stay here with you.” She snuggled a bit closer to his side, her arm wrapped around his. They were on the library rooftop, a pair of iced coffees forgotten on the other side of the bench as they watched the sun begin to set. Seongwoo slouched a bit, trying his best to adjust to her height.

“Very tempting offer, but I’ll pass. You want to go to law school, don’t you? You promised to press charges on those guys who beat me up! You have to pass this test!” She mumbled something about him nagging more than her parents, before sighing once more. “Happy 100 days, babe.” She sat upright at these words, her eyes meeting his own.

“I thought you had forgotten!” She exclaimed, and he rolled his eyes at her nonsense. 

“How can I forget when you obviously were hinting at this for the longest time?” She smiled meekly, before holding out her hands with a pout.

“Where’s my present, Mr. Ong?” He put his hands in them, a goofy grin on his face. 

“Right here, Mrs. Ong.” She wrinkled her nose, before letting go. She looked off dramatically into the sunset, pretending to be displeased.

“Terrible. Utter trash. Atro-” Her words were abruptly ended with a quick peck, and she blushed as he winked.

“You mean I’m the most lucky guy in the world to have been fortunate enough to meet a girl like you?” 

“Hmm. You seem to have a way with words, Mr. Ong. Maybe I’ll reward you with a song.” He gasped, taken aback at her words. Her, the girl that denied him of a duet everytime they passed by karaoke, singing as a present?

“Y-You’re going to sing for me?” She nodded, determination and embarrassment flickering in her eyes. 

“It’s because I remember that song you sung for me for my birthday, and I was so touched. I’m just a terrible singer, so I needed to practice a lot.” She sat up a bit straighter, closing her eyes to take a deep calming breath. 

Where you are, I will be there too..
Where you go, I will go there too..
I smile for you every day,
I pray for you
With thoughts of you, I fall asleep,
I open my eyes as I call for you
You protect me by my side
and you embrace me
You are my heaven”

Her voice. It wasn’t exceptionally powerful, and yet it stirred something from his heart. Was this true love? The way she would close her eyes to keep her pitch in check, tap her fingertips on the wooden arm rest to keep the tempo, and the way she was nervously picking at the hem of her dress for his reaction. She’s an angel

“You might not be Ailee… But you’re mine forever. Thank you for making my last 100 days perfect.” 

I don’t think Tom’s realized what he’s started 😂😂
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  • Wade: Peter, will we ever date?
  • Peter: No! Never!
  • Wade: Double negative- that's a yes.

Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016) #18