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I Have A Confession

This might be long so I apologize in advanced.

I enjoy writing. It’s my escape from my real life. I can escape from my parents who argue a lot. Its my escape from my dad calling me useless. From my sisters who call me clumsy or stupid. From my friends who don’t invite me to hang out sometimes. Writing makes me feel great because its the one thing family and friends don’t know I do, which makes me happy because its the one thing that they can’t criticize me about or take away from me. Only three of my friends know I write fan-fiction. One of them made a blog to read my stories, the second one said she would make one to just read my work, the third has just read my work and said it was great. That was a boost for me.

So knowing that some of you actually like to read my stories makes me really emotional in a good way. I didn’t think my writing was good at all. I felt I was doing something stupid. And when my mom makes a comment or my sisters call me out because I’m doing something I enjoy doing, it makes me upset. I’m not the most socialist person, I’m shy. I can’t even present something in front of big groups of people.

That’s why I feel that I can really be myself on Tumblr. I can go crazy over someone I like and post my interest. Writing feels like the one thing I can call mine. Like its that one thing no one can take away from me. So I want to thank everyone who makes me want to write. I also want to apologize for not always updating. I get writers block really badly, I know its not an excuse but its the truth, every time you ask for another part or something different I feel a bit pressured, and I really want to give you what you want, but it isn’t always easy.

Sorry for my stupid rant and wasting your time…. :/

Winter Things— a christmas playlist for you and your fave

“There’s nothing else that I would need this Christmas
Won’t be wrapped under the tree
I want something that lasts forever
So kiss me on this cold December night”


In my opinion the best movies and characters in the world. Peter pan/Robbie Kay (OUAT), Newt/Thomas Sangster (Maze Runner), Percy Jackson/Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson lightning thief and sea of monsters), Aaron Corbett/Paul Wesley (Fallen), Nathan Ellis/Asa Butterfield (x+y), Jacob/Taylor Lautner (Twilight)

The way Damon looks at Elena

The way Stefan looks at Elena

The way Stefan looks at Caroline

The way Elijah looks at Hayley

The way Stiles looks at Lydia

The way Scott looked at Allison

The way Vincent looks at Cat

The way Auggie looks at Annie

The way Nathan looks at Audrey

The way Oliver looks at Felicity

The way Charming looks at Snow

The way Hook looks at Emma

The way Neal/Bae looked at Emma

The way Killian looks at Freya

The way Four looks at Tris

The way Augustus looks at Hazel

The way Peter looks at Gwen

The way Bellamy looks at Clarke

The way Clarke looks at Bellamy

The list goes on and on but this is what I want. This is what I wish for. What I dream about.