peter x edmund

Morning (Peter x Reader)

Word Count: 562.

Warning: Fluffs.

Request: Hi! I love your work and I was wondering if you could do a Peter imagine? Anything with fluff can do it! ~ Anon

Summary: Just some morning cuteness that Peter and her wife wake up to.

The Story:

Y/N woke up to the ray of light coming through the closed window. And a hand, securely holding her on her waist and her head resting on someone’s bare chest. Well, not just someone, it’s Peter.

She turned around slowly, careful to not wake him up and looked at his face. He looked so peaceful.

His breathing was steady, occasionally filled with soft snores. A small smile tugging on his lips. Y/N moved forward and gave him a peck.

But Peter’s hand slowly glided around her waist, holding her tight and pulling her towards him. Turning the small peck into a long lasting kiss.

It would’ve soon turned into a make-out session, if someone hadn’t knock on the door.

“Your Majesty, the arrangements for the upcoming festival has some problems and there is a meeting arranged for it in an hour.”

Peter groaned in response, while Y/N sighed and answered for him, “He’ll be there in an hour. Make the arrangements.”

The person seemed to giggle outside the door and walked away.

Peter chuckled and proceeded to continue where they left off when Y/N interrupted them. “You gotta get up Pete.”

“But this just started. Come ooooonnn.” He said whining like a child.

Y/N chuckled at the grown man and said, “I can’t believe you are the High King.”

“Well then, shouldn’t you obey the orders of the king?”

“I’m the Queen too. Shouldn’t you treat me like one?” She said getting up and putting on her gown.

Peter dramatically sighed, “I don’t understand women. How can you resist this?” He said pointing at himself.

“Come on.” Y/N said smacking his arse “Get up, besides morning breath Peter. Gross.”

Y/N noticed a mischievous smile on his lips, “Oooh really?” She knew what he was going to do. “Oh no, absolutely not.” She said and ran towards the bathroom.

Peter quickly followed her and soon caught her, breathed in front of her face deliberately. “Ew no!!!” Y/N giggled, followed by her weapon, tickles.

Peter behaved like a little girl when it came to tickles and ofcourse, he ran away screaming like one. Y/N jumped on his back, holding him but Peter failed to balance himself and fell down.

“Ow…” She said getting up, “How come we are married? We are still so childish.” Soon she realized they already got late for about 15 minutes.

“Peter! Quick get up! You’re gonna be late.”

Peter laughed and took his clothes and towel and said, “Fine. Just because you’re saying. And you know you can come in right?”

“No thanks.” Y/N said, “After you. I know your intentions honey.”

“You’re no fun.” Peter said pouting and got in the bath.

Soon enough, he was ready and presentable enough to be in the meeting.

“Don’t know why I married an old lady.” He said.

“HEY! Who are you calling an old lady, at least I don’t whine like a baby!” Y/N said laughing. She sighed and looked back at him, he was standing at the door, obviously waiting for her.

“Fine.” She sighed and kissed him, “You’ll have a present at the end of the day.”

Peter’s face brightened up. “Oh well then, I’ll be off.” He said giving her a last peck before leaving.

Well, let’s just say the present wasn’t anything childish. 😉

A/N - Kinda boring but here you go. -_- It’s trash.


narnia preference: dating them would involve...

dating edmund would involve…

  • you being the one to break his shell
  • being the one person he shows vulnerability around
  • holding hands under the table
  • finding millions of ways to turn him on
  • holding doors open for you even when you’re 25 feet away
  • low-key (actually high-key) super kinky
  • threading his fingers through your hair when you’re sleeping
  • him thinking that you’re super hot when you guys are arguing but turns red at the thought and becomes an awkward, stumbling mess
  • passing cute notes in class
  • being lucy’s best friend
  • him watching you and lucy play
  • and unconsciously his mind is always thinking about you
  • because he just loves you so much

dating peter would involve…

  • lots of picking you up and spinning you around
  • mama pevensie loving you so much, she thinks of you as already being married to peter
  • leading to heated make out sessions on the kitchen countertop
  • him being such a gentlemen
  • always having his one hand on your back or around your waist
  • like he would stop and make sure you were okay
  • edmund accidentally walking in on you two
  • always finding him staring at you
  • staying home whenever you fall ill
  • being tight knit with susan
  • “because if you think about it logically – “
  • “you’re spending too much time with susan.”

dating caspian would involve…

  • lots of hugs from behind
  • lots of forehead kisses
  • him letting you run your hands through his incredibly smooth hair
  • him purposefully trying to get you mad because he thinks it’s the cutest thing
  • you being better than him wielding a sword
  • so you end up teaching him
  • his scruff tickling you
  • being close friends with reepicheep
  • going on picnics
  • okay, but the way you guys sleEP IS ADORABLE
  • him waking up before you just so he could admire you sleeping
  • cause damn
  • how did he get so lucky
  • Something politically or socially crappy: *happens*
  • Me: This would never happen in Narnia under the rule of King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just and Queen Lucy the Valiant or under Caspian X

Two days ago, I didn’t believe in the existence of talking animals … of dwarves or… or centaurs. Yet here you are, in strengths and numbers that we Telmarines could never have imagined.Whether this horn is magic or not, it brought us together… and together, we have a chance to take back what is ours!

The Lady of Calormen

Peter Pevensie x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: This was a fun one to write! I got a bit carried away though lol

He knew the others weren’t a fan of this plan. Peter wasn’t so hot on it himself, but there was no other way to seal their alliance with the Calormen.

“Peter, I don’t see why one our Archenland allies couldn’t be the one to seal the treaty. Why do you have to marry her?” Edmund demanded.

His brother sighed.

“Because Ed, it’s my duty as High King. That, and… I wasn’t going to let them force you into anything you clearly didn’t want.”

“Yes, but–”

“Enough about it. What’s done is done.”

Edmund was clearly dissatisfied, but he didn’t protest it any further.

“When is she arriving?”

“This afternoon.”

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Why does no one write smut about the Narnian Men? I mean guys look at them!!

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equals || peter pevensie

summary: the reader wants to duel miraz instead of having peter do it. basically peter and the reader arguing at first, and then they make up in the end. also, this is rly shitty. just a head’s up.
pairing: reader x peter pevensie
word count: 2.5k
notes: violence, girl power, also i didn’t edit this cause i’m a lazy fuck and i’m tagging @alwaysinnarnia bc she wanted to see some peter x reader :)

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“You’re not fighting, (Y/N).”

“Wait, what?” you looked at Peter, bewildered and disappointed, as you shot up from your seat on his bed. “Why not?!”

“It’s too dangerous.” Peter, feeling guilty, kept his stern voice from wavering and tried his very best not to look into your eyes; the eyes that he found to be so enticingly beautiful, yet made him break every single time he saw them.

“You know that I’m better than you at wielding a sword, Peter. In fact, I’m probably better than Ed and Caspian too.” you scoffed as you walked up to your boyfriend and examined his face. You knew that Peter was very, very stubborn, but you have always despised the fact that men go to war and women don’t. You were just as head-strong as Peter, and that’s what made him so attracted to you.

“Yes, but that’s not the point, I just don’t want you fighting. Especially against Miraz.” Peter broke and finally looked into your eyes.

You let out a frustrated sigh. “I get that Peter, but why?” He remained silent as he stared past your shoulder off into the distance, pursing his lips. You rolled your eyes out of anger, as you thought of a reason why he wouldn’t let you duel Miraz. “It’s because I’m a girl isn’t it?!”

“What? No! It’s just that -” Peter furrowed his brows, confused as to why you were behaving like this.

“You’re crazy stupid if you think that I can’t fight like you and the rest of the men! Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I fight any worse than the whole lot of you. I just hate that men are always the ones that go out to war and that women stay at home in the kitchen their entire lives. I just- why can’t we all be treated like equals?” your voice died down to a whisper as Peter pulled you into a hug.

“It’s not that at all, (Y/N). I know this is going to sound really selfish, but I don’t want you getting hurt. Seeing you hurt just really makes me upset. And I love you, a whole lot more than you think.” He pulled away, placing a sweet kiss on your forehead in the process.

You smiled half-heartedly at him, your fiery desire to duel Miraz still burning deep within you. “And you don’t think I’d feel the same way, Peter? I can’t ever bear to see you in pain. I -”

“Please, just let me take care of this? I need to do this, I’m the High King. The Narnians rightfully  deserve their kingdom back, and I can give it to them. Please, (Y/N)?” He rubbed his nose affectionately with yours as you tried to think of a counter argument, but your mind was blank.

Pulling away from his hold, you rolled your eyes. “You, you are absolutely unbelievable, you know that?!” you angrily walked out from his room, not turning back as Peter kept calling your name, tears threatening to spill.

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Narnia Preference: How He Tries to Impress You

@luzthenarnian I’m sooooo sorry for how long this has taken. I got engaged, and everything went kinda crazy and awesome, but has kept me off tumblr. 

This is my first preference, so I’ll put the disclaimer that I don’t really know what I’m doing. Butttttt here goes!


•He’d be less than forward at first

•But he observes everything okay, so he starts mentally noting all the little things about you

•Your first conversation is probably over books

•the next day he hands you a book

•"I think you’d like this one.“

•And you find tiny pieces of paper with his thoughts on certain sections throughout the book.

•Then he stays up late with you discussing the book after you’ve finished it, and it’s in one of these late night sessions that he first decides to kiss you, with surprising fervor

•When he’s around others, he’ll sometimes speak up more than usual to maybe get you to notice

•He LISTENS. Like no one’s business. He remembers details of things you told him and will bring them up when he can just to let you know he cares


•He’s got a natural way with words, so he compliments you warmly and often

•Anything from "The way your hair falls is absolutely lovely,” to “The more I know you, the more I see just how bright your very being is.”

•He enjoys teaching you things, patiently watching you grow in whatever skill.

•And he lets you know he enjoys learning from you. He’s humble, and you’ll find you’d never run into ego, just eagerness to learn from you how to do something you’re passionate about.

•He'a passionate man, and he really isn’t afraid to show you it, although he allows his passion to manifest itself calmly.

•Think slow, hot neck kisses

•Or just sappy gestures of affection

•You wake up to your favorite flower by your bed


•Okay so Peter doesn’t possess a subtle bone in his body, so his affection for you is never something you or anyone else has any question about

•He’s really attentive to you and is frequently asking how you’re doing, really wanting the truth

•"Actually, Peter, everything isn’t okay right now.“ And his eyes instantly soften and he just melts, pulling you into his chest, hugging you hard

•He’ll be super protective of you: this isn’t to impress you, it’s just who he is

•He’s quite the gentleman, opening doors, etc.

•It’s to the point you kinda have to hint you want to be kissed by him at first

•But once he knows your desires and comfort levels, you’ll find yourself being pulled into numerous nooks, being kissed breathless

•You really wonder how kisses can be so sweet and sinful all at one moment


Chronicles of Narnia vs Ao3 tags  Part 4/??

Seven Minutes In Heaven

Edmund Pevensie x Reader 

Words: 1125
Prompt: (anon) heyy I see you’re doing Narnia requests! if possible I have a request for some sort of Narnian seven minutes in heaven with Edmund? I just think it would be adorable and hot
A/N: I put out a call for requests this morning and got this gem back and I knew I had to write it pretty much the moment I was finished with studying. After listening to some Kodaline and getting inspired; this is what I came up with. It came out WAY sexier than I intended, but I sort of love it. Let me know what you think or you can request another shiny amazing Narnia fic!

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Spring blossoms fell from the Narnian trees around Cair Paravel; slowly dancing on the warm breeze as they came to rest along the windows. Edmund always loved this time of year; something about the spring air brought with it feelings of hope and change.

On this particular evening, though; he was feeling more spirited than usual. They had company in the castle drawing room; Susan had insisted that they all needed to spend more time socialising and less time working, which Edmund was pretty happy about. Various groups of people were scattered around the huge room; Edmund was sitting on the floor by the fireplace where a large group of his friends were playing some sort of game.
“…It was supposed to be Lily’s turn. Someone should go and find her.” One of the women said, her hands folded in her lap “there are rules, you know.”
“Oh, don’t! I think it’s lovely that she’s helping me out with icing the cake” Lucy cooed before looking up at Edmund slyly.
“Besides” she smirked “Edmund hasn’t had a go yet”.
Edmund flushed bright red.
“I don’t even know if I want a go, Luce. I’m still mulling it over.”
“Do what you want, Ed. I’m going to check on the food. Anyone coming?”
A few of Lucy’s close friends followed suit, and Edmund scooted into her spot.
Sitting across from him, attempting to look nonchalant; (y/n) twirled a coil of hair around her finger. Her eyes caught in the firelight, and Edmund felt his breath hitch in his throat the way it always did when he was around her. She was one of his closest friends; they joked and laughed together for hours around the castle when he wasn’t busy pouring over papers. Day by day, those feelings had grown into something more; something that made his head giddy and his hands clammy.
Of course he hadn’t told her. Because he was an absolute idiot, and absolute idiots didn’t get to be with pretty lovely girls like her.
“Did you…want a turn, Your Majesty?” one of the other girls asked, smiling shyly as her face flushed red. She was pretty; brown curls and a soft smile. He saw (y/n) suppressing a smirk at her referring to him as “Your Majesty”, and Edmund narrowed his eyes.
“This seems like a terrible idea” Edmund sighed “but I may as well”.
Picking up the glass bottle on the carpet, he gave it a strong spin. The bottle span wildly for a few seconds; Edmund wondered if those may have been some of the longest seconds of his life.

The bottle stopped.
Edmund felt his heart stop with it, for a second.
(y/n) blinked, her face flushing absolute beetroot red when she saw it had landed on her. Edmund saw her bite her lip to stifle a slight smile, and he felt his heart sing. He swore the girl who suggested he play looked disappointed, but now wasn’t the right time to think on that.
“We don’t…I mean…if you don’t want to…” Edmund began, his voice all pitchy with nerves.
“No! I’d-” (y/n) began, before taking a deep breath “I mean, if you want to, we should do it. For the sport.”
“The sport” Edmund repeated, stunned. He stood up, his legs like jelly and his hands shaking and held out his hand to her.
She took it slowly, rising up to meet him. Her hands felt soft and smooth against his; he wondered if she could feel his nerves through them.
“I…have no idea where we’re supposed to go now” Edmund laughed.
“The big wardrobe in the corner over there” one of the girls said, pointing to an old mahogany wardrobe nestled in the corner of the room.
Edmund could have laughed at the irony if he wasn’t so scattered.

Walking over, he pulled open the handle; the wardrobe was roomy enough for two, but still on the smaller side. There were a few coats hung up on the rack; probably Susan’s, judging by the cut. He stepped inside, the wood creaking under his boots.
(y/n) bit her lip, following him in and softly closing the doors. Outside, Edmund could hear cheers and whistles, and the vague sound of Peter’s voice asking where he’d gone.
But for the most part; it was just them.
He could smell her lavender perfume; feel the warmth of her skin as they stood facing one another. The silence hung in the air, but Edmund could feel electricity moving between them like a current where their skin came close to contact; could feel her cool breath on his face. He wanted to capture this moment; even if nothing came of it at all. The feeling of apprehension sent shocks down his spine; made him feel alive.
“You know” (y/n) whispered, shifting her weight slightly “this might be the quietest you’ve ever been”.
Edmund chuckled quietly, his hand reaching out slowly from his side. When he found hers, he gently brushed the back of his against it, his fingers twitching with nerves.
“I have a lot on my mind at the moment” Edward swallowed, feeling slightly dizzy.
“Ed?” (y/n) asked, her voice lower than usual.
“Can I kiss you, please?”
Edward laughed in disbelief, feeling giddy and excited and terrified all at once. It came out more like a whimper than a laugh, and the sound was odd.
“Yes. God, yes.” Edward breathed, his hand moving to hold hers softly.
He felt her move closer; felt her chest press against him. Everywhere they touched sent fire through his veins.
And then he leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.
The sensation was overwhelming. Waves of emotion leapt through him, moving his hands to place one around her waist and the other tangled in her hair, the silky strands coiling around his fingertips. Her breath hitched as he leaned into the kiss, feeling as though he might otherwise drown. (y/n) nipped at his bottom lip slightly and he could barely stifle the moan that escaped him, muffled against her mouth. She drew up against him, pushing him against the side of the wardrobe, fists of his shirt in her hands as he shook with passion, taking a brief pause from her mouth to nip at the crease of her neck. She whispered his name, and he could taste the faint lavender perfume on her skin.

When they both pulled away, they were breathing heavily. Edmund tried to blink away the headrush, but stars were dancing on his vision.
“How…was that?” (y/n) breathed, the crack in the wardrobe illuminating the smile on her lips.
“Heaven” Edmund grinned, pressing his lips against her forehead before they stepped back out of their little piece of paradise.

The Pevensie's Scents

A Narnian Preference
by yours truly, @edmundsfreckles ♡

What would the Pevensie’s smell like?

The youngest would smell like white lilacs. The girl thought the flowers so were gorgeous, that she had to be like one. White lilacs symbolize youthful innocence

The gentle would smell like gardenia. Gardenia is a flower that tends to be waxy, and shiny. They’re symbolic of self reflection and clarity.

The just would smell like warm cotton, or fresh laundry. Why? Because all he wanted was a fresh start when he got back from the witch’s.

Or he’d smell like a good ass smelling cologne. a sassy boy needs a sassy scent.

He would smell like sweat from all that damn sword fighting in lww + pc.

No Fighting

Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia

Word count: 1982

Characters: Edmund x reader, Caspian, Peter, Lucy, Susan

Warnings: both Edmund and Caspian being slightly douchey

Summary: You and Edmund make Caspian jealous, which makes Edmund possessive.

This meeting was dragging on forever.

It had been a while since you’d lost interest in it. Now your attention was on the way the trees outside the window turned the light a pretty shade of green, and cast dappled shadows on the floor.

Edmund couldn’t look at you, or he knew he would burst out laughing. It wasn’t his fault. Peter was just taking this meeting so seriously, and there you were paying no attention whatsoever. Your little faraway smile was so pretty, too. Plus, thinking about you was so much more interesting than thinking about whatever Peter was droning on about.

Still, at least he was kind of paying attention to Peter. So when the High King asked you a question and you didn’t respond, Edmund managed to kick you under the table and alert you.

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