peter x carrie

bad ideas (and one good one)

A/N I asked for requests and received! I decided to twist this one up a bit, and incorporate a little self defense into it. It seems a little silly but I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate actual self defense lessons, because you never know when you might need them. Have a good day and stay safe lovelies <3

Warnings: Assault, the things related to it, anxiety

Req by anon: Reader is walking home and she gets mugged and he gets super handsy and she calls out for peter (her boyfriend who she knows is spider man) and peter gets super protective and kicks his ass but then like gets over protective like takes her home and won’t leave her because he just wants to protect her. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.

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The soft air of New York brushed against your neck as you made your way home. Your phone kept you company as you tapped around on different social media accounts, just to comfort yourself from the dark. It seemed to you that no matter how old you got, the dark would still get you antsy, and afraid.

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Peter wanted out but stayed. Again and again.
Again and again, he covered for and saved Carrie. He went against his training, his superiors… He didn’t care for Brody, but he supported her through it all. Even with all his debilitations his main priority was keeping Carrie and her child safe, even dying for a mission she took upon herself and something she believed in.
Peter Quinn managed to stay coherent during one of the biggest character developments. Surely the biggest in Homeland.