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People serious C didn't show Q enough compassion in Bellevue hospital? she has dedicated her life to him since his gassing. she put his safety on the same level of his daugthers. she dove on him covered in red dots she prob called astrid to get him out. i mean come on. the woman is in spy mode because something very huge is going down and her, q, and F are in the middle of it and C has to take charge with Q in this position. what do people see when they watch HL?

I guess you’d have to ask them what they see when they watch Homeland. My best guess is they see Homeland as a dark and tragic show; Carrie as a callous anti-hero incapable of personal growth; and Quinn as her hapless victim. 

What Homeland actually is is a conventional spy thriller, with a conventional heroine on a conventional hero’s journey, and a conventional romance arc to round it out. 

It’s really not as complicated as people try to make it out to be. 

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Not sure if previous ask went through, Quinn Anon again. Yes he is a big part of S6 but needs to get better to be in S7&8, otherwise how will he contribute to Carrie's arc/ growth ? The damaged physically and mentally will o lye get us so far.

Hi Anon, funny that you don’t see Quinn contributing to Carrie’s arc/growth. He has pretty much been THE driver of her growth since S3; never has it been more apparent than in S6. 

I guess I’d like to flip the question around to you and ask you how killing Quinn would contribute to Carrie’s arc/growth? 

As far as his disabilities, I don’t really understand what the problem is. He isn’t in THAT bad a shape, all things considered. I mean a few episodes ago he was doing drugs, having seizures, and seeing moving wallpaper, LOL.

Sure he has a limp and only one good arm, and severe PTSD, but he disarmed an ESU guy just fine, is still a great shot, and was the first to realize there is a conspiracy of some kind going on. He is quinning already, which is his other important purpose on the show.

He has also shown he can bond with Franny and Carrie still trusts him. 

All he has to do is get to a better place mentally, which can happen quickly on Homeland, and with time he will probably improve physically, too. Then he will be practically as good as new. 

Sure he is at a low point right now, but so what? It’s all part of his arc, and at the same time part of Carrie’s. Just another obstacle in the beautiful will-they/won’t-they story line the writers have so beautifully presented us with. 

Quinn is not a superfluous character. Getting rid of Quinn would not only kill the primary driver of Carrie’s growth, but would also kill the romance arc and the only action hero on the show. 

How does this make any sense for the story?


“But the deal with spy stories is that the levels get confused, by design, because that’s what being a spy is: A story that is also a girl telling a story about a girl telling a story. It’s a collapsible wave; you are all these people at once. You are everything you’ve agreed to be, all of the time, even when you are sleeping – even when you are fucking – and that’s how the goods are different from the greats.” –Jacob Clifton

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Upcoming lake house episode (based on promo stills) seems like a Q intervention. What do you think it means when Showtime promotes it as "Quinn accepts his situation?" I feel like this is the episode when we get a Q breakthrough and, for the sake of TV, we establish that Q is finally "recovered" and he can go back to his bad ass Quinning self. I am curious, though, as to what it might mean for CQ. Not asking for spoilers, just your thoughts.

By now you probably also saw the Astrid and Quinn promo clip about the deal Dar Adal has apparently made to keep him out of lock-up? Seems to me like the situation he will (seemingly?) accept is that he has to stay out of the city and the public eye for a while. However, so far Quinn has been right, and not paranoid even though it looks like he is, so I am not yet convinced he really needs to “accept” anything. If he feels he needs to go back to the city and figure things out, he is probably right. So I don’t really know what “breakthrough” he needs other than to articulate his suspicions in a logical way, and to not react quite so aggressively.

My hope is that when Quinn gets back on his feet, he and Carrie will work together again. After all, they fell in love in a professional setting, and partly because they were such a good team. It should be really good for them and it’s also really entertaining to watch.



SPOILERS for season 6

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let me go.”