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Fake Fic Game: Always Something There to Remind Me - Peter Carlisle x Hannah Baxter

Summary: Cyberpunk AU. In a post-industrial dystopia, Detective Carlisle has long ago given up on restoring justice in this world. The cynical man lets androids do most of the job until one day he notices something: trinkets found at every crime scene, discarded as irrelevant by the algorithm. He’s certain they mean something but he can’t figure out what, like having a word on the tip of his tongue. As trinkets accumulate, he starts seeing a mysterious blonde everywhere he goes. Could it have to do with the years of his past he has forgotten? 

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Height Chemistry: It’s a thing.

Anything hotter than when the guy’s a whole effing head taller than the gal? Nnnnnnooope! Need some examples? Well, here ya go!


And that!

And this, too!

Yup, feeling it here!

This is a ludicrous one, but still relevant!

Shitty movie, but yes!


Short ladies x tall gents ftw! 


Match'em up! pt.1/3


Aladdin/Ash, Abu/Pikachu…Jasmine/Chun-Li

Kida/Storm…Milo/The Doctor

Peter Pan/Link…Wendy/Princess Leia

Esmeralda/Michonne…Quasimodo/Austin Powers

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After I got 555 Followers (♥ THANK YOU ALL, by the way! ♥), it reminded me of the prefix for fictitious phone numbers in movies, TV shows, and video games. Knowing it’s a normal thing to get unusual calls in Doctor Who, it sparked this idea. Clara is basically having a surreal day. ;)

Bonus one of an annoyed Doctor:

Flinch - Pan x Broken! Reader

heeellllloooooooooo!!!! Sorry but no description this time! You’ll just have to jump in. :) Good Luck :)

“Pan? I need to talk for a minute, I…” I trailed off as I saw him sitting on a chair in his tent, head in hands. “Pan?” I asked, stepping a bit closer. He moved a bit, taking one hand off of his face to run it though his hair. “Pan, is everything alright?” I went to crouch in front of him, trying to see his face. “Yes, I’m fine. I do, however, request to be alone.” His words were muffled. “I don’t believe you.” I said, letting my hands fall into my lap. “You don’t have to.” He spun around on the chair and stood, stepping forward towards a table.

He tilted his head. “You don’t ever need to believe me, Y/N.” He sighed. “Pan, you’re not fine, what’s wrong?” “I am fine, Y/N. I have work to do, so please leave.” He made sure his face didn’t turn to far. “Peter, look at me.” I demanded. I then covered my mouth, realizing what I had just called him. “What was that, Y/N?” He turned, glaring at me. His face was covered in tear streaks and they glistened every time he moved. “What’d you just call me?” He pointed a finger at his chest and stepped towards me.

I moved back a bit. “Nothing, Pan. I-” “No, I want you to tell me. What did you call me?” I took another step back, glancing at the door. “I…I called you Peter.” I stuttered. Pan smiled smugly and let out a fake laugh. “See, that right there, is something I do not appreciate; Being called by my first name.” He stepped towards me, waving his index finger around. “Pan, I know that something is going on right now with you, but there’s no need to be rude to everyone. Er… well… extra rude.” I looked down at my hands. “Extra rude?” Pan sarcastically laughed. I glanced up at him, then at the door, making sure it was still open.

“Pan, please. Everybody has off-days. You might just need to talk about it.” I smiled a bit, nervously shifting. "Talk about it.“ Pan scoffed, taking furious steps towards me. I tensed up. “Everything with you is all ‘peace, peace, peace’! Half the time I ought to-” He raised a fist and swung. I flinched back harshly, hitting a desk behind me and nocking a bunch of glasses and books over. I tripped over the books and fell back. Throwing my arms behind me to catch myself, I felt a searing pain rush through my hand. I whimpered, cradling my hand. “What was that?” I looked up at Pan like he was crazy. He stepped in front of me and reached for my arms.

I flinched back when he finally grabbed them and pulled me up. He led me to the table he was recently standing at and then picked me up, setting me on top of it. I looked at him fearfully. All anger had vanished and now it was shameful. He started to pick the glass out of my hand, pressing cloth to every section that bled. I whimpered every time he pressed the cloth down. “Why’d you flinch like that?” Pan asked quietly. “I wasn’t gonna hit you, y'know.” I sighed, looking down. “I’m serious. I wasn’t going to hit you. I wanna know why you flinched like that.” “Because maybe there was a time when someone wasn’t kidding when they swung at me, okay!” My voice cracked and I shut my eyes tight, trying not to let any tears go.

Pan stopped all movements. I rubbed at my eyes a bit, not being able to choke back any sobs. Pan pulled me towards him, hugging me tightly. “I’m sorry.” I heard him whisper. I gripped onto the green clothes that Pan had on and gasped for breath as the sobs got harsher. “I can’t.” I got out. “Can’t what?” Pan leaned back to look at my face. “Keep acting like I’m not broken, okay? Because I am! I’m a jigsaw puzzle that nobody knows how to put together, Peter. The pieces just don’t fit together. l don’t know how to solve myself.” I sobbed. Peter pulled me closer and pressed his cheek against the top of my head.

“That’s okay.” Peter whispered to me. “You don’t have to be solved, Y/N. Sometimes people love a good puzzle.”

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** = Smut


Not Your Fault (Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader) [On short hiatus]

  • Bucky and Y/N come from vastly different backgrounds, but meet and begin the strongest relationship either of them have had. When Y/N goes through turmoil with her family, will their strong relationship be enough to keep her above water?


Bucky Barnes

  • “Your Hands Are So Small” (X)
  • Never Let This Go (X)
  • A Rainy Afternoon (X)
  • Insecurities (X)
  • What He Sees (X)
  • Numb (X)
  • Better Place (X)
  • Compromise (X)
  • Bad Flirt (X)
  • Therapy (X)
  • The Future (X)
  • Oblivious (X)
  • Kitchen Escapades (X)
  • Sunrise (X)

Peter Parker

  • First Time ** (X)
  • Graduation Bells (X)

Steve Rogers

  • Morning Cuddles (X)
  • Welcome Home (X)