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Results of our first art raffle!

Travelers! Did you miss us? (We missed you.)

Patrons have already seen the two requests that were randomly selected for @disasterscenario‘s first art raffle, and we’re sharing them with all of you today before the second round of results go up for patrons tomorrow! 

Kai Blake requested Chance carrying Mary-Anne! Mary-Anne looks pretty put out but I think we all know she likes it. And damn, wouldn’t you?

Naomi Snelson asked for Nureyev braiding Rita’s hair, so here they are at a rather adult-themed slumber party in their crop tops. In another life, Nureyev probably could have been a master hairdresser instead of a master thief. 

Remember, you too can make requests for the next raffle if you pledge at the $10 level or higher!


“Party Favors” by Tinashe | Choreography by Jojo Gomez

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

Featuring: Jojo Gomez, Donovan Gibbs, Jade Chynoweth, Dakota Brown, Logan Hassel, Jake Kodish, Zev York, Peter Pinnock, Gordon Watkins, Junna Yagi, Allie Giroux, Dani Leigh Curiel, Reza Mina

Filmed by Tim Milgram