peter was so concerned about her love


Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Okay I was thinking the reader has a tick and a stutter that she’s always found annoying and she’s always scared she’s going to annoy her boyfriend Sirius but he always reassures her that she’s not but she over hears him talking to James Remus and Peter about how he finds her annoying so she distances herself away from him and doesn’t talk around him anymore and he notices?

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Sirius sighs, seemingly content, as he lazily traces circles on Y/N’s slightly exposed hip where her shirt has ridden up. She glances up at the sound, taking in the sight of her attractive boyfriend, then leans up and whispers in his ear. “S-sirius…”

His eyes snap open at the sound, and he looks down at Y/N, concern etching in his features. “What’s wrong, love?”

Y/N takes a deep breath before responding. “I-its just… d-do you think my s-stutter is an-noying?” she asks hesitantly. Sirius immediately begins shaking his head, telling her with all his heart that it’s not annoying at all. “Of course not, love, it doesn’t matter at all to me.” Y/N smiles and, reassured that she isn’t irritating her boyfriend every time she speaks, falls asleep in his arms.

The next morning, Y/N wakes up in her bed, the covers draped carefully over her. She yawns, stretching, and climbs out of her bed, more happy than she has been in a while. Getting ready quickly, she runs down the dormitory stair case. At the foot of the stairs, she pauses, hearing soft voices coming from the common room as if the people speaking don’t want to be heard. Smirking to herself slightly, she inches closer and listens.

“… it’s ridiculously annoying, Prongs, you have no idea,” the voice says. Y/N frowns – she knows that voice, she’s in love with that voice. What’s Sirius talking about?

Y/N moves slightly closer, just in time to hear James start speaking. “It’s a stutter, mate, she can’t help it.”

Sirius sighs in response. “Yeah, well, I like her better when she’s sleeping.” The boys laugh at this, and she hears the portrait hole open and close, the sound effectively covering her gasp.

“Hey babe!” Sirius throws an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, pulling her in for a hug, expecting her to respond in her usual chirpy way – but instead, he is simply met with a small smile. She carefully places a couple items of food on her plate and busies herself with eating, not making conversation with anybody at all throughout breakfast, simply nodding or shaking her head when she’s addressed. Sirius’ brow furrows – this isn’t like Y/N at all. She’s usually more talkative, conversing with everyone in her usual kind fashion.

She abruptly gets up to leave, shaking Sirius out of his thoughts. “Love, can we talk?” he asks tentatively, placing a hand on her arm. Y/N looks uncomfortable, but nods, and the two of them walk out of the Great Hall and away from prying ears.

“Y/N, love, what’s wrong?” Sirius asks, reaching out to her, but Y/N flinches back. He winces when he notices the action. “Did someone say something?”

Y/N finally looks him straight in the eyes, and Sirius is surprised to see  anger there. “Y-you said something, S-sirius.” Sirius frowns at first, but then his eyes widen as he realizes that she heard. “R-remember now?” Y/N asks scathingly, shaking her head. Sirius’ face falls as he watches tears begin falling from her eyes.

Sirius tries taking her arm again, but she rips it from his grasp. “O-only when I’m s-sleeping,” she whispers, then runs off, leaving Sirius alone outside the Great Hall.