peter was so concerned about her love

bullied//marauders x reader

request// Hello! Could u do an imagine where rhe reader is like bff with the marauders, but they get very angry with her and then a bully is harrasing her and the marauders come and they help her? Thank you love❤️ warnings//bullying, some crude language

Y/N had instantly clicked with James, Sirius, Remus and Peter the first day they had met. Defying their ‘only boys allowed rule’ and coming up with some of the best pranks they had ever pulled, she was definitely their best friend. She helped Peter with his homework, and overcome his insecurities, she helped James try and woo Lily Evans, she helped Sirius to get over his awful family, and she helped and supported Remus throughout every full moon. Everything was fine. Until today.

For some reason, the boys had been ignoring her, sending dirty looks (although Remus was sending more apologetic ones)and shoving past her in the corridors. Y/N was beyond confused, and she tried to think over anything she could of done, but nothing came to mind. It was quite upsetting really, being ganged up on like she was.

The first thing she thought of doing was going to Lily, who was sat reading a book in the common room.

‘Hey, Lily.. do you have any idea why the marauders suddenly hate me?’

Lily rolled her eyes and sighed. 'Apparently, they’re annoyed that you helped a first year slytherin with they’re homework, which is frankly ridiculous!’ She said, snapping her book shut.

'O-oh, thanks Lily.’ She said, backing out of the common room with a few silent tears running down her cheeks.

She knew she was being over dramatic, but she loathed being ignored, and she was only trying to help in the first place! She hates how she messes everything up.

As she slowly walks down the corridor, she can hear voices in the distance. They grow louder as she goes closers, and before she knows it there is a cold hand around her mouth. She squeaks, panicking, her eyes widened.

'Hello filthy little mudblood. I heard that even your friends don’t want you around any more.. maybe they’ve finally realised what filthy blood you have and don’t want to be contaminated by it. I don’t blame them really.’

The words stung, and Y/N cried out as fingernails dug into her cheeks.

Her capture was about to open their mouth again before-

'Hey!What the fuck are you doing!’

Y/N breathed in relief. Remus.

He stormed over and clubbed the capture in the face, before casting a few of his favourite hexes.

'I’m so sorry Y/N, he shouldn’t of said those things, and it wasn’t reasonable to go along with the boys, you were only trying to help-’

'It’s fine Remus, Honestly.’

Remus Lupin was not having it. He had always been like an older brother to you, extremely protective, and taking no ones bullshit.

'Not until those bloody gits apologise as well. Come on, we’re going to the boys dorms.’

As soon as they arrive, Remus-no-chill-Lupin kicks down the door in his anger, and gives his friends the 'don’t-fuck-with-me-right-now’ look.

'Alright you poncy fuckers! You little shits are going to apologise to this lovely women, right here, and right now. I just found her being BULLIED, and it was mainly because people think that WE left her. I was a complete plonker, and so were you three, so bloody apologise now, before I write to your mothers informing them that I caught you all wanking to your great aunts pictures, and that I am extremely concerned about your sexual health.’

James, Sirius and Peter, who had never heard their friend this angry before, blushed sheepishly, and avoided eye contact with Y/N, who was currently holding back a giggle.

'Sorry Y/N,’ Peter was the first to speak, 'We were stupid to be so horrible to you, and we will try and be better friends from now on.

Y/N beamed. 'Apology accepted Peter!’ Peter beamed back.

'Sorry Y/N..’ James and Sirius said at the same time, looking like two toddlers that had been caught with their hands in the biscuit tin.

Y/N raised an eyebrow. 'Apology accepted, morons.’ She was slightly less forgiving towards them, as they were the main two to be so mean.

'Now, we better have a bloody group hug, or I swear, I will let Lucius Malfoy fuck me in front of the whole school.’ Remus piped up, causing everyone to scramble together around remus, who still looked slightly menacing.

All was well.



Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Okay I was thinking the reader has a tick and a stutter that she’s always found annoying and she’s always scared she’s going to annoy her boyfriend Sirius but he always reassures her that she’s not but she over hears him talking to James Remus and Peter about how he finds her annoying so she distances herself away from him and doesn’t talk around him anymore and he notices?

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Sirius sighs, seemingly content, as he lazily traces circles on Y/N’s slightly exposed hip where her shirt has ridden up. She glances up at the sound, taking in the sight of her attractive boyfriend, then leans up and whispers in his ear. “S-sirius…”

His eyes snap open at the sound, and he looks down at Y/N, concern etching in his features. “What’s wrong, love?”

Y/N takes a deep breath before responding. “I-its just… d-do you think my s-stutter is an-noying?” she asks hesitantly. Sirius immediately begins shaking his head, telling her with all his heart that it’s not annoying at all. “Of course not, love, it doesn’t matter at all to me.” Y/N smiles and, reassured that she isn’t irritating her boyfriend every time she speaks, falls asleep in his arms.

The next morning, Y/N wakes up in her bed, the covers draped carefully over her. She yawns, stretching, and climbs out of her bed, more happy than she has been in a while. Getting ready quickly, she runs down the dormitory stair case. At the foot of the stairs, she pauses, hearing soft voices coming from the common room as if the people speaking don’t want to be heard. Smirking to herself slightly, she inches closer and listens.

“… it’s ridiculously annoying, Prongs, you have no idea,” the voice says. Y/N frowns – she knows that voice, she’s in love with that voice. What’s Sirius talking about?

Y/N moves slightly closer, just in time to hear James start speaking. “It’s a stutter, mate, she can’t help it.”

Sirius sighs in response. “Yeah, well, I like her better when she’s sleeping.” The boys laugh at this, and she hears the portrait hole open and close, the sound effectively covering her gasp.

“Hey babe!” Sirius throws an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, pulling her in for a hug, expecting her to respond in her usual chirpy way – but instead, he is simply met with a small smile. She carefully places a couple items of food on her plate and busies herself with eating, not making conversation with anybody at all throughout breakfast, simply nodding or shaking her head when she’s addressed. Sirius’ brow furrows – this isn’t like Y/N at all. She’s usually more talkative, conversing with everyone in her usual kind fashion.

She abruptly gets up to leave, shaking Sirius out of his thoughts. “Love, can we talk?” he asks tentatively, placing a hand on her arm. Y/N looks uncomfortable, but nods, and the two of them walk out of the Great Hall and away from prying ears.

“Y/N, love, what’s wrong?” Sirius asks, reaching out to her, but Y/N flinches back. He winces when he notices the action. “Did someone say something?”

Y/N finally looks him straight in the eyes, and Sirius is surprised to see  anger there. “Y-you said something, S-sirius.” Sirius frowns at first, but then his eyes widen as he realizes that she heard. “R-remember now?” Y/N asks scathingly, shaking her head. Sirius’ face falls as he watches tears begin falling from her eyes.

Sirius tries taking her arm again, but she rips it from his grasp. “O-only when I’m s-sleeping,” she whispers, then runs off, leaving Sirius alone outside the Great Hall.

so this song came on at work last night, and maybe i’m just still obsessed with the symbolism and brandy but i have a lot of feelings for songs about lovers and the sea?? especially when they choose love over the sea so HA take my disgustingly sappy ramblings

It should probably be concerning, Gamora thinks, that she finds the sight of Peter brushing his teeth in the loose sleep clothes he likes, his hair still a singed, tousled mess from the battle earlier, incredibly attractive to the point that it sends disgusting warm feelings swelling in her heart. Not that she minds the warmth, of course, but such feelings signify bigger, heavier things she’d rather not deal with.

Then again, she thinks, watching him splash water on his face – she is currently in his bed, dressed in her own sleep clothes and half-buried beneath the blankets. She’s probably passed the point of a losing battle a long time ago.

She stops her musings to watch in amusement as Peter bangs his knee against the bedside as he makes his way back to her, cursing lightly. He may be a hopeless fool, but he’s her hopeless fool, and there she goes with the warm feelings again. 

Peter pauses briefly to fiddle with the controls, bringing the room’s lights to a dim glow while he taps his side absently, humming the snatches of a song under his breath. With a final swipe at the controls, he turns to her, and the humming finds its way into words. “Somewhere, beyond the sea, somewhere, waiting for me,” Peter sings, his voice just quiet enough not to disturb the others. “My lover stands on golden sands, and watches the ships that go sa-iling.”

It’s a song she’s never heard before, likely one Peter’s recently discovered on the Zune. She has only Peter’s voice, warm and steady, to set the rhythm, so she’s not sure what kind of song she’s hearing – genre is important, Peter’s told her. But he sings slow and lilting, the tunes lyrical in a way that reminds her of Brandy. The lyrics themselves are reminiscent of the ill-fated Brandy, and her faithless sailor who abandoned her for the sea, which makes it a strange song for Peter to be singing to her.

“Somewhere, beyond the sea, she’s there watching for me,” Peter continues, his voice dipping as he bounces on the bed next to her, finding his way back beneath the tangled blankets. “If I could fly like birds on high, then straight to her arms I’d go sa-iling.”

Disregarding the clearly Terran-based lyrics, Gamora shifts over to make room for him, blankets rustling as he settles behind her. Almost immediately his arms come up to wrap around her, pulling her close in a familiar motion Gamora doesn’t resist.

“It’s far, beyond a star, it’s near, beyond the moon. I know, beyond a doubt, my heart will lead me there soon.”

“Paradoxical lyrics,” Gamora murmurs, and she hears Peter’s smile in his voice.

“We’ll meet, beyond the shore, we’ll kiss just like before,” Peter presses his face against her hair, the next lyrics soft where they reach her ears. “Happy we’ll be, beyond the sea, and never again, I’ll go sailing.”

A smile tugs its way across her mouth, and Gamora sighs, flipping neatly so that she’s facing him, leaving her head to rest against his chest. Her arms come up to rest lightly across his back, and she feels him rest his chin on the top of her hair, neatly tucking them together. Peter is still humming in her ear, his arms leaving her the kind of warm that’s impossible to find in space, and she makes a mental note to remember this particular song for later. It sounds like it would be a good one to dance to.

“No more, no more sailing.”

Priorities, Man - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1448 

Plot: Peter attempts to tell you his Spidey secret, but… priorities, man.

Inspired by: How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 17

Warnings: fluff and some swearing

Author’s Note: i really like how i met your mother okay dont judge… judge… please let me know if you like this by commenting, liking, etc! i know i’m not perfect, so if there is something you think i could do to improve my writing, let me know! (be nice, tho… i’m sensitive, guys)

Thanks for reading!

You rushed to your front door, swearing as you tripped over a pair of shoes that were laying in the middle of the hallway. Kicking the shoes out of the way, you hopped on over and opened the door, revealing your best friend standing in the doorway. He looked just as out of breath as you were; the bags under his eyes weighing down his smile and a blackish-purple color surrounding his beautiful brown eyes. His hair was wet from the rain that had been pouring all day on the streets of Queens, and his shirt was a little torn up from- what you assumed- running to your apartment. He looked in your eyes with despair, attempting to catch his breath.

“Jesus, you look like hell,” you commented, leaning against the door as Peter made his way into your apartment.  

“I-I need to talk to you,” Peter said sternly while looking around the room. “Are your parents home?”

“Yeah, they are in their rooms-”

“Okay, let’s talk in your room then,” he interrupted, taking your hand and dragging you down the hallway. Once he reached your room, he opened the door and lightly pushed you inside.

“Woah, woah, Pete. Calm down, you’re scaring me,” you said with a nervous laugh. Your hands rested on your bed as you sat down and whispered, “What’s up, buddy…?”

He slammed the door and took a deep breath. “(Y/n), I am about to tell you something that you cannot tell anyone. Not Aunt May, n-not Ned… nobody!”

You jumped off  the bed and threw your hands in front of his face, “No!” You got closer to him, shaking your head as you continued to quietly yell, “No, no, no! You are not making me keep another secret!”

Peter placed his hands on your shoulders, attempting to get you to calm down. “(Y/n), please. I need to tell somebody, this-this burden has been weighing on my shoulders and I can’t take keeping it from you anymore.”

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion- you didn’t know whether to change the subject or let him tell you. However, you have had a history of not being able to keep secrets. “Peter, you know I love you. You are my best friend,” you stressed while placing your hands on his shoulders as well. “But the last time you told me a ‘big secret’, I ended up fainting because I couldn’t tell Aunt May you were the one who brought a stray dog home.”

Peter forced out a laugh and shook your shoulders, “No, (Y/n). This is different-”

“If it’s different and more important than a stray dog, then you probably shouldn’t tell me,” you interrupted with a chuckle.

“(Y/n), I trust you, okay?”

You sighed and looked down at your feet, gulping in fear of the big secret that was about to be revealed.

“O-Okay… so, um,” Peter cleared his throat, and you looked back into his desperate brown eyes. “I-”

“NOPE,” you exclaimed while plugging your ears. “I can’t hear you, now!”

“(Y/n), wh-what are you doing-”

“LA LA LA, LA LA,” you yelled, dancing as you jumped onto your bed, shaking your head and prancing around to the imaginable beat that played in your head. “LA LA LA , LA LA-”

“(Y/n)!” Peter shouted at you with a small chuckle, waving his hands to get your attention. However, you just continued to shake your head and dance on your bed. He sighed, ready to give up because of your ignorant, childish reaction. Peter rolled his eyes before noticing your phone on the table next to the door, a lightbulb forming in his head as he got an idea. He quickly shuffled over to the table, grabbed your phone, and threw it at you.

“LA LA LA- holy shit!” you blurted while catching your phone. Your hands were no longer covering your ears, and Peter took this as his moment to tell you what he had been hiding for so long. “Peter, why did you throw my-!”

“I’m Spider-Man,” he blurted with an exhausted expression, in hopes you wouldn’t freak out. Your eyes flew wide open and you stared at him for a few minutes before resting your hands on your knees, exhaling as you closed your eyes.

“Peter freakin’ Parker,” you groaned, leaning back up with your phone in your right hand and your left hand on your forehead. “Who do you think you are?”

“Look, I’m so so sorry for lyi-”

“YOU COULD HAVE KILLED MY PHONE,” you yelled while jumping off the bed. Peter stood dumbfoundedly as you got closer to him. “YOU NEVER… EVER… THROW MY PHONE EVER AGAIN!”

Peter mumbled, “Did you hear the part when I said-”

“Yeah!” you interjected, “You’re Spoody, big whoop. Meanwhile, I would have a shattered phone if I didn’t catch it!”

“But you did, so there’s no problem-”

“But what if I didn’t, Pete! What if I just didn’t catch it, and it cracked and you would have had to pay for it! And we both know that you couldn’t have paid for it because you are still doing that whole dumpster diving thing,” you rambled before Peter cut you off.

“(Y/n), would you just listen to me? It’s just a phone-”

“No, Peter! You are giving me a heart attack because not only did you throw my phone,” you lowered your voice, “but you told me you are the crime fighting spider thing that constantly puts himself in danger! You can’t just- what if you get hurt? I love you so much, words cannot describe and I don’t know what I’d do without you, but god, Peter! You are such a fuckin’ idiot… A smart, heroic, idiot and I have no right to be mad at you for doing the right thing, but,” you took a deep breath and gave a sad smile. “I just… I can’t lose you.”

“I take it this isn’t about your phone,” Peter said, smiling as he stepped closer to you.

You forced out a laugh and rolled your eyes, “Of course, it’s not just about my phone. I mean, I did have to yell at you about it first cause… priorities, man. But it took me a moment to realize what you told me, and then so many thoughts raced through my mind like what if something happened to you or you got seriously injured or what if I never get to see you again because- ”

Peter placed his hands on your fiery red cheeks and leaned close to you, pressing his lips to yours before you could ramble for four more hours. Your eyes closed as you placed your hands on his neck and pulled him closer. His hands slid down to your waist as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled while his lips were still connected to yours before pulling away, a dorky grin plastered on his adorable face.

“W-where did that come from,” you gushed, butterflies flying around in your stomach.

“I’m… I, I don’t really know,” Peter stumbled over his words while he rubbed the back of his neck, one hand still resting on your waist. “I just needed to find some way to shut you up.”

“Gee thanks,” you joked and bit your lip. “And the first thing that popped into your head was to kiss me?”

“Well, you did say you loved me.”

“You are my best friend, of course I love you.”

Peter looked down at the floor in embarrassment before realizing that you may not have meant that in the way that he hoped. “So… are you saying you don’t feel that way about me?”

“Now, I never said that,” you smirked. You leaned in and kissed him once more before your parents stormed into your room.

“(Y/n), what is going on in her- oh,” your mother said in concern. Her features relaxed when she noticed it was just Peter. You quickly pulled away from him and crossed your arms, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks, once again.

“Hi, mom.”

“H-hey, Mrs. (L/n),” Peter greeted with a smile.

“I heard some yelling and thought that you were going crazy, (Y/n)!” your mother joked, “But, I see you are with Peter so… I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Thanks,” you said in a flat tone, glad that your mother didn’t say anything to embarrass you.


“So, you’re Spooderman, huh?” you quipped with a grin.

“Why can’t anyone say it right,” Peter complained.

“Maybe because everyone likes teasing you.”

“If I asked you out on a date, would you call me 'Spider-Man’?”

“I will definitely go out on a date with you, but I can’t promise anything,” you winked and kissed him on the cheek.

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Why Olivia Dunham is So Important

Olivia Dunham is one of my favourite fictional characters ever, for so many reasons, the biggest being just how important she is.

The media now is full of Strong Female Characters, and while that is good, it is often done in a way that isn’t quite what we want - in my opinion, Olivia is Not one of these characters.

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Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Taken Part 2

“Part 2 to Taken “

“OH MY GOD!!! Part 2 of taken. Love the 1st part!!!!! LY”

“Part 2 to Taken?😊”

“ Can you do a part 2 of taken?”

“ You should do a part two to Peter Pan Taken imagine! It was SO SO good!”

“Is there ever going to be a part 2 to taken?”

Ya’ll asked for it, so here it is! Part 1 down below!

Peter’s point of view:

2 week’s, she has been away for two week’s,

I was becoming mad, simply, crazily, mad,

The boy’s were getting sadder,

The fairies were becoming less brighter,

The Indian became more temper,

The mermaids became more lonelier,

And Neverand,  Neverland was getting colder.

So, there I lay on my bed, looking at the spot where she use to sleep, thinking about the position she would always sleep in, thinking about how her hair always would tickle my nose because it was so long, thinking about how she would cuddle up to me when she had a bad dream,, thinking of the times I had made love to her, and the sweet sounds that would come out of her when I did, I missed her terribly, and I knew I had to get her back, I just simply had no idea how.

Back In StoryBrooke:

Y/m point of view

“Maybe we should give her back, Pan clearly isn’t buying the bait.” Emma said

That’s exactly what he wants, for us to give up.” Regina said.

“No,” I said, “No, I know Peter, he’s forgotten all about me, he never really loved me,” tears running down my face. almost couldn’t speak, I completely gave up, I thought Peter didn’t care, and didn’t want to put in the effort to find me.

“Don’t listen to her, if she is Pan’s girlfriend she is just as clever as he is, it’s clearly a trick.” Hook says.

“Don’t you get it?! I yell, “If Peter wanted me, he would’ve gotten me by now,simple as that.” i cry and try to drown out whatever they say next, I was miserable, tired, and hungry, and I had completely gave up on Peter.

Back in Neverand:

Felix walks in Peter’s cabin, with a concerned look on his face

“Peter, I-I don’t mean to sound mean, but being sad, and depressed isn’t going to bring her back, you ever think, maybe she doesn’t want to be found?”

Peter then looks up in shock, “What?” he say’s madly. “That’s insane.”

“You sure about that?” Felix asked.

I’m positive!” Peter yells.

“How so?” Felix says

“Because,” Peter looks outside his window “She’s the one for me, we got a love that a blind man could see, Felix, you don’t get it and you never will, I need her, I love her.”

“Then stop staying in your room all day and start making a plan to go find her.” Felix says

“I AM!” Peter yells.

“Oh yeah? Prove it, out of the 2 weeks shes been gone what have you done?! Huh? NOTHING! Because you don’t really love her, you never had, it was all a lie!”

“Jus-just shut up!” Peter use’s his magic and Felix goes flying against his wall. The tree’s in Neverland began to fall, the water made a ripple, the birds and fairy’s made run for it, trying to escape the madness, the mermaids swam deep under water, the Indian’s began to go hide in their tents.

“See, if-if you put that much anger into finding her, you will find her in at least 24 hours.”

“You did this on purpose?!” Peter yelled.

“I needed to get your energy up somehow.” Felix said with a smile.

Peter rolls his eyes and half smiles at him, Felix knew how to get Peter out of his mod and try to find Y/n.

So, Peter walks out of his cabin, looking at all the lost boys who are shaking and shivering, because Neverland was so cold, they were also shocked that he was even outside.

“We’re going to find her, do you understand me?” Peter said calmly

Everyone nods their heads. Henry just simply stares.

“This is the most important mission you boys will ever do, I have no idea who took her or why, but we must get her back, we train for 2 day’s, then we move out, in the meantime, I will find a way for all of us to leave Neverland.” Peter then takes Felix hand makes him fly with him. 

“Oh hell no I don’t do heights Pan!” Felix yells.

“Oh come on laddie, I need your help after all.”

Felix holds on to Pan for dear life, but it doesn’t take too long for them to get to their destination. They get to a cave, a big, huge, scary looking cave.

“What the hell is this?”  Felix asked

“It’s my secret place, nobody knows about it, not even Y/n, she shouldn’t see stuff like this.” Peter say’s as he walks inside the cave.

Felix in panic, “Shouldn’t I not see this stuff either?!” he over reacts and yells.

“Oh don’t be a baby.” As Peter voice becomes less harder to hear.

“But Paaaaaan! I don’t do caves!”

Peter walks back out the cave, “Is there anything you can do?” 

“I do a lot of things of things that don’t involve me dyng.”

“”Fine, stay out here, where it can find you.” Peter has a twisted smile on his face as he walks into the cave.

Felix eyes open wide, “IT?” he says , but Peter doesn’t answer, “Hey wait Peter hold up!” as he runs into the cave, so far into it he see’s all the stuff Peter has, he has so many weapons, potions, traps, ect. It was a very dangerous place to be.

“So what is all this stuff?”

“It’s thing’s that I have been collecting over the years, and one of these potions, will take us to Y/n, we just have to find it.”

“That’ll take days!” Felix said,

“That’s why I have the lost boys training, by the time their ready we will be as well, now lets get started.” Peter says as he walks towards the potions.

“Hey so what do you mean by ‘it’ ”? Felix asked

“Mmm what?” Peter stops focusing on the potion’s and looks to Felix.

“You said that ‘it’ will get me, who or what are you talking about?” Felix said

“Oh! Yeah right, nothing I just aid that to get you in here” he says as he focuses back on the potions.

Felix rolls his eyes and starts looking with Peter.

Back In StoryBrooke:

“Hey, is it okay if I eat something? “ You asked

“Why should we give you anything?” David said

“Maybe because I wasn’t the one who kidnapped your damn grandson and I need to eat.” you say.

“You have crackers.” he says rudely.

“That isn’t even enough!”

“No, but it will hold you at least, we want you alive, not dead.” 

And with that you just sat and ate your stupid crackers, with your stupid water.

Just then the group walks in.

“Get anything out of her?” Emma asked.

“Not a damn thing can we please take some action and go to Neverland and kick this Justin Bieber wanna be ass?”

“No David, that will just give him a better advantage, we must be patient.” Margret said calmly.

2 Days Later: Also back in Neverland

Peter and Felix walk out of the cave, they have bags of weapons, potions, and pretty much anything that they could get their hands on, if this was going to be a battle they might as well go all out. They get back in Neverland, with the lost boys up and ready, some where still training, some eating breakfast, and some just sitting around. Henry was one of those boys.

“Ready?” Peter asked

They all nodded yes. Including Henry, secretly happy to see his parents again.

“Good, here are your weapons, choose wisely and only carry what you can handle.” Peter puts down the bags and the lost boys get to digging out the bag looking at all the deadly equipment.

“You really trust us with this stuff?” a lost boy said

“I trust that you miss Y/n and you’ll do anything to get her back.”

The lost boy nods his head in agreement.

“Now boys, make way.” the boys spread out and Peter drops a potion on the floor forming some type of portal, it was StoryBrooke.

Peter then walks into the portal holding Henry as hostage,, and the lost boys follow, scared of course they slowly follow one an other, once they were all in the portal closed, Peter made sure to keep the potion in his pocket for when they go back.

“Let’s get her.” Peter said.

The lost boys cheered with their weapons in their hands.

So there they go, walking down StoryBrooke, The lost boys, and their leader, and when people saw who they were, they quickly ran and screamed for their life, everyone knew who Peter was, he was the King of Neverland, and he was not to be messed with.

The gang eventually heard all the yelling and screaming and notice that they were yelling the name “Peter.”.

“Oh man, he’s here.”Emma said.

Your head shot up with shock, “Wh-who’s here?” you asked.

“Pan. Peter pan.”

Peter walked down StoryBrooke looking and searching for any sign of you.

“This is it! Untie her so we can make the trade!”  Regina said.

“Right.” David said, untying you so roughly, giving your rope burns on your wrist.

“Could you be anymore rough?” You said with sass, hoping he’d get the message, but of course, he didn’t.

He grabbed you behind the arms and pulled you outside, there you see Peter with his fist around some guys shirt yelling at him, scaring the living daylight out of him.

“It really is him.” Your eyes began to tear up.

Just then as he seen your face, his eyes almost sparkled, it was like the two of you were in your own little moment , but then everything snapped back to reality when Peter was suddenly hit on the head, he then falls to the ground.

“PETER!” you scream in panic, tears coming down your face.

“Oh he’s fine!” Regina says rolling her eyes.

She picks up Pan with her hands holding him from his neck, “Now give me my son!”

Peter is choking and turning red, so he uses his power to push her away as they both fall to the ground, both shaking and moaning in pain.

You try to run to Peter but David pulls you to the ground , with that you land on your back. “Ahhhhhhh” you scream in pain.

Peter tries to go get you but then quickly grabs Henry by his two arms.

“Owe!” Henry yells.

“Henry!” the group yells.

“Give her back to me or he dies.”

Your head shoots up, you knew Peter was serious, you could tell in his eyes, he would do anything for you, even kill for you.

Peter then puts a knife to Henry’s throat, before anyone could say anything you’re the first to say it.

“STOP!” you yell at Peter.

Peter looks at you confused. So does the group.

“Peter, please, don’t! You’re better than that, just let him go.”

“Why should I?” he says

“Because you’re better than them.”

Peter looked at you, he knew what you were talking about, he made you a promise that he would try to be a better person before you left, less violence, and more happiness you told him, he agreed.

So with that, he let Henry go, he pushed him to his mother Emma and Henry cried in his mothers arms, you thought it was over, you thought peace could be finally restored between StoryBrooke and Neverland, until you felt this sharp pain in your side.

You gasped in the midst of it all and what felt like slow motion, you fell to the ground, gasping for air, and crying because of the pain, but who? Who did this? You turn and see Rumple with a knife with blood on it.

You then see Peter and the lost boys run to you, Peter holds you in his arms and starts to cry, nobody has ever seen him cry, not even you, until this day.

“What the hell?” Emma asked Rumple.

“She gets what she deserves.” He simply says.

Regina uses her power and pushes him into his shop and locks the door so that he is stays in their.

“I’m sorry kid we aren’t that kind of people we’re the good guys!” Emma tries to explain

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Margret asked

“You helped enough! Leave me and my girlfriend alone!” Peter yells with much anger.

With that the group backs up and watches from afar.

“Peter, I’m not going to make it,” you whisper

“No no no no” Peter yells a he holds you in his arms, “You can’t do this to me, not now baby! Please.”

“Peter, you - you know I’ve always loved you,” You say almost gasping for air.

“Don’t say things like that, You’re going to make it Y/n!” Peter yells.

You close your eyes and stop breathing,and with that Peter holds in his arms, sobbing ,yelling, and rocking you back and forth in his arms.

He then rubs your face, and runs his fingers in your hair.

The group comes forth and try to apologize but then Peter quickly speaks before they do.

“She is my all, my everything, she is my season, she is the reason I live, she is my summer, winter, spring, fall, my all. You, you took her away.”

“I think we can fix this.” Regina said.

“I said I don’t want your help!”

“Hey do you want your girlfriend back or not?” Emma asked.

Peter nodded, sniffling.

“Okay give her here.” Emma said opening her arms

Peter then picks you up and hands you to her, you then lay in her arms, Regina waves her hand over your body, looks like purple glitter smoke, Peter watches carefully, afraid something will happen to you.

*Cough cough* you gasped for air

“Baby girl!” Peter almost screams bringing you into his arms, holding you so tightly that you might think he will never let you go, you didn’t mind that. You grabbed the back of his shirt and held on tightly to it.

 Back In Neverland:

You lay with Peter in his bed, with him stroking your hair ever so lightly, almost not even touching it.

“Wanna know something?”Peter asked.

“Of course Peter.” you smile turning your face to him.

“You’re the women of my dreams, you’re the one for me. I promise I’m going to become a better king for you, I’ll do anything for you”

You blush and just smile, Peter kisses you on your forehead, and you lay down with him on his bed for the rest of the night.

Chapter Nine: Coming Home.

I think this will be the final chapter of Coming Home unless you guys want more. If not, I’ll start doing imagines until I come up with another fanfic! Sorry this took so long!
Chapter Nine
(Your POV)
I couldn’t stop shaking. I wasn’t sure if it was from fear or excitement, maybe both. We were standing right in front of the doors now, and I had no doubts now that Peter would be there. “May I?” I asked, looking impatiently towards Felix. He had doubts on whether we should think of a way out just in case we got in trouble. The truth is, I really didn’t care if the devil himself was behind that door, I wanted Peter and I was going to get him. Felix gave me an uneasy look but nodded his head anyway. I turned my head back to the door, unable to stop a smile from spreading across my face, as I knocked on the door. I could hear the noise echo through the hallow castle as I backed away from the door, my hand cautiously hovering over my bow. Seconds later, I heard loud footsteps making their way to the door. The slight tapping grew closer and in a moment the door flew open, revealing someone I hadn’t expected at all. My jaw dropped as I stared at the one and only, Maleficent. I could feel my heart sink, this wasn’t going to be easy. A fake smile spread across her face, “Ah your here, I’ve be looking forward to your arrival for quite some time now. What took you so long?” She asked, her voice ringing against the high ceilings of her castle. I stood there, my mouth opening and closing like that of a fish. Her fake smile was glued to her face as she motioned for us to come in, “Well, that doesn’t matter because you’re here now.” I walked inside of the huge hall in front of us, searching the room for a sign of Peter. There was non, in fact, it seemed as if it was completely empty. My brow furrowed in confusion as I flashed a concerned look at Felix. He widened his eyes at me before looking back at Maleficent, who was looking between Felix and I with a satisfied expression. She made me so uneasy as she watched us. “We were sent here by Zelena, she told us you were keeping someone, someone rather important to-”
“Yes, yes, I know dear. You want your Peter Pan back,” she said, waving away Felix’s words. She turned away from us and snapped her fingers. I stood there, confused as purple fog washed into the room. Felix ran over to me, attempting to shield me from whatever it was. “What?” Maleficent said, watching us cower, “I thought you wanted him back?” I glanced, confused at the man lying on the ground. I looked back at Maleficent, who was looking at him proudly. “Who is this?” I asked, pushing Felix away from me, “We came here for Peter, not for-”
“Hush, child,” she growled at me as she pointed a long, pale finger at the man, “this is Peter Pan.” The man began to wake up, “(y/n)?” He said, struggling to get to his feet. I walked over to him hesitantly. I leaned down, placing my hands lightly on his back, “Peter?” I said softly, as he turned to look at me. My heart melted when he met my gaze, this was undoubtedly my Peter Pan. His warm blue eyes fixed into mine as recognition washed over his face, “You came back for me,” he said, a smile gracing his lips. I laughed, as I wrapped my arms around him, “Yes of course I did.” He may have been in a different body, but he was still the same Peter I knew and loved. I turned around to face Maleficent, who was watching excitedly. There was something suspicious about her, this all seemed to easy. “Aren’t you going to kiss him?” She said, something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, gleaming in her eyes. I brushed it off, turning back to Peter. I wasn’t going to let her ruin this for me, I had come to far. I happily leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his lips. I lingered for a moment, as I took in the feel of his lips against mine. I had expected it to be different, as he was in different body, but it was the same. It still made me blush and, as always, sent shivers down my spine. I sighed as I pulled away from him. I opened my eyes, shocked to see Peter glowing green. His brow furrowed at my confused expression. He glanced down at his arms and legs, a look of excitement replacing the confusion he wore before. He stood up quickly now, as he began to change. His hair began to grow shorter and his skin turned smooth. I stood up, placing my arms on his, as the green glow began to fade away, revealing Peter Pan, the one I remember. He looked back at me with those familiar green eyes. I gaped at him, taking in his familiar features. He smiled as he took my hands in his, “True love’s kiss,” he whispered. I smiled warmly at him as I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him close to me. The sound of clapping startled me and I turned to see Felix tied up with a gag in his mouth, “Wha-?”
“Oh come now, did you really think I would let you have him?” Maleficent said, flicking her wrist at me. In a second, I was hanging from the ceiling tied up, in what seemed to be ropes. “What are you doing?” I screamed, clawing at the ropes. She laughed, “My dear child, you really did think I was going to give him to you, didn’t you?” I frantically looked back at Peter as he stood there glaring at her. “Oh my poor love,” she said, walking over and stroking my face. I flinched at her cold, scaly touch, “You really have been a big help though,” she said, patting my cheek and turning back to Peter, “Now, it is time for us to go my dear.” Peter laughed and raised an eyebrow, “What, do you really think I’m going anywhere with you?”
Her fake smile vanished and was replaced with a cold stare, “If you want these two to love then yes, I do think you’ll go,” she hissed at him as she glided over to stroke his hair. His smug grin washed away as he gave me a concerned glance. She stood there, blankly staring as she ran her fingers down his face. My brow furrowed as I tugged at the ropes, trying desperately to free myself. Her hands moved down his arms slowly and grabbed his hand, “Come, darling,” she said, turning towards the door, taking a confused Peter with her. “I don’t think so,” a voice said. I had completely forgotten about Felix. I looked over to see him holding my bow in his hands, somehow he had managed to free himself. Maleficent’s jaw dropped as Felix loosed an arrow that flew straight into her heart. She looked, stunned, to the arrow and back at Felix, who was triumphantly staring back at her with a smile. “How dare you,” she said, tugging the arrow from her chest, still keeping a right grip on Peter’s hand. She crushed the arrow in her grip, tossing it aside. Felix’s smile was replaced with fear as he realized what was happening. “You foolish child,” she said, her voice becoming low and gravelly as her body began to morph. Peter frantically pulled his hand from hers and ran over to me, pulling a knife from his picket and cutting me down quickly. I dropped to the ground, still gaping at what was occurring in front of me. As a child, I had heard stories of a great beast that guarded Maleficent’s castle, but I would have never anticipated this. Where Maleficent once stood was a fearsome dragon, slashing it’s claws into the walls around it. I began to shake with fear. “(Y/n), we have to go!” Peter said, tugging on my wrist. I looked back at him, watching the dragon moving towards us now from the corner of my eye. Felix pushed behind me as we began to run as fast as we could from the creature. I had to force myself to keep my eyes on the path ahead, fighting the desire to turn around and gape at the beast behind us. I heard it’s loud roar gaining on us, knocking down trees in its path. We stopped when we came to a river. Peter turned back to me, his eyes filled with fear, which was something I rarely saw. “(Y/n), I’m so sorry. I’m so so sorry, but I have no magic right now. There’s no way out of this.” He hugged me to him tightly, bracing for the flames of the dragon. I pushed him off and looked back at Felix. I ran over to him, he was firing arrows rapidly at Maleficent. “Felix!” I yelled over the rumbling roar of the dragon. He turned to me, a grave look in his eyes. My hope disappeared. This really was it, after I had come all this way. I hugged Felix tightly, “I’m sorry,” I said, loudly. He pulled back, “Why?” He yelled, the dragon gaining speed now, just about to reach us. “For bringing us here. I should’ve stayed in Neverland, with you. I shouldn’t have agreed to come here,” I said, tears burning in my eyes. He reached his hand out and wiped one from my cheek, “Don’t be sorry, (y/n). You love him. I would have done the same thing if it was you.” He said. The sudden realization hit me. I stepped back a little, startled by his words, “What?” I said, but our conversation was interrupted by the dragon. She was almost on top of us. Peter rushed over and pulled us out of the way of her massive claw. We tumbled onto the ground right beneath her. I buried my face in Peter’s chest, squeezing my eyes shut, “I love you,” I said. He hugged me tighter, “I love you too.” He said as we braced ourselves for the inevitable. “Don’t get too emotional yet,” a voice said. I opened my eyes to see the man that had tormented me once before. The crocodile man stood in front of us, reaching out his hands, glancing nervously at the dragon. The three of us stood there confused, not moving a muscle. “Well come on, time is of the essence here,” he yelled over the dragon’s roar. We scrambled up and took his hand, watching in horror as Maleficent opened her mouth, ready to burn us all to a crisp. My eyes widened as I saw the orange glow rise in her chest. I closed my eyes and suddenly all was quiet. I opened them to find myself in a castle. It was different than Maleficent’s, it was bright and full of life. I stood up and looked around, searching for Peter. He sat there, rubbing the back of his head as he winced in pain. I smiled and ran over to him, kneeling down and wrapping my arms around him. “We’re safe,” I sighed, as he returned my embrace. “Not quite, dearie,” an all too familiar voice said. I turned to face the crocodile man, who was standing with a number of people that included the queen, Prince Charming and Snow White. The man wore an unsettling smile on his face as he watched Peter and I. “What do you want?” I growled, holding Peter close to me. He giggled, “Is that any way to treat the person who just saved your life?” He said, stepping closer to us, “I simply ask for one teany tiny thing in return,” he pointed a finger in our direction. I followed it to Peter. “No,” I said in disbelief, “no you can’t to this.”
“Oh but I can, dearie,” he said, coming close and kneeling down to be face to face with me, “and I will.” He pushed me aside and grabbed Peter, standing him up. I scramble to my feet, beginning to grab at the man, “(y/n), don’t. It’s not worth it,” Peter said, keeping his eyes locked on the man. I stopped, looking at Peter wide eyed, “Not worth it?” I asked in disbelief, “What do you mean not worth it? I came all this way to save you because I love you, and you’re saying that’s not worth it?” He turned to me, anger and sadness clouding his eyes, “Yes. I’m telling you it’s not worth it,” he growled. I stepped back, hurt by his sharp words. I knew he was just trying to protect me, but I couldn’t help being offended. “Are you two finished?” The man hissed, pulling a dagger out of his pocket, “I’d like to get this over with.” I tried to fight back my tears, my mind reeling with anger and fear as I tried to find a way to fix this. I looked over at Snow and Regina, horrified. I ran over, falling to my knees in front of Snow, “Please, you can’t let him do this,” I begged, watching her send a concerned glance to Regina, “You two, of all people, should know what your doing to me,” their expressions softened as I pleaded with them, “he’s my true love. Please, you can’t do this.” I glanced back for a moment to see the man raise his dagger, preparing to kill Peter, “Goodbye father,” he said. I was to upset to really pay attention to that. I turned my head back to Snow, burying my face in her dress. “Stop!” A voice said. I looked up to see Regina holding her hand up, “Stop,” she said, striding over to the man. “What now?” He groaned as he turned back to her, keeping a tight grip on Peter. “Let him go, Rumple,” she said, giving the man, Rumple, a stern look. “Oh don’t tell me you’ve gone soft, Regina,” He said through gritted teeth. Regina sighed, but held her ground, “Let him go.” Rumple held her stare, his murky eyes barring down on her for a moment that seemed to go on for ages. I closed my, silently hoping he would have mercy. He finally flung the dagger across the room, turning back to Pan, grabbing his collar, “Next time, I won’t be so kind,” he said, roughly releasing him and walking off, sullenly. Peter smirked as he watched Rumple sulk off, before turning to me. I smiled and ran over to hug him. “The three of you need to get back to Neverland, Maleficent will find you if you stay,” Regina said, returning to her matronly self. “But what about all of y-”
“We’ll be fine,” she said coldly, turning away from us. I looked at Felix, “I hope you still have those beans,” I said, giving him a smile that he didn’t return. I brushed it off as we walked outside, finally getting to go home. I turned back to Regina, my smile fading as she stood there, an unhappy expression on her face. “Wait,” I said to Peter before running over to her. Her brow furrowed in confusion as she looked up to see me running towards her, “What are you-” but she stopped short as I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly. “Thank you,” I whispered. Her expression softened as she returned my embrace. I pulled away and smiled at her, “Your happy ending will come, Regina,” I said quietly, so the others wouldn’t hear. She gave me a slight smile before I turned back to Peter and Felix, who were patiently waiting for me. I walked back to them, lacing my fingers with Peter’s, “Let’s go home.”

Without Warning- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Without Warning
Request: The reader gets hurt by one of the lost boys and pan becomes really protective of the reader and super sweet and he heals the readers wound and stuff
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Y/N, Peter Pan, and one of the losts boys, named David, were running around in the woods.
Peter was suddenly separated from his girlfriend and friend, leaving just Y/N and David were together.
“We better go and find Peter.” Y/N said to the lost boy.
“Ok.” he said, walking slowly behind Y/N. Without warning, David hit Y/N on the back of the head, making her fall to the ground.
Y/N screamed, and David cut her arm with a stick. He then ran away.
Y/N was in extreme pain. Sitting on the ground, bleeding, Y/N tried to call out for help.
“Help! Peter! Someone! Help me!” she called, barely getting the words out through the pain.
Just a few yards away, Peter heard her cries.
He ran over to where he heard the voice, and saw Y/N there bleeding from her arm and holding the back of her head. David was nowhere to be seen.
“Y/N, what the hell happened?” Peter said as he rushed to sit by her side.
“David…he hit me in the head and cut me then ran!” she said crying a bit. Peter whipped her eyes, and then held her arm.
“It’s going to be ok, love.” he said as he kissed her arm. “Let me see your head.”
Y/N then turned her head so that Peter could see. She had a baseball sized lump of the back of her head. Her arm needed stitches also.
“I have an idea.” Peter said.
“Anything that can help, Peter.” Y/N said as she laid back on the ground. The pain she was in was unbearable.
“I can heal your arm, Y/N. With magic.” he responded.
“Can you really?” Y/N said sitting up.
“Yes, love. Lay back down.” he said. Y/N obeyed him, and laid on the ground, crying out when the ground hit the lump on her head.
Peter then held her head up with one hand, so she wouldn’t be in pain.
He took his other hand and put it over her. A cloud of green smoke went over her.
When the smoke fully cleared, Peter looked at Y/N. She was healed. Her head no longer had a lump on it, and her arm was fine.
Y/N sat up, and hugged Peter.
“Thank you, Peter. Thank you so much. I love you so much.” she said.
“I love you too Y/N.” he responded as he kissed her hair.

They stood up, and walked back to camp.
“What are you going to do about David?” Y/N asked Peter.
“I’ll deal with him later. He’s not going to get away with what he did, he could have killed you, love.” Peter said looking in Y/N’s eyes with concern.
“All that matters now is that I’m ok now. Thanks to you, anyways.” she responded smiling.
Peter smiled back at her.

At the camp, Peter didn’t see David.
“I think he knows how much trouble he is in. He’s not even showing up here.” Peter said, grapping Y/N’s hand protectively.
“What would he think when he sees that you healed me?” Y/N asked.
“He’s just gonna know he’s in a load of trouble.” Peter responded.
Y/N looked into Peter’s eyes. Peter smiled at her, and she laid her head on his chest.
“Just one thing, Peter.” Y/N said.
“Yes, love?” he responded.
“Please don’t kill him.” she responded, laughing.
“I’ll try.” he laughed.
They kissed again, and Peter put his hand where the cut used to be on Y/N’s arm.
He would never let anyone hurt her again.

Thanks for reading! xx


princesspumpkin31  asked:

Could you do an imagine where the reader is sad and crying and Peter Parker (Homecoming ahh amazing movie) finds her and he gets concerned, she is reserved to talk about it at first but then tells him her dog died and he feels really bad so the next day he sees her and gives her a bulldog puppy, she gets so happy and then kisses him and he gets all flustered and it's so cute and ahh!! I watched Homecoming opening night and it was packed! Tom Holland is my absolute favorite Spider-Man!! ❤️❤️❤️

Sure! I love that idea! I watched Homecoming opening night too! I absolutely love it! 💙❤💙❤


“When’s Christmas?” asked seven-year-old Peter, gently petting the brown-striped cat on the back, sobbing.

“December,” his mother answered. “Why?” It was March. Peter sat cross-legged on the floor. Mew, his cat–his best friend–was wearing a dark blue cone around her head, stained with blood from her face. Peter spoke in high notes from his youth and tears.

“I just want for Mew to be better for Christmas.”


We had this cat since she was born, we still have her mother Venus too. The poor cat in the cone, her real name is Mew, because like the Pokémon, she can only say her name. We were going to change her name to Mewtwo when she got older, but it’s been 15 years, and we’re far past our trading card phase.

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