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Then Again P19,  Peter Parker x Reader

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Then Again, Part 19

(Words: 3,295)

Now that things with Peter are on the mend, my brain can swing back around to MJ and Ned. What were they playing at yesterday? What were all the messages about?

I hear Peter turning the shower on as I open the door to slip out. My senses are shocked awake. I shiver, surprised by the cold of carpet under my feet.

Coffee. The hallway smells like morning and breakfast: dewy grass clippings, some distant earthy trees, and a hint of (thankfully bearable now) chlorine. All of that piggybacks the faint whispers of packaged blueberry muffins, orange juice, and coffee. The trademark scent of hotels everywhere.

I close my eyes as the door shuts behind me. I take a second to breathe it in, leaning my back against the door.

I love hotels. There’s something about them that can keep me calm, even in the final hours before our competition. I think it’s the stillness of hotel air, the lack of immediate time.

I open my eyes and turn to knock on MJ’s door.

But someone’s already there, staring at me, posed as if he were about to knock on that door too.

Eugene “Flash” Ass-Hat-Rich-Boy-Bitch-Boy. His hair is generously gelled and he’s already in uniform. We don’t need to get on the bus for another hour and a half. His expression is a surprised sort of blank with a trace of an almost-frown. He looks the way I feel: totally taken off guard. Why is he here?

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gimme some sugar → peter parker

♬ fetish — selena gomez ft. gucci mane ♬

❈ the way you walk, the way you talk. i blame you ‘cause it’s all your fault. ❈

↳ Could you do a peter parker imagine where they’re dating and she’s always checking him out and calling him hot and stuff, only because she thinks it’s cute when he gets flustered?
↳ Peter imagine where he gets jealous because he thinks flash is trying to flirt w (yn)?
↳ kissey!peter parker please?

warning(s): makeout.

“hey baby boy,” (y/n) greeted, kissing peter’s cheek after she approached the usual table. peter’s cheeks grew warm as he mumbled a ‘hey’ back. ned pushed his cheek out jokingly, causing (y/n) to laugh as she walked around the table to hug him. “what’s up ned? how are you?”

“i’m doing okay, actually. i passed my history test today. most nerve-wracking moment of my life.” the two got lost in their conversation while peter tried to wrap up his homework.

“hey, (y/n),” flash grinned with his teeth showing. he leaned against the table as he began to talk to her about the project due in mr. laritate’s class. he got too close for peter’s liking, causing his to huff.

“first off, number two is wrong.” michelle spoke up from beside peter. “second, you’re gonna have to try a little bit harder than that to hide your jealousy.”

“what? i’m not jealous.” peter defended as he looked over his math work.

“you forgot to carry out the two,” she pointed at his paper. peter began frantically erasing the rest of his work, knowing that if he forgot to carry, the whole product was messed up. “and, you totally are. you may have a baby face, but your baby face can get pretty mean-looking.”

out of subconscious, peter glanced up to find flash laughing with (y/n), causing him to glare. from the corner of her eye, should could see peter facing their direction and averted all of her attention on her boyfriend. she didn’t say much. she didn’t say anything, actually. she only stared at him with so much adoration.

“(y/n),” flash tried to snap her out of her daze. the couple shared eye contact, something only they could understand. “(y/n)…” flash waved his hand in her face.

“flash, let me get back to you in a second.” she smiled politely. “i’ll see you in english?” she dismissed him so quick, leaving him a stuttering mess as he tried to protest, but she had already shoo’d him away. peter mentally laughed at flash.

“what’s wrong pete?” (y/n) asked with concern lacing her voice. she reached over the table grabbing his hand.

“what were you talking about with flash?” he made it obvious he was jealous.

(y/n) giggled. “only about how you look like a snack.” she flirted.

“i- what?” his cheeks flushed. he had heard the word being thrown around by the upperclassmen. which made sense since (y/n) was a junior.

“yeah,” she smiled. she tugged his collar from under his sweater, patting his chest. “you look really hot. i could eat you up, hence why you look like a snack.”

“flash…talked to you…about how i, look good?” it took some time for peter to process the information.

“of course,” (y/n) nodded her head. “flash has made it no secret that he’s bi-curious. come on, babe, keep up.”

3 o'clock rolled around. it was part of (y/n) and peter’s schedule to leave the library around 3, so they could get sandwiches after school.

the two walked side by side on the football field, fingers laced together as they talked about their plans for the weekend. peter noticed (y/n) was being less touchy than she usually was. it kind of threw him off guard, but he didn’t question it.

walking into mr. delmar’s deli shop, he greeted the regular customers with a wide smile. “peter, (y/n)! what will it be today? the usual?” the two chuckled at the knowing man with a nod.

“number five with pickle, smushed down, okay. and also a number two with spicy salami and provolone cheese.” he wrote it down on the ticket, hanging it over the rack for the workers in the back to get out. (y/n) swiped her card before peter could whip out his wallet.

“we’ll call out your order when it’s ready.”

“thank you mr. delmar.” (y/n) smiled at the italian man.

“(y/n),” peter spoke with a frown.

“you paid yesterday.” (y/n) defended as they walked passed mr. delmar’s cat.

after finishing their sandwiches (peter did, (y/n) barely touched her food), they headed up the block to (y/n)’s place. they didn’t talk much on their way. they walked in comfortable silence with a few comments here and there.

(y/n) was lucky to catch her mother at door.

“ma!” (y/n) hugged her mother as her mom kissed hers and peter’s forehead.

“hey, you two!” she smiled at the two. “listen, i’m in a rush. taxi’s waiting for me, but (y/n), i left money on the counter for takeout. knock yourselves out. have a great night. i know there’s no school tomorrow, but i expect you two to go to bed at a reasonable time tonight, okay?” she pointed her finger at the two.

“alright ma, i promise.”

“we’ll take good care of the house janice,” peter smiled innocently. god, he was too pure for his own good. “you can trust us.”

“you, i trust. my daughter, not so much,” janice joked. the taxi honked once, making janice give the two hugs.

“have a great day at work ma, i’ll see you tomorrow.”

(y/n) stepped into the apartment with peter, shutting the door behind her.

“what’s your deal today?” peter questioned with a frown, pulling his girlfriend in his arms, now that they were behind closed doors. he pressed a kiss to her cheek. “you barely ate your sandwich today, you zone out.”

“i’m okay,” she told peter. he was so concerned for her.

“you’re weren’t yourself today, so i’m not entirely sure about that.” peter looked down at (y/n) whom was only a few inches shorter than he was. “you love mr. delmar’s sandwiches, you’re always hungry. what happened today?”

“i wasn’t hungry for sandwiches, i guess.” she shrugged her shoulders.

“why didn’t you tell me? here, what are you hungry for?” he started putting his shoes on again.

“no, pete, it’s okay.” (y/n) halted him before he could tie is converse. “i’m sure i’ll find a good snack here.” her eyes glinted with mischievousness. but he didn’t seem to catch it.

“saltines and nutella, you said you liked that, right?” peter stood to wander in her kitchen and rummage through her cupboards. she remained where she was for a moment, eyes shut as she asked the gods for patience.

before she could actually tell peter no, peter was already spreading nutella on a cracker with a butterknife. smiling to herself, (y/n) waltzed next to peter, leaning her head on his back, wrapping her arms around his torso.

peter turned in her arms, feeding her the cracker, hoping it’d lift her mood at least a little bit. she nodded her head as she munched on the sweet-salty mix that she loved so much. peter ate one himself, nodding his head at the combination. he approved.

“babe,” (y/n) chuckled. “you’ve got nutella on your lips. come'ere,” she grabbed his cheeks, lightly pressing her lips against his, pecking his lips multiple times.

she could taste the sweetness of his lips. the rich, chocolate-hazelnut cream only made her desire for him grow like a persian silk tree. (y/n) let out a noise of delight slip her throat as she kissed him. peter was enjoying this just as much, her lips were so soft and gentle.

peter leaned against the counter with one arm around her waist. his free hand cupping her jaw so delicately, he didn’t want to even think about hurting her as he kissed her with so much passion. her hands tightly gripped the collar of his shirt as she stood on the tip of her toes, kissing back with just as much fiery ardor.

(y/n) was the first to pull back. with her forehead pressed against peter’s, eyes shut, she desperately tried to catch her breath.

“d-do you think you should finish your snack or?..” peter jutted his thumb behind him.

“nah, i’m looking at a perfect snack right now.” her eyes were glued to peter’s, grinning at the audible gasp that escaped his mouth.

Waiting - Peter Parker

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: The reader is concerned about Peter coming back to her after fighting crime all day. This causes her to think of the night they started talking and forming their bond.

Warnings: Swearing, drinking, a sweet kiss

Words: 4480

A/N: This is my first imagine so please be kind. It is a bit long but PLEASE bear with me. I worked hard on it.


The regular writing is present time

The slanted writing is a flashback

Enjoy my loves <3


Waiting. It’s an agonizing feeling. To expect outcomes of situations that you have no idea how to decipher or understand.

You weren’t patient, you never were and you couldn’t be now. Especially not now, at a moment like this.

But, yet, here you were, still waiting.

The remaining question: How will this all end?

11:37 p.m. the clock presented.

Exhaling a frustrated sigh of defeat, you roll over on your mattress, eyes burning of fatigue. Your body craved desperately to drift off, into the land of slumber where you could escape your thoughts, your worries, your fears but your stubbornness remained tall and strong-like a cement wall.

How could you sleep when he was still out there?

You gaze out the tall window that was feet away from your bed, its glass sprinkled with raindrops from earlier precipitation. Outside, it led right out to the fire escape where he would usually arrive to slip into your room. Gazing out the window now, you reminded yourself to buy some plants and flowers to add some beauty outside your window. You’ve been meaning to do it for weeks now.  

As you kept staring, you search for a looming shadow or listen for a delicate tap against the glass, anything that signaled that he was here. That he had come back to you, that he was safe. You could never truly sleep soundly unless you knew for certain that he was okay.

Who were you waiting for?

Peter Parker, that’s who.

A.K.A Spiderman

A.K.A your best friend    

A.K.A the love of your life

Your head buries itself into your soft pillow as you think of him, your cheeks warming as you picture his tousled chocolate locks, sparkling brown eyes and heart thumping smile. The damn kid made you feel like the zoo escaped in your stomach whenever you locked eyes and you hated/loved him for it.

You both met last year, when you moved to Queens as a sophomore. At the time, Peter was identified as “The Dude You Had 30 Second Small Talk with in Chemistry Class” and those “conversations” you two shared were rare, usually right before your teacher started her lecture.

Like, the occasional: “Hey, did you read the chapters last night for Chem?”

Or: “Your poem in the literary magazine was real good, Y/N!”  

Or, ironically: “I saw Spiderman swing above me on my way to school… coolest thing I’ve seen all week!”

But, sadly, you both merely classified as acquaintances to one another.



Last Year, Halloween at 11:37 p.m.

Your eyes bore into the back of your friend, Jess, her lengthy golden hair whipping from side to side as she sprints to the door ahead. You didn’t bother to keep up with her, no matter how freezing your body felt in the frigid wind. The brisk air whips against your stockings in a brutal manner and it was then, that you wish you wore pants to this party instead of your moderately short black dress. It was practically November. You trudge through the decaying grass as you cut through the lawn, arms crossed over your chest, crunching leaves under your Doc Martins.

Reaching the door, were are welcomed with a gust of warmth along with the scent of sweat and weed.

“Ah, refreshing…” you mutter under your breath, while rolling your eyes.

Scanning the perimeter for Jess, you spot her by the stairs, many feet away, chatting with her other friends. Anxiety kept your feet planted by the entrance as you watched them speak to one another. Her friends were not your own, only strangers that you glanced at politely in the in the hallways or had exchanged three words with during your month at Midtown. Despite your discomfort, you walked on toward them, mentally giving your anxiety the middle finger since it had kept you from doing so many other things in your life.

You’re only two steps into walking forward until Jess turns and dashes up the stairs, as if she were the roadrunner and you were the coyote.

What the fuck…

Huffing out in frustration, you make a beeline to the snack table close by, not in the mood to follow her again. You didn’t even want to be here in the first place, you weren’t going to follow her around like a lost puppy.

She’ll be back. She can’t leave me alone at a time like this…

Your mind attempts to reassure you but it didn’t ease the rapid thud of your heart.

You could do this, but not alone.

Fifteen minutes later, you were still attached to the table as if it were your best friend. You occupied your time by looking down at your phone, chomping on chocolate pretzels and frowning at anyone who gave you an amused smirk.

Right then, a group of upperclassmen made agonizing eye contact with you a few feet away. The girls attempted to be discreet about their staring but failed, the giggles they tried to hide with their hands giving them away. You glare into their posse circle until they get intimidated and look away, embarrassed.

You sigh out sadly as the last stare glances away. The brave face you masked on before the party was faltering into a look of pure insecurity.

You thought you could be brave.

You thought you could handle this but the anxiety was overpowering you.

Why the hell where you still here? What was the point?

You had your doubts coming here but Jess had begged you to come, had encouraged you, had basically dragged you here and then left you alone. Alone. At a party. After she promised to stay with you all night. It was social suicide, especially due to the situation you were in now. Clenching your fists in anger, you started for the door until a familiar face stopped you.

Sweet relief seeped within your chest.  

“Hey! Curly Twirly!” you call, grinning, as you spot Michelle’s curly, wild hair from afar. That was the nickname you had given her yourself. She was the first friend you made at school, having been assigned together for an activity in one of your classes. She always managed to make you laugh in the dullest situations and although she’d never admit it, the walls she built over her exterior seemed to crumble whenever you two spoke.

She was wearing an orange shirt with the word ‘COSTUME’ printed on the front. You smirk at her irrefutable wittiness. Why the hell didn’t you think of that?

Her head turned toward you at the sound of her nickname and that was when you noticed the unsettling look of agony in her eyes. You only caught a slim glimpse of that look until she masked it with a plastered smirk. Something was up, you knew because the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“Y/N, thank the Black Widow you came to this lame ass party…” she calls.

You widen your eyes at her sentence, getting caught off guard. Even though you two were friends, M.J. never said something like that to you before or…anyone really.

She approaches you, gazing at your outfit with extreme focus.

Spectacular costume, Wednesday Adams is one of my role models.” she smirks.

You were dressed in a black dress with a peter-pan collar, black stockings, Doc Martins and had tied your hair into two braids. Boom. Behold, your costume.

“Shocker…” you say, the sarcasm clear in your voice. If Wednesday Adams were a real person, she and M.J. would be BFF’s.

“I’m surprised you’re here…” she admits, swiping a plastic cup from the beverage table and filling it with punch. The punch was obviously spiked, the cup she filled reeked of alcohol- vodka probably. You cringe as the cup comes too close to your nose for comfort, the intense scent still making you sick to your stomach.

“I thought people were still giving you shit?” she asks, sipping her beverage.

“They are,” you admit. You roll your eyes but not at her, at the assholes around you who continued to talk about you in front of your face.

“Yet, you still came?” one of her perfectly plucked eyebrows arch.

“I wanted to prove that they couldn’t get to me, but I don’t think I’m fooling anyone…” you truthfully confess.

You wished so badly to not give a shit, but you did.

“Hey…” she nudges her shoulder into yours. “You fooled me…”

You smile graciously. She had been one of the few people who didn’t judge you based on that stupid video.

“Besides,” she huffs, frowning. “Fuck what other people think. They don’t know jack-shit about you…” she continues. “This is just another ‘Midtown Mini Drama’. It’ll be forgotten in a week.”

“Thanks M.J…” you mumble. “God, I’d so rather be in bed with a book right now…” you admit, shamelessly to her. You knew she would understand, the girl had her nose in a book 24/7.

“Amen, sister.” she mutters as she tips her face back, draining her drink down in a one gulp. You cringe instantaneously, again, nearly tasting the bitterness in your mouth as you watch her. You were glad you were sticking to you lemonade and pretzels tonight.  

“What the damn hell?” M.J. bluntly utters, causing you to snort in amusement. Your eyes followed to where hers were fixated- the entrance of the party to where Ned Leeds and Peter Parker were standing.


“Twice in one month? That’s monumental.” you murmured in her ear as you both continue to gaze at the spot the two boys were standing. It was true that they didn’t come to many parties, only attending one bash weeks ahead of time that a girl named Liz had hosted.

You study the costumes of the two boys and notice both dressed as Star Wars characters. You recognize Ned to be Obi Wan Kenobi with his white tunic, white pants, belt and brown robe along with Peter as Darth Vader, dressed black from the neck downward and the iconic mask he held in his hands.

You smirked at their choice of attire, these dudes where hella cool.

As they linger throughout the monumental house, they came upon the snack table several minutes later where M.J. and you were still standing. They approached you as M.J. was gulping down the spiked punch as if she were dying of monumental thirst while you were inhaling the snack table like you were a vacuum on supersonic mode. (Especially the chocolate covered pretzels. Yum.)

Peter locks eyes with you and graciously delivers a soft smile when you have about six pretzels in your mouth. Embarrassed, you cover your mouth with the back of your hand and give him a wave with the other. You realized at that moment, under the neon flickering lights how cute he really was. Why you noticed now? You had no idea.

“Evening, ladies…” Ned suavely greets as he approaches MJ and you with Peter by his side. You swallow the pretzels painfully, not having the chance to chew every single one as you prepare to speak.

“Hey guys,” you smile, brightly. “Having fun?”

As the two boys begin to reply, M.J. cut them off.

“I wouldn’t decipher this party with the word ‘fun’.” she quips, her tone laced with boredom.

“That’s because you’re still sober…” you tease, mimicking her past action by bumping your shoulder with hers.

“This is why I keep you around…” she smirks, once again.

She turns away from you and the boys, back to the table to refill her cup, yet again. You stare at her, growing even more worried and mentally cursing yourself for the sentence you had just said. This was already her fifth cup.  Why was she drowning herself in alcohol? You wouldn’t be as concerned if she was a regular partier but this behavior wasn’t normal.

“What are you doing?” you ask, stepping slightly closer and setting a hand on her shoulder.

“Getting shit-faced.” she responds, blankly. “Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do at parties?”

“She has a point…” Ned adds, from the side. You spot Peter hit him in the arm with your peripheral vision.

“You know what I mean…” you whisper in her face. “Why are you drinking so much? Are you okay?” 

“Fine,” she bites, her eyes narrowing. “Leave it alone.” she harshly whispers.

“MJ, talk to-”

“I don’t need a babysitter, Y/N.” she barks at you over the music, glaring at you with so much intimidation it made you feel small and insecure. “Just, leave me alone.” she continues, the same cold tone latched within her words. She never spoke to you that harshly before.

Usually, for you, whenever you got into an argument with someone, you were quick witted and decently sly but as for right now, you were speechless.

It was harder to stand up to your friends rather than your enemies.

Before you had the chance to regain the strength to argue back, she whips around and stalks away to another room, taking her drink with her. You watch her back until it disappears and release a sigh. You desperately wanted to go after her but you didn’t want to smother her and possibly get her even angrier at you. She obviously didn’t want to be near you, hence her walking away…

The music begun to kick in to a louder beat, muffling the voices of other party-goers surrounding you. You could barely hear yourself think, the pounding music thumping throughout the walls was distracting. The room felt even more clustered and full, causing you to sweat and pull at the collar of your dress.


You whip your head to your right to where Peter was standing, closer than he was before. He was staring at you, pure curiosity swimming in his orbs. His eyes- so gentle and welcoming, looking at them had you feeling calmer. He was the warm fire in a rainstorm.

“What?” you dumbly utter. The damn music was causing your hearing to dysfunction, it was drowning everything out, even your own damn thoughts.


The words were hard to understand over the bumping but you could read his lips. You smile sadly at him. He was such a sweet guy, he barely even knew you and here he was, asking that question. He could have easily walked off moments ago, escaping the awkward banter between you and Michelle but here he was.

“Yeah, thanks.” You nod, smiling gratefully. “I should probably just give her space…”

He mimics your nod, agreeing with you. You glance at your surroundings and realize Ned was nowhere to be seen. Huh, where the hell did the dude go?

“–Seventy three?” You heard the number he mumbled but once again, you didn’t hear the full sentence.

“Sorry, what?” you laugh, awkwardly.

“Did­–? Seventy three?”

Ugh, this fucking music. It wasn’t even a good song either…

Clenching your jaw in frustration, you exhale. You wanted to chop the DJ’s head off.

“WHAT?” you yell, leaning in closer toward him, so close that you could see the purple and pink hue of his lips. (They looked soft…)

“DID. YOU. DO. CHEM. YET?” he bellows. His voice and face was still friendly even when he was screaming in your face. He was talking about the chemistry homework that had been assigned. You were to read page seventy-three in your textbook and complete the five paged packet that was due Monday. You haven’t even started yet.

“Oh!” you realize. “Uh…no, not yet.” you confess, yelling, slightly ashamed since Peter probably already finished it. That kid was an absolute wizard with anything science related. He had the highest grade in class, no doubt. He nods in understanding, looking away then back to you again, as if he wanted to say something.

“I–I can give it to–”

“Do you want to go outside?!” you yell, interrupting him. You would be able to hear everything he said to you out there. Besides, the pot in the air was getting stronger, giving you a headache.

He only stares at you, blankly.

“WHAT?” he shrieks.

You already get the answer you need. You turn around, latching onto his wrist and lead him out the door with you. You felt your cheeks grow hot at the sudden gesture, you just grabbing him and leading him away but you couldn’t deny the giddy pound in your chest.


Lifting your head up from the pillow with sonic speed, your eyes blink rapidly. You zero in on the time displayed on your cable box that rested on your dresser.

2:34 a.m.


You had fallen asleep.

Breathing heavily, you struggle to remain calm. You stumble out of bed to your window, leaning your head against the cool glass. You gaze out, scanning the fire escape as if he would magically appear in that moment. Peter has never been this late, ever.

What if something happened?

You stand motionless for a moment, the light patter of rain against the roof and the pounding drum of your heart the only noises you could hear. Scrambling for your phone seconds later, you dial the digits you have ingrained in your brain.


Last Year, Halloween at 12:41 p.m.

“So?” you ask, leaning in slightly closer towards him in curiosity. “How was your first drink?”

“Terrible…” Peter winces, scrunching his face up in the cutest way possible as he crumples the plastic cup in is fist. He gulped down the whole drink in one sitting and you were impressed since this was his first time drinking. He had gotten some punch in the house before coming outside with you.

“Tastes like piss, right?” you ask.

“Like piss…” he agrees.

You giggle like a child as he stares off into space, blinking slowly and gazing off in wonder, a dazed look on his face. One of your eyebrows arch.

“Oh my god…” you breathe. “Are you already buzzed?”


“Maaaybe?” he gets out, his voice slightly high-pitched at the end, making you cackle like a hyena.

“You are such a lightweight, you’re adorable.” you gush.

The words sprang out of you and it caused a small blush to ignite across his cheeks. Peter glances down at his high-tops bashfully, a tiny grin lacing his lips. While looking at him, you painfully resist the urge to leap in front of him and squish his cheeks with your fingers. God, he was so cute.  

“Um–I–I…uh…” he stutters.

“Peter, calm down.” You smile. “I’m just teasing.” Your body shakes with laughter again at his painfully awkward stuttering.

You and Peter were currently sitting side by side against a tree outside the house. Although there was still a slight chill in the air, the temperature outside had gotten slightly warmer, leaving you refreshed and cool.

Some others from the party even came outside as well, one pair came out to lay on the lawn to stare at the stars or some came just to walk around in the cool air and drink with their fellow friends.    

It had been about half an hour since you two had been hanging out with each other. You talked about school or the randomness of your daily lives. During those 30 minutes, you came to learn that Peter was a total cinnamon roll and you adored the way he talked to you.

As you glance toward the monumental home, you are reminded of M.J. The agony in her eyes, her strange behavior, the excessive drinking.

“I should check on M.J…” you say, out loud.

“Good idea,” Peter nods. “I’ll come with.”

You rise from the grass quickly and look down at Peter in amusement, who seemed to be struggling to stand. You giggle painfully to yourself as you help him up, both of your hands gripping on his surprisingly muscular biceps. Damn, what was he hiding under all those layers?

You steady him as he rises.

“Thanks, Y/N…” he flushes.

“Anytime,” you grin.

As you start to walk up the lawn, toward the door, a heavy arm slings over your shoulder, halting you. The monstrous weight nearly pushes half of your body downward and a horrid stench of body odor slaps you like whiplash as it emits from the strangers armpit.

“What the fu-” you speak out, scrunching your face up in annoyance and disgust. You nudge the body off you and turn to face the unknown male.

He’s stocky and much taller than you, with dark hair and a lazy smile. He held a beer bottle in his big fingers and was dressed as a Yankee baseball player.

“Can I help you?” you angrily spit. You didn’t like being touched by guys you didn’t know. Who the hell does?

“You don’t remember me?” the tall boy grins, taking a step closer toward you.

You take a grand step back, too grand however, because you collide into Peter’s chest. With this amount of proximity, you get a whiff of Peter’s scent- laundry detergent, pine and deodorant.

Sweet mama, you could sniff that boy all day like a flower.

“You really don’t remember me?” the random tall boy asks again, snapping you back to reality.

“Clearly.” you snarl, not in the mood to deal with any self-righteous pigs tonight.

“Y/NNNNNN!” a girl shrieks into the air in excitement, causing you, Peter and the stranger to jump in horror. Seconds later, two arms sling over your shoulders in a crushing hug, forcing Peter to back away from you. Hot vodka breath fans in your face and you shut your eyes painfully, cringing.

“Where have you been?” Jess laughs in your ear while she squeezes you painfully.

“You tell me,” you flatly reply, frowning at your friend that had abandoned you all night. You shrug her arms off your shoulder. “You’re the one who ditched me.”

Her eyes roll in annoyance, making you even angrier. “Don’t be so dramatic…” she mocks.

More people linger around the tree that you and Peter once occupied alone. Most of these people were Jess’s friends and some were random strangers. They all circulate around you, making you uncomfortable. You catch Peter standing side by side among them, looking timid himself.

“Whatever,” you huff. “I’m leaving.”

“What? No!” she begs, her manicured fingers latching onto your arm. “I got Brandon to come and see you!” she explains, excitedly.

“Who the hell is Brandon?”

“That’s me, Hot Stuff.”

You glance over to the stranger who had put his arm around you. Brandon gives you a wink as he nudges Peter to the side as he steps closer to you and Jess. You only stare at him, unfazed by his comment but suddenly able to recognize him.

You remember who he was and it made you want to slap yourself with a cactus.

Because you were such a drunk idiot last weekend.

“What are you anyway?” he utters, looking at your costume up and down. “Some goth bitch?”

You don’t even try to hide the irritable glare on your face.

“I’m Wednesday Adams, you moron.” you bite.

You see Peter grin shamelessly behind Brandon. In attempt to hide the laughter that lingers behind his smile, he covers his mouth with his sleeve.  

“Woah, chill.” Brandon’s thick eyebrows raise in shock. His stunned reaction only lasts a fraction of a second until that annoying, careless smirk appears on his face again. He stares down at you with interest, giving you the impression he’s most likely wondering what you look like without your clothes on.

“You’re kinda feisty, aren’t you?” he slurs.

“To self-absorbed assholes? Yeah.” you swiftly reply. “Keep testing me and I’ll get even meaner.”

Everyone around you snickers at your snark. From the sidelines, you see Peter’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets in flabbergasted shock. He doesn’t care to hide the laugh as he lets it out with ease. It was a lovely sight to him, watching you roast this drunk buffoon in front of you. You were so sassy, so…irresistible.

“Y/N!” Jess bellows.

“What?” you ask, innocently.

“Stop embarrassing Brandon…” she scolds.

“He’s embarrassing himself, I’m just mocking his stupidity.”

Holy shit, you needed to be stopped.

“Um, okay…” Peter pipes up, stepping to the side of you. Everyone in the group whips their head towards him in shock, they didn’t even notice he was there.

“We should get going…” he mumbles as he grabs onto you elbow and leads you away from everyone and to the house.

“She’s my DD!” Peter awkwardly calls toward the group.

As the two of you walk across the lawn to the door ahead, you realize Peter still hasn’t let go of your elbow. His face leans in close to yours.

“You’re dangerous…” Peter whispers into your face, only he’s smiling when you look over to him.

“Am I scaring you, Parker?” you beam, unable to hide the amused smirk from spreading across your face.

“A little.”

“You still have time to run away, right now.” you teasingly warn.

“I–I don’t want to…” he manages to reply, fumbling with his thumbs as he looks down toward the ground.  

The two of you stop in front of the entrance of the party, both of you standing on the doormat, your shoulders touching.

“So,” you start, “We grab M.J. and I drive you both home? Sound like a plan?”

You don’t bother for a reply from him, your fingers latch onto the door handle but his voice calling your name stops you.

“Y/N…” he sighs, finally making eye contact with you.

“Peter…” you tease, breathing out his name like he did yours.

“If–If…I wasn’t drunk right now…” he states, slowly, looking down at his feet. “I’d kiss you.”

“O–Oh!” you squeak, squeezing the door handle in bewilderment. That was absolutely the last thing you expected him to say. You knew it may be true because there was no way in hell Peter Parker would say something like that to you sober.  

“W–Would you?” you attempt to joke, grinning ear to ear in excitement and closing your eyes, making sure this wasn’t a dream.

“Yes…” he breathes next to your ear, you could practically hear the soft smile in his voice.

Without thinking, you lean in, capturing Peter Parker’s lips in a sweet peck.


“Hey,” you speak shakily into the phone, your voice trembling erratically and embarrassingly. “Call me as soon as you get this, okay?” You squeeze the phone in a deathly grip as you struggle to keep breathing. You hang up before you get pathetic and start crying like a goddamn baby on the phone.

The tears start to roll down your cheeks with speed, similar to how the rain slides down the glass of your window outside.

Maybe you were getting worked up for nothing but how were you supposed to know? How were you to know what happened out there?What happened to him?

You stare outside the glass motionless, blankly, numbly.

There was nothing you could do now, only wait.


Part 2???

You’re Everything (p.p.)

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 2.4k +

Warnings : like two swear words, fluffff, like 2% angst, cute peter when isn’t he cute though

Author’s Note :  Thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @babyparker and @parkerroos and @sam-a-holland and @rileywrites-parker


Tags : @tiny-friggin-human

Day One

Peter Parker was on top of the world.

The smile framing his baby face hadn’t left all day.

And it was because of her.

How had he managed to score a date with her, of all people. Her. She made him so happy, and she didn’t even try.

Peter was awkward, so awkward he had trouble answering questions in class. What made him so appealing to her? However, it wasn’t a shock that she’d caught his eye.

She was everything.

The perfect girl. She was smart, and independent. She never took anybody’s shit. And she was beautiful. He loved her eyes. Her eyes reminded him of every thing right in this world. Of every thing good, and just.

She was everything. Everything.


She was there, beside him, that smile cheesing straight at him. She was there. So close that he could tilt his head and smell the strawberry shampoo in her hair. Oh god, he thought, she’s actually here.

He smiled, shy, a tight lipped one, trying to control that overwhelming feeling of happiness inside of him. And oh gosh, she’s here.


Day Twenty-four

Here they were again. Together, crisp, cool air of autumn blowing through the cracked window in her living room. The warm material of her leg seeping through her leggings and over to his own leg, warming his whole body.

How did he tell her how much he loved this?


He grinned, and glanced down, her hand gripping his arm, eyes trained on the television, the scene happening in front of her obviously an entertaining one.

God, you’re pretty.

His hand reached down, biting his lip, fingers reaching for the unoccupied hand that was clenching his forearm tighter, itching to feel her palm against his.

The edge of his fingertips skimmed hers, and her gaze snapped down, then up to his.

“Were you…were you trying to hold my hand?” She smiled, clearly amused.

His eyes widened, like a deer caught in headlights. “What? N-No! I was reaching for the, uh - popcorn!” Her amused glare gestured to the empty popcorn bowl. He felt his cheeks begin to burn, his face resembling that of a burnt tomato.

“You’re cute”, she mumbled. What should he do? Should he lay down? Pray? Scream? He looked distressed, like he couldn’t decide what to think.

He felt her slide the palm of her hand over his, fingers crossed between his own. He smiled, a big, dorky, boyish smile.

Peter obliterated.

Day Thirty-Nine

He hadn’t kissed his everything yet.

Peter thinks that it’s partially his fault, because of how nervous and giddy he got around her, he forgot to kiss the lips he’d been waiting to kiss.

He could kiss her now.

As she was hovered over a couple text books, hair pushed out of her face. One of his punny tee shirts sagging on her figure because of how much taller he was than her.

She’s so cute.

Peter thought about kissing her all the time. But he never took the risk.

So that’s what he did.

He sat up, feet nearly drowned out by sweatpants his aunt had bought way too big padding across the floor, over to her place on his carpeted floor. She looked up at him with an angelic smile right as he bent down, grabbed her face, and pulled her lips to hers.

She was shocked, he could tell. He could tell her eyes were still open wide, and she wasn’t kissing him back. Oh god, he thought. Did I move too fast? But then her lips started moving against his, her hands combing into his hair, clinging onto him.

He smiled into the kiss, and when they both pulled away, he heard her speak.


He chuckled, and pressed a few more kisses to her lips. “Yeah”, he agreed, “Wow.”

His everything was wow.

Day Fourty-Four

She was his light.

He thinks he realised this on their third date.

She was glowing, cheekbones swelling with happiness, eyes shining with him in their irises, that smile staring back at him, the feeling of her with him making him feel like the best thing, the only thing that mattered.

She was the only thing that mattered.

“Have I told you recently how painfully beautiful you are?” She flushed at his words.

“No”, she spoke, soft voice coming into the loudness around them, “care to remind me?”

He pulled her closer, a boost of confidence shooting through his veins. “You’re…” He strugged to find the right words to describe her, to describe his everything.

“You’re the sun”, he murmured, “you’re the universe. My own personal little ray of sunshine.”

She reached for the mug of hot cocoa on the diner table, wanting the sweet drink to hide her even sweeter smile.

That smile made everything worth it.


Day Sixty-Three

He lived for her.

He was positive he was one of the strongest teenagers in the world, and nothing could bring him to his knees like she could.

Everything was perfect.

She was perfect.

Peter looked forward to the kisses on the cheek he would get every morning, followed by her timid voice speaking out a small, “Good morning, Peter.” He got used to afternoons spent at the cafe on 31st drinking hot chocolate and watching the way the wind flushed her cheeks for her.

He got used to her.

She was truly becoming everything.

He never went a day without seeing her, without seeing one of the only things that kept him whole. With his happiness, with his everything.

When he started disappearing during school and cancelling their dates, he knew she was hurt. And god, it broke him. He didn’t like seeing her upset, it was his job to cheer her up, to make her smile shine bright everyday.

She was headstrong, though, and Peter knew she would end up confronting him.

So when she did, he wasn’t really surprised.

Why didn’t he just tell her? As she stood there, a look of pure hurt framing her features, he was lost in thought. He trusted her, he trusted her with his life. So why not trust her with his biggest secret?

“-and it really sucks, Parker, because I really like yo-”

“I’m Spider-Man.”

That made her go silent, eyes widening. “What?” She seemed to think it over before she spoke again. “Why wouldn’t you tell me?” That made Peter chuckle.

“Because I…I never planned on you. I already put everyone I love in danger if they know, I wouldn’t…I didn’t want you to be taken away from me.” He glanced down, a humourless chuckle falling from his lips.

“And after all the broken bones and bruised fists, tussles with bad guys wrecking havoc on the world, who would’ve thought that my hardest fight would be you?” The feeling of hands grasping his made a smile dance on his lips.

“Peter…I know, okay? But pushing me away isn’t going to do anything, it’s just going to make me want you more.” She gave him a small grin. “It’s not going to do anything to lessen my adoration for you.”

She was everything.

Day Ninety-Nine

Without her, he was nothing.

Peter Parker had been searching for ways to tell her, tell his sunshine, his darling, his everything, that he loved her. Peter had never said the “L Word” to anyone. But then again he had never felt this strongly for anyone else.

“Be careful”, she mumbled, watching as he pressed the emblem on the middle of his chest to make the spandex material to fit his build.

“I always am.”

“False. That is a lie, Parker.”

“Well…I always come back to you, don’t I?”

He saw her chest rise and fall with a sigh. “I worry about you.”

“As you should”, he joked, “concern is expected when your beloved and courageous so puts himself in danger.” He knew that did nothing to get rid of her worry, and he grabbed her hand in a soothing gesture.

“Hey”, he called softly, comfortingly, “I’ll be careful, okay? I promise.” He left a quick kiss on her knuckles before he let their hands disconnect, and he shot her a wink and his infamous dazzling grin, before he pulled the mask over his head, and swung away from the brick building.

As Peter worked his arms in the air, the familiar sound of webshooters in his ears, he wondered how he’d tell her. Would he make a big grand gesture? Would he whisper it in her ear when he saw her in the halls the next morning?

What would he do?

How was he going to express his love to his everything?

Day One Hundred

His everything was in front of him.

Now was his chance.

“Ow!”, he winced, hands shooting uo to grasp her own, that were dabbing disinfectant onto the scrapes and cuts dotting his chest. “That hurt.”

She confessed a sorry from her sweet lips, eyes wide with concern. “Maybe if you were careful like you promised”, she chided, and she meant it in a teasing way, but their was warning behind her words.

“Yeah, yeah”, he said.

“I’m serious, Peter. What if one day you don’t come back?” She swallowed, and let out a shaky breath. “I’m always so scared that one day you won’t come back. A-And I’m gonna have to find out on the news that you’re just…gone, and then I wouldn’t know what to do, or…I wouldn’t be able to live-”

“I love you”, he rushed out. She paused, lips parted, shaping around a word she was interrupted in saying.

His shoulders raised in a half hearted shrug, and he smiled. How could he not fall in love with the one person that made Peter Parker feel like Peter Parker? “Duh”, he mumbled jokingly.


He frowned, not liking the way she was staring at him like he’d made the biggest mistake in the world. Maybe I did, he thought, maybe she’s going to destroy me. But he wouldn’t want to be destroyed by anyone else, now would he?

“Because you’re you. You’re Y/N. You can’t whistle, or multi-task. You peel the crust off of the side of the sandwich you take the first bite out of, but you eat the rest of the crust just fine. You like the smell of rain. You watch Supernatural like it’s a lifestyle-”

“It is a lifestyle-”

“You’re you, Y/N, and I fell in love with you!” Peter’s chest was heaving, the word vomit he just suffered taking a toll on him. “I love you.” She looked down at her sock clad feet, and when she looked back up, he saw everything.

She didn’t need to say anything for him to tell that she felt the same.

Maybe she’s going to destroy me, he thought again, maybe she’s going to destroy me in the best way.

His everything loved him back.

Day One Hundred and Twenty-Six

How had he managed to have everything?

He loved the way the lights in the gym, blue and gold and white, reflected off her skin, off of the dress she wore, the dress she looked so beautiful in, so everything.

He loved the way she smiled at him from across the room, the chatter of students and the boom of music from speakers nothing compared to his heart beating when he saw her.

He loved her.

Fuck, he loved her so much.

He admired her as she laughed at something Michelle said, ears catching the change of a fast paced song with absolutely no way in deciphering the lyrics to a slow one, calming and soft.

And he was off, walking across the gym to her, looking at her, starstruck. “Mind if I steal her away for a minute?” Michelle raised her hands, dismissing it as she turned to grab more punch, which was most likely spiked.

Peter took her hand, and tugged her with him, to the middle of the floor. “May I have this dance?” She giggled, and he was estatic that he was the cause.

“I can’t dance!”

“Well neither can I.” A lie. Peter had begged Aunt May to teach him how to dance, since he’d forgotten since the last homecoming dance. At least he’d get to enjoy this one.

“Peter”, she whined. He smiled, and placed both hands on her waist, lifting her slightly, laughing at the squeal that left her, and setting her down on his feet. He guided one of her hands to his shoulder, and the other he held in his own.

Peter began to sway back and forth, and a content sigh left him. “I love you”, she confessed, pressing a kiss to his cheek. She kept her eyes on him, fingers digging gently into the material of his suit.

“I love you.” Her nose crinkled.

“You never say ‘I love you too’”, she said, “why?”

He paused before answering. “Saying 'I love you too’ makes it seem like I only love you when you love me. And I don’t, I love you all the time.”

“Take me away”, she blurted.

Peter Parker was happy to do that. He took her back to the very top of the building, where the stars almost shined brighter than her smile, but not quite. He guided her near the edge, where they looked down at the entire town, on top of the world.

His hands were shaking, reaching back into his pocket to pull out a little velvet box. “Y-Y/N?” He sank down to one knee, and god, she had finally brought him down to his knees for good.

She turned, and backed up a little, and he felt his heart jump, greatful that there was a rail to hold her up. “Peter?” She let out a breath.

“I-I’m not proposing, not yet at least, Mr. Stark only pays me n-nine bucks an hour, b-but-”, he wet his lips, and closed his eyes, “this is a promise ring…a-and I’m not good at speaches, so…I uh…” He took the ring out, the small ruby resting on it, that flinted snd flirted with their eyes, something for his everything.

He held his hand out, and waited.

She reached her own shaking limb out, and allowed him to slide the jewelry onto her finger. She laughed, that laugh lifting a weight off of his chest.

How had he managed to have everything?

How had he managed to have her everything?

God, he loved her.

“You’re like my oxygen, and I can’t live without oxygen.” He spoke with hesitant words, shaky and final.

“You’re my everything”, he spoke, “and I can’t live without my everything.”

“You’re everything.”


Sirius Black x Reader

Request: Okay I was thinking the reader has a tick and a stutter that she’s always found annoying and she’s always scared she’s going to annoy her boyfriend Sirius but he always reassures her that she’s not but she over hears him talking to James Remus and Peter about how he finds her annoying so she distances herself away from him and doesn’t talk around him anymore and he notices?

Originally posted by marauders-scrapbooks

Sirius sighs, seemingly content, as he lazily traces circles on Y/N’s slightly exposed hip where her shirt has ridden up. She glances up at the sound, taking in the sight of her attractive boyfriend, then leans up and whispers in his ear. “S-sirius…”

His eyes snap open at the sound, and he looks down at Y/N, concern etching in his features. “What’s wrong, love?”

Y/N takes a deep breath before responding. “I-its just… d-do you think my s-stutter is an-noying?” she asks hesitantly. Sirius immediately begins shaking his head, telling her with all his heart that it’s not annoying at all. “Of course not, love, it doesn’t matter at all to me.” Y/N smiles and, reassured that she isn’t irritating her boyfriend every time she speaks, falls asleep in his arms.

The next morning, Y/N wakes up in her bed, the covers draped carefully over her. She yawns, stretching, and climbs out of her bed, more happy than she has been in a while. Getting ready quickly, she runs down the dormitory stair case. At the foot of the stairs, she pauses, hearing soft voices coming from the common room as if the people speaking don’t want to be heard. Smirking to herself slightly, she inches closer and listens.

“… it’s ridiculously annoying, Prongs, you have no idea,” the voice says. Y/N frowns – she knows that voice, she’s in love with that voice. What’s Sirius talking about?

Y/N moves slightly closer, just in time to hear James start speaking. “It’s a stutter, mate, she can’t help it.”

Sirius sighs in response. “Yeah, well, I like her better when she’s sleeping.” The boys laugh at this, and she hears the portrait hole open and close, the sound effectively covering her gasp.

“Hey babe!” Sirius throws an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, pulling her in for a hug, expecting her to respond in her usual chirpy way – but instead, he is simply met with a small smile. She carefully places a couple items of food on her plate and busies herself with eating, not making conversation with anybody at all throughout breakfast, simply nodding or shaking her head when she’s addressed. Sirius’ brow furrows – this isn’t like Y/N at all. She’s usually more talkative, conversing with everyone in her usual kind fashion.

She abruptly gets up to leave, shaking Sirius out of his thoughts. “Love, can we talk?” he asks tentatively, placing a hand on her arm. Y/N looks uncomfortable, but nods, and the two of them walk out of the Great Hall and away from prying ears.

“Y/N, love, what’s wrong?” Sirius asks, reaching out to her, but Y/N flinches back. He winces when he notices the action. “Did someone say something?”

Y/N finally looks him straight in the eyes, and Sirius is surprised to see  anger there. “Y-you said something, S-sirius.” Sirius frowns at first, but then his eyes widen as he realizes that she heard. “R-remember now?” Y/N asks scathingly, shaking her head. Sirius’ face falls as he watches tears begin falling from her eyes.

Sirius tries taking her arm again, but she rips it from his grasp. “O-only when I’m s-sleeping,” she whispers, then runs off, leaving Sirius alone outside the Great Hall.

Something We’re Not Fighting - Peter Hale

Prompt - y/n hasn’t turned up for a meeting, Peter looks for her, but will he finally admit his feelings about her.
Pairing - Peter Hale x reader
Warnings - none, fluff and heated kissing

It was the late night study session at the library and as normal you want the last one there. You didn’t know what time it was when you finally finished your report for Mr Harris and began putting your stuff away.
You walked out of the library hearing a strange nose in the hallway. You quickened your pace hoping you was getting nervous about nothing.

Hale loft an hour earlier

“has anyone seen y/n” Lydia asked as an emergency meeting had been call due to the arrival of berserker’s, Everyone was at the loft but y/n.
Stiles tried to call her phone while Malia texted. After waiting ten minutes for a reply they didn’t get, the pack started to worry. More so the calm level headed Peter hale. 

Peter liked y/n, hell he loved her but never told anyone. Peter saw you as too good for him, the pack said it all the time over your friendship. They didn’t understand how you could forgive and forget about the things Peter had done and treated him the same respect you gave everyone else. So with all this in mind Peter decided to just keep his feeling to himself.

When he heard y/n was missing, he struggled to hide his concern for the y/h/c girl. “what do you mean she’s missing how do you lose a human” he said hoping his mean words hid his secret.
“she was at the library earlier” Malia said. “look at the time the is no way she’s still there” Derek said back. Peter rolled his eyes he’d asked and asked you a million times not to study late at the library on your own. “maybe she’s just on her way home sometimes she cuts though the woods” stiles told the group getting Peter more worked up.

Quickly a plan was made, Derek and stiles was going to look through the woods. Scott and Malia was going to her home, Lydia the hospital. Peter insisted he’d go the school to find her. The Pack all looked confused when Peter was the first to leave “what’s wrong with him” stiles said but no one answered because honestly no one ever knew what was really going on in Peter’s head. However Derek had his suspensions on Peter’s feelings y/n.

Back at the high school
You saw the creature responsible for the noise you heard and was thankful it hadn’t seen you the only problem was it was blocking your exit. You had to cover your mouth before you screamed aloud at the sight of it. it wore an animal skull on its head and looked about 7 foot tall, with bone armour. You went back towards the library thinking you could find a different way out, when you was to busy looking out for the monster you didn’t see the trash bin behind you.
The creature looked at you and started to run down the hallway at you. Screaming you ran round the corner not sure what to do. you tried a classroom door but it was locked. the only thing left was the library but the was only one way in or out of it.

you looked behind you to see if it was any closer to you, when a pair of hands grabbed you dragging you backwards into a small room. You looked back to see peter at you, he held his hand over your mouth when you went to scream.
A wave of relief hit you when you looked into peter blue eyes, you had always loved peters eyes, his smirk and almost everything else about the former alpha. your heart was racing but now it wasn’t just because if the monster leaking outside the safety of the tiny room but of how close peter was.

peters hand came away from your mouth holding onto your shoulder, “what was that” you whisper out. “something we’re not fighting” he said pulling his phone out his pocket. The glow of his phone lit up the room, as he sent a text to the rest of the pack telling them he’d found you and about berserker roaming the school.

After a few minutes you stopped thinking about the monster outside and focused more on the monster inside. You could feel his chest in your back, his arm still stretched over your stomach, holding you in place. your whole body shook as you tried to calm both your heart beat and breathing. “your safe now sweetheart. You don’t need to be so nervous it doesn’t know we’re in here” he whispered in your ear. His voice was raspy sending shivers down your body. “I’m… I’m okay” you stutter out, trying to ignore the feeling of his breath on your neck.

Peter smirked to himself, his wolf senses noticed the changes in your breathing and in your chemo-signals. They had gone from scared to nervous, the same nervous sent you gave off every time Peter got to close. “or I’m I the reason your so nervous” he said this time more seductively. You held your breath, spinning round to face him.

This turned out to be a mistake, it was harder to control your emotions, reactions and feelings now you was looking him in the eyes. His arm stayed around you only now holding your back “you don’t make me nervous” you say trying to sound more confident “I’m nervous because we’re trapped in a cupboard” you try and lie.

Lying to a werewolf was never a good idea, they always knew and Peter was no different. He lifted his free arm up moving your hair from your face, “you know I can tell when your lying” he took a step forward making you instantly go back. You felt the door on your back as Peter closed the gap between you. “why do I make you so nervous” he asked.
You tried to think of a way to deny it but he saw that “don’t blame the berserker y/n. Your always like this around me especially when we’re alone together” he asked raising his eyebrows.

Thinking of a valid reason, maybe using because he used to be evil but that would be a lie. You met Peter after his trying to kill Scott and take revenge episode and since meeting him you never truly believed he was evil. Looking at the floor biting your lip “I like you” you mutter out quick in a single breath.
Peter’s smile grew, he gently lifted your chin to make him face you. His eyes stirred into yours, as he decided if he should kiss you or not. “you like me?” he asked, his heart pounded in his own ears. You nodded yes, still biting your lip, now terrified because he hadn’t said or done anything.

Peter still didn’t know what to do, the was a line and if he crossed the would be no going back. Y/n was the only one he liked in a pack and the only one he’d call a friend. He leaned his head in close using all his will power not to cross that line and kiss you. “why?” he asked now knitting his brows.
You swallowed hard, shrugging your shoulder a little “I don’t know I just do” you answer. Peter tilts his head, knowing that’s not the answer he was looking for, he wanted a more in depth one. You sigh “to start with your kind, well at least to me. Your ridiculously hot but you already know that, This earned a light chuckle from him, some how growing your confidence to admit your feelings to him. “you’ve always been there for me if I was ever worried or scared, helped me anytime I needed. When I’m around you my heartbeats out my chest, my head goes foggy, I get nervous and start babbling. Kind of like now” you say looking down, realising how much and fast you was talking.

Peter couldn’t hold back anymore, his hand came to the back of your neck as he kissed you. It was light and gentle, not very long, Peter rested his head on yours “so you know how long I’ve wanted to do that” he smirked. You blushed shaking your head no.
Peter bent a little placing both hands on the tops of your thighs lifting you up. Automatically your grip his shoulders, wrapping your legs round his waist. Peter spun you both, so now back was pressed against the wall not the door. He looked you in the eyes “your sure this is what you want, you and me?” he asked giving you a type of out.

Your hands go from his shoulders to his neck, your fingers playing and worming the way into his hair “your a werewolf, you already know I do” you say. This time it’s you who crashes your lips to him, this time it was a lot more rough. A clash of lips, teeth and tongues as you both fight for dominance, Peter eventually winning, your hands pulled on his hair, while his gripped and kneaded your ass. You wasn’t sure how long you had been kissing him for, the sting in your swallow lips made you think it was longer then it felt.

When Peter stopped, he sighed on annoyance rolling his eyes. You were about to ask him what’s wrong, when the cupboard door opened. Scott stiles and Lydia on the other side “well they don’t look in danger to me” stiles laughed seeing you in Peter’s arms. Jumping down your mind returned to the reason why you were in the cupboard to begin with, “is it gone” you asked. Scott nodded “I think so we can’t see it anywhere so I say we leave before it comes back” he said. Peter took your hand leading you out the cupboard.

At the car park Peter told you he would take you home the others getting into stiles’ jeep driving off. Getting into Peter’s car you look at him smiling “so does this mean we are an us now” you ask hopeful. Peter puts his hands on your thigh “us” he smiles back starting the engine driving out the car park.



my great comet experience (act ii + stagedoor)

so here’s part two of my great comet experience! and here is part one: (before the show + act i + intermission)

- this song is such a headbanger
- during the first couple lines, Pierre is at his desk writing a letter
- “for I have been studying the Kabal-” and when he knocks on a book, dust flies everywhere
- Mary is so desperate for Natasha to come back and be her friend :-( she just wants a friend
- “So alone in here,” Scott and Denée’s duet with this line……..
- when Anatole is begging for Natasha to say yes to his proposal, he’s on his knees directing her gaze to him when she tried to look away
- “Just say:: yes” ANSKDBDKDBDK Lucas is hilarious what tbrfuvk!! He held out the “ye-” part forEVER and just quickly ended it with the “s”
- and when Natasha finally says ‘yes’ to Anatole’s proposal, Anatole does a ‘yes’ motion with his arm he’s so happy sndkfbflg that little soggy crocodile
- towards the end of the song, Natasha has Anatole’s letter in her hand as she’s asleep on the ground, and Sonya comes along and swipes it up

- Sonya is hiding Anatole’s letter behind her back and she looks so nervous and guilty like…baby please…..
- Sonya’s face reeked with concern and shock when Natasha said that she’d do anything for Anatole
- sonya (i feel) beats herself up so much for letting Natasha and Anatole’s relationship get this far
- She just wants to protect her cousin from the (potential?) backlash and harm that could come her way for being unfaithful to Andrey
- “I hate you, Sonya!”

- Brittain Ashford has such a beautiful voice and she nails Sonya tbh
- throughout the whole song, Sonya and Natasha are on opposite ends of the stage. The spotlight is shining on Sonya the whole time, but the light bulbs that hang low are just barely illuminating Natasha
- also, Sonya never takes her eyes off of Natasha

- “Ah, Anatole, where are you off to?” The way Anatole looks at Pierre- with the utmost surprised look- it reminded me of when a child is caught trying to sneak out by their parent
- “you will not be seeing me for some time” and Anatole gives the audience the BIGGEST SMIRK
- Before he heads off, Anatole changes into a black, short, leather(?) vest and check himself out in the mirror
- “Ah, that’s a true sage, living in the moment. What I wouldn’t give to be like him.”
- I love Dolokov
- When Dolokov is trying to change Anatole’s mind, he’s grabbed him by the back of the neck and hair and pulled him back before letting him go

- like I said before….I love Balaga
- so I was sitting on the left side of the stage and on my side there were two ensemble men making out
- And on the right side Hélène and Marya are making out and my soul ascended, it was amazing
- Anatole’s green coat is so glorious

- okay what the FUCJ
- they all g SO. FUCKING. HARD.
- I love Anatole’s green coat

- he tried to start up again and was like ‘nope!’ and giggled and took a few more breaths before starting for real 

- abskdbfkf his face is so red from belting his woah and the next few lines and just from moving around so much
- ANSKDBDK AND ANATOLE!!!!!!!!!! when he tells everyone to wait and shut the door AND THAT DOOR SLAMS SHUT
- everyone rushes to sit down WHEN Anatole says so, and he squeezes next to this woman who is SO embarrassed!!
- and then he starts talking to her (“yes, that’s the way. It’s a Russian custom”)
- he stretches and slings his arm around her shoulders; and after he says “alright” he gives her a kiss on the cheek before heading off!!
- at least until Dolokov interrupts about the fur cloak
- and oh my. Goddddddd!!!!! When Grace McLean emerges from the door with all that RED AND FUCKING GGOES “you will nOT EN TER MYYY HoOusSSe S C O U NDRELL!!!”
- As Anatole is running off Natasha is in the corner looking terrified that she (or Anatole rather??) had been caught trying to elope

- I want Grace McLean to yell at me
- I also want her to win a tony
- Natasha was covering her ears for a good few lines as Marya scolded her
- Marya looks more shocked than angry when Natasha snaps at her
- “Let her sleep!” Sonya practically flinches away from Natasha with the world’s most concerned face, as she slowly backed away

- so homeboy Pierre looks like he’s passed out drunk, when his servant enters the room
- And the servant!!! Oh my god akdbdkd so as he’s presenting the letter to Pierre, he’s rolling his wrist, waving the letter towards Pierre, urging him tit and it
- And when he finally does, his face looks so confused??
- When Marya greets Pierre she’s happy to see him (but not under the circumstances)
- When she asks where he’s been Pierre tousled his hair (nervously??) when he responds
- And oh my oh man oh m a n!!!!!!!!! Pierre’s “what’s” get more and more intense and then after Marya’s “Natasha and aAANA tOLD KKUUURAAGIN”
- Marya’s face is so frightened and ANGRY GOD THEY ALL WANT TO BEAT UP SOGGY CROCODILE MAN

- Pierre is searching for Anatole with such FURY and I love him
- “Nonsense, nonsense, nothing has happened!” He’s shaking his head and waving his arms in emphasis that all is well he just wants to protect Natasha
- “I must see, Natasha, how can I see her?” Anatole is so distraught and panicked
- Anatole is draped over Hélène’s lap totally distraught and crying
- The tone in Pierre’s voice when he disses Hélène is so raw and full of anger and the look on her face is so surprised and :O
- When Pierre demands that he must speak to Anatole, he kinda chases him down the steps of the stage until Anatole follows him to his desk

- the strings in the first few measures in this song is such a headbanger what the fucking???
- Pierre shoves some papers off his desk and throws a chair to the side
- When he grabs and shakes Anatole with his big big hands I bust the BIGGEST nut
- Pierre has Anatole pinned to his desk, hand on his throat
- “And I don’t know what deprives me of the pleasure of smashing your head in with this!” the paperweight Pierre threatens him with is so BIG???
- When Pierre lets him go, Anatole is so upset and frightened! He’s brushing himself off and fixing his hair and rubbing his throat
- Anatole shoves the remaining papers off of Pierre’s desk and ends up fixing his chair so it’s upright
- “Amuse yourself with women like my wife, well then you’re within your right!”
- “Don’t you understand that’s as cruel as beating an old man or a child!” Anatole’s hands are covering his ears and he looks so !!!!! :-( but that’s what u get!
- when Anatole and Pierre are arguing and the electronic noises grow stronger and stronger Natasha poisons herself, and when she does, she screams and Sonya and Marya come running and they rush off stage
- “Next day, Anatole left (PAUSE) fOoR PEETEE RrRSsBUUUUuyRRRRRRRRG” I bust a nut

- At this point most of the cast (save for Scott and Denée) have sat down so they become part of the audience
- Pierre helps Marya sit down on one of the stools on the stage seating and he’s so gentle and caring and I die

- they make fun of each other’s appearances just like friends do and it’s so heartwarming
- they’re so happy to see one another
- Andrey’s demeanor changes so much within the first few lines to when the two start talking about Natasha
- at first he seems open and happy to see Pierre, but then as soon as he asks about Natasha and Anatole, and Pierre responds with “something of that kind” he shuts himself in
- “If you wish to be my friend, never speak of that again.” He sounds so….empty and sad. He jabs his finger into Pierre’s chest- who just lets it happen….


- aka the song that makes me believe in love
- when Pierre see’s Natasha struggling down the stairs she rushes to her, concerned
- and then when she doesn’t give him he hand he’s so hurt and confused
- “Peter Kirilovich” Pierre shakes his head, and puts his hand on his heart when he responds with just, “Pierre”
- Denée’s voice is so quiet in this song, in the cast recording it’s at a regular, normal volume, but at the show, my god it’s so fragile, it’s… soft and sad
- “but still I’m tormented by the wrongs I’ve done him,” she sounds and looks so disgusted with herself when she delivers this line and my heart broke
- “tell him that I beg him to forgive…forgive…forgive me for….everything,” Denée sounded so close to tears at this line and I was so close to crying
- “did you love, did you love that bAd man?” Scott is amazing and I love him as Pierre…..he sounded so…..heartbroken
- “dOn’t call him bad!” after she snaps at Pierre, she looks so frightened
- in the audience is Hélène, and I noticed that she had her head in her hands and at one point was dabbing her face like she was crying and my god that hurt
- “He felt the tears begin to trickle, underneath his spectacles-” his back is turned away from Natasha, and facing towards the audience, he’s so good I love him
- he begins making his way towards Natasha, reassuring her that everything is alright and he will be there for her
- to which she just shakes her head, saying how she is unworthy of his kindness
- and holy shit we’re getting close to the part™
- Pierre is facing away from Natasha as he delivers the ONLY speaking part in the entire musical and,,,,,,,,,,,,mygod
- Scott delivers those few lines perfectly, his voice is the right amount of scratchy, nervous, and loving, and my heart burst
- “and glancing at Pierre, ooooOOh, Pierre,” … heart has never ached so much…Denée’s voice is so beautiful, and it’s THIS line that her voice goes from being so soft and quiet, to bright and happy- like sun shining through a window after a rainy day
- The hand thing ™ Natasha does as she’s singing “-I leave the room smiling-” Pierre looks so confused and slowly backs his head away from her hand but once it cupping his cheek, he just accepts it and welcomes it
- “-unable to find the sleeves,” Scott is so wonderful! He puts the coat on- just reflex I suppose- and time just seems to stop as we go into the final song

- the girls who sat across the aisle from me was already crying from the previous song but now she was crying harder and that’s the biggest mood of them all
- the transition between the last song and this one is so nice
- Pierre finally realizes that he can and HAS changed and that he’s a better person and he’s so happy and my god I love him and I want him to have everything good in life
- “shIIINES the gREEaAAT cOOOoMeet of 1812” I love the harmonies in this line
- the comet i don’t even know how to explain what t looks like
- It’s so bright and beautiful
- Pierre is sitting down and gazing so longingly at the comet as it and the music get brighter
- And the audience went nuts

- okay so so many people came out and I was so happy
- I asked my mom to hold my playbill and get it signed for me while I took selfies….we had a system going :-p
- Brad Giovanine came out and I was so excited!!!
- I thanked him again for giving me a dumpling and he was so sweet! He was like, “I usually don’t remember faces, but I remember you!” I was so happy wtf
- When Paul Pinto came out and I asked him for a selfie I told him that I loved him as Dolokov and he chuckled and said “I actually played Balaga” and I’ve never wanted to project myself into the dirt more ajdbdkdh! But he was really sweet about it! He teased me about it for a little bit! He was like “I’m the other brown guy!” “Me and Dolokov look pretty similar, especially from the audience!” And I said, “well you were hilarious as Balaga!” And he said, “maybe I was Dolokov? Maybe I will be?” And I was like “in my dreams you’re an amazing Dolokov.” And then as he moved on to sign my playbill I told my mom that I felt bad, and he heard me and was like “ah don’t be! It happens! I tease people about it all the time!”
- Then Nick Choski came out and he was so sweet I loved him as Dolokov (I told him that and he smiled really wide and thanked me!)
- Pearl Rhein came out and as I was about to gush to her about how much I loved her tattoos, and when she went to sigh my playbill, I noticed she had a treble and bass clef on her wrists and I was so shooketh
- All in all it was such an amazing show and the actors were so nice I really hope they all say connected with one another and continue doing great things with music

so that’s it for my great comet experience! if you have any questions, or just want to talk about great comet, PLEASE DO! I love this musical so much

Priorities, Man - Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1448 

Plot: Peter attempts to tell you his Spidey secret, but… priorities, man.

Inspired by: How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Episode 17

Warnings: fluff and some swearing

Author’s Note: i really like how i met your mother okay dont judge… judge… please let me know if you like this by commenting, liking, etc! i know i’m not perfect, so if there is something you think i could do to improve my writing, let me know! (be nice, tho… i’m sensitive, guys)

Thanks for reading!

You rushed to your front door, swearing as you tripped over a pair of shoes that were laying in the middle of the hallway. Kicking the shoes out of the way, you hopped on over and opened the door, revealing your best friend standing in the doorway. He looked just as out of breath as you were; the bags under his eyes weighing down his smile and a blackish-purple color surrounding his beautiful brown eyes. His hair was wet from the rain that had been pouring all day on the streets of Queens, and his shirt was a little torn up from- what you assumed- running to your apartment. He looked in your eyes with despair, attempting to catch his breath.

“Jesus, you look like hell,” you commented, leaning against the door as Peter made his way into your apartment.  

“I-I need to talk to you,” Peter said sternly while looking around the room. “Are your parents home?”

“Yeah, they are in their rooms-”

“Okay, let’s talk in your room then,” he interrupted, taking your hand and dragging you down the hallway. Once he reached your room, he opened the door and lightly pushed you inside.

“Woah, woah, Pete. Calm down, you’re scaring me,” you said with a nervous laugh. Your hands rested on your bed as you sat down and whispered, “What’s up, buddy…?”

He slammed the door and took a deep breath. “(Y/n), I am about to tell you something that you cannot tell anyone. Not Aunt May, n-not Ned… nobody!”

You jumped off  the bed and threw your hands in front of his face, “No!” You got closer to him, shaking your head as you continued to quietly yell, “No, no, no! You are not making me keep another secret!”

Peter placed his hands on your shoulders, attempting to get you to calm down. “(Y/n), please. I need to tell somebody, this-this burden has been weighing on my shoulders and I can’t take keeping it from you anymore.”

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion- you didn’t know whether to change the subject or let him tell you. However, you have had a history of not being able to keep secrets. “Peter, you know I love you. You are my best friend,” you stressed while placing your hands on his shoulders as well. “But the last time you told me a ‘big secret’, I ended up fainting because I couldn’t tell Aunt May you were the one who brought a stray dog home.”

Peter forced out a laugh and shook your shoulders, “No, (Y/n). This is different-”

“If it’s different and more important than a stray dog, then you probably shouldn’t tell me,” you interrupted with a chuckle.

“(Y/n), I trust you, okay?”

You sighed and looked down at your feet, gulping in fear of the big secret that was about to be revealed.

“O-Okay… so, um,” Peter cleared his throat, and you looked back into his desperate brown eyes. “I-”

“NOPE,” you exclaimed while plugging your ears. “I can’t hear you, now!”

“(Y/n), wh-what are you doing-”

“LA LA LA, LA LA,” you yelled, dancing as you jumped onto your bed, shaking your head and prancing around to the imaginable beat that played in your head. “LA LA LA , LA LA-”

“(Y/n)!” Peter shouted at you with a small chuckle, waving his hands to get your attention. However, you just continued to shake your head and dance on your bed. He sighed, ready to give up because of your ignorant, childish reaction. Peter rolled his eyes before noticing your phone on the table next to the door, a lightbulb forming in his head as he got an idea. He quickly shuffled over to the table, grabbed your phone, and threw it at you.

“LA LA LA- holy shit!” you blurted while catching your phone. Your hands were no longer covering your ears, and Peter took this as his moment to tell you what he had been hiding for so long. “Peter, why did you throw my-!”

“I’m Spider-Man,” he blurted with an exhausted expression, in hopes you wouldn’t freak out. Your eyes flew wide open and you stared at him for a few minutes before resting your hands on your knees, exhaling as you closed your eyes.

“Peter freakin’ Parker,” you groaned, leaning back up with your phone in your right hand and your left hand on your forehead. “Who do you think you are?”

“Look, I’m so so sorry for lyi-”

“YOU COULD HAVE KILLED MY PHONE,” you yelled while jumping off the bed. Peter stood dumbfoundedly as you got closer to him. “YOU NEVER… EVER… THROW MY PHONE EVER AGAIN!”

Peter mumbled, “Did you hear the part when I said-”

“Yeah!” you interjected, “You’re Spoody, big whoop. Meanwhile, I would have a shattered phone if I didn’t catch it!”

“But you did, so there’s no problem-”

“But what if I didn’t, Pete! What if I just didn’t catch it, and it cracked and you would have had to pay for it! And we both know that you couldn’t have paid for it because you are still doing that whole dumpster diving thing,” you rambled before Peter cut you off.

“(Y/n), would you just listen to me? It’s just a phone-”

“No, Peter! You are giving me a heart attack because not only did you throw my phone,” you lowered your voice, “but you told me you are the crime fighting spider thing that constantly puts himself in danger! You can’t just- what if you get hurt? I love you so much, words cannot describe and I don’t know what I’d do without you, but god, Peter! You are such a fuckin’ idiot… A smart, heroic, idiot and I have no right to be mad at you for doing the right thing, but,” you took a deep breath and gave a sad smile. “I just… I can’t lose you.”

“I take it this isn’t about your phone,” Peter said, smiling as he stepped closer to you.

You forced out a laugh and rolled your eyes, “Of course, it’s not just about my phone. I mean, I did have to yell at you about it first cause… priorities, man. But it took me a moment to realize what you told me, and then so many thoughts raced through my mind like what if something happened to you or you got seriously injured or what if I never get to see you again because- ”

Peter placed his hands on your fiery red cheeks and leaned close to you, pressing his lips to yours before you could ramble for four more hours. Your eyes closed as you placed your hands on his neck and pulled him closer. His hands slid down to your waist as you wrapped your arms around his neck. He smiled while his lips were still connected to yours before pulling away, a dorky grin plastered on his adorable face.

“W-where did that come from,” you gushed, butterflies flying around in your stomach.

“I’m… I, I don’t really know,” Peter stumbled over his words while he rubbed the back of his neck, one hand still resting on your waist. “I just needed to find some way to shut you up.”

“Gee thanks,” you joked and bit your lip. “And the first thing that popped into your head was to kiss me?”

“Well, you did say you loved me.”

“You are my best friend, of course I love you.”

Peter looked down at the floor in embarrassment before realizing that you may not have meant that in the way that he hoped. “So… are you saying you don’t feel that way about me?”

“Now, I never said that,” you smirked. You leaned in and kissed him once more before your parents stormed into your room.

“(Y/n), what is going on in her- oh,” your mother said in concern. Her features relaxed when she noticed it was just Peter. You quickly pulled away from him and crossed your arms, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks, once again.

“Hi, mom.”

“H-hey, Mrs. (L/n),” Peter greeted with a smile.

“I heard some yelling and thought that you were going crazy, (Y/n)!” your mother joked, “But, I see you are with Peter so… I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Thanks,” you said in a flat tone, glad that your mother didn’t say anything to embarrass you.


“So, you’re Spooderman, huh?” you quipped with a grin.

“Why can’t anyone say it right,” Peter complained.

“Maybe because everyone likes teasing you.”

“If I asked you out on a date, would you call me 'Spider-Man’?”

“I will definitely go out on a date with you, but I can’t promise anything,” you winked and kissed him on the cheek.

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so this song came on at work last night, and maybe i’m just still obsessed with the symbolism and brandy but i have a lot of feelings for songs about lovers and the sea?? especially when they choose love over the sea so HA take my disgustingly sappy ramblings

It should probably be concerning, Gamora thinks, that she finds the sight of Peter brushing his teeth in the loose sleep clothes he likes, his hair still a singed, tousled mess from the battle earlier, incredibly attractive to the point that it sends disgusting warm feelings swelling in her heart. Not that she minds the warmth, of course, but such feelings signify bigger, heavier things she’d rather not deal with.

Then again, she thinks, watching him splash water on his face – she is currently in his bed, dressed in her own sleep clothes and half-buried beneath the blankets. She’s probably passed the point of a losing battle a long time ago.

She stops her musings to watch in amusement as Peter bangs his knee against the bedside as he makes his way back to her, cursing lightly. He may be a hopeless fool, but he’s her hopeless fool, and there she goes with the warm feelings again. 

Peter pauses briefly to fiddle with the controls, bringing the room’s lights to a dim glow while he taps his side absently, humming the snatches of a song under his breath. With a final swipe at the controls, he turns to her, and the humming finds its way into words. “Somewhere, beyond the sea, somewhere, waiting for me,” Peter sings, his voice just quiet enough not to disturb the others. “My lover stands on golden sands, and watches the ships that go sa-iling.”

It’s a song she’s never heard before, likely one Peter’s recently discovered on the Zune. She has only Peter’s voice, warm and steady, to set the rhythm, so she’s not sure what kind of song she’s hearing – genre is important, Peter’s told her. But he sings slow and lilting, the tunes lyrical in a way that reminds her of Brandy. The lyrics themselves are reminiscent of the ill-fated Brandy, and her faithless sailor who abandoned her for the sea, which makes it a strange song for Peter to be singing to her.

“Somewhere, beyond the sea, she’s there watching for me,” Peter continues, his voice dipping as he bounces on the bed next to her, finding his way back beneath the tangled blankets. “If I could fly like birds on high, then straight to her arms I’d go sa-iling.”

Disregarding the clearly Terran-based lyrics, Gamora shifts over to make room for him, blankets rustling as he settles behind her. Almost immediately his arms come up to wrap around her, pulling her close in a familiar motion Gamora doesn’t resist.

“It’s far, beyond a star, it’s near, beyond the moon. I know, beyond a doubt, my heart will lead me there soon.”

“Paradoxical lyrics,” Gamora murmurs, and she hears Peter’s smile in his voice.

“We’ll meet, beyond the shore, we’ll kiss just like before,” Peter presses his face against her hair, the next lyrics soft where they reach her ears. “Happy we’ll be, beyond the sea, and never again, I’ll go sailing.”

A smile tugs its way across her mouth, and Gamora sighs, flipping neatly so that she’s facing him, leaving her head to rest against his chest. Her arms come up to rest lightly across his back, and she feels him rest his chin on the top of her hair, neatly tucking them together. Peter is still humming in her ear, his arms leaving her the kind of warm that’s impossible to find in space, and she makes a mental note to remember this particular song for later. It sounds like it would be a good one to dance to.

“No more, no more sailing.”

Peter Is Definitely Pining

And Michelle knows exactly how to ruin him. (genderfluid!Spideychelle series)

Previous Part | Masterlist | @friendlyneighbourhood-transbiboy inspired this series  

  • Michelle could talk Peter off a bridge if she wanted to.
  • Maybe that’s a little intense but it blows Peter’s mind that she affects him like this. Peter feels so different around her. It’s like he listens to some part of himself he’s always ignored, some different kid who just wants to let go of his shell and have fun. Even if Michelle can be very stiff, it only brings out his comical side. He lives off getting her to laugh when she doesn’t want to.
  • If there’s one secret for Peter to cling onto about Michelle: she has a very corny sense of humor. She will laugh at anything if you try hard enough.
  • One time, during Chemistry, he put two beakers near each other and pretended they were talking to each other dramatically, concluding in one saying to the other “you’re overREACTING”.
  • Michelle lost her shit in the middle of class.
  • No, he’s wrong. If there’s any cause for concern it’s how addicted he is to her laugh. Or her smile. Or just about anything she does.
  • When he finally confesses his feelings for Michelle, Aunt May tells him he can’t be in love after so little time. He wants to believe her, but being around Michelle is so overwhelming.
  • Telling Aunt May makes it so much harder for them to get privacy. It’s not that she doesn’t trust Peter, but in all honesty Peter doesn’t even trust himself. He doesn’t tell Michelle why they can’t go to his place, but it’s fine because her parents are never home.
  • Being alone with Michelle is difficult because he enjoys it in a way he feels he shouldn’t. He’s confused by everyone’s opinion on the matter. If it’s strange that he caves so easily to Michelle’s words, he can’t understand why. It isn’t as though Michelle wouldn’t be there for him if he wanted something. She would listen to him talk for hours if he needed her to, he knew that.  Even if she tried to act as though they were unattached, Peter knew they were both in deep.
  • This flirting game they were playing was getting dangerous. Peter couldn’t take not being completely hers. She said she wasn’t ready for a relationship, but they spent the days sitting together in class, holding each other as they wasted time during the afternoons, talking on the phone late into the night and meeting every morning for coffee to stay awake during class. They were each other’s every day, even if most of the time they spent together was in a perfect silence.
  • Peter cannot be convinced their attraction is odd. Suggestions range anywhere from their height difference to Michelle’s overpowering nature. Peter doesn’t know what is so confusing to understand about the safety of being with someone like Michelle. Ned is doing his best to get it, and he’s been very supportive of them. Peter just wished it was easier on Michelle to trust that they’d be okay. This is what they both want, he is sure of that.
  • On her birthday, they decide to celebrate quietly. Michelle hates her birthday, and Peter is pretty sure he’s the only one in their year who knows exactly when it is.
  • Peter spends weeks getting her gift. While he wishes he could get her something special, he knows he doesn’t have the money for anything extravagant. For weeks, he jots down her references as to what she’d be reading next or which of her favorite books she couldn’t buy. He goes to every library with his old children’s books, trading in at every book exchange until he can get all of the books on the list.
  • Getting to her apartment is hell under the weight of his heavy backpack, stuffed with her wrapped books, but he makes it just on time. They hide under a blanket fort and watch Back To The Future in silence after Michelle admits she is a closet fan.
  • Peter has his head in her lap, telling himself to stop smiling as she ran her fingers through his hair. Every day they reach new territory and Peter considers this a win. She doesn’t pull away or say he’s pushing for too much between them. He settles into her touch like it’s natural. He even catches her smiling at him every once in awhile.
  • As the movie goes on, Peter gets worried she won’t like the books, that may he’d gotten something wrong on his list or maybe she’d already bought the books in the time it took him to get them. By the time she asks about the size of his backpack, he is ready to just get it over with.
  • He didn’t know what to expect in her reaction, but she practically knocks him over with her embrace. They stare into each other’s eyes momentarily realizing she was never one to show affection.
  • Before Peter can try and rescue the moment, Michelle pushes the thought away by pulling in closer to him. Before long they are sitting up, lips locked, clinging on to each other like the wait had sapped the energy out of them both. The movie is forgotten, the books are pushed away, and the popcorn scatters to the ground as Peter shows Michelle exactly what he’s been holding back.

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For @wawagirl17, who wanted Peter to get jealous and for him and Gamora to talk about it :)


Peter wakes with a jackhammer in his head and a dried out, rotting egg in his mouth.

“Shit,” he groans aloud. Maybe if he just stays in bed and keeps his eyes firmly shut he can erase the previous night from his memory.

“That’s what happens when you drink half a bar,” a voice says, startling him enough to make him open his eyes. The world is fuzzy and far too bright, but he can make out Gamora standing by the side of the bed. She hands him a bottle of water and two pills.

“Thanks.” He sits up slowly, groaning again because moving is extremely unpleasant right now, then takes the pills and washes them down with the entire bottle of water.

“Better?” Gamora asks, taking the empty bottle from him. She sets it on top of the dresser before sitting on the bed by his knees.

“A bit,” he says honestly. He feels slightly more awake anyway, better able to focus on her. She’s already gotten dressed, curled her hair, and put her make-up on. He wonders how long he’d slept in, and how deeply asleep he must have been to miss her getting up and leaving their room.

“Are you ready to tell me what was going on with you last night?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he says, avoiding her eyes.

She raises an eyebrow. “Do you remember last night?”

“Yes,” he says, which is true, although some of it is a blur. He remembers enough.

He remembers being at the bar, drinking way more, way faster than he normally would. He remembers spending almost the entire night sitting around in a horrible mood. He remembers first getting unreasonably angry at a stranger for wearing a shirt that was ‘too orange,’ then getting unreasonably depressed and practically bursting into tears when Gamora told him he couldn’t go punch the guy and start a fight over it.

“I wasn’t too much of an asshole, was I?” he asks, wincing at the memories.

She sighs and her posture softens. “You weren’t an asshole, Peter. You were–strange. Quiet. You didn’t ask me to dance once.”

His eyes widen, remembering that too.

“Yes,” she agrees, apparently reading his expression. “That’s when I really knew there was something wrong.”

“I’m sorry,” he sighs, dropping his head forward in shame. “Shit, I really ruined the night, didn’t I? We were supposed to be celebrating finishing a job and I ruined it.”

“You didn’t ruin it,” she says. He perks up a bit because she sounds honest. “The rest of the team had fun.”

“But you didn’t?” he guesses, deflating again because he’d managed to ruin her night along with his. He’d been trying to keep this to himself for exactly that reason.

“I was worried about you,” she confesses, reaching out to put a hand on his shoulder. “Now will you tell me what’s wrong?”

“It’s stupid.” He picks at the edge of the blanket, aware that he’s being difficult but his stubborn, hungover brain can’t muster the energy to cut it out.

“Peter.” Gamora’s voice is gentle but firm. “Please talk to me.”

He can never deny her anything, not really, so he sighs and stares at his hands as he says, “Look, just–that guy, that we did the job for, he… the way he was flirting with you when we were collecting the reward, it just–bugged me, okay?”

“So you were jealous,” she says bluntly.

“No! No, not… okay, maybe a little.” He risks a glance up at her; she’s looking at him with that same soft, non-judgemental expression she always does when he tells her stuff, and that bolsters his confidence a little. “Not like, creepy or possessive jealous or anything like that,” he assures her. “I just…”

“You just?” she prompts.

“I just thought…” He blushes; he hates admitting this, he hates feeling this because he knows it’s dumb and insecure and childish. “I mean, he was pretty good-looking. Nothing on me, obviously,” he says, though it’s with a distinct lack of his characteristic cockiness. “And he was smart, I guess, and super rich and–”

“Peter,” Gamora cuts him off. Her brow is knitted in concern. “You know I love you, right?”

“I know,” he says, though he still feels awed about it even now, months after she first told him. He takes a deep, shaky breath, and then it’s like the floodgates have opened. “But I started thinking… why me and not someone else? Why not that guy? Or some other guy who’s smarter or more mature than me?”

“So… you’re insecure?” she asks, that same concerned look on her face.

“I guess.” He shrugs like it’s no big deal, like the thought of her leaving him isn’t one of his biggest fears, no matter how many times she, and the rest of the team, for that matter, have proven that they plan to stick around. ‘I’m just–afraid of losing you. That’s all.”

To his surprise, she shakes her head with a small, almost rueful smile on her face. “Would you believe that I have the same fear?”

“What?” Peter gapes at her, stunned. He sits up further, leaning closer to her. “Gamora, you’re–amazing, incredible, perfect. I love you so much I can hardly think straight. How could I ever want anyone else?”

“I feel the same way about you,” she says, raising an eyebrow as if to say ‘duh.’

He blinks, staring at her, then a slow, crooked smile takes over his face. “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” She matches his smile but then her face turns serious again. “Why didn’t you just tell me you were feeling this way?”

“Cause I felt dumb,” he admits in a whisper. “I’m Star-Lord, legendary outlaw. I’m not supposed to get insecure.”

Gamora frowns thoughtfully, then reaches one hand up to cup his cheek gently, almost reverently. “You always tell me my feelings are safe with you,” she says. “And I’ve felt this way as well, even though I’m supposed to be a warrior, and an assassin.”

“That’s true,” he says, smiling slightly at the memory.

“Your feelings are safe with me, too,” she tells him. “Legendary outlaw or not.”

He nods, then stops because it hurts his head. He clears his throat. “Thank you.”

“Anytime,” she says sincerely, then closes the distance between them, kissing him softly.

He hums against her lips, trying to deepen the kiss, but she pulls away and makes a face. “Your breath is kind of awful, Peter.”

He laughs, feeling lighter by the second. “That’s what happens when you drink half a bar.”

Why Olivia Dunham is So Important

Olivia Dunham is one of my favourite fictional characters ever, for so many reasons, the biggest being just how important she is.

The media now is full of Strong Female Characters, and while that is good, it is often done in a way that isn’t quite what we want - in my opinion, Olivia is Not one of these characters.

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First when Malia was there with him in the hospital and how she held his hands. She’s always there for him GOD BLESS HER .

- When they were silent communicating AHHHHHH BLESS.

- And when Scott held her hand when they were finding that pack they were looking for .


He is literally willing to fight with Scott bec he saw in Malia’s memory how much She LOVED and cared about him that It will destroy her if he died. And he’s trying to prevent his little girls heartbreak. AND When he told not fall in love with dead man aka my alpha Scott and she was like DAMN PETER TOO LATE IM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THIS DEAD MAN AHHHHH .

And how she got so concerned And worried about Scott ahhhhh MY SHIP IS ENDGAME IT FEELS SO GOOD

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archercrow  asked:

Any recommendations for a multiple chapter Good Peter fic?

There’s a Good Peter tag you could search up, and here are some of my faves:

know who i am by Aminias (SeeingRed)

What about the first time Stiles runs up to Peter, and Peter tries to take him back to his mom, and he’s like you can’t, my mama’s in the hospital, and daddy thinks I don’t know, but she’s gonna die “


At least Five times Peter and Stiles find each other + One time its mutual er something like that



With Mars Bars, Snickers and Skittles by FeelingsDusk

Peter wakes up one year and almost ten months after he managed to drag himself out of the burning Hale house to find the remaining members of his family tired, worn down, stressed and downright miserable.

The situation is unacceptable and he won’t stand for it.

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Hey so I just got back from seeing it and I gotta say Homecoming was a fucking great movie. I like the trans Peter Parker headcanon, and you know what would be a really great addition to that?

Trans girl Liz Allan.

Sure there isn’t really too much backing this hc, but think about how it would change the story. (Spoilers ahead, btw. Turn back if you haven’t seen the movie , unless you don’t care about having certain plot twists ruined for you)

  • The Decathlon team was her safe space to start slowly embracing her identity before she came out, so she heads it despite being involved with so much other stuff in the school.
  • Though she became rather popular after she started to socially transition, no one wants to date her because she’s trans.
  • Peter is maybe the only person in the school who doesn’t see that as a barrier, being trans himself.
  • Adrian is a super accepting father and suddenly a lot more of his character is justified.
  • When he first meets Peter at his house, he’s slightly concerned but mostly really happy about Liz having a date to the homecoming dance. This is why he’s able to ignore Peter’s awkwardness at first.
  • When he says he’s been stealing for Liz, a big part of why he needed money so badly and started to steal in the first place is to save for Liz’s surgeries when she’s old enough, and also to continue paying for her HRT when her medicine got defunded.
  • Also, just… Think. Think about Liz and Peter being trans buddies, for like one minute. It’s wonderful.

Okay that’s all I’ve got on my head right now but please someone share the love with me, I want other people joining in on this hc.

Peter Pan Imagine Request/ Taken Part 2

“Part 2 to Taken “

“OH MY GOD!!! Part 2 of taken. Love the 1st part!!!!! LY”

“Part 2 to Taken?😊”

“ Can you do a part 2 of taken?”

“ You should do a part two to Peter Pan Taken imagine! It was SO SO good!”

“Is there ever going to be a part 2 to taken?”

Ya’ll asked for it, so here it is! Part 1 down below!

Peter’s point of view:

2 week’s, she has been away for two week’s,

I was becoming mad, simply, crazily, mad,

The boy’s were getting sadder,

The fairies were becoming less brighter,

The Indian became more temper,

The mermaids became more lonelier,

And Neverand,  Neverland was getting colder.

So, there I lay on my bed, looking at the spot where she use to sleep, thinking about the position she would always sleep in, thinking about how her hair always would tickle my nose because it was so long, thinking about how she would cuddle up to me when she had a bad dream,, thinking of the times I had made love to her, and the sweet sounds that would come out of her when I did, I missed her terribly, and I knew I had to get her back, I just simply had no idea how.

Back In StoryBrooke:

Y/m point of view

“Maybe we should give her back, Pan clearly isn’t buying the bait.” Emma said

That’s exactly what he wants, for us to give up.” Regina said.

“No,” I said, “No, I know Peter, he’s forgotten all about me, he never really loved me,” tears running down my face. almost couldn’t speak, I completely gave up, I thought Peter didn’t care, and didn’t want to put in the effort to find me.

“Don’t listen to her, if she is Pan’s girlfriend she is just as clever as he is, it’s clearly a trick.” Hook says.

“Don’t you get it?! I yell, “If Peter wanted me, he would’ve gotten me by now,simple as that.” i cry and try to drown out whatever they say next, I was miserable, tired, and hungry, and I had completely gave up on Peter.

Back in Neverand:

Felix walks in Peter’s cabin, with a concerned look on his face

“Peter, I-I don’t mean to sound mean, but being sad, and depressed isn’t going to bring her back, you ever think, maybe she doesn’t want to be found?”

Peter then looks up in shock, “What?” he say’s madly. “That’s insane.”

“You sure about that?” Felix asked.

I’m positive!” Peter yells.

“How so?” Felix says

“Because,” Peter looks outside his window “She’s the one for me, we got a love that a blind man could see, Felix, you don’t get it and you never will, I need her, I love her.”

“Then stop staying in your room all day and start making a plan to go find her.” Felix says

“I AM!” Peter yells.

“Oh yeah? Prove it, out of the 2 weeks shes been gone what have you done?! Huh? NOTHING! Because you don’t really love her, you never had, it was all a lie!”

“Jus-just shut up!” Peter use’s his magic and Felix goes flying against his wall. The tree’s in Neverland began to fall, the water made a ripple, the birds and fairy’s made run for it, trying to escape the madness, the mermaids swam deep under water, the Indian’s began to go hide in their tents.

“See, if-if you put that much anger into finding her, you will find her in at least 24 hours.”

“You did this on purpose?!” Peter yelled.

“I needed to get your energy up somehow.” Felix said with a smile.

Peter rolls his eyes and half smiles at him, Felix knew how to get Peter out of his mod and try to find Y/n.

So, Peter walks out of his cabin, looking at all the lost boys who are shaking and shivering, because Neverland was so cold, they were also shocked that he was even outside.

“We’re going to find her, do you understand me?” Peter said calmly

Everyone nods their heads. Henry just simply stares.

“This is the most important mission you boys will ever do, I have no idea who took her or why, but we must get her back, we train for 2 day’s, then we move out, in the meantime, I will find a way for all of us to leave Neverland.” Peter then takes Felix hand makes him fly with him. 

“Oh hell no I don’t do heights Pan!” Felix yells.

“Oh come on laddie, I need your help after all.”

Felix holds on to Pan for dear life, but it doesn’t take too long for them to get to their destination. They get to a cave, a big, huge, scary looking cave.

“What the hell is this?”  Felix asked

“It’s my secret place, nobody knows about it, not even Y/n, she shouldn’t see stuff like this.” Peter say’s as he walks inside the cave.

Felix in panic, “Shouldn’t I not see this stuff either?!” he over reacts and yells.

“Oh don’t be a baby.” As Peter voice becomes less harder to hear.

“But Paaaaaan! I don’t do caves!”

Peter walks back out the cave, “Is there anything you can do?” 

“I do a lot of things of things that don’t involve me dyng.”

“”Fine, stay out here, where it can find you.” Peter has a twisted smile on his face as he walks into the cave.

Felix eyes open wide, “IT?” he says , but Peter doesn’t answer, “Hey wait Peter hold up!” as he runs into the cave, so far into it he see’s all the stuff Peter has, he has so many weapons, potions, traps, ect. It was a very dangerous place to be.

“So what is all this stuff?”

“It’s thing’s that I have been collecting over the years, and one of these potions, will take us to Y/n, we just have to find it.”

“That’ll take days!” Felix said,

“That’s why I have the lost boys training, by the time their ready we will be as well, now lets get started.” Peter says as he walks towards the potions.

“Hey so what do you mean by ‘it’ ”? Felix asked

“Mmm what?” Peter stops focusing on the potion’s and looks to Felix.

“You said that ‘it’ will get me, who or what are you talking about?” Felix said

“Oh! Yeah right, nothing I just aid that to get you in here” he says as he focuses back on the potions.

Felix rolls his eyes and starts looking with Peter.

Back In StoryBrooke:

“Hey, is it okay if I eat something? “ You asked

“Why should we give you anything?” David said

“Maybe because I wasn’t the one who kidnapped your damn grandson and I need to eat.” you say.

“You have crackers.” he says rudely.

“That isn’t even enough!”

“No, but it will hold you at least, we want you alive, not dead.” 

And with that you just sat and ate your stupid crackers, with your stupid water.

Just then the group walks in.

“Get anything out of her?” Emma asked.

“Not a damn thing can we please take some action and go to Neverland and kick this Justin Bieber wanna be ass?”

“No David, that will just give him a better advantage, we must be patient.” Margret said calmly.

2 Days Later: Also back in Neverland

Peter and Felix walk out of the cave, they have bags of weapons, potions, and pretty much anything that they could get their hands on, if this was going to be a battle they might as well go all out. They get back in Neverland, with the lost boys up and ready, some where still training, some eating breakfast, and some just sitting around. Henry was one of those boys.

“Ready?” Peter asked

They all nodded yes. Including Henry, secretly happy to see his parents again.

“Good, here are your weapons, choose wisely and only carry what you can handle.” Peter puts down the bags and the lost boys get to digging out the bag looking at all the deadly equipment.

“You really trust us with this stuff?” a lost boy said

“I trust that you miss Y/n and you’ll do anything to get her back.”

The lost boy nods his head in agreement.

“Now boys, make way.” the boys spread out and Peter drops a potion on the floor forming some type of portal, it was StoryBrooke.

Peter then walks into the portal holding Henry as hostage,, and the lost boys follow, scared of course they slowly follow one an other, once they were all in the portal closed, Peter made sure to keep the potion in his pocket for when they go back.

“Let’s get her.” Peter said.

The lost boys cheered with their weapons in their hands.

So there they go, walking down StoryBrooke, The lost boys, and their leader, and when people saw who they were, they quickly ran and screamed for their life, everyone knew who Peter was, he was the King of Neverland, and he was not to be messed with.

The gang eventually heard all the yelling and screaming and notice that they were yelling the name “Peter.”.

“Oh man, he’s here.”Emma said.

Your head shot up with shock, “Wh-who’s here?” you asked.

“Pan. Peter pan.”

Peter walked down StoryBrooke looking and searching for any sign of you.

“This is it! Untie her so we can make the trade!”  Regina said.

“Right.” David said, untying you so roughly, giving your rope burns on your wrist.

“Could you be anymore rough?” You said with sass, hoping he’d get the message, but of course, he didn’t.

He grabbed you behind the arms and pulled you outside, there you see Peter with his fist around some guys shirt yelling at him, scaring the living daylight out of him.

“It really is him.” Your eyes began to tear up.

Just then as he seen your face, his eyes almost sparkled, it was like the two of you were in your own little moment , but then everything snapped back to reality when Peter was suddenly hit on the head, he then falls to the ground.

“PETER!” you scream in panic, tears coming down your face.

“Oh he’s fine!” Regina says rolling her eyes.

She picks up Pan with her hands holding him from his neck, “Now give me my son!”

Peter is choking and turning red, so he uses his power to push her away as they both fall to the ground, both shaking and moaning in pain.

You try to run to Peter but David pulls you to the ground , with that you land on your back. “Ahhhhhhh” you scream in pain.

Peter tries to go get you but then quickly grabs Henry by his two arms.

“Owe!” Henry yells.

“Henry!” the group yells.

“Give her back to me or he dies.”

Your head shoots up, you knew Peter was serious, you could tell in his eyes, he would do anything for you, even kill for you.

Peter then puts a knife to Henry’s throat, before anyone could say anything you’re the first to say it.

“STOP!” you yell at Peter.

Peter looks at you confused. So does the group.

“Peter, please, don’t! You’re better than that, just let him go.”

“Why should I?” he says

“Because you’re better than them.”

Peter looked at you, he knew what you were talking about, he made you a promise that he would try to be a better person before you left, less violence, and more happiness you told him, he agreed.

So with that, he let Henry go, he pushed him to his mother Emma and Henry cried in his mothers arms, you thought it was over, you thought peace could be finally restored between StoryBrooke and Neverland, until you felt this sharp pain in your side.

You gasped in the midst of it all and what felt like slow motion, you fell to the ground, gasping for air, and crying because of the pain, but who? Who did this? You turn and see Rumple with a knife with blood on it.

You then see Peter and the lost boys run to you, Peter holds you in his arms and starts to cry, nobody has ever seen him cry, not even you, until this day.

“What the hell?” Emma asked Rumple.

“She gets what she deserves.” He simply says.

Regina uses her power and pushes him into his shop and locks the door so that he is stays in their.

“I’m sorry kid we aren’t that kind of people we’re the good guys!” Emma tries to explain

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Margret asked

“You helped enough! Leave me and my girlfriend alone!” Peter yells with much anger.

With that the group backs up and watches from afar.

“Peter, I’m not going to make it,” you whisper

“No no no no” Peter yells a he holds you in his arms, “You can’t do this to me, not now baby! Please.”

“Peter, you - you know I’ve always loved you,” You say almost gasping for air.

“Don’t say things like that, You’re going to make it Y/n!” Peter yells.

You close your eyes and stop breathing,and with that Peter holds in his arms, sobbing ,yelling, and rocking you back and forth in his arms.

He then rubs your face, and runs his fingers in your hair.

The group comes forth and try to apologize but then Peter quickly speaks before they do.

“She is my all, my everything, she is my season, she is the reason I live, she is my summer, winter, spring, fall, my all. You, you took her away.”

“I think we can fix this.” Regina said.

“I said I don’t want your help!”

“Hey do you want your girlfriend back or not?” Emma asked.

Peter nodded, sniffling.

“Okay give her here.” Emma said opening her arms

Peter then picks you up and hands you to her, you then lay in her arms, Regina waves her hand over your body, looks like purple glitter smoke, Peter watches carefully, afraid something will happen to you.

*Cough cough* you gasped for air

“Baby girl!” Peter almost screams bringing you into his arms, holding you so tightly that you might think he will never let you go, you didn’t mind that. You grabbed the back of his shirt and held on tightly to it.

 Back In Neverland:

You lay with Peter in his bed, with him stroking your hair ever so lightly, almost not even touching it.

“Wanna know something?”Peter asked.

“Of course Peter.” you smile turning your face to him.

“You’re the women of my dreams, you’re the one for me. I promise I’m going to become a better king for you, I’ll do anything for you”

You blush and just smile, Peter kisses you on your forehead, and you lay down with him on his bed for the rest of the night.

Without Warning- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Without Warning
Request: The reader gets hurt by one of the lost boys and pan becomes really protective of the reader and super sweet and he heals the readers wound and stuff
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Y/N, Peter Pan, and one of the losts boys, named David, were running around in the woods.
Peter was suddenly separated from his girlfriend and friend, leaving just Y/N and David were together.
“We better go and find Peter.” Y/N said to the lost boy.
“Ok.” he said, walking slowly behind Y/N. Without warning, David hit Y/N on the back of the head, making her fall to the ground.
Y/N screamed, and David cut her arm with a stick. He then ran away.
Y/N was in extreme pain. Sitting on the ground, bleeding, Y/N tried to call out for help.
“Help! Peter! Someone! Help me!” she called, barely getting the words out through the pain.
Just a few yards away, Peter heard her cries.
He ran over to where he heard the voice, and saw Y/N there bleeding from her arm and holding the back of her head. David was nowhere to be seen.
“Y/N, what the hell happened?” Peter said as he rushed to sit by her side.
“David…he hit me in the head and cut me then ran!” she said crying a bit. Peter whipped her eyes, and then held her arm.
“It’s going to be ok, love.” he said as he kissed her arm. “Let me see your head.”
Y/N then turned her head so that Peter could see. She had a baseball sized lump of the back of her head. Her arm needed stitches also.
“I have an idea.” Peter said.
“Anything that can help, Peter.” Y/N said as she laid back on the ground. The pain she was in was unbearable.
“I can heal your arm, Y/N. With magic.” he responded.
“Can you really?” Y/N said sitting up.
“Yes, love. Lay back down.” he said. Y/N obeyed him, and laid on the ground, crying out when the ground hit the lump on her head.
Peter then held her head up with one hand, so she wouldn’t be in pain.
He took his other hand and put it over her. A cloud of green smoke went over her.
When the smoke fully cleared, Peter looked at Y/N. She was healed. Her head no longer had a lump on it, and her arm was fine.
Y/N sat up, and hugged Peter.
“Thank you, Peter. Thank you so much. I love you so much.” she said.
“I love you too Y/N.” he responded as he kissed her hair.

They stood up, and walked back to camp.
“What are you going to do about David?” Y/N asked Peter.
“I’ll deal with him later. He’s not going to get away with what he did, he could have killed you, love.” Peter said looking in Y/N’s eyes with concern.
“All that matters now is that I’m ok now. Thanks to you, anyways.” she responded smiling.
Peter smiled back at her.

At the camp, Peter didn’t see David.
“I think he knows how much trouble he is in. He’s not even showing up here.” Peter said, grapping Y/N’s hand protectively.
“What would he think when he sees that you healed me?” Y/N asked.
“He’s just gonna know he’s in a load of trouble.” Peter responded.
Y/N looked into Peter’s eyes. Peter smiled at her, and she laid her head on his chest.
“Just one thing, Peter.” Y/N said.
“Yes, love?” he responded.
“Please don’t kill him.” she responded, laughing.
“I’ll try.” he laughed.
They kissed again, and Peter put his hand where the cut used to be on Y/N’s arm.
He would never let anyone hurt her again.

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“When’s Christmas?” asked seven-year-old Peter, gently petting the brown-striped cat on the back, sobbing.

“December,” his mother answered. “Why?” It was March. Peter sat cross-legged on the floor. Mew, his cat–his best friend–was wearing a dark blue cone around her head, stained with blood from her face. Peter spoke in high notes from his youth and tears.

“I just want for Mew to be better for Christmas.”


We had this cat since she was born, we still have her mother Venus too. The poor cat in the cone, her real name is Mew, because like the Pokémon, she can only say her name. We were going to change her name to Mewtwo when she got older, but it’s been 15 years, and we’re far past our trading card phase.

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