peter u ok

you just close your eyes, and count to ten / breath in twice, and open them

you know where to go you have been there before in your heart

rb (me talking under cut)

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10/10 would date (pt. 3) - spideychelle hc - part 1 - part 2

-flash slams his fist onto the table

-and both ned and peter are shook

-flash sits down and he’s like

- “alright. spill, you dickwad.”

-peter and ned look at each other and they’re just kinda like ‘??’

- “i meant, what did you do to michelle?”

- so peter explains (while leaving out the spidey part)

- and flash is like ‘oh my fuCKING GOD, PARKER’

- and peter is once again, confused

- ‘you did all this because you got cut from the decathlon team?? dude she’s literally miserable! i’ve known her all my life and i’ve never seen her this sad. i’m giving you a day to fix it, or else.”

-ned is shook

- same, ned. same.

-who would’ve thought that flash really cared about someone other than himself

-flash is about to walk away but then he stops and he looks at peter

- “you’re clearly whipped, dude. go fix it and make her happy again.”

- peter is shooketh

- but then he yells from across the hall “PARKER IS IN LOOVVEEE.”

-and…he’s back

-so right after school, he makes it his personal mission to get his suit back from tony

-and once he’s done with some uneventful patrol

-he reaches michelle’s building

-and he’s wearing a hoodie and a pair of black sweatpants over it

-bc he kinda just realised that bright red and blue spandex isn’t exactly…inconspicous

-so he scales the buliding until he reaches the roof

-all while mumbling ‘pls be there, pls be there, pls be there’

-and she’s there


-but she’s reading so

-it gives him time to think of a cool entrance

-even though it prolly doesn’t matter but he’s peter the dweeb so

- “i was told to pick you up at 7?”

- omg this boy i swear

- mj has kinda just given up on everything

- so she sighs (over-dramatically bc that’s who she is as a person)

- and she’s like ‘what do u want, peter.’

- ok she’s talking to him at least. thats good.

-so he walks up to her and pulls off his mask

- and now he looks like her peter again

- “honestly, peter? i’m not in the mood to talk.”

- “that’s great! i mean-it’s good because you don’t have to talk, i just want you to listen. yeah.”

- ok y’all brace yourselves this is about to get real emotional and fic-like and v sappy

- “okay, i guess i kind of always knew that you knew i was spider-man in the back of my mind. and the only reason i never told you was because…bad things happen to people i love. and god, michelle, if anything happened to you, because of me, i would never forgive myself. ned and aunt may found out by accident. trust me if i had my way, no one would know. i trust you with my life, please don’t ever doubt that.”

-michelle’s kinda blank after that

-she’s trying to process everything that he just said

-and it wouldn’t hurt to forgive him, right?

- she can literally feel his nervousness

- but she gives it a few minutes bc why not amirite

- then she’s like “ok you dork i forgive you.”

- and peter is so relieved

- but also super happy

- so without any warning, he just hugs her

-and hoLY FUCK




- and when he finally pulls away, she’s like

- “you still hurt me a lot, so you owe me”

- and he starts bringing her tea every morning in school

- whenever she’s on her period, theres always a chocolate bar waiting for her in her locker

- bc of course he knows her cycle

-and he starts walking her home and telling her about all the crazy fights he’s had

- not because he wants to impress her or anything

- and when she decides that he needs her love and affection after a fight, she’d show up with a bunch of his fav snacks

- she’s sipping on her black tea

- when it hits her

- that night, when he apologised to her

- he told her that he loved her indirectly, but STILL




- but then why is she so happy !!

- and she’s in a happy mood for the rest of the day

- and lemme tell u somethin

-michelle is rarely in a happy mood

- like the kind when your mind drifts off to the source of ur happiness and you can’t stop smiling and giggling

- the one time she was in a happy mood was when flash fell into a bush

- but anyway

- during decathlon, everyone is like wtf is up w her

- flash secretly thinks she’s high

- wtf she keeps on smiling at her stupid cards

- so then after grilling them, and after cindy asks her if she’s okay,

- flash starts teasing peter about his ‘stark internship’ and asks him why he’s so obsessed w spider-man

- and peter panics

- whAT DOes HE DO

- so then she steps in

- and maybe she wasn’t really thinking when she said this

- “because i think spider-man is hot and peter’s being a jealous lil shit.”






- jedhkjdhkjsks he looks so red michelle really wants to laugh

- the whole team is ooh-ing and ahh-ing

- “i just don’t think s-spiderman is attractive.” peter manages to say

- and she looks him in the eye, “well, i do. so u better respect that you loser.”

- everyone’s kind of uninterested

- but there’s a double meaning behing what mj just said

- and peter doesn’t know how to react


I finally managed to finish my mini Peter Pan book! It focuses on how Peter met Wendy and it’s an introduction to two of the main characters of the story c:

I thought it would be a great gift for my little brother as well since both he and me have always loved this story, however I also hope I get a good mark on it ==‘


i nearly spat out my drink


Peter pauses, his eyes wide as he walks into his bedroom. May’s still at work, so he’s a little confused as to why there’s someone he doesn’t recognize in his room. Peter blinks in the doorway, immediately on edge as he looks over at the girl - seeing her red hair, unsure of what to say first.

He takes in a deep breath. “Can I - help you?” he starts, the confusion he’s sure by now is well read on his features, “how did you even get in here?” Peter looks at her, the suit tucked away neatly in his backpack, although right now he’s feeling unprepared without it, standing in front of her.

School was stressful, and he’d barely made it back form classes to have enough time to do homework before putting on the suit and taking off for most of the night. Now, though, he feels like this is going to take up a fair bit of his time. There hadn’t been any signs of someone breaking into their house, and this girl doesn’t seem like the type to just - break in to some random apartment unless she was looking for him.

Was she looking for him? Peter waits for her response, keeping one foot nearly out the door in case he needs to leave. A part of him wishes he had his mask on, because Karen would have some kind of idea of what to do - or if he could trust her. But Peter’s instincts say it’s okay, that she’s okay, but he waits for confirmation on that.

       …. okay .    this probably shouldn’t be hilarious  -   but is mj gonna stop from pulling out her phone and recording this whole turn of event  ?   not a chance  .   so peter can get drunk  ;   that’s kinda cool  ,  right  ?       ❝     —  hey  ,  hey peter  .      ❞      behind her  ,  ned is still laughing  -  probably almost toppling himself to the floor now by the sounds of it  -   and mj has half a mind to turn around and record that too  .     ❝    can you tell the camera why you’re crying  ?     ❞

something random and short for @parkershomecomings cause im so Proud of sharon rocking out her irl classes ???? ah yis ✨ 🌻

tony: *sees peter parker*

tony: tony stark dad mode activated