peter the ponytail

Author note: Sorry I Haven’t been active lately my life has been pretty busy but now it’s kinda starting to slow down so i’ll begin writing a lot more. Anyways I hope you enjoy this story I threw together. I’m sorry if it sucks. I promise they will become a lot better over time.

Request:Could you do an imagine where tony stark is the readers dad and Peter Parker is romantically interested in her.


Living in the avengers tower definitely had it’s perks. For starters you were surrounded by the world’s greatest collection of superheros. Also the avengers tower had the latest in science technology. Since you were so into science this benefited you greatly. Your dad Tony would always brag his genius daughter, you would always get embarrassed by his actions. Evenly the bragging stopped, But it only stopped when your dad made you head scientist of the avenger tower. Your dad would always request your help on some projects for the team so he felt it would just be better to give you a job. That way you got payed while helping the avengers.

Usually Your dad would only requested for you to design weapons, however this recent project he assigned you was to design a suit for a new hero that ran around New York. You were pretty sure his name was spider-man, although you could never quite remember. Anyways one day as you were finishing up the latest touches to the suit, you heard your dad talking to someone just outside the lab.

“Now Peter you’re about to meet the head of the science department here. She is going to help with your suit,” Tony said as he walked into the labs.

“Y/N come over here and meet Peter Parker,” Your dad waved his hand signaling for you to come over.

When you looked at your dad he was standing by a boy who appeared to be around your age. You were quite surprise by Peter’s appearance he was surprising really attractive. Growing up you never spent much time in the outside world. You pretty much studied 24/7, So you actually had the slightest clue how to speak to boys especially good looking guys like Peter. You adjusted your ponytail, glasses, and lab coat before walking over to Peter and Your father.

“Hello,” you said as you walked over to the two boys.

It took Peter a couple moment to respond all he did was just look at you up and down. Your dad nudged him, and he finally said something.

“Uh Hi i’m Peter Parker,” he said slightly nervous.

“Y/N Stark,” you said as you look at your dad.

“I didn’t realize you were bringing him today dad. I was told I had until next week. Half of the engineering still needs to be completed,” You give your father an angry look.

“I know what I said Y/N but we are in desperate need of it Asap, Peter here is great at engineering I’m sure he could give you a helping hand. Isn’t that right Peter?” Peter snap out of his train of thought.

“Sure thing mister Stark,” He replied.


“So Mr. Stark is your dad?” Peter smiled at you.

“Uh yeah,” you told him a bit shy.

“So how old are you?” he ask

“Sixteen,” He looked at you shocked.

“And you’re the head scientist here?” he looked at you with bewilderment

“Yes, Is that not normal? You’re giving me an awfully strange look,” his face soften

“Oh my bad, i’m just impressed, not many kids our age would have such high achievement,” He said with a smile.

“Well i’m not really allowed to do anything else but work so I guess that’s my biggest reason for being in my position.” you frowned a bit. “ Anyway let’s finish your suit.”

You and Peter spent a few hours working on his suit. At first it was a bit awkward, However as time progress it wasn’t so bad. In fact you were actually starting to become quite fond of him. Peter keep nugging you, and making funny remarks. By the time you both completed his new suit you guys already had a series of inside jokes. A couple minutes after the suit was complete you had Friday notified Your dad that the suit was done. It took about twenty minutes but Tony made it to the lab.

“So you guys got underoos suit done,” Tony said with a grin.

“Yup dad, it’s done, Now what should I work on?” you ask with a frown.

“Noting, I think it’s time you deserve a break. Go have fun for once” Tony gave you a hug.

“Now are you ready Parker?” Tony looked over at him.

“Uh- yeah mr. Stark,” he said nervously.

“Okay let’s go,” Tony said as he rushed to the elevator.

Before Peter followed your father he turn to you.

“So um maybe when I get back we could like go- um we could like- we could go out?” he asked nervously.

“Like on a date?” you smiled at him.

It took him a minute to respond he had a shy look as he nodded his head. “ Um yea like a date,” Peter stated while scratching the back of his neck.

“I wou-” you were cut off.

“Parker Stop flirting with my daughter, and Let’s go,” You laugh at your dad’s comment.

“I would love to, Now go get out of her before my dad comes over here and drags you,” you kiss him on the check.

“Bye Y/n,” He smiles before he walks away blushing.

“Well it took you long enough kid, Now you listen to me no funny business with my daughter,” Tony glare down at peter.

“Yes mister Stark,” With that the two were gone, and you were left in the lab laughing to yourself.