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Feeling kinda jelly par *aquabliss*

Sometimes we think it’s all over now when we sinned, we go back to our old ways because we’re just a disappointment to a holy God. When Peter goes back to fishing with a discouragement in his heart, Jesus came to him not to pinpoint his sins but to show that He still loves him. God is still merciful, it’s not too late to ask for forgiveness and live for His glory.


  • Peter and MJ being nice to each other and hanging out. 


  • Peter saying anything along those lines which he’s never done outside of a few instances where they weren’t dating but he still had feelings for her and was sort of fishing.
  • Peter and MJ being so casual about their break up. Again…not in character for them. Even putting aside how if you know, you read older stories they’d be trying to hook back up like they did in the 70s…and the 80s…and the 90s…and the 2000s….and even in Slott’s run pre-Superior…This is just…they honestly wouldn’t be as chill about things as they are. 
  • Peter wouldn’t joke about his relationship with MJ like that. They went through too much serious shit together and he’d still love her deeply, and no not just as one of his best friends. I mean in a straight up romantic way. They were together for a long time, went through a lot of stuff which deepened their bond and he has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he legit needs her as a presence in his life. 

Honest to God read ASM #122, ASM #149-150, KLH, Parallel Lives, the Clone Saga, Spec #241, JMS’ run or even Renew Your Vows, and then come back here and explain to me exactly how this shit is believable beyond Marvel’s in-house policy of not letting them be in a relationship and Zdarsky doing his best under those constraints but still making it unbelievable in spite of that. And really if ANYONE was gonna make jokes about the relationship it wouldn’t be Peter. He makes jokes sure, but this would be too painful. Then again he’s not been all that upset about losing MJ ever since BND so this is in character for the bullshit post-OMD Spider-Man’ we’ve had for way too long now. 

  • Didn’t MJ leave Peter because being in his life was too hard and dangerous or some bullshit like that?
  • Shouldn’t they be talking about how MJ is hypocritical for working for Stark given her reasons for ending her relationship with Peter in OMIT and Superior and you know Stark being an asshole who betrayed them both in Civil War I?
  • If MJ’s whole hangup about leaving Peter was that being a part of his life was too stressful and dangerous for her a) why is she hanging out with him now and b) why are they not together!  If she hasn’t got that hang up then why isn’t she making a move? If he sees she hasn’t got a hang up why isn’t HE making a move? Again, character consistency or just plain realism people!
  • Surely if Peter was going to reconnect as a friend with one of the most important people in his life after a massive deal was made about him ‘losing her’ and such was the subject of multiple scenes and subplotssuch a notable event in the life of the titular character of the series shouldn’t happen off fucking panel!

  • So well done Zdarsky. You managed to handle the Peter/MJ relationship in such a way that you were a few less turds ahead of everyone else in recent years.

Fuck this, I’m gonna go read Renew Your Vows.


Day 2 - Competition


“This is unbelievable,” Johnny yelled, throwing his phone on the ground.

“Did you finally figure out that 2+2 does not actually equal fish?” Peter asked dryly, wincing as he poked the needle through the skin in his leg.

“No, fucking Buzzfeed didn’t put me on their best superhero asses list,” Johnny grumbled as Peter glared at him.

“Yeah because you’re under 18 and it’d be weird, and also Sue would kick all their asses,” Peter replied laughing as Johnny carefully picked up his phone, before sighing in relief at the un-shattered screen.

“Yeah but so are you,” Johnny grumbled jumping onto the couch next to Peter.

“But, I have a secre- Wait, did I make the list?” Peter asked surprised.

“Of course you did Pete, just look at that thang,” Johnny said in a nasally voice as Peter tied off the stitches and cut the extra thread with scissors, before reaching for the large non-adhesive bandage and gauze.

“What’s it out of?”

“Uh 8…”

“Permission to be proud?”

“Not granted, #8 is Hulk.”

“I mean yeah he has 2 butts to choose from that makes sense.”

“#7 is Iron Man.”

“Same thing there.”

“#6 is Black Widow.”

“You think she’d be higher.”

“Yeah but a chick made the list so I mean-“

“Yeah I guess you’re right.”

“#5 is Thor.”

“I’d tap that.”

“Saaameee… #4 is Wolverine.”


“Yeah I know. #3 is Hawkeye.”

“And that’s just pure hard work and dedication.”

“Yeah no super powers or anything. #2 is Captain America.”

“Wait you can’t be serious.”

“Yup, #1 is Spider-Man, and ironically, they used one of your photos,” Johnny grumbled showing Peter the phone.

“I don’t know whether to feel proud, weirded out, or concerned that I’m gonna get my ass kicked by the Avengers for ranking higher than all of them,” Peter mumbled as he pinned the gauze on his leg.

“They’re gonna have to fight me for it,” Johnny said as he slapped Peter’s side, “That ass is mine.”

“Don’t worry bud, the second you turn 18 I’ll take a bunch of sexy pics and send em straight to Buzzfeed,” Peter said, patting Johnny’s shoulder as he got off the couch to grab his clean sweatpants.

“You better, or you’re not allowed to use me as your space heater anymore,” Johnny grumbled as Peter gasped dramatically.

“You wouldn’t,” Peter whined as he struggled to get his good leg into the sweats while balancing on the injured one.

“I would… Those pics don’t do your butt justice,” Johnny said staring admirably. Peter blushed almost immediately, and in the rush to pull up his pants he fell over, hitting his side on the kitchen counter. “Shit you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine, probably a light bruise…” Peter mumbled from behind the cabinets.

“I was talking to your butt.”

“Of course you were.”

No sharing

Taken from this prompt list

Babies can be rather possessive, that was something Tony had seen from time to time; some kids were rather reluctant to share toys and maybe even food or candies, but people? That was something Tony learned, quite fast actually, even before Peter learned how to talk properly.


“So, are you gonna stay there all day?”


“You sure you don’t wanna come over? We’ll get the food and be right back, some fresh air would do you good”

“Not a chance, Cap, we’ll be fine right here, besides, Petey looks about to fall asleep and I’ll be damned if I let you clowns screw with his sleep schedule again” Tony hummed as he lied comfortably on the couch with a little boy curled up on his chest, sucking on his thumb and blinking slower each time and Tony thought, hopefully, he would fall asleep, then maybe Tony would take a nap too, and yeah, it took having a child for Tony to have a more stable sleep schedule. And that thing books said about ‘take advantage to sleep when your kid sleeps’ was totally true.

“Okay, okay” Steve smiled at his husband and leaned down over the couch to press a kiss to Tony’s lips “You want Chinese, right?” he asked, his lips brushing warmly over Tony’s own.

“Don’t forget the chow mein like last time” Tony smiled as Steve pressed a few more brief kisses on his lips “I thought you were in a hurry to leave” Tony chuckled softly but didn’t make a move to push Steve off; if it was up to him, Hawkass and Thor would go on their own for the food since they insisted to go themselves instead of having it delivered.

They kept on going like that, just light kisses and smiled, but as all good things, it wasn’t mean to last; soon enough they were interrupted by a little whimper that had both of them looking down at the little one in between them.

“No, no kiss!” was the first thing that came out from Peter, the sleepy voice took away any effectiveness the anger could’ve had, making the kid look rather adorable with his big doe eyes and that cute pout.

“No? You don’t want me to kiss him?” Steve chuckled, rather amused and leaned in to kiss Tony again only to be stopped by a tiny chubby hand pushing at his face.

“No kiss mama!”

Of course Barton, the big asshole, had taught Peter to call Tony mama. Sadly for the archer, his plan backfired because Tony didn’t mind being called that, after all how could be called such be a demeaning thing when he was raised by a great woman and had been around great women all his life? Peggy for example, so being compared to them was more of an honor than an embarrassment.

Steve smiled and attempted to kiss Tony again but stopped dead on his tracks when Peter’s lower lip wobbled, threatening to erupt in a full wail fit.

“Alright, alright, I’m not kissing him” the blond man held his hands up in surrender and pulled away, huffing a bit though he was still smiling; he just couldn’t help himself, it was rather cute.

Peter wiggled, crawling further up so he could wrap his little arms around Tony’s neck and smooch his face against Tony’s, and the brunet only laughed, wrapping his own arms around the little one, squishing him gently, he pressed a few kisses on Peter’s hair and then on his temple.

“Papa is going to get some food and meanwhile you and I can take a nap, how does that sound?” Tony spoke softly to the kid, who nodded and snuggled up closer to him.

Steve had to smile at that because who on earth would’ve said Tony Stark would be god with kids? Let alone have one. But what most people knew of Tony was his public persona for the people close to him knew just how good Tony was with children, it was a thing that came natural to him, you just had to see the gentle way he treated Peter, how easy he got him to smile and laugh and how completely smitten Peter was with his ‘mama’, or rather, how much Peter seemed to dislike anyone who wasn’t Tony. Well, dislike was going a bit too far, after all, Peter was in that terrible age or stubbornness and he had to get his way or he threw a fit that no one was willing to subject their poor ears to, so they almost always ended up giving him what he wanted, which usually turned out to be Tony.

And Steve wasn’t jealous of his own child, that would be absurd, but sometimes he could almost swear Peter gave him the stink eye whenever Tony wasn’t looking.

“Wanna hug me, Tony?”

As soon as Clint said that aloud, the pattering of little feet hurrying from the living room could be heard from the kitchen and soon enough Peter appeared, running clumsily up to Tony, pouting and raising his arms until Tony chuckled and bent over to pick him up.

“What’s up, buddy?” Tony smiled at the kid who held from Tony’s shirt with tiny chubby fingers and stuck his tongue out to Clint who cackled with laugher.

It was movie night when Clint tried it again; they were watching a crappy movie and in less than half an hour Clint was bored out of his mind, so who could blame him really?

He looked up to where Peter was, sitting on Natasha’s lap at the other end of the couch, absently playing with her fingers, very interested in the dark, glittery purple of her nails, so Clint decided to start subtle; he scooped a bit closer to Tony, sitting by the brunet’s side and moving slowly until they were within an inch of distance and very smoothly, or so he liked to believe, wormed his arm around Tony’s shoulder, thing that wasn’t really odd since Tony was a rather tactile person and liked to cuddle, especially during movie nights, usually Steve was the one having Tony wrapped up all around him but he had been called away to a recon mission and wouldn’t get back till tomorrow afternoon. So it was a chance he couldn’t miss.

Clint moved and cleared his throat, loud enough to get Peter’s attention and it was almost as if triggering the Hulk out, in the form of a very pissed two year old leaving his spot on Natasha’s lap and crawling over two more people to reach Tony, who helped him sit back up, glaring daggers at Clint who laughed a bit.

“What? You don’t like me hugging him?” and for good measure, he pulled Tony a bit closer.

“No!” Peter’s shrill voice got almost everyone’s attention, except Bruce who was dead to the world sleeping on one of the individual sofas.

“Why not?” Clint said and got a bit closer only to get a tiny hand smacking him right on the nose, and for being a baby, Peter had a good aim.

“No, mama!” he whimpered, close to tears.

And that did it. Tony cooed at him and wrapped his arms around the kid, hugging him to his chest and rubbing his back, while Clint rubbed his nose and earned himself a smack o the back of the head from Natasha, her cold glare made him shut his mouth.


“Mama is sleeping, baby”


Steve sighed as he tried for the god knew what time to explain to Peter that he couldn’t go to ‘mama’ because Tony was very ill, or so he claimed, it was only the flu but Tony liked to dramatize everything. Either way, none of them wanted Peter to get ill too, so while Tony remained confined to the bedroom until he wasn’t a walking source of virus anymore, Steve was left in charge of Peter. It had been quite easy, Peter was a well behaved child, easy going and very loving, but as soon as he noticed Tony’s absence all hell broke loose.

Peter ran to his parents’ bedroom, Steve was surprised he was so fast to have such short legs, and knocked on the door calling for Tony in a tone that had Steve’s heart in a tight grip but he couldn’t risk Peter getting ill, not with his asthma. With a sigh, Steve walked to get him, picking him up as careful as he could and it was a bit tricky when Peter was squirming like a fish that just got out of the water.

“Pete, remember when you got sick last month?” the soldier tried to get the kid’s attention, looking right at him, he gently brushed Peter’s messy hair off his face with his fingers, earning a little whine and a nod “Well, mama is ill like that, okay? He’s not feeling good, but you can’t go with him right now” and he hurried to explain further when Peter’s lower lip wobbled, threatening to break down in tears “Because if you go with him you can get ill too, and mama doesn’t want that, okay? He doesn’t want you feeling sick too, he wants you to be okay, but right now he has to rest and sleep a lot so tomorrow he will feel better and come out to play with you, because you like to play with mama, don’t you?” Steve felt a bit relieved when Peter nodded and even smiled a little “So while mama takes a long nap, what if you and I go play, mh? We can color, you like to color, right?”

And he took Peter back to the living room to try to entertain him for as long as he could, hoping that Tony would get better soon, or else he might go crazy.

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