peter tabori

2 Bedroom flat, Sandstone Place
Whittington Estate
London N19

There’s been a lot featured on this site recently about Highgate New Town. First the ‘Modernist Lives’ interview with residents Andrew Rae and Chrissie Macdonald, and then three flats came onto market. The two bedroom that I featured here apparently had such interest that it eventually went to sealed bids.

Which poses a dilemma—someone suggested that maybe the unprecedented interest was due to this blog. It’s hard for me to get my head around the fact that I could make any difference. But what if this blog is creating a new popularity in these estates, and therefore I’m adding to the crazyness of rocketing house-prices. Am I making a rod for my own back?

For sale is a two bedroom flat, the pictures on the estate agents listing are awful, and there’s no floor plan, so I’m unsure of the amount of space but view it here.

Image: Highgate New Town, Peter Tabori, Camden Architect’s Department, (1972–78)
Martin Charles / RIBA Library Photographs Collection.