peter sullivan


     “Yeah..” He sighs, “’s not related to her recent behavior though. And it’s nothing like the pills I have to take, hers are more for migraines,” he explains briefly.

“Ah..” After it processes, she apologizes and asks for Peter to continue.

He nods, “, she’s been..rather..irritable lately, more than usual. And she always seems to be tired..even if she’s slept-in later than I have..” He continues, explaining the other symptoms to his grandmother.

     Veronica stands there, intriguingly listening to her grandson while he’s explaining. A faint smile forms on her face, the more he described, the more she narrowed it down to two things.

After explaining all he could, Peter notices her smile, “Veronica..?” He asks, perplexed, “Why..are you smiling like that..?”

“Oh? Ohh, apologies dear,” she says, smiling more, “It’s just..there are two possibilities to what might actually be happening to miss Darling.”

“Two..? Are they..good?” He asks.

“If they weren’t, would I be smiling?” Veronica asks back. He actually had to think about it and she narrows her eyes, “No. The answer is no, Peter.”

He smiles nervously, “ exactly are these..possibilities?”

“Well, she has similar symptoms that Binnie had received when she was in her human-to-vampire transitional stage.” She continues, “The vomiting, fatigue, and soreness are all common for a young human’s first experience with vampirism. So, it’s possible she might be turning.”

“Ha..! That’s impossible, Veronica. She’s already a vampire,” he tells her, then mumbles to himself, “And..I think I would’ve remembered turning her..”

“Uhuh..sure she is. Now the other possibility…” She looks over at the door, then back at Peter, “ that she could be..pregnant.”

Mikayla and Peter freeze as their eyes widen, she looks over at Veronica, “What…?!” She says in unison with Peter.


by Jena Sinclair

     Mikayla stares at the two of them, still in shock by the information just given to her. Her expression transitions from horrified to sympathetic. She holds her friend’s free hand.

“Oh, Jennifer..I’m so sorry..that, you had to go through that..” She says, showing genuine concern. Jennifer looks at Mikayla, giving her a small smile.

“It’s alright…it’s behind us now,” Jennifer says, assuring her friend. She feels Peter’s hand relax under hers, she looks back at him. He looks over at Mikayla.

“Don’t let her facade fool you, Mikayla..she’s still hurting and..recovering..” He tells her, looking back at his girlfriend, who started to mess with the centerpiece on the table.

Not looking at him, she tells him, “..we both are, Peter. You know that..”

“…I do, do you?” He questions her. She stops and looks at him.

“Of course, I do. Why would you even ask that?” She asks, feeling a tad offended.

“I ask because earlier, you told Mikayla that I was being vigilant because of my job, when that wasn’t the case,” he tells her, his arms crossed. Jennifer grew quiet again and stares at the table.

Confused, Mikayla looks at him and asks, “It wasn’t?” He shakes his head.

“Nope,” he looks at her, “I started to be more…watchful for her and her safety ever since she was..well, assaulted. Which was long before we were informed about this “mole”.”

“Oh..” Mikayla looks back over at her friend, “ could’ve told me, I would’ve understood..”

She sighs, “I know..I’m both of you. I just..I couldn’t bring myself bring..that..up,” she glances at Peter, then back at the table as she wells up with tears, “..especially without Peter..but he’s been so exhausted and…stressed out over this whole thing..I just didn’t want to wake him..” She stutters.

“Shh..” Peter says, soothing her as he wraps his arm around her and pulls her gently to his chest. “It’s alright Jennifer..”

     Peter and Mikayla did their best to comfort Jennifer, from apologizing to snagging a box of issues from the living room. When Mikayla went to get the tissues, Jennifer sat up slowly. She flinches and holds onto her stomach.

Concerned, Peter asked, “Jenn..are you alright?”

“I-I don’t..I don’t know..” She responded, flinching.

“If you’re not feeling well, we can leave-” She interrupts him.

“No, no…” She says, feeling a bit better, “..I’m fine, maybe..I’m just hungry..”

He tells her, not entirely convinced, “..If you say so..but I’m keeping my eyes on you though.”

“Don’t you always?” she says, with a faint smile following.